Is it relatively safe to put calibre portable in Dropbox and launch in 2 computers?

I'm not trying to set up some fancy workflow, what I do is very basic - I put my portable calibre folder (containing the Library folder) in my Dropbox, then I may launch it from either my laptop PC or my desktop PC, which will show the same library. My use of calibre is also very basic - drag books in, convert, edit metadata, etc. My question is, do I need to be very careful and always make sure calibre is closed on one computer before launching on another computer? My optimistic assumption is...
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Lowered Expectations

The arc of my expectations for Rand over the last ten years is a saga of disappointment that's hard to go back and read.I once thought he'd bring some libertarianish sensibilities to the Senate. Now I'm relieved that he doesn't actually fling poo in a *literal* fashion.— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) December 17, 2020 [Author: Tam]
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Aura H2O2 What???

Hi. Recently, I was looking at the developer options in the settings. I found a section called "Testing: Physical keys." What's this?
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TFB Review: Pulsar Thermal Spotters – Axion XQ38 and XQ38 LRF

Recently TFB reviewed Pulsar’s new Thermal pocket rocket, the Axion XM30S. Just at the end-of-term for that evaluation Pulsar XQ38 and Pulsar XQ38 LRF arrived. These Axions are a little bit bigger but the performance for thermal detection and image quality is also enhanced. As a “total package” they provide a very interesting choice for anyone in […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Pulsar Thermal Spotters – Axion XQ38 and XQ38 LRF appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Can not connect my H2O to new MacBook Pro with Apple M1 chip.

Have just purchased a new Apple MacBook Pro which has the M1 chip. This new MacBook Pro will not recognise my Kobo ereader. Apple are no help and I have not as yet received a response from Kobo. My question is: Does anyone have a new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and if so does their ereader connect to it?
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160,000+ Medieval Manuscripts Online: Where to Find Them

“Manuscripts are the most important medium writing has ever had,” declares the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures at the Universität Hamburg. Under the influence of a certain presentist bias, this can be hard to believe. We are conditioned by what Marshall McLuhan described as The Gutenberg Galaxy: each of us is in some way what he called (in gendered language) a “Gutenberg Man.” From this point of view, “manuscript technology,” as he wrote in 1962, does “not have the intensity or powe...
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Pascrell Demands Removing ‘Treasonous’ Republicans from Congress

First, we confiscate your guns and then we put you on trial for opposing us. OK? (Bill Pascrell for Congress/Facebook) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “BREAKING: I’m demanding that the 126 Republicans who have endorsed a malignant lawsuit to overturn the will of the people and undermine our democracy not be seated in Congress,” New Jersey Democrat Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. tweeted Friday. He was announcing his letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in which he made clear his definitions of “insu...
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POTD: Swedish Arctic Rangers with PSG 90B Sniper Rifles

As the Swedish Army is looking for a New Multi-Caliber Sniper Weapon System, the snipers are busy using their current issue sniper rifle called PSG 90B (AI AW) in 7.62×51 mm. This is our topic for today’s Photo Of The Day. Below: Hiding in the forest, using an improvised tripod. The riflescope is a Schmidt & […] Read More … The post POTD: Swedish Arctic Rangers with PSG 90B Sniper Rifles appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Concealed Carry Corner: What Would Santa Carry?

Christmas is a wonderful time of year where families get together when there isn’t a world pandemic and have a great time celebrating everything they have in life. It’s also the time of year where the big jolly fat man slides down the chimney and leaves gifts for all the children of the world. For […] Read More … The post Concealed Carry Corner: What Would Santa Carry? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Forma Large Database Question

I have what seems to be an incredibly large Kobo database (800+MB for approximately 6,500 kepubs). All of my books are sideloaded. If I log out of my Kobo account and log back in, will I have to resend everything back to my Forma? Or will the login/logout just rebuild the database while maintaining my books on the device? :thanks:
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Calibre 5.7.2 - Unable to download metadata

