Douche Move

An old school 4473 I think I've explained the way the firearms tracing system works here in the U.S. before, but just in case you weren't here for that post, I'll do it again.Say the po-po encounter a "crime gun", either discarded at the scene of the crime or in the possession of a criminal suspect. What they do is contact the National Tracing Center at the BATFE, and initiate a trace on the gun and that goes something like this:At the scene of a messy and very ballistic turf dispute be...
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The ammo crunch drags on...

It's funny 'cause it's true! With the need to conserve my own stash of nine, plus needing to ration out 9mm ammo for testing guns for work, my personal .40S&W and .45ACP pistols are fixing to get the cobwebs dusted off for bowling pin games and such. . [Author: Tam]
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POTD: FWS-CS Sight on M2HB Heavy Machine Gun and Mark 19 Grenade Launcher

In our Photo Of The Day, we take a look at the U.S. Army’s Family of Weapon Sights-Crew Served (FWS-CS) made by BAE Systems. The system is designed for integration with the M2 .50-caliber machine gun, MK19 grenade launcher or the M240 machine gun. It has a laser range finder that provides automatically adjusted crosshairs […] Read More … The post POTD: FWS-CS Sight on M2HB Heavy Machine Gun and Mark 19 Grenade Launcher appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Hello, darzu is here

Hello to everyone, i am darzu from Romania, i am using a Kindle PW3 and just brought to my daughter also one, i want to get ideas how to maximize the use of ebook readers and to make my daughter to use her device even more (can't get ebooks what she loves) I am more than happy to join this community! Thanks darzu
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how do you get rid of white background

I copied and pasted a long text into Sigil and it somehow ended up with white background for the text. (Looks like white highlight when I try to read on a e-reader app). How do you get rid of it?
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Possible header content?

While there are no "standards" for what page headers should contain in printed books, there are some common practices. One is that, particularly in books of a technical nature, left-hand pages display the Chapter Title (left-aligned) and the Chapter Number (right-aligned). Right-hand pages then similarly display the Section Number (left-alighed) and the Section Title (right-aligned). What would be required to accomplish this in converting an Epub to PDF in Calibre?
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I have two problems with my device likebook muses

Good morning everyone... I have new likebook muses just two weeks ago. The first problem is Google software is not working. And the second, when the device is connected to the net, only shows this problem. Watch the video more clearly. https://k.top4top.io/m_1800fit3j0.mp4 https://k.top4top.io/m_1800fit3j0.mp4 What is the solution to the two problems and the device is updated to the latest version
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Problems with Sigil in Windows 8.1

Hi there I reactivated my old laptop w. Win 8.1 and Sigil don't run - regardless which version I try to install. It says:Error info: Critical: OpenThemeData() failed for theme 16 (WINDOW). (Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden.) Sigil version: 1.4.3 Runtime Qt: 5.12.9 Compiled Qt: 5.12.9 System: Windows 8.1 (6.3) Architecture: x86_64 The same in all Versions from 9.10 up. What to do?
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Cocoa Bomb Packaging

Need a cute way to package those popular delicious cocoa bombs I have it for you! Just download and print this cocoa bomb packaging printable. How fun it is to make something to give! If you love sharing a bit of yourself from your kitchen you might like these edible gifts to make. How to ... Read More about Cocoa Bomb Packaging The post Cocoa Bomb Packaging appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Import comments from file to record

Hi, There is a way to replace the pdf, cbr... file of a book entry in calibre. I plan to add annotation on files (pdf as a start) using my reader and then reimport the modified file. I can achieve this with "add books /add files to selected book records". Fowolling this, I will create a text file with comments for a particular record. Is there a way to import text from a file in the comments section of an record ? This would really be useful. Thank you for your advices.
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*RUSH HOUR* Thinkfun Single Player Logic Game

If you’re on the hunt for some Christmas gift ideas, look no further than Ravensburger games available at Target! These three games span an entire family’s worth of ages from Strike for kids as young as 3 or 4, to Rush Hour for the middle aged kids (8-12 at least), and Marvel Villainous for teenagers.  […]
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*STRIKE* Ravensburger Dice Game

