Chocolate Cake with Ganache Frosting

Easy & delicious. You don't have to split & fill the cake. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Pineapple Yellow SuperKranky

Superplastic and artist Sket One are back with a new SuperKranky colorway - the Pineapple Yellow SuperKranky . This 8-inch tall soft vinyl figure is the latest limited edition color version, being limited to a run of 700 pieces. You can pick one up now for $90.00.
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"Edit Book" no longer offers format choice

The edit book dialog has always functioned normally, offering a choice of either epub or azw3 that I maintain for each book in the library. Until today. After I updated a plugin (Kobo Touch Extended), selecting "Edit Book" now results in the automatic opening of the editor containing the epub, with no dialog box to select a format. The only way I can select/edit any other format now is to open the containing folder, right click on the book and "open with" calibre's editor. (currently on v4.17...
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Evil Ape Fink OG Edition by MCA

UVD Toys has announced the pre-order availability for the long-awaited return of classic designer toy artist MCA and his Evil Ape Fink vinyl collectible. Standing in at 4 inches in height, this figure will feature articulation at the wrists and shoulders. This OG Edition is slated to begin shipping in September 2020, but you can pre-order one now for $60.00.
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TFB Review: SIG Sauer P320 RXP XCompact

In the past few years, there have been a number of great little concealed carry options hitting the market. Whether it’s the Glock 43X, 19X or Springfield Armory Hellcat, there are plenty of new options available. Recently, SIG announced their red dot equipped X-Series called the RXP. The new RXP pistol has a few different changes […] Read More … The post TFB Review: SIG Sauer P320 RXP XCompact appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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New ‘Star Wars’ LEGO Sets Coming from ‘The Mandalorian’, ‘Galaxy’s Edge’, ‘Clone Wars’ and The Skywalker Saga

There are so many Star Wars LEGO sets out there that it’s hard to keep track. But the building brick company isn’t slowing down because the Star Wars line is one of their most popular themes, and this year they’ve got plenty of new additions from across the spectrum of media set in a galaxy far, far away. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a new video game coming in October this year that goes through all nine chapters of the primary Star Wars saga with all the action, adventure and humor th...
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Experimentation and paid search

The next time you do a web search take an extra moment to see how the paid results compare to the top organic results. Sometimes the top link is the same for both. This article, from the authors of The Power of Experiments, drives it home with this excerpt: “Evidently, users who Googled ‘eBay’ (or another eBay-related search term), who had been clicking on the ad because they saw no reason to scroll down to the organic link just below it, were now instead clicking on the first organic search re...
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Selling Your House During a Global Pandemic

When we (Handyguy Brian and his wife, Sarah) decided to sell our house last year and started prepping it to show, we, like the rest of the world, didn’t realize our dreams might get delayed just a bit in the Spring of 2020. We cleaned out our closets, took a ton of trips to the landfill, painted, re-carpeted, landscaped and had it all ready to go. And then the world shut down. Admittedly for our own benefit but who could have guessed? Despite it all, we had a very helpful realtor who managed to ...
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Concealed Carry Corner: The Art of Avoidance and Being Realistic

There’s no denying, society and current events have been a little more unpredictable and crazy than they typically are in a given year. Between COVID shutting down the country for the last few months and recent unrest in major cities, it’s easy to get into a defensive mindset when traveling. Recently, I took a trip […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: The Art of Avoidance and Being Realistic appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Nemesis Faces Optimus in DOOM Eternal

Youtube channel WꕔTCHER GRAPHICS took the audio from the first Marauder encounter in DOOM Eternal and made something pretty cool! Models ported by WKAC.
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POTD: Concamo – Shooting with Secondary Sights

Secondary sights – everybody talks about them. TFB’s comments section is full of comments telling how important they are. But how often do we even zero them? Is your secondary sight zeroed, or do you just wait for the main optic to break (probably when you need it the most) before you do that? The picture […] Read More … The post POTD: Concamo – Shooting with Secondary Sights appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Patriot Prime Reviews Netflix Hotlink

