Mermaid And Unicorn Pens

This is the YouTube video that inspired me: https://youtu.be/oefdx3AUrcE After I went out on a limb bending over backwards, I finally did it! [Author: Kinhime Dragon]
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Plaseebo – Electro Sludge Demon Lottery

The Plaseebo “Electro Sludge Demon” Lottery is open now thru Monday November 16th 2020.  The “Electro Sludge Demon” is a one of a kind Plaseebo custom of a MVH vinyl Sludge Demon. He has open eyes and mouth and a switched color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries mounted in the base of the figure. The piece is custom painted with multiple Monster Kolor sprays and metal silver leaf. And it comes hand-signed by Bob Conge. The winner will be responsible for the payment price of $250.00 ...
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[Discussion] Update plugins from GitHub release page

Currently calibre needs to download plugins from calibre server(https://code.calibre-ebook.com/plugins), and that server needs to download plugins from mobiread forum. I was thinking if a plugin has already released on GitHub, GitLab or any other websites, it's very convenient if calibre server can fetch the updated plugin directly from GitHub release page. So the plugin developers don't need to edit their posts manually. What do you guys think about this?
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Hello, I'm here to get some assistance to jailbreak my Kindle PW. I've been here multiple times previously regarding help with calibre and such, finally registered an account here.
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the cycle functions.Domain Flipping Sell Domains for Millions of Money

Nowadays, the internet has made money much more accessible at home. Domain Flipping Sell Domains for Millions of Money You can earn a lot of money by working in different sectors if you want. And if you can invest a little bit of money, and apply your own knowledge, then you are successful. If you want to do business with a domain by sale, you can buy an old or expired domain name and sell it again at a higher price. Domain Flipping Sell Domains for Millions of Money And in this sector you c...
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Bangladesh start a business? Top 5 Business Ideas for Girls

All Countries girls are very interested in starting their own business. Many business-minded girls are already in business but much less than men. Top 5 Business Ideas for Girls Why are you lagging behind because of our society? If a man can do it, don't worry! In this article I will talk about the top 4 best business ideas for women Why should women in Bangladesh start a business? Top 5 Business Ideas for Girls There are many reasons to have your own business or entrepreneur in Bangladesh ev...
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Ucco 24 is the Best Technology Website

Ucco 24 is the Best Technology Website. Visit Ucco 24 Ucco Give you Only Tech There are Android Trips, Pc Trips, Freelancing Trips, Online Earning, Education Trips. Best Technology Website. [img] https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-a8y1iaYCI...or%2BGirls.jpg [/img] Ucco 24 is the Best Technology Website. Visit Ucco 24 Ucco Give you Only Tech There are Android Trips, Pc Trips, Freelancing Trips, Online Earning, Education Trips. Best Technology Website. [img] https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-bqosh_Jj7...B...
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Friday Night Lights: Sector Optics G1T2 – Thermal Fusion w/ Laser Rangefinder

Last July I posted a news article about the Sector Optics G1T3. It was an LPVO with a thermal imager mounted to the top of the LPVO. More importantly, the G1 LPVO has their trademarked ID or Internal Display. This is a small second monitor inside the eyepiece of the LPVO that displays the thermal […] Read More … The post Friday Night Lights: Sector Optics G1T2 – Thermal Fusion w/ Laser Rangefinder appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Short Fiction Beresford, J. D.: Nineteen Impressions (1918); v1; 14 Nov 2020

J D Beresford 1873-1947 A collection of impressionistic short stories, amounting to around 42,000 words. They all deal with gaps between perception and reality in various ways. Story 4, Flaws in the Time Scheme, comprises 3 connected stories; hence the title "Nineteen..." 1: Cut-Throat Farm 2: The Power o' Money 3: The Criminal 4: Flaws In The Time Scheme 5: The Little Town 6: The Lost Suburb 7: The Great Tradition 8: The Escape 9: Force Majeure 10: The Contemporaries 11: The Emp...
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6 Effective Tips on how to Cultivate and Beautify Your Garden

As most of you know, 2020 has been quite a year! Trying to stay calm during a pandemic and find safe hobbies to do can feel like a chore. We all have our own way of de-stressing, but one way to do this, is to work on a garden of your very own! There is a truly satisfying feeling to cultivating a garden, and watching your plants grow. It is even more satisfying to further cultivate your garden and beautify it to the best of your abilities. However, before you even get started on this pro...
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hi dear everyone

