Weekend Reading 12.20.20

Belated weekend hellos! I’ve decided to finish up the year with a few days of relaxation and also get a jump start on 2021. I’m designing a few more fabric patterns and I have some plans for updating my home in different areas. I’ll share those patterns and ideas at the start of the new year. I realized I haven’t shared any pictures of my home decorated for Christmas. :) I’ll share a few photos from our living room later this week and then I’ll be taking the rest of the year off. I hope you’re p...
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Happy Planner Skinny Classic Meal Planner Dec 14-20

The OG Squad girls make their winter appearance in my Happy Planner Skinny Classic Planner. I have been using this as my meal planner since July and it's help me keep my family meals, grocery lists, kitchen to do's -- really organized.   Sticker Book: Happy Planner Squad Goals ($15.17 at Walmart) Skinny Classic Planner: Wild Styled ($7.99 at The Happy Planner) [Author: Coquette]
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’21 Is Gonna Be a Good Year

December 20, 2020 Cincinnati, Ohio Dear Marianne, I’ve gotten into the habit of blaming a lot of things on 2020. And most times, maybe every time, despite how knee-jerk and rote I’ve assigned blame to it, it has turned out to be deserved. I’m adding to this already long list the dour state of mind your last letter and your 12/15/2020 Stay Safe rant revealed. I have to admit, I never know how to react when people complain about common, run of the mill, everyday things like you kept doing in your ...
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Automotif CXCVII...

We've seen this Austin-Healey Sprite Mk.II before, but he zipped past closer today. Also, I thought the similarly-hued Prius in the background made a nice juxtaposition to the little roadster. It was 41 or 42 degrees out, and dad & kid were bundled up. They smiled and waved and of course I gave a thumbs-up. . [Author: Tam]
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Blasph-M-ous Rumors

There are rumors now of prototype crop-sensor RF-mount Canons (supposedly called the R7) running about in the wild. The nomenclature would seem to hearken to the classic 7D/7D Mark II, which were the tough, pro-grade crop-sensor bodies that were rough equivalents to the full-frame 5D series bodies. This would indicate that the M-series APS-C mirrorless system's days are truly finally numbered. There are a couple of indicators that the M line will limp on for another year or two before fina...
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MobileRead minimum age

I've always wondered, is there an age limit on MobileRead?
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I've always wondered, is there an age limit on MobileRead?
Tags: Books, Feedback

Sesame Street Rubber Duckie Bath Time Tunes Sound Book For Just $4.25 From Amazon

Sesame Street Rubber Duckie Bath Time Tunes Sound Book For $4.25 From Amazon -Clip the $0.75 coupon on the product page until a check in a green circle appears. This was selling for $10.95 yesterday and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon. Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, and more Sesame Street favorites on […]
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The Republic is In Trouble & More than Just Gun Owners Should Care

The Republic is In Trouble & More than Just Gun Owners Should Care USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Republic is in real trouble, what looks like the possibility of a Biden Presidency, unless the courts intervene or President Trump takes extraordinary action, is upon us. What’s worse is the thought of the Democrats getting control of all of the legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government is a very real threat. In January, the Senate will be up for grabs with the run-off election in...
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Save Big On K-Cups And Toys From Amazon With Buy 1, Get One 50% Off Sale!

Save On Coffee And Toys From Amazon With Buy 1, Get One 50% Off Sale! Add or subscribe to 2 items via the link above and you’ll save 50% off the 2nd item! Sample qualifying items before 50% off: Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm: $3.13-$3.29 Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy: $7.73 Burts Bees Beeswax Bounty Fruit […]
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Concurrent use of calibredb with server

Is concurrent use of calibredb with the content server supported?
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Curious Relics: FN 1900 – The Great Grandfather to Modern Pistols

Welcome to our recurring series of “Curious Relics.” Here, we want to share all of our experiences, knowledge, misadventures, and passion for older firearms that one might categorize as a Curio & Relic  – any firearm that is at least 50 years old according to the ATF. Hopefully along the way you can garner a greater […] Read More … The post Curious Relics: FN 1900 – The Great Grandfather to Modern Pistols appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Ammo InStock: Norma 9mm 108gr Monolith Hollow Point Ammunition 20 Rounds $29.98

Check out our Daily Gun & Ammunition Deals page for more savings! Protect your investment in guns & ammo with SecureIt! Norma 9mm 108gr Monolith Hollow Point Ammunition 20 Rounds USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Botach has in-stock and shipping now, Norma 9mm 108gr devastatingly-destructive Monolith Hollow Point self-defense Ammunition in 20 Round boxes for $29.98. Norma 9mm 108gr Monolith Hollow Point Ammunition 20 Rounds The Norma Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP) is an all copper bullet with massive e...
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Author's photo in detail of the book

I was wondering can you put the author's photo on the detail flap of the book.
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Paragraph spacing not working?

Forgive me for being a novice at this, but I'm having an issue with paragraph indentation. I'm editing an epub file in Sigil, but when I read it in Marvin 3 changing the setting for paragraph spacing does nothing. I can change everything else in Marvin 3; text size, margin size, line spacing, indentation. But when I try to raise or lower the paragraph spacing nothing happens. Here's the HTML (I removed all but the first couple of paragraphs): Quote: ...
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POTD: Breach – Bang – Clear

Photo Of The Day – And here comes the flash! We’re looking at Combat Engineers from Beast Troop, Regimental Engineer Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment (USA) as they train on door breaching and cratering charges in Lithuania. All you need is to set the charge and run for cover. In my own safe opinion, it looks […] Read More … The post POTD: Breach – Bang – Clear appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Silliness One good thing about 2020