Hasbro is on FIRE with these Netflix Siege repaints.Check out my Review of the Walmart Exclusive Hotlink 3-Pack.
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Adding Books

Just curious, when I add books from a directory to Calibre, does Calibre do anything with the original copies in the original directories or does it just copy them over to new directories inside of Calibre? I ask because I would still like to keep the original files and directories just where they are for backup purposes without them being modified by actions I take from within Calibre.
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GotBot Goes Live: Possible Black Zarak? Where to Find Sleep Mode Optimus? The Netflix WFC Delay?

On GotBot Goes Live, we discussed several news items; from Zeta's Astrotrain and Cliffjumper, to Earthrise in hand images of Smokescreen, Cyberverse Arcee and more. We recapped season 2 of Universal Collision. We touched on where YOU can find "Alternate Universe" Optimus Prime and why the Netflix WFC show has seemingly been delayed.
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How to Make a Driftwood Sign for Your Home

If you love natural wood crafts, or even beach crafts, then you will love this handmade driftwood sign tutorial. It’s a wonderful way to preserve a special memory, or a place that means a lot to you, it also makes a wonderful handmade gift. DIY Driftwood Sign for Your Home I met my partner about four years ago. Our first date was at a restaurant by the beach that was followed with a stroll along the boardwalk and pier. We are preparing to move to a different state at the moment and so I’m try...
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Former Ambassador Rice ‘forgets’ History on Everytown Veepstakes Tryout

By Larry Keane Susan Rice and Shannon Watts at the Everytown Veepstakes. IMG NSSF.org Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s first U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and later his National Security Advisor joined Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts for the latest in Everytown’s Veepstakes. She hyped her antigun history to the 134 live Twitter viewers, telling them more gun control is needed and 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden is just the guy for the role. But, she added, that wasn’...
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TAG – Council Of Tyrants

Toy Art Gallery has announced the Council Of Tyrants , featuring the Nether Realm Tyrants by Radioactive Uppercut. The Nether Realm Tyrants include Cain, Beleaguer, Abel, Pyromancer, Plague Sacrifice, and Mage. And this series includes seven different colorways: Hawaii; Glow; Green; Blue; Orange; Brown; Caped Pink (featuring a custom made cape). Each Tyrant measures 2.5" tall with an articulated head. And they run $12.00 each. The Council Of Tyrants will be released on Friday June 19th 2020 ...
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What if education was engaging for every student?

In 2012, I founded OpenStax as a then-radical solution to the Great Recession: Why not make college textbooks free for students? And why not make them open-licensed?Now we are faced with COVID-19, another crisis of enormous scale—and one that is once again underscoring the harsh inequities in our communities and accelerating the existing gap between the haves and the have-nots.Student engagement and open education are the next frontiers that innovators must address if we want education to live u...
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Does the calibre editor support MathML? If yes, what is the best way to insert a formula in MathML format into an epub with the calibre editor?
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GOA And VCDL Challenge Virginia’s One Handgun A Month Law

GOA And VCDL Challenge Virginia's One Handgun A Month Law (Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Gun Owners of America (GOA), Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), Brothers N Arms, Inc., and Valerie Trojan are challenging Virginia’s new “one handgun a month” law. The alliance filed the suit in the circuit court for the county of Goochland. The group is asking the court to grant temporary and permanent injunctive relief from the law as well as a petition for a ...
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Catching Up on the ARV and JAKL with Palmetto State Armory

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- The 35 round 9x19mm U9 Magazine PSA made for the PSA AK-V is an awesome, practical and affordable use of polymer and stainless steel. As a matter of fact the only thing I can think of that would make it better is a 70 round version, or a 150 round drum, or 300 round… I think you see where I’m going with this! A cool benefit of the mag is that it works well with your CZ Scorpion Evo 3 as well. Soon enough for all the 9mm AR-15 platform lovers out there, PSA is dropping...
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SCOTUS Rejection of 2A Cases Moves Up Likelihood of a Forced Choice for Gun Owners

