Ticket To Ride And Ticket To Ride London For Just $29.99, Plus Sorry, Trouble, Clue And More For Just $5 From Walmart!

Ticket To Ride And Ticket To Ride London For Just $29.99 And More Games On Sale From Walmart! Shop more board games on sale here. Other games on sale include: Sorry!: $5 Clue: $5 Connect 4: $5 Trouble: $5 Mouse Trap: $10 Operation: $10 SEQUENCE: $10 Shop Walmart’s Black Friday sale here! Shipping is free […]
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how to get fontconfig.h and fcfreetype.h

if pip install fontconfig show File "/tmp/pip-install-trb6a90z/fontconfig/setup.py", line 9 exec line in glb ^ SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'exec' fontconfig only supports python 2.7 python 3.8.6 how to install fontconfig
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TOC Formatting Question

Is there any way to have Heading formatting carried over to the Editor TOC? I have some superscript and subscript formatting in the H1 and the TOC editor does not apply it in in the Editor TOC Editor I made an inline TOC and it was not there either but I could re-apply it at least I know that there's 2 TOCs in an epub. ADE seems to use both, the NCX(??) on the left, and the inline one as the TOC (I'm assuming that Calibre assigns TOC as the semantic for the inline TOC file) Probably not poss...
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FPC & SAF Challenge Federal Ban on Handgun Sales to Adults Under 21

FPC & SAF Challenge Federal Ban on Handgun Sales to Adults Under 21 iStock-1055138108 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and the Louisiana Shooting Association (LSA) announced the filing of a new federal Second and Fifth Amendment lawsuit challenging the federal ban on the sale of handguns and handgun ammunition by federal firearm licensees (FFL) to adults under 21 years of age. The case, Reese, et al. v. BATFE, et al., can be view...
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An Expert Opinion on Election Fraud

Felon and former Illinois governor (but I repeat myself) Rod Blagojevich on just what's going on in Philadelphia and other Deep Blue cities right now. Transcript:Interviewer - It's interesting.  We're talking about corruption here.  What do you make of what we're seeing in Philadelphia?Blagojevich - If the question is "Are the Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia?" my answer is, "Is the Pope Catholic?"  It's a time-honored tradition in big Democratically controlled cities like Chicago my ...
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POTD: Madritsch ML40 Grenade Launcher In Action

Hi there, and welcome to our Photo Of The Day! Today’s selection shows shooting with the Madritsch ML40 Grenade Launcher. Above you can see the Aimpoint red dot sight and a small black dot which is in fact the 40 mm grenade on its way to the target. The ML40 can be used standalone or […] Read More … The post POTD: Madritsch ML40 Grenade Launcher In Action appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Ducks Unlimited Supports Youth Shooting Sports Through Sponsorship Of SCTP

Ducks Unlimited Supports Youth Shooting Sports Through Sponsorship Of SCTP USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Understanding the parallels between shotgun shooting sports and waterfowl hunting, Ducks Unlimited has signed on as a Bronze-Level Sponsor of the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP). “A large segment of our adult volunteers, families, and even youth athletes enjoy participating in hunting activities,” said SCTP National Director, Tom Wondrash. “Being partial to shotguns, we see a large number ...
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SILENCER SATURDAY #150: .223/5.56 Cans -Three AR15 Suppressors

Good afternoon shooters and welcome to a post election November 2020. This is the 150th edition of TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM Turbo K rifle suppressor. Last week, for a special Halloween edition, we went through five strange and spooky suppressor and firearm combinations. This week we’ll […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #150: .223/5.56 Cans -Three AR15 Suppressors appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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*IMHOTEP* Ancient Egypt Civilization/History Themed Board Game

I’m always stating “The Best Thing About Gameschooling is…” well, here comes another best thing!    Games contribute so much to a cultural and geographical study of a country or civilization. It’s like having a class party, playing themed games and being immersed in the topic, every day!    We loved studying Ancient Egypt over […]
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CalledProcessError: Command '['make', '-j2']'

