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So, 'way back in early 1995, I traded a 1979 Datsun 280ZX 2+2 and a thousand bucks for a Guards Red 1987 Porsche 924S. I thought this seemed like a really sweet deal...until I noticed a funny clunking noise from the Porsche's gearbox after a couple days.See, the clutch on the 924S/944 used elastomer rather than springs to damp the clutch, and they tended to disintegrate the rubber over time. My shiny new Porsche needed a clutch replacement. And because the 924/944 family have a rear-mounted tran...
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I did not know that...

They're everywhere at this time of year, these bright red leafy flowers. Somehow I'd made it this far in life without noticing that they were spelled "poinsettia", since I'd always heard them pronounced "poyn-SET-uh", which is also apparently a correct pronunciation. Another thing I didn't know was that the name isn't some derivation of their scientific binomial nomenclature or anything like that, but rather a reference to the man who introduced them to the U.S. from their native home to th...
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Best way to replace a source file in the calibre database

Sometimes I have to modify a book file (say in PDF format) of a book record in calibre. What's the best way to tell calibre to add the modified (PDF) book file and delete the old (PDF) file, without creating a new book record? So far I have just replaced the file in the database's content directory, but I guess this is a dangerous approach...
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Very Wary

"Oh, thank heavens 2020 is over," we'll say to each other, as we clutch our machetes and stalk giant carnivorous locusts through the radioactive bramble patches of summer 2021...— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) December 31, 2020 This is only the third worst possible outcome. Second worst, of course, is that at midnight all our devices will automatically tick over to December 32nd. The worst? Waking up to find the calendar reads "1/1/2020"... [Author: Tam]
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Workflow for auto-syncing to another device?

Every so often I’m out without my forma - I guess the size factor keeps me from bringing it everywhere I go - and want to continue where I left off reading. Are there any no-effort ways to accomplish this? I can live without this functionality, but I suspect the Kindle ecosystem - or iBooks - would do this for me if I was a user of those platforms, but I’m not. I use calibre and the kobo plugin to manage my books. I would probably want to read on my iPhone, if I was able to do some sort of aut...
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How to cancel an order on Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade and vintage items

Etsy is an online marketplace that offers handmade and vintage goods from independent sellers. Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images To cancel an order on Etsy, you must contact the seller or shop you purchased the item from directly. Make sure to check the shop's policies regarding returns, exchanges, or cancellations before placing an order. Cancellation requests are at the discretion of the seller and not guaranteed. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more...
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Angie's Best Books of 2020

 It is the last day of the year. Of this year specifically. "Well done," is all have to say if you're reading this. Well done, you.It's been quiet for awhile now around these parts. For obvious reasons. But I've been reading continuously and ever so gratefully. I have felt such a profound sense of gratitude this year for all of the creators in this world who have been tirelessly and so lovingly creating art for all of us. We have needed it so much. I have needed it so much. And this year of all ...
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Bug with Subtitle in KoboTouch Driver 2.5.1

I have found a bug in the KoboTouch 2.5.1 driver. The problem is that I had a template in Subtitle under the Metadata, on device & advanced tab. I had Subtitle unchecked and the template was still in the template field. The problem became that the template was still being used even though Subtitle was not selected. I hope this is an easy enough fix. Thanks. P.S. I don't know if this bug also applies to the KoboTouchExtended driver.
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Problems moving PDF to Kindle

I have and would like to read some magazine articles on my Kindle. I have PDFs of the articles produced by "Printing to PDF" from a browser. I tried to email them to my Kindle (w/ "Convert" in the subject line). The file arrives on the Kindle but seems to contain only random characters. I used to do this regularly 2 years ago. Not sure what might have happened in two years. I also tried using one of the free online conversion tools to produce AZW3 from the PDF which I then moved from my PC to K...
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Problems with USA Today and New York Times

I am having problems with the USA Today recipe for every update since 4.23. There are many extraneous pieces of information appearing since the new updates. I keep going back to 4.23 so I don't get all of the extraneous info. See attached photos. I am also getting a lot of extraneous info with the New York Times recipe. The extraneous info is appearing even on 4.23. But the biggest problem with the NYT recipe is that it will not allow me to select what sections I want to download. I have compl...
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New Year's Eve tiered tray with champagne

