Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Fifteen: v1; 16 Nov 2020

Twenty four short stories in the Life+70 Public Domain, collected from the pages of newspapers and magazines. The anthology opens with an unknown author having a stab at the Raffles genre; includes several Leslie Beresford short stories, a Leroy Yerxa sf novelette, and concludes with an anonymous semi-horror tale of posession. There is a cumulative index of all stories in the Past Masters series to date. 1: The Midnight Guest / Heath Crichton 2. A Country House Surprise / Heath Crichton 3: ...
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Pack up the old kit bag...but with what?

 Let me preface this post by saying I still want a Nikon Df. Unfortunately, these unique retro Nikons are still over a grand on the used market. Since I use Canons for work and just shoot my Nikons for fun, that's more than I can justify shelling out on a camera body.Blog friend Jim had stumbled into a screaming deal on one and, having been mostly out of the SLR game since the film days, he wrote to see if I had any suggestions for a budget-friendly lens kit. After a bit of research on the inter...
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Books: Gardens: Getting Personal

Of course when Dan Hinkley left Heronswood, we knew that he would have to design and plant another garden with wondrous plants. That's true, and his experience with the second garden is detailed in Windcliff: A Story of People, Plants, and Gardens (Timber Press, 2020). A lot of Hinkley's many... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Enable Word Runner in Kindle app

Hi guys, What needs to be done to enable Word Runner on the Kindle app for epub-origin books? I typically send via email, but I've read that automatically flags the file as a personal document, for which Word Runner isn't available. How else should I transfer it? Or is that not what's keeping WR from being available? As far as the conversion goes, I do have the [EBOK] Personal Dog tag set in MOBI output. Thanks!
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Kitchen Inspiration from Top Interior Designers

While looking for some new inspiration, I came across these gorgeous kitchens. Renovating a kitchen... The post Kitchen Inspiration from Top Interior Designers appeared first on COCOCOZY. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Managing Tags

If I delete or change a tag using the tag manager, is this a permanent change for each incoming tag, or will it affect only those current tags? I want to know if sweeping changes to a current library will effect it for all time. I intend to remove a lot of tags, but bring them back later. There are a lot of books mis-tagged that it is easier to just delete the tags and then re-add then later. This is for the tag MANAGER not Mapper.
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question on highlighting

I am new to Calibre and new to this forum. I am researching articles and so far Calibre seems to be a great product - wish I had tried it many years ago. One problem I have not been able to overcome relates to highlighting / notes. When highlighting the view panel for the highlights shows only one line of the selected text. When reviewing the notes afterwards it is cumbersome to have to open each line individually. I have found that exporting the highlights does show the full text of each, ...
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POTD: Electronic Warfare – Battelle Drone Defender V2 in Iraq

When Skynet takes over, the Battelle Drone Defender V2 may become your best friend. Our Photo Of The Day shows U.S. Marines as they operate the Battelle V2 during a training at the Baghdad Embassy. The Marines are assigned to the Special Purpose Marine-Air Ground Task Force – Crisis Response – Central Command. The V2 can defend […] Read More … The post POTD: Electronic Warfare – Battelle Drone Defender V2 in Iraq appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Calibre update to 5.5

I have updated Calibre to 5.5. Unfortunately it has wiped my book list within the prog and somehow also the folder contents! Anyone else had this experience? Previous updates have been fine. (What makes this a real problem for me is that it is not my Kindle! I run Calibre for someone who has a Kindle but not a computer! Her books are not my kind of 'read' so conversations on the phone can get fraught as I am not familiar with novels!!!). Windows 10
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Weekend Reading 11.15.20

Sunday hellos! This week I bought a new pair of running shoes and I’ve started jogging a few miles a day again. It hurts when you’ve been absent from it for awhile (my shins!) but I’ve got to do something since the gyms are still closed here in my county, so running it is. I also signed up for an online yoga and indoor workout subscription, until I can get back to using my gym’s equipment. How are you finding ways to stay active during Covid and in winter? I had a great conversation with my brot...
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Repeat indexing

On my Paperwhite 4 I'm seeing that it keeps indexing books even though I have only added a few. The week before last it suddenly decided to start indexing all the books on the device, over 2,000. It had finally got to 157 at the beginning of today, but is now back to over 740. What on earth is going on?
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Catan For $24.97 And Ticket To Ride For $29.99 Or Less!