Dice games are so much fun to play with kids, grandparents, anyone really. They’re easy to learn, not too intense or strategic, quick, and so much fun! Strike Dice can be played by up to 5 players with kids as young as 3. As long as they can take turns and count dots, even preschool […]
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Template tweaking to remove unused parameter

This template works great when all the fields are populated with data: Code: {author_sort}/{series}/{series_index:0>2|| - } {title} ({#sub_series}, Book {#sub_series_index:0>2||}) When there isn't a sub-series, I still get "(, Book )" in my results. That's the part I want to get rid of if there is no sub-series. Is that possible? Code: ({#sub_series}, Book {#sub_series_index:0>2||})
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*TINY TOWNS* City Building Family Game

Kids are builders. It’s just in their busy, curious blood, and I think this is why they love games like Tiny Towns, a game for 1-6 players ages 10+ (box says 14 but I play with my kids ages 6-13 just fine) in about 45 minutes.  The goal of Tiny Towns is to build a […]
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*STONE AGE* Worker Placement/Strategy/Math Game

Playing games to go along with our history rotation has been so much fun. A game makes a unit fun and memorable, and if it’s the only thing they remember?? That’s just fine with me. Childhood is made up of the intentional passage of time. We don’t remember much from our childhoods but general feelings […]
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Importing KEPUB files to Calibre

Hi, can anybody help with my problem importing KEPUB files. I have installed KOBO desktop om my computer and downloaded my KOBO books. I want to convert these to EPUB files but when I try to import them into my Calibre library to convert I am getting an error message. The KEPUB files do not have an extension just letters numbers and dashes. Thanks
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Calibre adds margins

Ok basically I used Kindle Comic Converter to modify a Manga I purchased on kobo store, so after modifying two images I by converted the images of the original file to epub, then I got the epub on Calibre and used it to convert the file to kepub and send it to my kobo Clara hd. Long story short, the final result is terrible, because it has moderately big white margins over and under the images, which were not present on the original ebook. So I tried to just convert the images to epub with KC...
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Today Only! B2G1 Free on Games and Movies at Target – So Many Already Discounted!

  Bored at Home? Great deal at Target to get a new game for Christmas too! Get B2G1 Free on Games or Movies at Target. Plus some items are already on sale. Don’t forget to use your REDcard too for 5% off.         For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Editor Saved Searches Lost

Hi All After an HDD failure I decided it was time for a new PC. I've now reinstalled Calibre and, as I'd backed up my Calibre libraries to a flash drive, I was able to import all of my books without any problems - so far so good. On my old PC I had a lot (say about 20) Editor saved searches. Some of these searches took quite a lot of time and effort to write so I would like to recover them if possible. I hadn't exported them so unfortunately there wasn't a back up. I can see all of the files...
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SILENCER SATURDAY #154: TFB 2020 Suppressor Christmas Gift Ideas

Good morning everyone and welcome back to another Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new Nitro N20 modular suppressor which should be in house by next weekend. Last week we finished off our review of the Curtis Tactical CT700P integrally suppressed 9mm bolt action rifle. This week, since the […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #154: TFB 2020 Suppressor Christmas Gift Ideas appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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67% off Pixie Belles – Interactive Enchanted Animal Toys {Amazon}

Here’s a great Amazon Deal on a cute stocking stuffer! With this Limited time deal, Get 67% off Wowwee Pixie Belles – Interactive Enchanted Animal Toys, Layla (Purple) or Rosie (Pink) Ships free with Prime or orders $25+ Description: Layla is the ultimate sweetheart that radiates love all day, everyday! She gives the best kisses,... Read More
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Top Home Defense Weapon Accessories or Add-Ons

