Looking for waterproof e-reader with large or expandable storage

Hello, I recently bought a bunch of e-books from some independent sites. These come in epub format, and I am interested in getting a new e-reader so that I can really enjoy these because my phone just isn't doing it. I have a Kindle 4 that I haven't used in a while, but I remember it worked well enough, I was mainly just tired of paying full retail on e-books when I could pretty much always get paperbacks at the same price new, and even cheaper used. That being said, I am looking for the follo...
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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Cinnamon Tea This Winter

When we think about chilly winter evenings, what could be more perfect than bundling up with a warm drink at the end of a long day. Among the long list of drink favorites, a steaming cup of tea is among the most popular choices. While there are many different tea variants, we highly recommend giving cinnamon tea a try this winter. Cinnamon tea is made by infusing the spice in boiling water for a robust, aromatic drink. Not only is the tea soothing and flavorful, but it offers many benef...
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Dill Pickled Eggs

I know pickled eggs are so old school, yes, something my mum or grandma would have made..... But, if you love dill pickles, you'll love this recipe. These eggs taste just like burger pickles. A part and parcel of living in our home, is becoming more self sufficient. Working the land and reading the benefits on doing so. Part of this is raising animals, we have just about every animal out. We look after them and they look after us. In saying this, we always have an excess of amazing fresh freer...
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Homemade Egg Noodles

These noodles practically cost me nothing........ I always have an abundance of eggs, and flour is less then a dollar a kilogram. I dont care who you are, a family of 8 like us or you by yourself. These noodles are a great diller for home made soup, a fresh stir-fry or even deep fried to make crispy friend noodles. They also store fresh in your fridge for 3 days and are freezer friendly for 3 months. [Author: Raven N.]
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Short Fiction Various: Part Masters Seventeen (2020); v1; 7 Dec 2020

An anthology of twenty-four stories in the L+70 years public domain, collected from magazines and newspapers. A useful source has been The World's News, a Sydney NSW weekly which ran fiction by many authors, well-known and otherwise, and has the advantage to the compiler of clear type and hence good automatic OCR on-line. 1: The Dead Man in the Scrub / Mary Helena Fortune 2: The Dead Witness / Mary Helena Fortune 3: The Stir Outside the Café Royal / Clarence Rook 4: The Secret of the Fox H...
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POTD: Northern Lights Illuminating Finnish Soldiers

Photo Of The Day – The Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, illuminate Finnish soldiers in Rovajärvi as they prepare to fire their mortar. Have you ever had the opportunity to watch the Northern Lights live? It’s quite an experience, and if you’re in a silent and dry place you can hear it as well, like crackles or […] Read More … The post POTD: Northern Lights Illuminating Finnish Soldiers appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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What dimensions should image files be within books?

I edited an epub in Sigil to replace the cover page and any pages with full-page image reproductions. I resized all the images in GIMP, but it seems there's always a little bit of the image splashing over to the top of the next screen. The bottom always gets cut off. I don't know if the device makes a difference, but I'm usually reading my books on an iPad.
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What were your highlights from 2020?

I'm posting this a little early this year because I'm tired of 2020 and want to be done with it already. Hopefully, this will help us reflect on some of the good things we experienced in 2020. So, take some time to review your 2020 Challenge List, your , or your book diary then make some suggestions for everyone here as we make our 2021 reading lists, figure out what threads to lurk in at the Deals forum, and fill out our watch lists. It'll take me a few weeks to know for sure what I want t...
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Is there a way to reset book progress percentage?

