Beschorneria Bloom: An Update

Beschorneria yuccoides (Note: This is an updated post with the spelling corrected: The plant is not blooming now,  but ... it has had pups!  Multiple plant offsets have formed at the base and I'm in the process of detaching a few.) With each passing day the  Beschorneria flowering stalk continues to unfurl. The weather persists in a strangely cold and wet pattern, despite having entered the Bay Area's dry season. Still, the garden has enjoyed a thorough, natural, watering and that...
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Garden Travel .. Venice, Italy

My travels in Italy continue ...  You're invited to visit & ... 'Like' http://www.facebook.com/alicesgardentravelbuzz To discover beautiful Italian garden destinations visit: https://www.alicesgardentravelbuzz.com/ [Author: Bay Area Tendrils]
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Gardone, Italy - André Heller Botanic Garden

An entrancing surprise during my sojourn in Northern Italy: After an early-morning ferry across Lake Garda from my hotel in Bardolino, on the eastern side, I set my sights on the lovely town of Gardone Riviera.  Strolling up the hill from the waterfront, I dodged raindrops in anticipation of my visit to the André Heller Botanic Garden. The Keith Haring sculpture is one of the iconic installations among countless artworks in the garden, set amidst lavish plantings & paths enliven...
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Paradise in Mill Valley: Don Worth Garden

The Garden Conservancy 'Open Days'  Program in June of 2012 featured a Marin County garden created by Don Worth. This magical Mill Valley paradise created by artist/photographer Don Worth was one of the gardens opening to the public, allowing for a rare opportunity to visit a unique West Coast landscape.  I wrote an in-depth feature on the garden at:   Alice's Garden Travel Buzz:  Drop by to see a photo portfolio of the garden and learn more about Worth's exceptional ...
Tags: Gardening, West Coast, Alice, Mill Valley, Marin County, Bay Area Tendrils, The Garden Conservancy, Don Worth, Don Worth Garden

Veneto Vista - Italian Gardens

One of the hauntingly romantic landscapes visited during my sojourn in Italy's Veneto region: Villa Arvedi allowed me to experience the hospitality of a contemporary setting that remains true to  the sophistication and elegance of another era. To read more, visit AlicesGardenTravelBuzz.com [Author: Bay Area Tendrils]
Tags: Gardening, Italy, Veneto, Bay Area Tendrils, Italian Gardens, Veneto Vista Italian Gardens, Villa Arvedi

Echium Blooms .. San Francisco

All along San Francisco's Marina Green walkway  the Echiums are attracting bees & hummingbirds to their lavish spikes! The bluest blue, purple and even pink specimens  are on display.  Simply gorgeous, wouldn't you say! [Author: Bay Area Tendrils]
Tags: Gardening, San Francisco, Marina Green, Bay Area Tendrils, Perennial Plants, San Francisco Destinations

Adieu, My Sweet California Garden

Greetings my friends,  today marks the 4th Year Anniversary of Bay Area Tendrils ... It's a celebratory day, yet one that is bittersweet as I'm preparing to say farewell to my garden. Perhaps the dearth of posts has hinted at a major life change on the horizon.  And so, for the second time I am parting from a garden I've nurtured from the ground up, having worked for nearly 15 years to create a sanctuary space from scratch in Northern California. The Bay Area Tendrils archives tell the...
Tags: Gardening, California, Chicago, Honda, Gardens, Bay Area, Vita Sackville West, Bay Area Tendrils, Northern California The Bay Area Tendrils, California Garden

Rancho La Puerta ~ La Cocina Que Canta

The rainy season has arrived in Northern California, a long-awaited drenching for garden beds and borders. Photo: La Cocina Que Canta Cooking School I rarely have time to post these days. Life seems to be getting in the way. As Fall moves toward the Winter season, I sit with a cup of tea and dream about my visit a few years ago to Rancho La Puerta. The inspiring landscape of Tecate, Mexico remains in my mind's eye, along with a high point of my week long-stay at the spa: a cooking class...
Tags: Gardening, Northern California, Tecate Mexico, Bay Area Tendrils, Rancho La Puerta, La Cocina Que Canta, Lemon Verbena, Rancho La Puerta ~ La Cocina Que Canta, La Cocina Que Canta Cooking School

