New York Times Book review not working

Fetching the NYT Book Review yields the table of contents and the titles of articles, but no actual content. I'm using Calibre version 5.71, but also noticed the problem two weeks ago, before updating to 5.71.
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PW4 FW 5.10.2-5.13.3 Software Jailbreak for PW4

:thanks: to coplate, knc1, NiLuJe, Branch Delay, SenorClean, hius07, et. al. without whom this wouldn't be possible. This jailbreak method only works for PW4/Paperwhite 4/Paperwhite (2018)/Paperwhite (10th generation) Waterproof running firmware 5.13.3 or older. This does NOT work on firmware 5.13.4 or newer. Make sure to skip wi-fi setup or go on airplane mode to prevent automatic updates. This does NOT work on any Kindle aside from the PW4. Note, for extracting the packages on Wind...
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Christmas Teacher Gift Card Holders

These Christmas teacher gift card holders are sure to be a hit! One thing for sure teachers love gift cards and these printable gift card holders help you make what might feel like an impersonal gift more special. If you like these gift card holders I have the same set without the Christmas greetings. Treat ... Read More about Christmas Teacher Gift Card Holders The post Christmas Teacher Gift Card Holders appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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[Browser Viewer] Issues with version 5.7.1

I would like to report a bug. Some books, which worked fine with Version 5.6, can't be loaded. Code: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/srv/jobs.py", line 44, in run     result = func()   File "/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/utils/ipc/simple_worker.py", line 251, in fork_job     :return: A dictionary with the keys result and stdout_stderr. result is the   File "/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/utils/ipc/simple_worker.py", line 176, in run_job     no_output=False, heart...
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I just Want To Say Hi To All The Folks Out There -Saying Hi From Puerto Rico in The U.S. Virgin Islands
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POTD: Portuguese Navy with Heavy Machine Guns & Other Stuff

As usual, TFB has selected a nice collection of pictures for you. By this time you know it, it’s TFB’s Photo Of The Day to keep you in a good mood. Take a break and enjoy a few minutes with a cup of coffee while you look at what’s going on. The message from the […] Read More … The post POTD: Portuguese Navy with Heavy Machine Guns & Other Stuff appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Gents Collection of Bicachair

Bicachair revives the Portuguese Chair, designed by Gonçalo Rodrigues dos Santos and Master Serafim, in the mid-1950s. The Portuguese chair became a national symbol. A New Chair with 60 years of History Created in the mid-1950s, the Portuguese chair is a national cultural symbol. Known on every terrace in the country, it is now reborn and ready for indoor spaces with BICAchair displaying collections with various styles and personalities. The GENTS Collection combines an unquestionable aest...
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*UNDER THE MOONLIGHT* Photosynthesis Science Game Expansion

Science is another really easy subject to gameschool, and it doesn’t necessarily replace all scientific reading or experimenting, but games are a great way to introduce or bring some fun into a unit study about a particular subject. Photosynthesis is the perfect supplemental game for any science unit study about plants or trees or the […]
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Rogue ATF Agents are Cracking Down on Legal Guns in Anticipation of Biden Admin

Honest citizens should enjoy the right to assemble their own firearms for lawful purposes, and they should be able to do so without being terrorized by their government.” — GOA's Erich Pratt, AmmoLand, December 11, 2020. GOA and other pro-2A groups are suing the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- On Thursday, federal agents raided the headquarters of Polymer80, one of the largest manufacturers of homemade firearm accessories. For years, Polymer80 has be...
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David Goggins - Can't Hurt Me Free Download

A best selling book according to New York Times. Are you ready to successfully transform your life, push past pain, destroy fear and attain your full potential? Disclaimer: This Book is an unofficial book but written with the best of intentions. This book is a companion book to "Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins" Free Download 👉🏼 Attachment 183949 #newyorktimesbestseller #book #ebook #PDF Attached Thumbnails  
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Literary The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories

'The first-ever collection of Victorian Christmas ghost stories, culled from rare 19th-century periodicals During the Victorian era, it became traditional for publishers of newspapers and magazines to print ghost stories during the Christmas season for chilling winter reading by the fireside or candlelight. Now for the first time thirteen of these tales are collected here, including a wide range of stories from a diverse group of authors, some well-known, others anonymous or forgotten. Readers ...
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Midwest Industries MI-CBUIS Fixed Combat BUIS Review