Hey dear community, Just wanted to leave a warm greetings to everyone. I got a gift from my soulmate. This kindle paperwhite is my first ebook Reader and I am totally in love. I have always read books but I just realized I have been writing quite some letters and stories in my life. Also I am dreaming to create an application for tablets and ebookreaders and maybe you guys can help me achieving this ambitious vision.
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New Ase Utra Suppressor for Heckler & Koch MP7

Ase Utra Oy from Suomi Finland have been manufacturing sound suppressors for hunting, sports and professional use since 1994. Their usual production exceeds over 10,000 units per year and they state that they are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sound suppressors. Their suppressors are not available in the United States and some other areas […] Read More … The post New Ase Utra Suppressor for Heckler & Koch MP7 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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DCON20: Flat Bonnie Releases

Flat Bonnie has announced a pair of exclusives for Designer Con 2020. (Pre-orders are also available through the Flat Bonnie site) The first DCON2020 exclusive is the Posable Flat Bonnie Plush - Exercise Edition . The 12-inch tall limited edition plush includes an adoption certificate and can be purchased for $50.00. Secondly, the "Bunnywise" Plush also measure 12 inches in height and includes an adoption certificate. And - inspired by the recent version of Pennywise the Clown - can be pick...
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POTD: Polish Turret Gunner in 15GBZ

Each day a different image from the World of firearms. We call this POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, and it is our daily article series where we go to great length trying to find the most interesting pictures for you out there. Today we visit Poland and the 15 Giżycka Brygada Zmechanizowana (Mechanized […] Read More … The post POTD: Polish Turret Gunner in 15GBZ appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Colorado Mule Deer Hunt Caps Lifelong Dream ~ LISTEN

Colorado Mule deer live in some of the most beautiful Rocky Mountain habitat. img Brandon Butler USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Eight years is a long time to wait for a deer tag. Yet, it’s only a fraction of the 30 I spent dreaming about wrapping my hands around the antlers of a big Colorado mule deer. After building preference points and planning for the better part of a decade, I finally made a lifelong dream come true. Some of my earliest memories pertaining to hunting are of my grandfather and his...
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Boox Poke 3 -- is this the ereader I’ve been waiting for?

For a variety of reasons, I’m not a Kindle fan, but frustratingly I’ve found a great many of the books that I want are available nowhere but Amazon. Recently I even ended up writing to an author who sent me to his publisher in Wales just so I could purchase an epub edition of a book that was readily available on Amazon (I’m in the U.S.). I have converted many books purchased from Amazon, but increasingly finding myself running into difficulties and tiring of the bother. My library is now a fair...
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H.R. 8424: Supreme Court Term Limits & Regular Appointments Act, Taking Aim at SCOTUS

Opinion H.R. 8424: Supreme Court Term Limits & Regular Appointments Act, Taking Aim at SCOTUS New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- As the crack of freedom rings out across the nation in the wake of our election for President of the United States, all kinds of bills are popping up for the next legislative session. It's clear that the people have spoken and Joe Biden is our president-elect!!… I jest, as we are wading into some of the muddiest waters in election history of most everyone’s lifetimes. T...
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DCON20: DKE Toys and #DKECON

DKE Toys is hosting a LIVE virtual event for 2020 DesignerCon. To culminate their virtual event season, Dov and DKE brings you #DKECON - DCON Edition . The DKE Toys DesignerCon booth will be set up in the DKE warehouse and available to all via a live continuous Zoom webinar style meeting on Friday November 13th 2020 from Noon to 9PM PT, and Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 7PM PT.  The online store is now live and will remain open for the duration of the show. There are a ton of great artists ...
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Hola cuando trato de añadir otro formato de libro a uno ya existente arrastrándolo desde un archivo rar me aparece una ventana de error. calibre, version 5.5.0 ERROR: Excepción no considerada: FileNotFoundError:[WinError 2] El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado: 'Lucy Felthouse - Ganando al director de campaña G11.pdf' calibre 5.5 embedded-python: True is64bit: False Windows-8.1-6.3.9600 Windows ('32bit', 'WindowsPE') 32bit process running on 64bit windows ('Windows', '8...
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Federal Ammunition Introduces New Prairie Storm 16- and 28-Gauge Upland Hunting Loads

Pheasants better beware as Federal Ammunition have released new 16- and 28-gauge Federal Premium Prairie Storm ammo. The payload mix consists of 70 percent standard copper-plated lead and 30 percent FS Lead and according to the manufacturer, the patterning has been improved. The wad design is also improved and the ammo can be used with […] The post appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Verona Designer Kitchen Hood Collection