Hi guys, I have a massive collection of books and, sometimes, I open one of them by mistake, which triggers it to be "in progress", showing the "1%" read. I was wondering if there is a way to reset this. I had a look on the book folder, trying to find something that could store this data, but didn't manage to find anything promissing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It really annoys me all those books "started" staring at me all the time.
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Calbre illegally being sold

There's a company called RepackagerExpress that is repackaging Calibre and selling it. It's also being sold in the Microsoft Store. These scammers are also selling a lot of other open source software they've "repackaged". https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/ep...calibre-e-book
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How to keep track of books that I want to read someday, but haven't acquired yet

I often hear people talking about an interesting book, then I decide I'll read it some day, but not soon. To make sure I remember it, sometimes I immediately acquire it, put it in Calibre, and tag as "want to read". However it's not always practical, because for instance newer editions may come out in the future, or it's very expensive, or the series hasn't finished, etc. Of course I can keep a list of such books somewhere else, but it'd be nicer to manage everything is Calibre. Any suggestions...
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See highlights on Kobo Clara HD

I just installed KoReader and realize this is a noob question, but where can I see all of the highlighted sections I marked in an epub? I'd like to do this directly on my Kobo Clara HD, not on a connected labtop with KoHighlights. Many thanks!!
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Will Warnock Gain Power To Inflict Injustice – Or Worse?

Georgia US Senate Race iStock-Ivan Burchak 1272194764.jpg Georgia – -(AmmoLand.com)- Raphael Warnock is clearly an enemy of law-abiding Americans who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights. That much is clear. Just how bad he is, though, would shock many Second Amendment supporters. The Washington Free Beacon went into detail on his history of anti-Second Amendment extremism, and some of it defies common sense. Other parts of the agenda, though, are flat-out injustices, and a few even...
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Problems downloading Sigil

I am a new user and attempted to download the Mac version of Sigil. The first time the file downloaded but my Mac would not install it. I assumed it was because I had just installed Big Sur and Sigil had not yet been not updated to integrate into Big Sur. I deleted the download and tried a few days later when a new version of Sigil was available. Now the downloads do not complete. The download starts but part way through the connection is lost. I tried downloading on my old Mac which runs Mohav...
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[GUI Plugin] Mass Search/Replace

Mass Search/Replace is a small plugin to facilitate the execution of one or more of your favorite Search and Replace operations. Each entry in the context menu will launch a list of Search/Replace operations that you have previously set up. Setting up an operation uses the Calibre Search and Replace module. The plugin has the following features:Editable context menu Editables operations list Quick Search/Replace Error Strategy Installation Open Preferences -> Plugins -> Get new plugins and ...
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[Metadata Source Plugin] ComicWiki.dk

This plugin has been created to download metadata and cover image from ComicWiki.dk. Main features of 1.0.0: Can retrieve title, author, ISBN, comments, publisher, series + index, year of publication and a cover image Search based on title and author. Special Notes: Requires Calibre 5.0.1 or later. Only tested on 5.4.2 actually. Installation Notes: Download the attached zip file and install the plugin as described in the Introduction to plugins thread. Note that this is not a GUI plugin ...
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Love of Gardening

I have dabbled in gardening for around 10 years with a tiny little patch on the side of my house. 2020 was the year that I finally stopped dreaming of a bigger garden and started digging. I started with a simple goal — I wanted to grow food to eat, but the garden ended up being so much more than that. More
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TFB Review: Pedersoli Howdah Alaskan 45/410 Break Action Pistol

As someone with the utmost admiration for companies that task themselves with recreating the old and also providing products that give new flair to the old, I have to say I was stoked to be able to handle and get to know a Howdah Pistol. The specific one I acquired for review happened to be […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Pedersoli Howdah Alaskan 45/410 Break Action Pistol appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Cant open any Ebook

I cannot seem to open epubs i get this error when i do calibre, version 4.17.0 ERROR: Loading book failed: Failed to open the book at E:\Calibre\John Schember\Snabbstartguide (1)\Snabbstartguide - John Schember.epub. Click "Show details" for more info. Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\viewer\ui.py", line 450, in _load_ebook_worker File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\viewer\convert_book.py", line 250, in prepare_book Exception: Failed to rename: "C:\User...
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Audible return policy under attack

I'd heard about some authors complaining about Audible's return policy. Now I've run into an item on thebookseller.com entitled: Authors Guild demands changes to Audible's returns policy and the link in that item to Sign Our Letter and Tell Audible to Stop Charging Authors for Returns. I do have one acquaintance who has been using this to listen to multiple audiobooks for no cost. As she said, "no one is being hurt."
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'It was a little awkward' – how Rick Schatzberg shot his old friends topless

