The Sunday Smith is up!

Go check it out at the other blog! . [Author: Tam]
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I can't open epubs purchased on Apple

My aging MacBook Pro laptop died a few days ago. It's a long story, but Apple said I would have to wait a week before I could even talk to tech support. I was in the middle of some huge projects, so I decided it was time to buy a new laptop. When I was setting it up, I couldn't remember my Apple ID, so I created a new one. To my surprise, a third party was able to reboot my old laptop a couple days later. But I can't use my original Apple ID, so I logged in with the new one. But when I copied...
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Fan First and leaks wrap up, it's been a big week! By Ham Man

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Far-Left ‘Defund Police’ Efforts Fueling Gun Sales, Perhaps Creating 2A Activists

Gun sales have been spiking since March, as people first were concerned about COVID-19 social breakdown and now they're worried about efforts to defund police agencies. (Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Various news agencies are reporting that panic-buying of firearms and ammunition initially spurred by fears of social unrest related to the coronavirus pandemic have continued strong into the summer, thanks to riots following the death of George Floyd under Minneapolis police restraint, ...
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Streamlight TLR-9 Gun Light Review, the YUGE Tactical Light!

The Streamlight TLR-9 makes a great addition to the ATI-imported GSG 1911. IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- When it comes to tactical lights, more is always better. Sure, some companies will tell you that you only need a few hundred lumens for indoor work, but I need to wield the power of Ra whenever I hit my light's “on” switch. Problem is, the majority of the guns I carry or use for home defense are designed around fitting mid-sized or compact firearms. And as a result, don't tend to be...
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Streamlight TLR-9 Review the YUGE Tactical Light

The Streamlight TLR-9 makes a great addition to the ATI-imported GSG 1911. IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- When it comes to tactical lights, more is always better. Sure, some companies will tell you that you only need a few hundred lumens for indoor work, but I need to wield the power of Ra whenever I hit my light's “on” switch. Problem is, the majority of the guns I carry or use for home defense are designed around fitting mid-sized or compact firearms. And as a result, don't tend to be...
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Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot Red Dot Optic – Review

Primary Arms SLx MD-25 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- After releasing two new low magnification prism scopes into their SLx lineup, Primary Arms is rounding out their new release schedule with the new SLx MD-25, a microdot sight in the same vein as the Aimpoint T-1.  Let's take a look at the tech specs, then cover range experience with it. Primary Arms SLx MD-25 Microdot Features and specs: Wide field of view Compact, lightweight, and durable Crisp 2 MOA red dot 50,000-hour battery life (5+ year...
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POTD: Benelli M4 Shotgun

Shotguns – one of the most powerful hand-held firearms civilians are allowed to own. Often underestimated, as it can be used in so many ways by just changing the ammunition: birdshot, buckshot or slugs and other variants. Of course, a shotgun has limits, you don’t see too many of them on the Long Range Precision course, […] Read More … The post POTD: Benelli M4 Shotgun appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Calibre can't read booklist from device

Hello everyone, I've been having issues with my Kobo Aura H2O e-reader when connecting with Calibre. First I got an error message that I couldn't remove books from the device ("Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption....") It's a simular message as in the following thread: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=295238 When I first got the error, I didn't write...
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Buy kobe aura one sleepcover?

Does anyone have a new or as good as new oem sleep cover for a Kobo Aura One that they would be willing to sell?
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how to remove the annoying original pagebreaks from an epub?

So I have an epub that seems to have this Code: epub:type="pagebreak" every page the book was originally printed for. You can see attachments. It prints the original page number on the right margin and it gets annoying after awhile. Questions: Is there any way to disable that behavior via a built-in tweak somehow? Or must I create a css rule to selector out every epub:type="pagebreak" and disable it? I already tried using the tweak disable publisher pagebreaks as well as disabl...
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TransFormMission TFM-01 Havoc Metallic Version Images

Felling rich? TransFormMission has released new images of there upcoming TFM-01 Havoc Metallic Version that is an unofficial rename of the IDW Menasor design. We've seen these figures before, but not with fully colored vac-metal versions shining with electroplated goodness. No word on price or release yet.
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Oklahoma Supreme Court Stops Initiative Designed to Kill Constitutional Carry

Constitutional Carry U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- On 23 June, 2020, the Oklahoma Supreme Court dealt another blow to the efforts by  Democrat Jason Lowe and others to kill Constitutional Carry in Oklahoma. Constitutional Carry is the right to carry a loaded handgun in most public spaces, concealed or openly. It is the state of law that existed when the Constitution was written and when the Bill of Rights was ratified. On 27 February, 2019 Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed HB 2597 into law. Okl...
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Why does the autoadd folder sometimes stop working?

I haven't been able to isolate any specific situation in which this happens (which is why I'm not filing a bug report), but every so often Calibre stops grabbing books I put in the autoadd folder. I've already checked that a) the folder is set to the correct one, b) I actually put the files in the right folder (yes sometimes I've forgotten), and c) the files are of a format that Calibre accepts. I've also checked for read-only flags or file locks but didn't notice any. It always starts working ...
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Font embedding and app-reader compatibility

Hello, I've been trying to read an epub I created w/ Calibre that has an embedded font (Noto mono - an open monospaced font from Google) in an iPad device but it won't see the embedded font. It only displays fonts installed originally in the device, e.g. Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Iowan, Palatino, San Francisco, New York, Seravek, Times New Roman Is there sth else I can do with the epub while I create it w/ Calibre so that iBooks (or/and possibly other devices) can read the embedded font? ((...
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Beast Wars Dinobot Statue Model by Taregh Saber