Here’s a great idea for all those Pandemic-era hours spent cooking up our emotions—a Verona designer kitchen hood. Nothing sucks out the grease and grime like a Verona extractor. This latest series offers three styles. There’s something for everyone including the Minimalist (insert), the Modernist (low profile), and Traditionalist (chimney). No matter which aesthetic floats your boat, all hoods offer 600-1200 CFM motors, four fan speeds, washable anti-grease filters, t...
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Study on Bear Spray Confirms Performance Limitations

Brown Bear and Cubs iStock-Milan Krasula 1210806488.jpg U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-  “An Investigation of Factors Influencing Bear Spray Performance” was published on 1 October 2020 in the Journal of Wildlife Management. The lead investigator was Tom Smith, of Brigham Young University. Tom Smith is well known for his publications on bear spray and firearms effectiveness when dealing with bears. Tom Smith graciously supplied me with a copy of the full paper, which shows all the results of the stu...
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DCON20: Toy Art Gallery Releases

Toy Art Gallery will be participating in Designer Con 2020 online. They'll be online Friday, Saturday and Sunday at popshop.live/toyartgallery (You can also use the code TAGTOY in the app to find their channel). They will have a large variety of TAGTOYS exclusives and special releases available from James Groman, Martin Ontiveros, Radioactive Uppercut, Miscreation Toys, Splurrt, and more. They will also have special releases from Mosquito666, Mermur Studio, BlackPearl, and UHOH Toys, along wi...
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How “Safe” Are You? The House of Cards That is Gun Free Zones

How “Safe” Are You? The House of Cards That is Gun Free Zones, iStock-490657417 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- You know… Over the last few months, as we're all returning to school, I've noticed the word “Safe” being brandished about in nearly every facet of our culture. Here are a few that came in just this morning: “…child feeling safe at school” “In the meantime, take care of your families and stay safe.” “safe learning environment” And that is just the start. For the thinkers among us, I offer y...
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SitOnIt’s Reya is Like an Instant Home Office

SitOnIt’s Home Edition collection faces the reality of work-at-home with out-of-the-box solutions that respect what really happens in the home office. Take Reya. This is a streamlined desk that ships to consumers in a flat-pack box. And assembly takes a mere 60 seconds—easy as screwing in the legs and tipping it upright. Reya’s slim silhouette and mindful design make it perfect and perfectly safe for even the teeny-tiniest home office: “rounded corners ensure only its looks are...
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Gun Control Lawsuit Wants ATF to Reinterpret Definition of “Firearm”

Gun Control Lawsuit Wants ATF to Reinterpret Definition of “Firearm” (Dave Workman photo) U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF), and 80% Arms announced the filing of a motion to intervene in a lawsuit brought by the Cities of Syracuse, San Jose, Chicago, Columbia, SC, as well as Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund (Plaintiffs) against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (...
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Gun Deals: Henry Classic Blued Lever Action Rifle – 22 Long Rifle $299.99 – FREE S&H

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Henry Classic Blued Lever Action Rifle 22 Long Rifle Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Sportsman's Warehouse has a black Friday sale on Henry Classic Blued Lever Action Rifle – 22 Long Rifle for just $299.99 with some FREE shipping options. Henry Classic Blued Lever Action Rifle – 22 Long Rifle The Henry Lever Action is a classic Western-style lever action rifle, and one of the most popular ...
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Feature Request/Modification

I had posted this in Patreon but I noticed that that isn't where this type of request should be posted. Here's the message again. Oftentimes I have a PDF open to get info from it to enter into Calibre. Sometimes when I enter the info it won't let me proceed because the PDF is open in my preferred PDF viewer (SumatraPDF). It shows the error/warning dialogue "Could not change the on disk location of this book. Is it open in another program?" When I acknowledge that dialogue it reverts the store...
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*TSURO* Strategy Board Game

Tsuro is a game puzzle lovers will especially love! It has the feel of chess but is so much simpler and easier to play.  It’s a beautifully designed game with a very eastern zen feel, which we all need a little more of in our lives right now, am I right?!?  Players each choose one […]
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Sigma Force author James Rollins reveals ‘shocking’ new pandemic novel and upcoming fantasy series

“There’s a little bit of Clive Cussler, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton and Dan Brown in my novels, and a little Conan the Barbarian in me,” James Rollins said by phone from his secluded home outside of South Lake Tahoe.  The unassuming Rollins, 59, whose real name is James Czajkowski, walks the walk: scuba diver, spelunker, whitewater rafter, kayaker, skier, snowboarder, hiker and world traveler.  Rollins is a veterinarian who sold his Sacramento practice in 1998, then worked there part-time,...
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