The New York Times has an article which is subtitled: We asked readers to name one good thing that happened in an otherwise dismal year. It appealed to me as a concept, so I thought I’d post it here. For me, it was going to the beach. Other years, swimming every day is what makes summer for me, but in 2020 both my pool and my lake access were closed. As a substitute, I went to the beach most days for at least a walk, and some days I’d hang out for a while. I’ve always loved the beach and whi...
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epub to docx conversion loses paragraph spaces

Windows 10, latest Calibre, Word 2019 Issue: epub -> docs conversion works, but loses paragraph spaces. The div are there where they should be in the epub source, and the spaces appear on the epub reader (used calibre as reader). However, as shown by Word 2019, the docx file resulted from conversion doesn't have any extra spacing, where the div were. This is a book of poetry, so the spacing between stanzas is critical. I tried various conversion options wrt heuristics (with and without), look & ...
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Kobo Clara reading activity

Sorry if this has already been discussed. Whenever I charge the battery on my Clara I like to reset my activity to 0 so I can check how many hours a charge lasts. I did this by going to energy savings and switching off the option Automatically share data about the features you use on page 2 then switching on again. Now I go to page 2 and it just shows a message to visit the Kobo website privacy page which, when you do, is neither use nor ornament! Any ideas folks.
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Yuletide Tea at Dawn's ❤

Hello, my friends and welcome to another spot of Tea at Dawn's! I am so happy you are joining me today, even if it's just virtually. As crazy as it seems, virtual is more a "reality" than ever these days, isn't it? Coronavirus and other global stresses aside, I'm greeting you on this last Sunday of Advent with a feeling of hope in my heart that better days are ahead. I hope, too, that this post finds you, and your loved ones, all well and safe. How are you faring as this ye...
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Need to uninstall Calibre in Linux Mint 20 and start over!

All, I just changed OS from Ubuntu to Mint, When I installed Calibre (from the cli script on download page), I moved the library and config info (~/Calibre Library and ~/.config/Calibre) from the old hdd to the new, thinking that would get the new installation back to what I had. I was wrong. Now, every time I try to read a book, I get an "[Title] has no available formats." error. I'm sure that there is some jiggery-pokery I could commit to undo what I've done, but I feel like it would be eas...
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How to use python/shell scripts to edit the metadata of selected book(s) in calibre?

It seems to me calibre has made good use of python for many purposes. So I'm wondering it there is a way to edit the metadata, e.g. adding tags, of selected book(s) in calibre window using python script? I know I can simply click "Edit Metadata" and use the interface to edit metadata but I'm here looking for a way of automation. (I'm using calibre on macOS and with applications like Keyboard Maestro or Alfred I can set a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to automate this process.) Any help will be ...
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Quick(er) TOC Editing?

After converting Kindle ebooks to the epub format, I often need to make corrections to their table of contents. The table usually exists, but its entries don't point to any locations within the book. Using Calibre's editor, I seem to have two ways of rectifying this: 1. Generate a new TOC using one of the available options (generate from major headings, from all headings, from links etc.). I've had mixed results with this one and generally prefer: 2. Review each existing entry and point it to ...
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Combining multiple "fewer days ago then" colour rules

I have these three rules: Attachment 184148 It's intended to make it easier to know at a glance which of my "recently updated fanfics" (>7daysago) is the newest: Attachment 184149 To make it easier to apply to other columns, how would I combine this into a single advanced rule while keeping the order of precedence? Thank you! Attached Thumbnails    
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Midwest Industries SIG MPX 6.5in Handguard Review

The author's MPX SBR with Midwest Industries handguard, Eotech EXPS3 and GG&G back up iron sights. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- I am an enormous fan of the SIG MPX; It's the gun that brought me over to the dark side of converting a pistol into an SBR and donating $200 to the government. It all started back in June of 2014. I had a chance to visit the SIG academy for a media event where we got a chance to run new MPX select-fire SMGs. At the time, the only three fully-automatic firearms I had ever f...
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Title Column Sort?

It seem s that titles beginning with "A" and "The" are sorted by the second word. Eg. "A Zebra" at the bottom of the list and "The Abc" at the top. Is it possible to change this sort order so that: "A Zebra" appears near the end of the titles beginning with "A" and "The Abc" appears in between titles beginning with "S" and "U"? TIA Dave
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Help with using Tolino Shine 3 in UK?

I'm in the UK. I recently bought a Tolino Shine 3 to give to my mother - I wanted to buy her a Tolino as I understood that I could upload epubs into the Tolino Cloud for her from my computer and they would automatically sync down to the Tolino for her. (This is ridiculously difficult to achieve with any Kobo that isn't the Forma, which is bigger than she wants, and I tried her with an Onyx Boox, but the interface is way too complicated for her liking.) Anyway, it arrived, and I started setting...
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KT4 serial port ?

Hi all, I have a kindle basic touch 10th generation with firmware 5.12.14. I know that it can’t be jailbreak by software. I want to try with serial port connection but I don’t find anywhere pictures of inside of KT4. Any help about that? Thanks
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Literary Clock on Kindle 4

I'm sure everyone has seen this instructable at this point. I'm trying to get this set up as a Christmas gift on a Kindle 4. I have the jailbreak done, python installed, USB ethernet working, ssh access, etc. I'm stuck on how/where to add the shell scripts to make this work, and how/if they need to be modified. It is my understanding that launchpad will not run on/is not for this model kindle, so I have installed KUAL instead (which is also working). I'm just not sure how to go about the last ...
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Changing the filename of the cover image

I like my cover image with a simple name like "cover.jpeg" but sometimes it as a weird name like "a000121etc.jpeg" as example. How can I change that filename? Changing it in the editor result with 2 files since Calibre reinsert the previous file as cover? Where I'm I wrong or what I'm misunderstanding?
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