By ignoring their oaths and usurping legislative powers, the Roberts court, with a few notable exceptions like Clarence Thomas, is guaranteeing gun owners will be forced to choose between obeying disarmament edicts or resisting them, with all that implies. (Fred Schilling, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Opponents of gun safety laws have again failed in their efforts to get the Supreme Court to adopt their extreme and dangerous approach,” Eric ...
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Gladiolus murielae Formerly placed in the genus Acidanthera, Gladiolus murielae is native to eastern Africa (notably Abyssinia)  and was first described by German botanist Christian Hochstetter in 1844. While hardy through most of Europe, it will not survive outdoors where frost can penetrate through the soil, and damage the corms.  Commonly known as the Abyssinian gladiolus or fragrant gladiolus, it produces mid-green, sword-shaped leaves that can be up to 3 ft in height. The fr...
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Kindles on sale... again.

Paperwhite $100 for the black one, $105 for the colored ones (I wonder if that will be the norm in future sales). Basic is at $70. Fire (basic 7", 16 GB one) is on sale for $40 (I know it's not a Kindle). Kobo's Paperwhite competition, Clara is still on sale for $100. Even the Nook Glowlight Plus (7.8") is on a "lesser" sale price of $180 instead of $200. It seems like the Kindles are on sale more lately. Could it be that Amazon is actually competing with Kobo? Does any of this anticipate t...
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62% off + Coupon – Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop (I Can Read It All By Myself) Hardcover at Amazon!

Get the kids reading with this book deal at Amazon! This Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop (I Can Read It All By Myself) Hardcover  is already 62% off regular price, plus clip the Extra .49 coupon. Ships free with Prime or orders $25+   For Even More Awesome Online Deals Read more about 62% off + Coupon – Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop (I Can Read It All By Myself) Hardcover at Amazon!
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TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #11: Mike Pappas And Eric Rogers of Dead Air Armament

Welcome back to the latest episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast. This week we sit down with Mike Pappas and Eric Rogers from Dead Air Armament, manufacturers of some of the best silencers on the market. Not only does the Dead Air team know how to make great suppressors, but they are also a […] Read More … The post TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #11: Mike Pappas And Eric Rogers of Dead Air Armament appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Organizing tags

Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix my tags so that they are in an order that isn't strictly alphabetical? Would like to have the heirarchal tags show desired tags in my own order rather than alphabetical. (not the child, but the parent) so, Instead of A-Z, I could have Characters, Genre, Themes, etc. I know I could add a number in front to make it show up in the list first, but I would like to avoid doing that. If this isn't possible, perhaps the powers that be could enhance Calibre to a...
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Tag Mapper troubles

Do the tag rules take time to go into effect? I did all the usual things to make sure a rule is being accepted (saving, restarting, confirming for conflicts, highlighting all books then highlighting and hitting"ok" for the tag mapper) but new rules don't take effect. Today I wanted Action & Adventure to become Action.Adventure Nothing I can do will cause it to change. It was a "replace if it is one of" I confirmed that it isn't listed anywhere else, nor the tag is listed anywhere else. Als...
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PageEdit 1.2.0 would not run under Kubuntu 20.04 and Mint 20

Hello together, i installed PagEdit 1.2.0 under Kubuntu 18.04 and Mint 19. PageEdit works fine! Then i installed PagEdit 1.2.0 under Kubuntu 20.04 and Mint 20 Beta. But ist doesn't work. Under Kubuntu 20.04 the program starts, but when i press the Delete-Button, complete paragraphs will be deleted, also when i insert bullets, the program will delete the marked sentences. Does anybody have an idea? - Thank you and best regards, Der_Andi
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