Hello! I've got a problem with newest version of Calibre (5.7.2). I can't download any metadata, even after deleting all the data and leaving only the title. Changing the title to English (books are in Polish) doesn't help - Calibre still can't find meta data for my books :( It can't even find it for books for which it previously found. Here is the log (for few books, maybe that'll help). Thanks for your help :) calibre, version 5.7.2 ERROR: No matches found: Failed to find any books that m...
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13 books everyone should read and why—as voted by you

We asked BigThink's readers and staff for their recommendations on books everyone should read. A collection of fiction and non-fiction works from around the world spanning millennia, these books will expand your horizons.Many of these books are long out of copyright, and can be read for free. Do you ever want to read more but find yourself unsure of what to read? Lots of people have the same problem. To help, we're adding to the collection of "books everyone should read" lists. For this one, we ...
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The High Republic's Writers on Why They Wanted to Make Star Wars Without a War

Conflict is at the very heart of Star Wars. Light vs. Dark. Good vs. Evil. Empire vs. Rebellion. So many of the stories we have seen woven throughout its world are rooted in the very idea of combat and war. It’s in the name! So in order to do something radically different for The High Republic, its creative team had…Read more...
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Does the Max Lumi have a gyroscope?

I read that the Note Air now has a gyroscope. Does the Max Lumi have a gyroscope as well?
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Unpacking Johannesburg’s myriad anxieties

Anxious Jo’burg, edited by Nicky Falkof and Cobus van Staden, acknowledges the city as a real place and not a horrifying stereotype The post Unpacking Johannesburg’s myriad anxieties appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Gun Deals: Tippmann Arms M4-22 22LR Elite Tactical Rifle just…$549.95

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Tippmann Arms M4-22 22LR Elite Tactical Rifle Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Rainier Arms has back-in-stock and on sale the Tippmann Arms M4-22 22LR Elite Tactical Rifle for just $549.95. This will sell out once more. Tippmann Arms M4-22 ELITE The M4-22 ELITE is a premium .22 caliber semi-automatic tactical rimfire rifle with aluminum upper and lower receivers and all the fea...
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Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator $179 Shipped (Reg. $199) at Walmart

  This has been hard to find this year! Get the Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator for $179 Shipped (Reg. $199) at Walmart Note: Orders placed today arrive by Dec. 26 Free Shipping too! Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse With Pool, Slide and Elevator: Age Range: 3 Years and Up Measuring an impressive 3... Read More
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New Hornady Bore Driver FTX Muzzleloading Bullets

Hornady has introduced a new muzzleloading bullet product line called Bore Driver FTX. These muzzleloader projectiles consist of a polymer base and an FTX bullet both designed from the ground up. Let’s take a closer look at the design of these new Hornady muzzleloading bullets. The company notes that the polymer part of this projectile is not […] Read More … The post New Hornady Bore Driver FTX Muzzleloading Bullets appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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*New* Printable Business E-Commerce E-Book

Overworked? Looking for extra income? Try this work from home opportunity (very time effective) I Below is the link to my shop and a description of the book. Let me know what y’all think! (Please remove if not allowed) https://www.etsy.com/listing/9127179..._home_active_1 ✅Find out how you can launch a fully-optimized printable shop in a matter of days! Learn how to set your printable business up for long-term success easily! * ✅Discover the power of focus keywords and how to use them to ...
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Review: Sam Msibi’s perilous dance on the frontlines

Lensman Sam Msibi’s memoir, The Accidental Frontline Journalist, reveals a life irrevocably bound to South Africa’s history The post Review: Sam Msibi’s perilous dance on the frontlines appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Read these 20 epic science fiction books before they’re made into movies

You can get ahead of the next crop of sci-fi movies coming out of Hollywood by picking up the books that inspired them. Here's where you can start.
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Shop the Cricut 12 Days Sale | Huge Discounts on Bulk Supplies + 10% off + Free Shipping!

