Creamy Italian Chicken

Quick & easy using only one dish. You can serve with pasta, rice, potatoes, suits all carbs. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Newbie terrarium advice: Leave it to the experts

Johanna Dominguez of Put a Plant on It, planted this terrarium for me, my second. Happy new year! I’m celebrating by embracing a new terrarium. I’m somewhat confident because I have one already that I’ve kept going for more than a dozen years. I say somewhat because I personally did not plant either of the large terrariums now in the house, one a Victorian cloche on a pedestal (shown below) and the other, the new one, a large globe (shown with its creator, Johanna Dominguez, above). Though I’...
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Future Imperfect, Tense

This is gonna be the future with the three seashells, then? Not the one with the razor boomerang kid or the one with President Mountain Dew Camacho?I'm asking so I can make better long term plans. https://t.co/esSVE83Y6X— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) January 12, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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Let's see if it works...

Behold the "Diesel Leica", so called because of its bulk, Brutalist styling, and baroque mechanicals. It's the camera that almost bankrupted Leitz! I have it loaded with Ilford XP2, an ISO 400 black & white film that's developed using the C-41 color process. This means I can have it done on-site at Roberts downtown. Or, I guess, if you didn't mind not getting your negatives back, you could drop it off at a CVS or Walgreens. Of course, getting the negatives back is kinda the whole point of sho...
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Return of the Room Divider

I read an article the other day that stated the one design style everyone was saying goodbye to was open concept living spaces, where the kitchen, dining, and living are all one. A major impact of the pandemic is the need for private or semiprivate spaces in shared homes where people can retreat for solitude. When our public schools closed and all the learning went online, my teenage son needed privacy for his classes, so I hung curtains in the open doorway of the downstairs study so he could at...
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TFB Review: Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Springfield Hellcat

The Springfield Armory Hellcat has been a supremely popular pistol ever since its introduction into the world less than 2 years ago – and for good reasons. It is the world’s highest capacity, micro-compact on the market for people who want a smaller gun for carry, but do not want to sacrifice their round-count to […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Springfield Hellcat appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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'Relentlessly Optimistic of Devon Here', let's focus on good things shall we. Do you know whenever I look at this picture I can still feel that little owlet's plumpness and its heart beating, and the softness of those downy feathers. Our barn owl is still in residence and has taken to perching on the summerhouse verandah where we have a delightful spattered sea of white guano and heaps of pellets. I hope you are all keeping chins up and looking upwards too There's a big sky to be seen out th...
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Here are the bestsellers at Southern California’s independent bookstores

The SoCal Indie Bestseller List, as brought to you by IndieBound and CALIBA, for the sales week ended Sunday, Jan. 10. Based on reporting from the independent booksellers of Southern California, the California Independent Booksellers Alliance and IndieBound. For an independent bookstore near you, visit IndieBound.org. HARDCOVER FICTION 1. The Vanishing Half: Brit Bennett 2. The Midnight Library: Matt Haig 3. Ready Player Two: Ernest Cline 4. Mexican Gothic: Silvia Moreno-Garcia 5. Anxious Peop...
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PW4 PW4 stuck on tree screen

Hello so I just bought a white PW4 from one of my local pawnshops and it was working perfectly fine, I tried updating over the air and it updated but is now stuck on that screen. I can't even turn off the system. Am I screwed or is there a way to fix it? I just wanted to be on the latest firmware, it was on 15.11.2 I hope you guys can help, its my first kindle in a very long time and i just wanted to be happy with it.
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Reporting an error

I keep getting errors for Fanfiction.net downloads. I know Fiction Press/Fanfiction has been doing a lot of updates recently, so I figured that is probably the cause. This is the error message I got tonight when trying to update a story previously downloaded: The Procedure iambeagle The site fanfiction.net is blocking downloads. Site is disabled in this version of FanFicFare. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13714341/1/ I did the most recent Calibre update as well as the most recent plug-in...
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GUNFEST GUIDE – Exclusive TFB And TFBTV Coverage Of New Releases

This time last year TFB and TFBTV cast and crew were busy making any last minute plans for SHOT Show 2020. With the COVID-19 shutdown of our favorite show, TFB and TFBTV set into motion what would become the event of a lifetime. Actually, it was just a bunch of guys snapping pictures, shooting video […] Read More … The post GUNFEST GUIDE – Exclusive TFB And TFBTV Coverage Of New Releases appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Shows, Guide, Daily News, New Releases, Pistols, Rifles, Guns & Gear, Product Announcement, Gun Fest 2021, GUNFEST, Shit Show 2021

HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Mandalor or Pure Fuddlore?