Opinion: Gunsmith, Michael Ware gives us his rundown of the top home defense weapon features you should consider with your weapon choice. Top Home Defense Weapon Accessories or Add-Ons, IMG iStock-GummyBone USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- I build and customize a lot of home defense weapons. Most are firearms, but I’ve been commissioned for just about every kind of small arm you can think of. I have a lot of people that come in wanting the down and dirty list of things I recommend they buy for that ‘b...
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Calibre editor GUI shows extra color bar

Using calibre Preferences > Look & Feel > User interface style = calibre style produces the left picture on using the Book Editor. However using calibre Preferences > Look & Feel > User interface style = system style produces the right picture when using the Book Editor. It seems that there is an extra greenish bar above the first 3 menu icons. Is this intended and what does it mean? I'm using calibre 5.6 64x Attached Thumbnails    
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Color removal in conversion to PDF

I'm not sure that this ultimately matters to me, but it is (to me) unexpected behavior. My Epub3 book contains several colored images. In addition, links are displayed in the traditional blue and underlined. This includes links for endnote numbers. For (Amazon) print format purposes, I would like to generate a PDF that is color-free. That version of the Epub3 source uses grayscale versions of the images: no problem, of course. I have a CSS class (.isDisabled) referenced in each of my links whi...
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Democrats in Control Of Government & Unchecked?

Opinion SaveUSSenate USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Let’s put the important stuff right upfront. Go to www.SaveUSSenate.org and get involved. Don’t be put off by some browser security apps suggesting that the site isn’t safe, that’s just another way some big tech companies are trying to limit what you can see. SaveUSSenate.org is a project of Paul Valone, founder and head honcho of Grass Roots North Carolina, and all-around good guy. I personally vouch for him and for the site. While the United Sta...
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Ammo InStock: PMC X-TAC 5.56mm 62Gr LAP Ammunition 1000Rd Case $799.99

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! PMC X-TAC 5.56mm 62Gr LAP Ammunition 1000Rd Case Deal Rainier USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Rainier Arms has 1000 round cases of PMC X-TAC 5.56mm 62Gr Green Tip LAP Ammunition for $799.99 in-stock and shipping now. That is $0.799 each. PMC X-TAC Line Manufactured to the highest industry and military specifications. All to ensure its performance, without fail, when your life is on...
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The Time Taurus Tried to Replace the HK MK23 SOCOM

In 2005 the US Military went looking for a new handgun, and Taurus answered the call with the PT24/7 OSS Tactical. When the Joint Combat Pistol trial was abandoned, Taurus offered the OSS Tactical to the civilian market instead. The OSS Tactical was a suppressor-ready PT24/7 with an extended slide and barrel. For importing reasons, […] Read More … The post The Time Taurus Tried to Replace the HK MK23 SOCOM appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Pennsylvania: Gov. Wolf Vetoes Pair of Emergency Powers Bills

Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a pair of pro-Second Amendment bills that had passed both chambers of the Legislature with solid support. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a pair of pro-Second Amendment bills that had passed both chambers of the Legislature with solid support.  The move was not unexpected, given that the anti-gun Governor has been unilaterally demonstrating his disdain for freedom and liberty for months. Nevertheless, we want to thank the legi...
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Mexico Proves More Gun Control Does Not Mean Less Crime

By Larry Keane Mexico's attempts at gun-control show just how futile it is. IMG iStock-913549340 U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Recently The Washington Post published an article depicting the rampant organized crime crisis in Mexico. There is no question that the crime and violence fueled by drug cartels in our southern neighbor are major problems for Mexico, the United States, and for the global community. However, the authors make a mistake typical of the gun control crowd; they blame the firear...
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Ammo InStock: Gorilla Ammunition .300AAC 150grSierra GameKing FMJ 175rnd $229.99

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Gorilla Ammunition .300AAC 150grSierra GameKing FMJ 175rnd Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Gorilla Ammunition has Gorilla .300 AAC BlackOut, 150gr Sierra GameKing FMJ in 175 Round Buckets for $229.99. That is $1.31 each a round for handloaded ammunition made from top quality bullets. brass and powder. These loads are each manufactured to the same insane quality standards as th...
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