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While you're staying in because of Covid, tired of TV, and looking for something to occupy your time, try these: A 1000 piece puzzle of arboretum trees. Great present for any gardener. From the NY Botanical Garden shop, just $19.95, and you can learn the botanical names of all those... [Author: Jane Berger]
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*DINOSAUR ISLAND* Strategy Board Game

This is clearly a game for our dinosaur loving friends! If you’re not a huge dinosaur fan, that’s ok, you’ll still love this game! Dinosaur Island is an amusement park themed (think Jurassic Park) strategy game for players 8+. Learning a new game always feels a little daunting and sometimes games can feel more complicated […]
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Where Have All The Primers Gone? A Closer Look at the Primer Shortage

It’s no secret that the industry is currently facing some harsh times. With ammunition, firearm prices inflated to record highs, firearms enthusiasts of all walks are beginning to feel the stress of the industries growing pains in the midst of uncertainty. Reloaders, a pretty niche subset of firearms enthusiasts, are not exempt from this tumultuous […] Read More … The post Where Have All The Primers Gone? A Closer Look at the Primer Shortage appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Using Cryptocurrency To Buy Guns and NFA Items ~ VIDEO

By John Crump U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Crypto currency, the answer to what will happen when credit card companies block gun stores and online vendors from using credit cards as payment? With credit card processors like Swipe and PayPal dropping gun websites and pressure mounting on other companies, it is only a matter of time before it will not be possible to buy firearms-related products using credit cards. As Second Amendment advocates, we need to find a way around these possible future res...
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Libra Libra HD not showing on Mac Big Sur

Just plugged my Libra in to put some books on it and it's not showing up on the Mac... I upgraded my MacBook to Big Sur a week or two ago. Don't think I've tried the Libra on it until today. So I'm guessing I'll have to wait for an upgrade to Kobo's firmware for it to show up as an attached device? Anyone else seen this behaviour?
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The Rimfire Report: 40mm to .22 LR Sub-Cal Adapters – A Wall of Angry Bees

Hello and welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! This ongoing series covers various firearms, practices, ammunition, and trends surrounding the wonderful and interesting world of rimfire firearms. This week we are taking a bit of a departure from traditional firearms and venturing into the world of NFA items. Normally you’ll be hard-pressed to find […] Read More … The post The Rimfire Report: 40mm to .22 LR Sub-Cal Adapters – A Wall of Angry Bees appeared first on The Firearm Bl...
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Biden Chooses Anti-Gun Becerra to Head Health & Human Services

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. (Screen snip, YouTube, California DOJ) U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Democrat Joe Biden sent another strong signal about the direction on guns his administration will take by announcing his pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services is Xavier Becerra, the anti-gun California attorney general who replaced another gun prohibitionist, Kamala Harris, when she was elected to the U.S. Senate. Becerra is the defendant in several ongoing gun rights...
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A Christmas Carol review – Nicholas Hytner delivers an ode to theatre

Bridge theatre, LondonSimon Russell Beale stars in an economical Dickens adaptation that reminds us of the richness of live theatreWhat has made this Victorian tale of child poverty, stalking apparitions and pathological miserliness chime across the ages? GK Chesterton cited the defeat of humbuggery and triumph of happiness. George Orwell wrote of its myth of moral transformation and the “good rich man, handing out guineas”. More recently Jack Thorne spoke of its resonance in our era of austerit...
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POTD: Karabiner 98K in .308 Winchester Goes Steampunk

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”  – Eudora Welty Instagram is for beginners. TFB’s Photo Of The Day is where you’ll find all the action. Today we have a conversion going on as Schrombo transforms an old and battered Karabiner 98k. Here’s the story and background: Sometimes I get what I can […] Read More … The post POTD: Karabiner 98K in .308 Winchester Goes Steampunk appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Offecct Solitaire Chair is a Good Choice for 2020

Alfredo Häberli’s Offecct Solitaire Chair is described as a “low chair with table” and an “upholstered monomaterial piece.” Neither of those descriptions quite do justice to the forward-thinking furnishing, which turned 20 this year and is perhaps more relevant now than ever before. The idea of fusing the table and chair into one presaged the age of the chair/tablet-table combo. And though Solitaire’s large silhouette contrasts with today’s slimmer iterations, it also affords t...
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Ammo InStock: Barnaul Ammo 300AAC 500Rd Case 145Gr FMJ $499.99 Flat Rate Shipping