Taregh Saber, 3D Sculptor for Collectible statues / busts, has posted an amazing new project on ArtStation for a Transformers Beast Wars Dinobot statue model. The model has captured the warrior in amazing details with perfect proportions. Check out the post for more details on ArtStationHello everyone,So I finally I managed to finish my Dinobot Statue.
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Force sans serif on Kindle apps and devices

Rather than bother with custom fonts, I'd like to force Kindle apps and Kindle devices to open a book in sans serif rather than a serif font. The trick must be in CSS fallback, but pointers would be appreciated. Tests I have tried have worked in KP3 but failed once uploaded to KDP. THX chaps
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The Top 5 Most Expensive Guns from Movies

In this episode, TFBTV GOES TO HOLLYWOOD! (Well, technically Burbank, California.) This video is a part of a 5 episode series covering guns used in cinema and film, and we kick off the playlist with this Episode 1, “The Top 5 Most Expensive Guns from Movies”. In terms of episode ones, we think this ep […] Read More … The post The Top 5 Most Expensive Guns from Movies appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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I love swapping book recs, so my Shelf Swap feature asks one...

I love swapping book recs, so my Shelf Swap feature asks one person – blogger, author, or another reader – to pick five books from my bookshelves that they would like to read and five books from their own shelves that they think I might enjoy.My most recent Shelf Swap welcomes Julia from @juliasbookcase and juliasbookcase.co.uk to Pretty Books!
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NSSF Opens Registration for Webinar on Social Media in Times of Crisis

The NSSF is pleased to announce that registration is now open for its newest webinar, “Using Social Media Effectively in Times of Crisis.” IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- NSSF, the trade association for the firearm industry, is pleased to announce that registration is now open for its newest webinar, “Using Social Media Effectively in Times of Crisis.” In this 60-minute webinar, Michelle Scheuermann, principle at Bullet Proof Communications and a favorite speaker at SHOT Show, will discu...
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The internet was a mistake...

Okay, this is the weirdest, most cyberpunk dystopian plot twist to 2020 yet: Apparently the Instagram Influencer/Mommy Blogger/Wellness Coach* world is being swept by a wave of Q-Anon and COVID/5G conspiracy nonsense.I'm waiting for the first Instagram shots of someone on the beach in Phuket wearing a sponsored bikini and matching anti-5G tinfoil hat ensemble: "Remember to buy Lululemon and fight the harvesting of adrenochrome from innocent babies!"*throws cards down, pulls chips off table*That'...
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If you've wanted to try a "Gadget" Striker Control Device on your Glock pistol, Tau Development Group is having their annual Tau Day Sale.Just use the discount code "TAUDAY2020" at checkout for 20% off and free shipping!Hard to believe I've been using them for better than half a decade now. I've grown so accustomed to using the Gadget on Glocks that I get decidedly skittish when holstering a 509, P320, or other striker gun without one. . [Author: Tam]
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Reorganizing the Viewer Menu

I've been reading a lot of books using the Calibre Viewer lately, and while there's a lot I love about the viewer, I often find myself wishing the UI were a little more streamlined. In the spirit of open source, I'm prepared to try updating the UI myself. However, before I attempt such a thing I'd like to get some feedback from the community here to make sure such changes would actually be welcome. I'm hoping that in posting this here I can get a sense of whether I should go ahead and try to im...
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New E-books

Hi all. I am very pleased to come upon this forum. I would appreciate if you tell me new interesting fiction books that l can search for. I also would like to share with you my recently published books: The Return of the Exile The Meteorite Selected Poems Written by Mustapha El Ghazi. They are available on Amazon. Maybe you can download them for free. I'd really appreciate your feedback on them. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mustapha El Ghazi ( alias Poetrylover ) https://www....
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Application not Licensed

:help: Hi I just had to reset my Kindle Fire HD and reinstalled CC and now it comes up with Application not Licensed. I only purchased it on the 20th of June and it was working OK before the reset and now it come up with the error message
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Wrong order of wors when converting Arabic ebook

Hi there, I have tried converting some ebooks (epub) in Arabic for a Kindle. The words look good, but the order of words is wrong. For example, this would be the correct right-to-left order: .Arabic in sentence a is This When I open the epub (before conversion) in my computer, in Calibre's Viewer, it looks good. But when I open it in my Kindle, the text is aligned to the left (as in English) and the order of words is left to right (as in English). Is there any special setting that ...
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A Poem by Tu Fu

The days grow long, the mountains Beautiful. The south wind blows Over blossoming meadows. Newly arrivedswallows dart Over the steaming marshes. Ducks in pairs drowse on the warm sand.   Tu Fu, 713-779                                                                 (  translation by Kenneth Rexroth) [Author: Vicki Lane]
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[GUI Plugin] Quality Check Trie title avec "de la "

Bonjour Lors du check des tries des titres une fois sur deux les livres commençant par "de la " sont triés sans ces deux mots puis la fois suivantes il les trouvent non triés et propose de trier juste sans le "De" et garde le "la" ou "le" ... Comment faire svp un trie toujours identique en eliminat le "De la " dans les titres. Merci par avance
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Hacks Track reading time on Kindle Paperwhite?

As far as I know, it is not possible to track reading time on a kindle unless you create a Kindle Freetime account. However, I read a lot of personal docs (i.e. content not purchased from the Kindle store) which cannot be added to a Freetime account. I would really like to be able to track my reading time. I am not a programmer or anything, but is there some way this can be done without using a Freetime account?
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Libra Switching from kindle keyboard to libra

Hi there all! First of all, I wanna apologize since English is not my language but I'll try! I'm thinking of switching my old kindle keyboard to a new libra. The main reason is I feel the kindle is sooo slow when reading booking books and I also wanna order the books. I know there's a plugin for calibre for for reasons I dont't know, I can't get it to work. Do you think is a good change? I suppose it is: the libra is faster, up-to-date, has more options and can read more formats than the old ...
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