Welcome everyone to the 79th edition of ‘Hot Gat or Fudd Crap?’, one of our many series here on TFB. If you’re new to the series, this is where we look at the most obscure firearms that are actually for sale and ask the question – is this Gat a sweet deal or only have […] Read More … The post HOT GAT or FUDD CRAP? Mandalor or Pure Fuddlore? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POTD: High Explosive Anti Tank in Exercise Ypres

In today’s Photo Of The Day, we are looking at two brothers in arms from the New Zealand Defence Force firing a H.E.A.T missile (High Explosive Anti Tank) from an 84 mm Carl Gustav launcher. The soldiers are reservists from the New Zealand Army. This happened during the Exercise Ypres, a live field firing exercise set in the […] Read More … The post POTD: High Explosive Anti Tank in Exercise Ypres appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Kindle, Calibre, 94yo, 1000 miles apart

Hello, We use Calibre and have worked to get most of our library in digital format (in either ePub or mobi and obviously, either can be converted to the other format). I primarily use my iPad to read and I'm a tech geek. Here is my situation. My 94-year-old mother-in-law lived over 1K miles away in an assisted living retirement apartment complex. Due to crazy high spiking CV19, they are back in full lockdown (which obviously makes sense). But she's struggling. She can't see anyone, she has no...
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Hello I need some help

Hello I'm Mauren, I'm a graphic designer, I'm not an expert programmer. I was editing an eBook with Sigil, suddenly the program closed. Trying to reopen the file shows an error message "Cannot unzip EPUB" I can't open the file with any other program. What I can do? Thank you
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Using Onyx Book primarily as an e-reading device

Having become extremely frustrated with a Kobo that seems to be gradually deteriorating, I have to consider some other device. The Boox line seems very full-featured albeit at noticeably higher prices. So far the Boox reviews I've seen spend a lot of time on the sketching and note-taking features, the pen, the UI, sundry bells and whistles, and so forth. I have yet to find a review that focuses mostly (or only) on the nuts-’n’-bolts of using a Boox device as an e-reader. If there's someone her...
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[TFB GUNFEST] Looking Closer At The KelTec P50

During TFB’s GunFest 2021, we had the chance to talk with KelTec about their new P50 pistol, chambered in 5.7×28. Despite its unveiling last month, we were able to ask some of the most frequently asked questions about this newly designed KelTec P50 pistol. KelTec also expounded on some of the design features they worked […] Read More … The post [TFB GUNFEST] Looking Closer At The KelTec P50 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Daily News, Keltec, Pistols, 5.7x28mm, FN P90, Gun Fest 2021, KelTec P50, GunFest 2021, KelTec P50 pistol KelTec

Display Image with Pickel (or alternative)

Hi, I have a Kobo Nia and I want to use it as an « Image Viewer (with auto-refresh) », I see many ways to do this, but none seems to work in 2021. I want to do something really simple like the script « /etc/bin/Kobo/demoloop.sh » But, if I do from telnet : Code: zcat /etc/images/splash.raw.gz  | /usr/local/Kobo/pickel showpic Nothing happen. And If I do the same from the NickelMenu, I have glitch on screen (like a rotated screen maybe ?). But nothing more. If someone have an idea...
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[TFB GUNFEST] First Look at the NEW Kel-Tec P50 5.7mm Pistol

In this special #GunFest2021 episode of TFBTV, James Reeves discusses the Kel-Tec P50, a 5.7 caliber pistol/carbine, with Chad Enos of Kel-Tec. James and Chad discuss the features, cost, and release date, as well as the specs of this innovative new platform. ««« GUN AND GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» PLEASE check out our Patreon and Subscribe […] Read More … The post [TFB GUNFEST] First Look at the NEW Kel-Tec P50 5.7mm Pistol appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Kamala's Way: A new biography explores how Harris played Trump's game, using confidence and unapologetic ambition to grab the spotlight

"Kamala Harris comes to play every day," said Oregon senator Ron Wyden. Carolyn Kaster/AP Photos The following is an exclusive excerpt from Kamala's Way, a new biography by Dan Morain. In it, he explores how the first female VP "rose above the din" in Washington, where her unapologetic ambition and focus made her a star. "She cooks. She shares recipes. She invites senators over for small dinners. She wears Chuck Taylors. She has an interesting family. She loves basketball," is how one Sena...
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Four Favorite Resources from the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle

The Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle is here and it’s full of so much organizing goodness. What is the Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle? It’s another ebundle put together by the folks over at Ultimate Bundles. It’s full of eBooks and eCourses from dozens of decluttering experts, offered as one discounted collection. The Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle is your chance to get 31 digital resources, that normally cost over $670.34, for only $29.97! *I get commissions for purchases made through ...
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Rep. Boebert Condemns Violence and Highlights Democrat Hypocrisy