They grew up in a ‘nowhere’ suburb in the 70s, smoking skunk, going for rides and dating girls. The photographer reveals why he decided to capture the ravages of time on his old childhood gangRick Schatzberg had a dark epiphany a few years back, when two of his friends died in quick succession, one from a heart attack, the other from an overdose. “When two people you know and love die within six weeks of each other,” says the photographer quietly, “you realise that death is not just something th...
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It's Buffalo Bill Cody on horseback....

  I'm reading about him this morning.  Here's something he said about his wife: "I often feel sorry for her. She is a strange woman but I don't mind her—remember she is my wife—and let it go at that. If she gets cranky, just laugh at it, she can't help it." He tried to divorce her after almost 40 years of marriage. He said that when he was away and she was at their ranch [in North Platte, Nebraska], she would "feed the men too much and talk violently about Cody and his alleged sweethearts ....
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MASTERCLASS: How to Build a Writing Habit in 2021 – with Bec Evans (Online, Weds 6th Jan, 2021)

How to Build a Writing Habit in 2021, with Bec Evans – Online, Weds 6th Jan 2021 Join productivity expert Bec Evans of Prolifiko, and get your writing year off to a flying start. Masterclass: How to Build a Writing Habit in 2021 Speaker: Bec Evans When: Wednesday 6th January 2021, 6:30pm UK time Where: Online – join us from anywhere in the world Booking: Eventbrite (Limited places available – book now!) This post contains Amazon affiliate links to the books mentioned. See our Affiliate policy ...
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Home Defense Long Guns, Guidance on Which Guns are Best ~ VIDEO

Opinion USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Home defense is something every homeowner thinks about and at some point, the decision is made to purchase a firearm to protect their loved ones and property. Often, the homeowner is inexperienced with the types of home defense firearms available and will need guidance on which guns will best suit his needs. As a retailer in the firearms community, you have an opportunity to provide information, product, and education. In return, a new, loyal customer can be cre...
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Buy 1 get 1 50% Off Select Nintendo Switch Mario Games

Great deal at Target to get some new switch games for the holidays. Buy 1 get 1 50% Off Select Nintendo Switch Mario Games Don’t forget to use your REDcard too for 5% off. Check out these deals to combine:   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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KP4 Dictionaries

I have a newish KP4. Recently, my grandson decided to gift me with some new sideloaded books. Unfortunately in the process he somehow deleted ALL of the KP4's dictionaries. Does anyone know where/how I can download copies of the original KP4 dictionaries? :help:
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LOL Calm Down

I'd be afraid this dude would accidentally strip the threads on cylinder head bolts while listening to talk radio."Jesus wants you to switch to decaf, bro." https://t.co/C6Kjim3nSR— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) December 6, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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How to add to a TOC in MOBI/EPUB files?

I have some reference material on MOBI and EPUB but its such a pain to try to find a particular spot because the Table of Contents isn't broken down enough. How can I add more detail to the existing TOC or do I need to start a fresh one? On paper things are so easy to find because it usually tells you at the top/bottom of each page the page number and chapter so you always know where you are. As this doesn't exist on digital documents without breaking up the flow (though it could be displayed...
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Is it possible to create folders in calibre?

Hi all! I wanted to ask how to create folders in calibre to organize my books. I dont want a virtual library, i was looking to create folders or toggle lists so its easier to organize my library the way i want. Sorry for my english. Hope you all are okay :iloveyou:
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5 beautiful books about homes, gardens, plants and pets

In a year that so many have spent at home, the variety of home and garden books released in 2020 is more than welcome. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a houseplant novice, there are books that will inspire you to make your home a little greener. For those interested in sustainably redecorating your bedroom or making your living room a little cozier for your pet, there are books available for you, too. And if you’re just looking for a good read or a lovely collection of photos, there a...
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