Midwest Industries MI-CBUIS BUIS works great on firearms with otherwise fragile irons, like this IWI X95 Tavor equipped with Saker 762 sound suppressor provided by SilencerShop. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- When I first got into modern sporting rifles like the AR-15 in 2004, the backup iron sight (or BUIS) market was very limited. LMT had a set, so did Knights Armorment, and plenty of people simply cut down detachable carry handles. And while all of these worked, more and more companies entered the...
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Guns InStock: Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Pistol $1,729.00 – Limited Inventory

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Pistol Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Daniel Defense has in-stock, while supplies last, the Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 AR Pistol shipping now for $1729.00. Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Pistol This highly maneuverable pistol pairs a 10.3” barrel and the MFR 9.0 rail for fast handling, accuracy, and reliability while also providing compatibility with a wide variety...
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Primary Arms Gen II 5X Compact Prism Scope Open Box $262.49 FREE S&H

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Primary Arms Gen II 5X Compact Prism Scope Open Box USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Primary Arms has open box inventory on their Gen II 5X Compact Prism Scope optic, and ACSS auto-ranging 5.56/308 BDC reticle for $262.49 and shipping for FREE. You save $80.00+ of the MSRP. Limit 2 per household! Note: These open box optics are guaranteed to function correctly but may have minor cosm...
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One day left for Free kindle book ... Get Your Free E-Book

One day left for Free kindle book ... Get Your Free E-Book WHEN THE DEAD CALLED, is great for the horror/suspense short read lovers. They’ll find themselves fearing, sympathizing, and even rooting for some of the ghosts. The characters are three-dimensional, and many readers, I believe, will be able to relate with the main character. Gina Mills will take you on a gripping journey if you let her. Its my debut story and would really appreciate your reviews on amazon if you enjoy it, so i c...
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Boox Note Air Dropbox

With the Boox readers, I can link to Dropbox. In what form are which documents synchronized or saved?
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Command line to send a book to a device?

Hello, it's my first thread. I just can't see in the documentation a command line executable to send an ebook to the device, maybe some calibredb option can do it? thanks for any tip.
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SILENCER SATURDAY #155: Is The YHM NITRO N20 The Best Universal Suppressor?

Good afternoon readers and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the brand new YHM NITRO N20 universal suppressor. Which just happeneds to be the topic of today’s discussion. Last week we dropped some holiday gift ideas for you, your family and your friends. Today we get […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #155: Is The YHM NITRO N20 The Best Universal Suppressor? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Latest Link?

I'm trying to upgrade from the command line in Linux by downloading and manually installing. Is there a link that goes directly to the latest version? All I could find was by version number.
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Other Non-Fiction Bechstein, Ludwig: Wanderungen durch Thüringen (illus). (german) V1. 12 Dec 2020

Ludwig Bechstein, (24. November 1801 in Weimar — 14. Mai 1860 in Meiningen) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller, Bibliothekar, Archivar und Apotheker. Er ist heute vor allem durch die von ihm herausgegebene Sammlung deutscher Volksmärchen bekannt (u. a. "Deutsches Märchenbuch" und "Neues deutsches Märchenbuch"). (nach Wikipedia) Wanderungen durch Thüringen. IV. Band aus der Reihe: "Das malerische und romantische Deutschland" Mit 30 Stahlstichen. Der verwendete Text wurde 1978 im Olms Verlag verö...
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Buggy multi-touch layer

While testing the diagonal spread gesture with Plato's upcoming Touch Events application on the Glo HD, I noticed that the recognition rate was low, and yet high on the individual swipe gestures. I then tried the diagonal spread gesture within Sketch and the underlying problem came to the surface (cf. first screenshot). My Aura ONE can perform this gesture without the jerky dance but has another multi-touch flaw that the Glo HD hasn't: if I hold the device in portrait mode, put one finger in the...
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Sell Onyx Nova 2