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Barnaul Ammo 300AAC 500Rd Case 145Gr FMJ Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Kentucky GUn Co has 500 round boxes of Barnaul 300AAC 145Gr FMJ Ammunition in stock and shipping for $499.99 with flat rate shipping charges. 1 Case Limit per order. That is $0.99 each a round. Barnaul 300 AAC Blackout, 500rnd case, 145gr FMJ, Steel Case-non corrosive. Limit 1 case per order. All ammo i...
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Updated Plugins

Does the column on the update plugin gui for "Calibre" with the Calibre version mean that it would work with that version or better? I wanted to find out if my plugins are all able to run on the most current version of Calibre. How can I tell? I have a lot of plugins that i use all the time.
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Ammo InStock: Federal 5.56 500Rd Case 55Gr FMJ AE Ammunition $389.99… Flat Rate S&H

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Federal 5.56 500Rd Case 55Gr FMJ AE Ammunition USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Kentuck Gun Co has 500 round cases of Federal American Eagle 5.56 XM193, 55gr FMJ, Brass case ammo in-stock and shipping for $389.99 with Flat Rate shipping. Limit 1 case per order. All ammo is shipped with “over 21” signature confirmation. That is $0.779 each a round. Ammo InStock: Federal 5.56 500Rd ...
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Extra 40% off Kids Galaxy Teepee Play Tent on Amazon!

  This would make an awesome gift! Create an adorable reading corner! Get an Extra 40% off Kids Galaxy Teepee Play Tents with Promo Code FO4E6L2S Ships for free with Amazon Prime or orders over $25. Description:   ★Perfect teepee tent for kids:Ideal for children rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, living room, sleepovers, weddings, baby showers, birthdays... Read More
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Bug in Importing Books

I have found a bug in importing eBooks to the library. This is the OPF code for the author and it comes out as Unknown. When I remove the ID, it works and the author is correct. Code: Will Jordan
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Phoenix Pay $3 Million to Settle Whitaker Police Shooting Lawsuit

Phoenix will Pay $3 Million to Settle Ryan Whitaker Police Shooting Lawsuit U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- The Phoenix City Council has voted to pay $3 Million to settle the Ryan Whitaker police shooting lawsuit. On 21 May 2020, Phoenix police answered an ambivalent noise complaint that was mischaracterized as a domestic disturbance. It was at about 10:53 p.m. The complainant was desperate to get some sleep. From the 9:11 call, in the 13 August AmmoLand article: Complainant: Yeah, and its getting r...
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At Home, in the Car, and on the Street – Self Defense Gun Stories

At Home, in the Car, and on the Street – Self Defense Gun Stories U.S.A. – -(AmmoLand.com)- You probably didn't see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Amanda Suffecool joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they well trained? (19-minute audio) document.createElement('audio'); http://traffic.libsyn.c...
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How to grow giant sunflowers Come the summer and you can guarantee than most towns and villages will be holding some kind of a giant sunflower completion. Of course most people will stick a seed in the ground and hope for the best but if you consider yourself to be more of a 'competitive' parent (you know who you are) then is is a lot you can do to encourage those extra inch that will help annihilate the competition.These are my golden rules to winning first prizes in any giant sunflowe...
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Plugin Updater: What happened to the changelogs?

In the Plugin Updater, you used to be able to right-click on a plugin and see a popup with the changelog. Now it's missing. Was it removed? I found it useful. :(
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Installer for calibredb only?