It's been a year, huh? This is the first time since I was 12 that I won't be going out, hosting a party, or traveling over the New Years. Everything about this year has been surreal and downright tough so I am glad to see it go. On that note, we will be ringing in the New Year at home in sweatpants but I still wanted to make it a little special so I came up with this festive little tiered tray for me and McGeeky. Remember this guy I snatched up from the Target Dollar Spot? You guys said to blin...
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Readers epub and mobi for Windows XP

What are epub and mobi format readers that are compatible with Windows XP SP3?
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Calibre compatible with Windows XP

What is the latest version of Calible https://calibre-ebook.com compatible with Windows XP SP3 32 bit?
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Favorite Books Read In 2020

"A book does not beep at you, spy on you, sell you out to marketers, interrupt with breaking news, suck you into a doomscrolling vortex, cease to function in a nor’easter, flood your eyes with melatonin-suppressing blue light or otherwise interrupt your already troubled sleep."  ~Margaret Renkl
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2020 writing results

Well, after some ambitious plans at the beginning of the year...I got exactly two-fifths of two thirds of absolutely %#@$!^ zero done. How could I have all that free time and yet still produce nothing? Where did the time go? Also, why did my coffee machine blow up on New Year's Eve? Were there not enough indignities for the rest of the year? Sigh. On the bright side, I did get some nice masks for Christmas, so I'm set for Apocalypse Part 2. My new year's resolution for 2021...write somet...
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Almost Timely: The 2020 Essays

As we close out the year that was anything but ordinary, I have a parting gift for you. At the start of every Almost Timely newsletter is a short piece, an essay if you will, of something that was on my mind that week as I was putting together the newsletter. I’ve sewn them all […]
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Catching Up with Org Junkie #9 ~ December 2020 Favorites: Golden Girls Monopoly, Skiing & the Ultimate Family Calendar

Hi friends, here we are at the end of a very hard long year. I’m having trouble processing all my emotions attached to it. If 2020 has taught me anything it’s the importance of living each day fully present in the present. That hasn’t always been easy for me. The world tells us we need to be better, to do better, to try harder and to set all the goals in order to achieve and accomplish all the things. I know that works for some but right now what I need is to just to get to the end of each day k...
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Media and Washington Team Up To Deplatform Trump Supporters ~ VIDEO

Washington, D.C. –-(Ammoland.com)- The historic Harrington Hotel in the District of Columbia [DC] will close during a planned massive pro-Trump rally in a bid to deny access to the city by those planning to protest the election results. On January 6th, 2021, Trump supporters plan to descend on the capital city to protest the stolen presidential election results' certification peacefully. They claim that Biden won the election due to massive widespread fraud. The protestors point investigation...
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What to do about a mouse in the house

Now that the colder months are finally here, we have a different group of pests to deal with. This week, I will talk about the humble but ubiquitous house mouse. Mice, of course, are year-round nuisances both indoors and outdoors. When the outdoor temperatures drop, they are likely to seek shelter in houses, garages, and storage units. Mice can destroy food, fodder, electrical wiring and many other materials. They carry diseases such as salmonella and some respiratory viruses. They are almost as...
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Considering the Page as a Moment

Your browser does not support the audio element. link to audio if you see no player above. It happens.
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Investing in collectibles: 5 types of collectibles that have historically offered bankable returns

Any sort of tangible item can be a collectible investment, but fine art has historically offered some of the best returns. Tristan Fewings / Stringer/Getty Images Collectible investments are physical objects — tangible assets that have the potential to appreciate in value and diversify your investment portfolio. Collectibles can be anything that anyone collects, but a few categories offer reliable returns, such as stamps, coins, toys, fine art, and sneakers. Collectibles are illiquid, unre...
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“When I Grow Up” by Kate Elliott (A Spiritwalker Short Story)