The Nova 2 is more than an ereader, it's essentially a tablet computer with e-ink screen to enable hours of use for email, book reading, web browsing and more without eye strain. You can highlight or annotate your articles or books, as well as read. Octa-core 2.0 GHz processor, 300dpi E Ink Carta display, runs Android 9.0. Front lights with adustable warm and white light. See https://www.boox.com/nova2/ for full specs and details. The Nova 2 sells new (without case) for $340. I am selling it ...
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Best Format for KP4

What is the best eBook format for a newish KP4? I recently transitioned from a Nook Simple Touch to a KP4. The vast majority of my library is in epub format and when I buy books, they are usually downloaded in epub format too. So, using Calibre, what is the best format to convert these epub books into for use on my KP4 - mobi, azw3, kfx, or ???
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Identify books needing update on device

This might not be possible but always worth asking. I have a number of different devices all of which have books on that have been loaded via Calibre. A problem I hit from time to time is that I may make an edit to a book in the library (usually correcting spelling but sometimes a bit more drastic surgery). I then upload the book to one of the devices. The problem then is it's easy to loose track of which device is "up to date". Devices are mainly Kobo but there are a couple of Android de...
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FPC File SCOTUS Petition for Review in Folajtar vs Barr 2A Challenge

Yesterday, the FPC filed a petition seeking a writ of certiorari asking the SCOTUS to review the Lisa Folajtar v. Attorney General Barr. decision. IMG iStock-Artfully79-696928080 U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Yesterday, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the filing of a petition seeking a writ of certiorari asking the United States Supreme Court to review the Third Circuit’s decision in Lisa Folajtar v. Attorney General Barr. A copy of the petition can be viewed at gunbancase.com. Ms. Folajta...
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Holosun 510c Elite Reflex Optic Range Test & Review

John reviews the Holosun 510C Elite reflex optic on his Ruger 556 Rifle. Holosun 510C Elite U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- I have been in the market for a new optic for my Ruger 556 as well as a couple of other ARs that I have in my collection. I have been using just iron sights for quite a while on my AR556. The issue with owning a lot of ARs is that it can get costly to equip each one with either an Aimpoint or an EOTech. I started looking into less expensive alternatives. Vortex Optics is alw...
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The 1st Day of Christmas, by Bloomberg & Beto-Backed Texas Lawmakers

Rep. Terry Meza's House Bill 196, which would gut Texas' Castle Doctrine law by requiring that victims attempt to retreat in the face of a violent attack. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- ‘Tis the season at the Texas Capitol for extreme gun control bills; lumps of coal stuffed in stockings and hung on mantles of gun owners in advance of the 2021 legislative session.  Pre-filed by anti-gun politicians who were backed by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and BETO “Hell Yeah, I'll Take Y...
Tags: New York, Guns, Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg, IMG, Texas Capitol, Texas Legislature, NRA-ILA, Gun Rights News, Institute for Legislative Action ILA, National Rifle Association of America ILA, Texas Castle Doctrine, Beto Backed Texas Lawmakers, Terry Meza, Bloomberg Beto Backed Texas Lawmakers


The shrubby milkwort - Polygala chamaebuxus var. grandiflora The shrubby milkwort - Polygala chamaebuxus is an extremely tough ornamental alpine plant native to the mountains of west-central Europe. So hardy is it that given the right environment it will tolerate cold spells down to -20 degrees Celsius! Image credit - Seboth, J., Graf, F. (1839) Commonly found on the slopes of the French Alps Polygala chamaebuxus produces fragrant, creamy white flowers tipped with yellow flowers fr...
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Weekend Cooking: Xi'an Famous Foods by Jason Wang

Today I’m talking about my final Abrams Dinner Party cookbook for 2020. If you’re into foods from western China or if you’ve been to Xi’an Famous Foods in New York City, then Jason Wang’s new cookbook, named after his restaurant, is for you. I have to be honest. The first time I flipped through the cookbook, I was a little intimidated. Would I be able to find the ingredients? Would it take a ton of time to make the sauces before I started on the main dish? The answers are, fortunately, yes and ...
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Idea for developers

Dont know if it has been sugested before, but may be developers could arrange that the Calibre Biblotek keeps the book the user is reading, after you close the app and open it again, every time on top of the screen. If it is possible, I´ve not found how to set it that way. May be someone could tell me?
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