  If you love Cricut, don’t miss this sale! Things are selling out! Shop the Cricut 12 Days Sale | Huge Discounts on Bulk Supplies! Also get an Extra 10% off + Free Shipping on any order with Promo Code CREATE If you’re like me and are getting a Cricut machine for Christmas, you’ll need... Read More
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Kalashnikov USA BARS Advanced Combat Micro Optic

Kalashnikov USA has announced the release of their first optics product – a red dot sight called BARS Advanced Combat Micro Optic. This is a non-magnified open-emitter red dot sight that is advertised as an extremely rugged sight developed for the AK platform. Let’s see what features this new RDS packs. The Kalashnikov USA BARS sight […] Read More … The post Kalashnikov USA BARS Advanced Combat Micro Optic appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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ATF to Publish ‘Factors for Classifying Guns with Stabilizing Braces’

Leak Shows ATF to Publish “Factors for Classifying Guns with Stabilizing Braces”, IMG SIG SAUER Pistol Stabilizing Brace U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- Documents leaked to several media outlets Wednesday show the Justice Department is moving to publish in the Federal Registry on Friday, December 18th, 2020 a document titled “ ” ( embedded below). Note the document itself is not a ban on pistol braces but it does lay the groundwork for extensive restrictions on what firearms can have the Stabilizing ...
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ePub to Mobi failed

Hi, It won't open in viewer, or editor (so I can't try and fix HTML) and it won't convert. Spoiler: Convert book 1 of 1 (The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM) Conversion options changed from defaults: read_metadata_from_opf: u'/var/folders/h5/tqw2_15d691261s6mj8qnv_m0000gn/C/calibre_3.48.0_tmp_kSQ_Ox/XLGf7a.opf' verbose: 2 output_profile: u'kindle_oasis' cover: u'/var/folders/h5/tqw2_15d691261s6mj8qnv_m0000gn/C/calibre_3.48.0_tmp_kSQ_Ox/8y0...
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SB Tactical: Proposed ATF Brace Regulations Nothing More Than Registration Scheme

SB Tactical Stabilizing Braces Bradenton, Fla. – -(AmmoLand.com)- SB Tactical® learned on December 16 of the ATF’s plan to publish their proposed ‘Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with Stabilizing Braces’ guidance on www.federalregister.gov/d/2020-27857, which will be open for comment on Friday, December 18, 2020 until January 1, 2021. Our hope was that ATF would finally take transparent action to provide clear criteria for brace equipped pistols #ad, that would give manufacturers an...
Tags: Guns, White House, Department Of Justice, Doj, Federal Register, Trump, National Rifle Association, Congressional, BRADENTON Fla, ATF, Gun Rights News, Shooting Industry News, FRAC, Gun Confiscation, SB Tactical, Pistol Stabilizing Brace

fbink image scaling question

Hi NiLuJe, So I am printing small images using fbink, and they seem to be getting scaled in a manner I don't understand. For example: fbink -i pic1.png -g halign=CENTER,w=775,y=690 -q' No matter how small I make (pixel dimensions) the .png file, it seems to print at the same large size. w value remains unchanged What am I missing? Thanks for the help!
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Help get rid of that cottony stuff on your tree by eliminating ants

Q: I need your help in identifying what is attacking our large ficus hedge that surrounds three sides of our property. I have taken samples of the white cottony disease to three local nurseries and have gotten different answers each time. This is a recurring problem but has gotten worse this past year. I have used Spinosad previously so not sure if it helped or not. We live near the ocean in South Laguna Beach so moisture could be an issue. The hedge is very tall (12 feet) and is the main barrie...
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Bonsoir Bonsoir Bonsoir

Venant de m'inscrire, je "tatonne". Je souhaite une bonne soirée à tous les utilisateurs de ce forum. J'ai une liseuse Kindle : je venais de télécharger à peu près 650 livres. Lors de la connexion suivante avec CALIBRE il n'y avait plus aucun livre ? Alors que ces livres sont bien sur ma liseuse. S.O.S. je suis désemparée ... Je remercie la personne qui pourra m'éclairer quant à la manière de récupérer ma bibliothèque.
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