Catan: $24.97 This was selling for $43.97 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever for this edition from Amazon. Ticket To Ride: $24.99 This was selling for $42.60 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever for this edition from Amazon. Shop Walmart’s Black Friday sale here! Shipping is free on $35 orders or […]
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Other Non-Fiction Schwab, Gustav: Wanderungen durch Schwaben. (german) V1. 15 Nov 2020

Gustav Schwab, (19. Juni 1792, Stuttgart — 4. November 1850, Stuttgart) war ein deutscher Pfarrer, Gymnasialprofessor und Schriftsteller, der zur Schwäbischen Dichterschule gerechnet wird. Mit seinen Sagen des klassischen Altertums (1838–1840) schuf er einen Klassiker der deutschsprachigen Kinder- und Jugendliteratur. (nach Wikipedia) Wanderungen durch Schwaben. II. Band aus der Reihe: "Das malerische und romantische Deutschland" Mit 30 Stahlstichen. Der verwendete Text ist aus einer Ausgabe ...
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How many download by month

Is it possible to know how many downloads are taken from my server every month? I'd like to know somebody publish my serve
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Hi all

Hello, I'm a big fan of Calibre from Bulgaria and landed here to share some of my newest findings about it. :-)
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SIG SAUER P365XL, Romeo Zero, Best EDC? – Video Review

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The term “game-changer” gets overused, in fact, there may not be a term that is more overused. However,   the SIG P365 was, and is a game-changer; other companies, for better or worse, will copy the P365 and it is a new segment in the pistol market. Sig continues to offer new variations, like the XL, which, as the name states is a little larger than the original. The P365XL measures in at about a half an inch longer and taller than the original P365.   SIG SAUER P3...
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Calibre v5.x on Windows 7 (use on your own risk!)

Hello all, First I'd like to say a big "Thank you!" to the author and anyone who contributed to Calibre project for the great software! In short I've got here while searching for a convenient way to upgrade Calibre from version 4.23 to the latest 5.5 on Windows 7. I wanted to post my findings in the thread "Windows 7 compatibility excessive restriction", but it seems closed, so I couldn't do that. I'm sure there are still many people like me that for many reasons are staying on Win7 and in th...
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A $10,000 gift certificate, a child’s allowance: How Southern California’s independent bookstores are getting help to survive

It helps to be an optimist in the world of independent bookstores, booksellers will tell you. “They say the way to make a million in the book business is to start with two million,” jokes John Evans, co-owner of Diesel, a bookstore in Santa Monica. Profit margins are thin in the best of times, so when the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses like his to lock their doors in March, Evans and other indie booksellers in Southern California held out hope that life and sales would soon return to nor...
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Beauty And The Beast Jewelry Stand

Inspired by a "Japanese" capsule toy I saw on Pinterest So I was on pintrest the other day and saw in a picture this jewelry stand that looked like the bell jar from beauty and the beast! I had to have it. However I knew it would be hard to get, so I made one. [Author: Kinhime Dragon]
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MIRA Safety CM6M CBRN Gas Mask Full-Face Coronavirus Protection $219.98 FREE S&H&R

MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- The gas mask pros at MIRA Safety have a sale on their best selling MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask – Full-Face Respirator for CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense) Defense for $219.98 with FREE shipping and FREE returns. Their products are in use in 100's of government agencies across the globe. Editors Note: While the CM-6M Gas Mask is featured here because it is a good basic mask for the family at a...
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Hi, I'm trying to pull full text articles but can't get around this message. This site uses cookies. By continuing on, you accept this practice. Our privacy policy is available here . I've got a username and password for this site. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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The One Cheap Gun that James Reeves Still Carries…(Sometimes)