Rep. Boebert Condemns Violence and Highlights Democrat Hypocrisy WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO-03) released the following statement: “We should take Democrats at their word when they say never let a crisis go to waste. Their hypocrisy is on full display with talks of impeachment, censure, and other ways to punish Republicans for false accusations of inciting the type of violence they have so frequently and transparently supported in the past,” said Congresswomen Lauren Boe...
Tags: Hollywood, Guns, Obama, Congress, Eric Holder, Washington, White House, America, Joe Biden, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, Kamala Harris, Trump, Capitol

Switch editor instances

Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between editor instances?
Tags: Books, Editor

How to install NickelMenu on a Kobo in 2021

I've been looking around and there aren't many guides with pictures on how to install NickelMenu. So, I made my own. I can't put an image into this, so I will link to a Google Doc. Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing The doc file is here too: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1va2...ew?usp=sharing Hope you like this tutorial! :D
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Can I run both 4.23 and 5.x on Mac?

I've held off updating my Calibre installation from 4.23 to 5.x for plugin reasons. Mostly, I read epubs in KOReader on a Kobo device, so I don't need the KePub features, don't have an enormous library by MobileRead standards. I'm not a heavy user, though I like using the editor to clean up CSS and I edit metadata for most everything that passes through it. Those things, I realize, are not that affected by the Python 3 upgrade. I'm using it on a Mac. I gather that the portable version is Window...
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So, A Discovery of Witches Is Now a Time-Travel Show

A Discovery of Witches—about a historian who also happens to be a powerful witch, and the ancient vampire who falls for her—is back for a second season of supernatural intrigue, spellcasting, and romance. But there’s a new element this season, as promised by that season-one cliffhanger: time travel!Read more...
Tags: Books, Science, Vampires, Streaming, Witches, Time Travel, Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer, Sundance Now, Shudder, Deborah Harkness, A Discovery Of Witches, Time Travel Show, Io9 Features, Amcplus

Ammo Deals: PW Arms Croatian Surplus 7.62×39 AK-47 Bolt Hold Open 30rnd Mags $12.99

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. PW Arms Croatian Surplus 7.62×39 AK-47 Mags Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Primary Arms has a great price on the PW Arms Croatian Surplus 7.62×39 AK-47 Bolt Hold Open 30 round Magazines at just $12.99 each. Limit 5 per household. This Croatian manufactured 30 round AK-pattern magazine holds 30 rounds. It's made from steel and imported by PW Arms. F...
Tags: Usa, Guns, America, Croatia, Ammunition News, Primary Arms, Daily Gun Deals, Daily Deals Magazines, AmmoLand INC, Ammoland com Primary Arms, U S Texas LawShield, Magazines Steel

Keep Buying Guns And Ammo, Wherever You Find Them

Opinion by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen Keep Buying Guns And Ammo, Wherever You Find Them USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The US Congress and Vice-President Pence, on January 6, 2021, willfully, almost joyfully, permitted the theft of our country by socialists. The great majority of elected officials, the Main Street Media, the Judicial Branch, the President’s assistants and confidants – all caved without shame to the thieves. US House Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats, having won the election by th...
Tags: Usa, Guns, Congress, Cdc, Virginia, US, America, Portland, Long Island, South Carolina, New York State, Trump, Pelosi, Rush Limbaugh, ATF, NICS

[TFB GUNFEST] Magpul QR Rail Grabber – ARCA/Picatinny Rail Bipod Mount

At last week’s TFB GUNFEST, Magpul brought out a whole host of new products. This one caught my eye for my long-range precision gun. The Magpul QR Rail Grabber is a bipod mount for ARCA and Picatinny rail all in one. The original Magpul Bipod came out in 2018. It now comes in four variants. M-LOK, […] Read More … The post [TFB GUNFEST] Magpul QR Rail Grabber – ARCA/Picatinny Rail Bipod Mount appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Arca, Daily News, Magpul, Shooting Accessories, Picatinny, Bipod, Gun Fest 2021, ARCA Picatinny Rail Bipod Mount, Magpul QR Rail Grabber

John Petrolino this week on Riding Shotgun With Charlie #93 ~ VIDEO

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- John Petrolino “relentlessly harassed’ me (his words, not mine) about having Mark Shean on the show. With some experience in writing and publishing, John was helping Mark turn his blog into a book. Then John wrote his own book about firearms for new gun owners. He’s also been writing for AmmoLand News and as well. After spending some time with John, I found out he’s been writing & publishing books for over 20 years. John and I have been going back and forth and finally...
Tags: Facebook, Usa, Guns, Massachusetts, New Jersey, John, Skype, Mark, Charlie, Shooting Media News, John Petrolino, Association of New Jersey Rifle Pistol Club, Riding Shotgun With Charlie, Mark Shean

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