In 2010, Kate Elliott’s first spiritwalker book, Cold Magic–an alternate, post-fall-of-Rome historical-European, proto-steampunk fantasy with fairies and magic–was published. Suffice it to say, dear readers, that we loved it (and also loved subsequent books Cold Fire and Cold Steel just as passionately). Today, we are honored to share a new short story and accompanying glorious work of art, set in the Spiritwalker universe. An Introduction from the Author Ten yea...
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Other Non-Fiction Luganski: Eine russische Dorfgeschichte V 1.0 31.12.2020

Hier aus der Plauderstube >Eine russische Dorfgeschichte< Attached Files Russische_Dorfgeschichte.epub (150.3 KB)
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How to leave a review on Etsy to give a seller feedback on your purchase and help other users

Reviewing an Etsy item helps the seller and future customers make and select better products. svetikd/Getty Images To leave a review on Etsy, head to the Purchases page on your Etsy account. Reviews can be left on eligible items within the 100-day review period, which begins on an item's estimated delivery date. Etsy reviews consist of a one- to five-star rating, text, and photos. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. To leave a review on Etsy, you must be signe...
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Clone Wars

At some point in my teenage years, I developed something of a crush on the Heckler & Kock MP5K. I mean, the regular MP5 was cool, and so was the integrally-suppressed SD variant, but it was the chopped-down kurz variant with its stubby foregrip that really lit my fuse. I have no idea why. Probably some combination of it looking very cool and being a diminutive fully-automatic machine pistol. Maybe it had good stats in a role-playing game I was into, or something? Anyway...Owning anything like th...
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Is Google Drive safe as backup and sync?

Is it safe to maintain a library on a Google Drive if the drive is only used for backup and/or when fully sync'd across endpoints? The plan is to only work on calibre on a single endpoint at a time (Win10 PC), and only on multiple endpoints (non-concurrently) if the library is fully sync'd first with the on-line copy and any other endpoints. A sort of manual file-locking protocol. I've seen previous posts that warn of corruption but want to confirm this only happens if the library is modified...
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The Future Of The Second Amendment All Comes Down To Georgia

The Future Of The Second Amendment All Comes Down To Georgia Georgia – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment will be around in some form or another in the future. But what form will it exist in? Will it be a right that we are able to exercise in a manner close to what the Founders intended? Will it be something that is there, but regulated to be, for all intents and purposes, non-existent? What happens in the Georgia runoffs could decide that future. You’re probably sick of hearing calls to r...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (098) - Geheimnisvolle Fenster. V1.0 [German] 31.12.2020

Das geheimnisvolle Fenster. Klara Rittler, Malerin, Berlin W, Paulsbornerstraße 211. stand mit Tinte geschrieben auf der Visitenkarte, die uns Mathilde, die Harstsche Köchin, am Nachmittag des 16. Mai 1922 in den Gemüsegarten brachte. Harald Harst, auf den Spaten gelehnt, mit dem er soeben ein Beet umgegraben hatte, zog die Stirn kraus. »Sagen Sie der Dame, daß ich erst übermorgen neue Aufträge annehme, Mathilde. Ich muß mich unbedingt nach diesen letzten Tagen etwas ausruhen. Der letzten ...
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The Bunya Pine - Araucaria bidwillii Commonly known as the Bunya Pine, Araucaria bidwillii is a large evergreen pine native to south-east Queensland Australia. It was named in honour of botanist John Carne Bidwill, who discovered it for western science 1842.  Despite both its looks and common name it is not a true pine botanically speaking, but instead a member of the the same genus as the monkey puzzle tree - Araucaria araucana. This is why it can sometimes be known the 'false monkey ...
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WI: Political Prosecution, Kyle Rittenhouse Charged with Curfew Violation

Kyle Rittenhouse: Are People under the age of 18 Forbidden from Open Carry in WI? U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- On 25 August 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse was chased and attacked by multiple assailants while attempting to escape them. He shot and killed two of the attackers. He wounded a third, Gaige Grosskruetz, as Grosskruetz lunged at him at close range with a loaded semi-auto handgun Grosskruetz had drawn from concealment. The two white men Rittenhouse killed were violent felons with long criminal hi...
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