Garden Glory in Italy and Alice's Garden

Vignettes from my forays in Venice & the Veneto...  Villa Barbaro Nymphaeum: a glassy pool and the sculptural extravagance of the architecture could only be glimpsed through the villa's expansive windows   ~ Maser, the Veneto. A mosaic design accents the richly adorned paved paths ~ André Heller Botanic Garden Gardone, Lago di Garda Austere hedging and meticulous pebble pathways surround a private villa garden in Bardolino, Italy   ~  Lago di Garda ... while here,...
Tags: Gardening, Italy, Venice, Alice, Lago di Garda, Bay Area Tendrils, Alice s Garden, Italian Gardens, Veneto Villa Barbaro Nymphaeum, André Heller, Botanic Garden Gardone Lago, Bardolino Italy

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

Part I - A handful of highlights from the 2012 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show GardenMob by Saunders Design featured expansive walls representing "upcycled landfill rescue materials," a long rectangular pool and colorful Rhodies . Below: The PLANit Green garden demonstrated the successful use of recycled 'Urbanite' as a hardscape material, reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and local rock. Created by the West Valley College Landscape Architecture Student Club and Habitat Horticul...
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Cowboy Cookie Mix Gift (Chocolate Chip Pecan Oatmeal) With Printable Recipe Cards!

Food is a big holiday tradition in our family and these Cowboy Cookies go way back to my childhood. These were my grandmother's recipe and she only made them around the holidays. They are chocolate chip pecan oatmeal cookies and they are my absolute all-time favorite! I thought it time to share the recipe in a fun way by showing how you can make these as a gift mix to give to family and friends for the holidays, complete with a printable recipe card with directions for your recipient to make thi...
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LEGO deals from under $5

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy here. Lego has some good deals right now. Like this Star Wars Action Battle Endor Assault Set. It's just $20.99 (30% off) and perfect for the Star Wars... [Author: Lana]
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Dream Catcher .. Kudos, Kolkwitzia!

Reprise:  Having turned the corner on the 3-year anniversary of Bay Area Tendrils, I 'm reposting one of the loveliest shrubs sent by 'Proven Winners' to trial in my garden. The company released the plant about 5 years ago. Finally, the rain returns ..  and the garden is a dance floor where juncos strut. Having been buried in a mountain of tax forms - always anxious to put this yearly task behind me - I await the emergence of some of my favorite ...
Tags: Gardening, Bush, Bay Area Tendrils, Perennial Plants

Diy Feather Fascinator

This chic hair accessory is attached to a headband that blends in with your hair color. I went with a winter white to contrast my freshly-hued hair but there are lots of craft feather colors and styles to go with all of your holiday looks. [Author: Southern Mom Loves]
Tags: Crafts, Southern Mom Loves

Diy Peppermint Foot Balm

This is my recipe for an amazing Peppermint Foot Balm that will soften and invigorate rough, tired feet and I have even designed fun gift tags for you to attach to your own homemade balm! (see the blog post for the tags: http://www.southernmomloves.com/2016/11/give-manipedi-gift-basket-with-diy.html) [Author: Southern Mom Loves]
Tags: Crafts, Southern Mom Loves

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Mix Gift

The cookie mix is so easy to make. Just get your ingredients out and pour them in your container layer by layer. It makes such a pretty gift! Get the gift tags with directions for making the cookies on the blog post: http://www.southernmomloves.com/2016/11/holiday-hostess-baking-gift-basket-dark.html. [Author: Southern Mom Loves]
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Cocktail Ornaments Diy

I had a fantastic idea for a cute DIY Cocktail Ornament and I couldn't wait to share! These clear ornaments are filled with your booze of choice and are ornamented with tags printed with classic cocktail recipes. They would be great to bring a little joy to your holiday festivities and even though the holidays are almost on us, they're easy to make in a pinch! See blog post for gift tags: http://www.southernmomloves.com/2017/12/cocktail-ornaments-diy.html. [Author: Southern Mom Loves]
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Holiday Bath Tissue Holder

I really needed a place to stash those extra bath tissue rolls for the holidays, so I decided to make one. I'll show you how I constructed the perfect-sized box from scratch (it's easy!) from a single foamcore board and decorated it to coordinate with my own bathroom space. [Author: Southern Mom Loves]
Tags: Crafts, Southern Mom Loves

Combining saved searches for VLs

For a VL that combines multiple queries, is there any performance issues/bad practice reasons against turning the individual queries into saved searches and combining them? As well, what about nesting a saved search inside another saved search? It would be helpful at times.
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Gardens of Tohono Chul Park, Tucson