Is there an installer (or installer option) on linux to only install calibredb and it's direct dependencies? I run an ARM based server and I want to do some CLI only functions using calibredb against my calibre database(add a book, get the book list). I know there are some compatibility issues with installing the entire calibre on ARM devices (upstream stuff as is my understanding). So would just calibredb have the same issues? I run full calibre on my win10 machine, but I don't keep that run...
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Kobo Clara HD problems

Hey there everyone, I was wondering if you could help me out since Reddit users apparently won't offer any assistance if I skip activation. :/ I bought a Kobo Clara HD on the cheap brand new. I love it, it does most everything I need a book reader to do. I had skipped activation and loaded about 12 books on it; no problem. A few nights ago (after a long period of time of it being neglected) I decided to plug it in, charge it up and get it back up and running. While it was charging, it did not ...
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IWI’s Light Machine Gun Production Line

Israel’s IWI recently made a significant flex with the posting of a photo of their Negev light machine gun production line. The photo features Negev LMGs for as far as the eye can see. Posted simply with the caption: “Just another day in the office, NEGEV production line” If we take each rack as having […] Read More … The post IWI’s Light Machine Gun Production Line appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Back in Stock! Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con at Target!

  If you haven’t been able to get one yet, here is your chance! Get the Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con at Target for $299.99 And it’s Shipped free. And save an extra 5% with your REDcard. Details: Model number: HAC-001(-01) 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode 6.2-inch,... Read More
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7 Inexpensive Christmas gifts for neighbors and co-workers

Every Christmas, we like to share small gifts with our neighbors and co-workers to let them know we're thinking of them. Finding inexpensive gifts that are thoughtful and useful can sometimes be difficult, but we managed to come up with seven great gift ideas to share. All the gifts below are made extra special by the personalizable gift tags we designed to go along with them. We designed our with seven different label designs, each perfect for one of our funny and pun-inspired gift ideas. ...
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Introducing Myself - Mystery Thriller Enthusiast

Hi All, My name is Rahul Balakrishnan and I am from India. I have had a keen interest in Mystery Thriller stories from childhood. Recently I had the privilege of publishing my first Book on Amazon (Both E-Book and Print Book) of the same Genre. I have posted a topic in the Self Promotion forum with the details of that. Hoping to have a great time here. Wishing everyone good health and lots of happiness :)
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Investigative Mystery Thriller - 'The Calcium Affair: Unveiling the Mastermind'

'The Calcium Affair: Unveiling the Mastermind', an Investigative Mystery Thriller written by me, is now available for purchase. Here is the link to buy the book, https://smile.amazon.com/Calcium-Aff...dp/B08PHZ77K1/ PLOT SUMMARY: Jerome Samuel, a top Indian scientist from the state of Kerala specializing in Nano-Technology goes missing while on his way to a conference for scientists and researchers. His car is found abandoned and locked, on the left side of a road where the traffic is very low...
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Thinking about a Poke 2 or 3

I'm a Kindle Paperwhite user (who doesn't use the Kindle store) who's trying to decide between a Kobo Libra H2O and a Poke 2 or 3. I know the differences in the Poke 2 & 3 and am leaning towards either of those but have a few questions. 1. I'm assuming that it's not waterproof (not a huge deal but would have been nice). 2. Does it have the magnetic cover wake feature? If so, can you turn it off in software? My Paperwhite (now without a cover) will turn on if my glasses case (which has a magnet)...
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Footer space in patches

In both epubs and kepubs (I primarily use kepubs), there is a large gap between the chapter progress (page 8 / 11) and the bottom of the main text. If I enable the Reduce new header/footer height and set the min/max to say, 62px in the patches, any reduction pushes the chapter progress text into the progress bar and cuts it off. I understand that turning the footer off will likely fix this but I do like seeing 7/11 for the chapter progress. (I have header and footer inverted so that book progr...
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Mossberg Donates $75,000 to NSSF After SHOT Show Cancellation

By now I guess everyone knows that SHOT Show 2021 has been cancelled, and we can now only look forward to 2022 for the next possibility. The NSSF statement on the cancellation can be found here. Of course, no show means a lot less money for NSSF. Mossberg has now have announced that they will support NSSF with […] Read More … The post Mossberg Donates $75,000 to NSSF After SHOT Show Cancellation appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Citrus for the Holidays

I spent the weekend decorating my tree and making candied oranges. I came up with a spiced orange cocktail that’s really good too, I’ll share that experience next. Decorating with citrus during the holidays makes so much sense because citrus is a winter fruit. Decorating with dried fruit has been around for centuries, and the process of drying oranges makes your home smell really good! Dried citrus can be used to make garlands, decorate tabletops and wreaths, and of course used in mulled wine! I...
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