James has a confession. There’s a cheap gun that he not only likes – but actually carries (SOMETIMES) to defend himself with. He’s kept this as a secret from you because he knows that you’ll judge him. It’s time to come clean, you dirty boy. Chapters: 0:00 The Gunfession 2:04 James Tries to Convince Himself […] Read More … The post The One Cheap Gun that James Reeves Still Carries…(Sometimes) appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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KOreader cannot handle certain dictionaries

There are two problems I could spot out in handling certain dictionaries. 1. When a dictionary contains the same word as separated headwords (separated by meanings), KOreader can sjow only the last one. Example: if you serach for the word "bang", the dictionary can contain 3 headwords: bang1, bang2, bhang. You will NEVER see the first two meanings, because KOreader can show only the last one. Another dictionary contains 2 headwords for "bang". One is "bang" itself (containing all meaning of "b...
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Just to put something here...

B een Loving Deb's exploration in photo layering lately. This morning real life provided it's own example. This photo was taken in the mirror across from the bed, already a reflection. And the window on the wall is a layering of the light and shadow from the actual window. Over cloth. Cloth layers. Ha! A fire this morning. A freeze. No woodstove yet. So hard to get anyone to commit to any work around here. Strange culture really. Not in a bitching mood though, too much of that every...
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Tools kindlepass: Retrieve Audible activations for older devices

As you may be aware, Audible devices/apps require that a license file be present to allow the playback of audible content. As it stands, the Audible/Amazon login flow has changed so much that older Kindle models (1, 2, DX & 3), can no longer log in and retrieve this license by themselves. Additionally with Amazon's apparent shelfing of AudibleManager. There is now no real way for these old devices to retrieve their activation and play .aax and .aa content. Introducing kindlepass, a tool for s...
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"You are looking for a way out of the decadent aristocratic game, the limbo of Jet Set desperados. I’ll show you the way."

Said Timothy Leary to Joanna Harcourt-Smith, quoted in "Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Lover of Timothy Leary, High Priest of LSD, Dies at 74/Traumatized by her experience with the psychedelic Pied Piper, she spent decades 'composting' her thoughts about him and learning to start her life over again." She was 26 and he was 52 and a fugitive from justice when their lives intersected. She was with him when he was recaptured. “Neither the counterculture nor the prosecutors and prison system knew what to...
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problems updating calibre companion again

Hi my calibre companion said it needed an up date on my second kindle fire and i had a had problems with an update last week on my main kindle fire so I was careful how i updated this time and made a backup before I clicked on update Good job I made the backup as it did the same thing as last week and when it was updating it said i had to uninstall first again so i clicked ok it uninstalled my calibre companion and started installing the updated version only to get stuck installing, I left it...
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Fan Fiction!!!

  This may be the first time I've had someone else's prose on my blog but I was so moved by Doug's piece inspired by CROWS that I asked his permission to post it here. He posted it already on Facebook and I shared it so this will be a repeat for some of you. But I wanted folks who don't do FB to see it too.  DOUG PLEMONS Review for "And The Crows Took Their Eyes" Posted on Facebook 10/12/2020 Davy must of heard a noise, for sudden he set bolt upright and found himself waking from a...
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Playing the opposite of what Brahms wrote

What might we learn from an oddity concerning the first movement of Brahms’s Violin Sonata No. 1 in G, op. 78, that has led many violin-piano duos either to ignore Brahms’s tempo markings or actually play the opposite of what he wrote?Brahms’s score is explicit. The basic tempo is Vivace ma non troppo (lively, but not overly so). Near the middle of this mostly lyrical movement, when the movement’s most agitated music begins, Brahms wrote più sostenuto (more sustained). Then, leading into the ope...
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Will Dutch library ban on 'Black Pete' books spell end for 'racist' festive tradition?

The portrayal of Santa’s Moor servant ‘Zwarte Piet’ is widely seen as offensive. Protesters applaud the decision to remove the character from children’s books Public libraries across the Netherlands are removing from the shelves children’s books depicting a black-faced Zwarte Piet, a side-kick to Sinterklaas, in the latest sign that the country is turning the page on a festive figure widely seen as being racist.For at least a decade, there have been protests against the practice of white people ...
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