Run ./setup.py bootstrap show File "/home/k/calibre/setup/build.py", line 405, in check_call subprocess.check_call(*args, **kwargs) File "/usr/local/lib/python3.8/subprocess.py", line 364, in check_call raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd) subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['make', '-j2']' returned non-zero exit status 2.
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Kobo Forma .config file needed for Dropbox support

Hi, so I have a Kobo Libra H2O and I'm trying to turn the Dropbox feature on which only the Forma currently has. When I connect te ereader to the PC and go to .kobo, Kobo, Kobo eReader.conf I can see an option called kobo_dropbox_link_account and I can enable it, but to use it I need the website of the 'code generator' that pairs the ereader to the Dropbox account. There is another option called dropbox_link_account_poll which is empty, and I would really appreciate if a Forma owner could write ...
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Dalliance, affair, love, intimacy: how should we approach sex as we age?

As sex lives ebb, the wider world can get more interesting. Robert Dessaix asks, does it really matter if we’re out of the sexual running, even in a society as sex-obsessed as ours?If the Roman poet Lucretius is to be believed, the whole universe is “a dance with Venus” – a sexual performance. “Love” just provides some of the footwork for amicable copulation. Or something to that effect. In his day, of course, with high child mortality and a ripe old age far from assured, reproduction must have ...
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SHOT Show Blues? TFB & TFBTV Announce Gun Fest 2021

SHOT Show 2021…Cancelled?!? List of things COVID-19 has taken from me, personally: Spring trip to Portugal with my wife  My would-have-been-first IWA Dive bars Group Yoga class My Grandmother But most importantly, it has taken SHOT Show 2021 from us. TFB had an idea that this would come to pass. My boss and courageous editor-in-chief, […] Read More … The post SHOT Show Blues? TFB & TFBTV Announce Gun Fest 2021 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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How to add downloaded books to CC and push them to the ebook reader

Hello, I would like to be able to do what I tried to sketch in the attached picture where I miss the red arrows. When I download a book from internet to my mobile phone, I would like to: -add it to the library in OneDrive; -push it on my ebook reader. Is there a way to do this with CC or some other app? Thanks a lot for any suggestion. Best regards. Attached Thumbnails  
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Apprentice Alf's DeDRM Not Working With 4.23

Hi, Uninstalled latest Calibre. Rolled back to 4.23. Installed Apprentice Alf's DeDRM. Always worked before. Not working now. Attached are images of the files, and what I've done in Calibre. What do you think is happening? Sincerely, Blaine Attached Thumbnails    
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How-to: Debug calibre plugin development with PyCharm Pro

I found this post on debugging calibre itself with Eclipse/PyDev, but could not find anything on how to debug plugins or how to do the same with PyCharm. It took me a while, but I figured it out, so I decided to spare you the time: Create a new project in PyCharm and point it to the directory that hold’s the plugin you’re working on as content root Add remote debugging with path mappings to the project. Path mappings should be 1-on-1, from an absolute path to a .py file to its calibre_plugins m...
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Cricut Explore Air 2 + Everything Bundle + Cricut Access Monthly Subscription $270.98 + Free Shipping ($504 value)

If you’ve always wanted a Cricut, this is the deal for you! Check out this Cricut Explore Air 2 + Everything Bundle + Cricut Access Monthly Subscription $270.98 + Free Shipping ($504 value) direct from Cricut! And it’s available in cute colors! Add Cricut Access Monthly Subscription to cart (be sure to select the 1-month plan) Subscription renews... Read More
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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Select Books, Movies, Music at Amazon!