My Tucson sojourn took in terrific meals at restaurants like Cafe Poca Cosa and Feast. There were wonderful hikes in sublime desert settings,  and gardens, of course! My timing was perfect to catch full bloom on the ornamental, evergreen trees, Sophora (aka Calia) secundiflora, at Tohono Chul Park located on the city's Northwest side on Paseo del Norte. Common names for the showy beauty in the photo include Mescal bean, not to be confused with the Agave used to make mezcal.  Another monik...
Tags: Gardening, Alice, Tucson, Bay Area Tendrils, Tohono Chul Park, Mescal, Café Poca Cosa, Tohono Chul Park Tucson, Sophora aka Calia, Norte Common

Calibre installation Chromebook

Hello, I am trying to install Calibre 5.6.0 for Linux on my Chromebook but it fails to install properly. See attached screenshot for details. Has anyone done this? It cannot find libnss3.so Any hints for fixing this appreciated. Thanks...Michel. Attached Thumbnails  
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Scented Pine Ornaments For A Faux Tree

We recently put up our Christmas Tree and while I love having a fake tree, I do miss the smell of a real tree in the house this time of year. If you're like me and miss the scent of pine, fir, or spruce, I've got a fun Scented Pine Cone Ornament DIY for you to help your faux tree smell like the real thing and it's sooooo easy!!! [Author: Southern Mom Loves]
Tags: Crafts, Southern Mom Loves

Dumbing down the Kobo UI for an older person

Hello! First, I just want to say that I appreciate this forum as a resource, and I'm grateful for your participation with my challenge. I initially posted this to reddit, and that community was both kind and generous, and also sent me here. I want to dumb down my Libra H2O for an older library user not used to smart devices. What are the best things I can do? Some ideas (most of which I'm optimistic about but don't yet know how to change): EasyChanging the screensaver to have instructions ra...
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TFB Review: CZC 97BD 10mm Pistol

Czech that centimeter Full disclosure, I am a big 10mm fan.  Hence, the choice of a Glock 20 as my one pistol for a SHTF situation.  As I was cruising through SHOT 2020, I noticed a unique looking CZ97B in the corner of CZ’s booth. The grips grabbed my attention further, as they had “CZC […] Read More … The post TFB Review: CZC 97BD 10mm Pistol appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Reviews, Guns, Pistols, Guns & Gear, 10mm, CZ, Semi-Auto, CZ Custom, CZC 97BD 10mm


Just purchased a Kindle PW4, after using a Kindle PW2 for years before it stopped working. Joined the forum to search for ways to improve my experience with this new device.
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Concealed Carry Corner: Replacing Your Gear Over Time

When you start to dive deep into the concealed carry market, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are so many different options whether it’s firearms, holsters, ammo, or magazine holders that it can be difficult to pick at first. Fairly often, it takes a while to find your perfect setup and have a system […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: Replacing Your Gear Over Time appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Magazines, Editorial, Ammo, Concealed. Carry, Pistols, Shooting Accessories, Holster, Guns & Gear, Holsters, Concealed Carry Corner

Holiday Gift Guide For The Gun Guy

Holiday Gift Guide For The Gun Guy U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Christmas is coming up, and everyone is looking for last-minute gifts or maybe getting themselves a little something extra. As a gun guy myself, I know that not all gifts for us have to be firearms. I also know that budgets vary widely, so I made a guide with five different items at different price points that range from $25 to $16,000. XTECH Tactical AR-15 Speedmag ($24.95) AR-15 Speedmag- 30 Round Easy Load AR-15 Magazine The...
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POTD: Swiss Bazookas

Did you know that the Swiss Armed Forces do not take part in any armed conflicts in other countries? The primary role of the Swiss Armed Forces is Homeland Defence only. However, they have been part of several peacekeeping missions around the World, for instance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In today’s Photo Of The Day, we […] Read More … The post POTD: Swiss Bazookas appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Soaring Gun Sales Continue; Are Police Cuts Motivating Factor?

Gun sales continue to roar as many cities consider cutting police budgets. U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- The National Shooting Sports Foundation reported an increase of 45.2 percent in the NSSF-adjusted background checks initiated with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) over November of 2019, as gun sales continue to soar. According to the industry umbrella group, “The year-to-date total of 19.1 million adjusted background checks continues to add to a record-setting year ...
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Picturing the pandemic’s people: Photos capture the ‘still life’ we are all living

Innis Casey captured still life like no artist before — the kind of “safer at home” living that we’ve all been experiencing since the coronavirus outbreak jolted our daily routines. The photographer and his travel journalist sister teamed up during spring’s early days of the coronavirus shutdown and ensuing summer months to create a book of portraits they named, “Quartraits: Portrait of a Community Quarantine” set to be released next month. Casey, who grew up in Burbank and now lives in Valley V...
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