Tons of book & movie deals at Amazon! Over 300 titles included! Buy 2 Get 1 Free Select Books & Movies at Amazon A few of the many options: For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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History of the .45 ACP Cartridge

By David Tong Background, history, features and load data on the .45 ACP cartridge. Team Never Quit 45 ACP 155gr Frangible Ammo @ Brownells ; http://goo.gl/9Lc6m1 AmmoLand Gun News USA -(AmmoLand.com)- In U.S. military circles for over one-hundred years; from the onset of the Civil War all the way to today, there has been a tendency to prefer a large diameter bore, subsonic pistol cartridge if we are required to use a non-expanding bullet in the round. While the old cap-and-ball 1860 Col...
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What Southern California gardeners can learn from a modern English garden

Greg Loades’ “The Modern Cottage Garden” (published by Timber Press) concerns itself with a style of garden that we in California tend to call English. “This is a gardener’s garden. Its generous style is for gardeners who can’t resist plants,” Loades writes. “Like a kid in a sweet shop trying to get familiar with the full range of jelly bean flavours, so we are spoiled for choice as we experiment with growing different plants. And if we can be as curious and inquisitive as a child choosing candy...
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Clara HD Error: database disk image is malformed

Hello: Calibre is telling me that my ereader has this problem: Code: File "c:\t\t\apsw-47cp24d7\src\cursor.c", line 236, in resetcursor CorruptError: CorruptError: database disk image is malformed I know that it's a problem with the database and, probably, logging out and in it will be solved. But, do you know any check I can do in the database before reaching that point?
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Bokeh Backlash Begun?

I'd mentioned before that, as computationally-generated fake background blur (or "fauxkeh") trickled down to ever-cheaper cell phones and became more realistic, the overuse of radically shallow depth-of-field would become less common. For starters, it's definitely possible to have too little DoF. The temptation is there, when one has a new, fast lens, to run around shooting with it wide open all the time. I did that with my shiny new Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f/1.4* once and got a great black &...
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updated calibre companion and lost a books

Hi calibre companion just asked to update so i said ok, when it was updating it said i had to uninstall so i clicked ok and it instaled the updated calibre companion only problem is on opening it it has lost all my books i have had a look and the books are still on my kindle fire but calibre companion cant see them help please thanks carolyn
Tags: Books, Calibre Companion

Changing a book without losing the annotations

I have a book on the Kobo aura one that I would like to make some changes to with sigil or calibre. The book, however, contains many annotations and highlights and if I make changes to the book the device considers it a new book and eliminates the annotations. Is there a way to make changes to a book on the kobo A1 without losing the annotations?
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Seed grown Christmas trees Well, the obvious answer to 'can I grow a christmas tree from seed' is of course you can. Why? Because the entire christmas tree industry is based grown produce. the two questions you should really ask is which particular species do I want to grow and where do I find the seeds themselves. In the United Kingdom two trees dominate, the Norway Fir - picea abies and the Nordmann spruce - Abies nordmanniana. The reasons why this is are as follows. Firstly because of cus...
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Today Only! 25% Off Barbie at Target + Extra 25% Off any One Toy

  Kid’s Bored at Home? Great deal at Target to get Barbie toys! Great for Gifts! Get 25% Off Barbie Dolls at Target  PLUS clip the target circle coupon for 25% Off any 1 toy! Don’t forget to use your REDcard too for 5% off. Some of the cute dolls:       For Even More... Read More
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matching last_modified with file date modified?

Is there a way to reset the last_modified column to the modified file date of the ePubs files in the Calibre folder?
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batch processing regex search/replace?

When I edit epub ebooks, I try to make them as light as possible by removing all the tags that are not strictly necessary, usually ending up with a stylesheet with anything from 2 to 8 styles at the most for books with 1000s of pages. It can reduce the size of the ebook by half or more. This is of course repetitive. Is there a way to batch-process a number of search and replace commands all at once instead of having to type them in? I wouldn't be surprised if that has been included, I just ha...
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convert book search and replace

hi, is there anyway to get calibre to automatically load a search and replace list so i dont have to keep loading it manualy when converting books thanks nomis19
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Weekend Cooking: 2 Books for the Foodies on Your Gift List

In today's Weekend Cooking I have two books that could be perfect for you or for gift giving this coming holiday season. First up, is a fun but informative wine book, and the second is all about Christmas. As a special bonus today, I'm giving away a copy of the Christmas book to one of you--no matter where you live in the world. Hope your weekend is going well and you're staying safe and healthy. Now let's get to my thoughts about today's books. Don’t let the title Vanessa Price’s Big Macs & ...
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