Space Cam

I thought it would be fun to finish out the winter doing a bunch of work with the Nikon 1 system, just for fun. Even though it's officially dead, gone, and buried by Nikon, who would probably prefer people forget its oddball initial misstep into the world of mirrorless cameras, I find they have a certain quirky charm. The 1" sensor, which is the same size as the one in my usual RX100 shirt-pocket camera, means that not only are even quality lenses extremely compact, but the camera bodies are, ...
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Automotif CXCVIII...

Behold the nadir of the Ford Thunderbird, the Eighth-Generation version from the 1980-1982 model years. This was the second round of downsizing for Ford's personal luxury coupe, which entered the '72 model year as a nearly five thousand pound boulevard barge built on the same platform as its sister ship, the Lincoln Continental Mark IV. The first round of downsizing saw the '77 T-bird moved to the Panther platform shared with the Torino, Cougar, and LTD II. That downsizing shaved nearly ten i...
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Huge battery drain on PW2, FW 5.12.2

Just got done updating my Kindle's library and upgrading to the latest firmware. After updating to 5.12.2, my Kindle dropped from 100% to 54% charge in ~36 hours, without me even using it. Just now on my lunch break at work, I read with backlight completely off for ~30 minutes, and the battery dropped from 54% to 46%. I have no hacks installed, am running in airplane mode, no news subscriptions or anything like that. My books are all in .azw3 format and synced with Calibre. Is my Kindle's batt...
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Now Screening...

At the suggestion of a blog reader, the next item on the binge viewing list here at Roseholme Cottage is Matt Groening's latest effort, Disenchantment. We watched the first two episodes over dinner tonight and it did not disappoint. [Author: Tam]
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Metadata Plugins and the "Download Metadata" bulk action

Hi, I'm creating a plugin that will pull metadata from RPGGeek for a Roleplaying Game library. I've got it working for my own use, but I've noticed an odd thing about the behavior of downloading metadata. I don't see a way to download series_index that is passed from the parser. If I manually download metadata on a magazine issue, it populates fine, but it does not appear to be an option for the bulk download. Is there a place to set that, or is that something that's just not available? Th...
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Kindle Group by series

Kindle has the Group books by series capability. The books that I have from AZ with sort and group correctly. Is there a way that I can do the same with my books sent via calibre? I do have books metadata marked as being in a series and have them also numbered appropriately in the series in my Calibre library but when I loaded them via send to device via usb cable they aren't grouped on my Kindle. TYIA
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Quote of the Day - Seen @ Facebook

You’ll love this. I’m in my masters class for education (already know where this is going) and Paulo Freire and Myles Horton are mainstays for this class with their book “We make the Road by Walking.” Here is a quote by Freire “Education is not neutral and that by claiming to be neutral, we are technically siding with the powerful.”  Paulo Friere is best known for his book " " and is the spiritual founder of "Critical Pedagogy," which is to education what "critical race theory" is to racial heal...
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Libra Text with side-loaded font cut off at the bottom in vertical layout (synched KePub)

Hello, I am experiencing a problem with side-loaded fonts on Kobo Libra H2O (4.25.15875). The text gets cut off at the bottom of the page when I am reading KePub (also ePub) in vertical layout (Chinese). I crawled up a bit here and found the solution to fix it when side-loading KePub via Calibre with Kobo Touch Extended Drive by adding the following to kobo_extra.css: Code: body {   margin: 0 !important;   padding: 0 !important; } body>div {   /*padding-top: 0.2em !important;*/  /* Seem...
Tags: Books, Georgia, Kobo Reader, Kobo Touch Extended Drive

Connecting Calibre on Mac to Poke 3

So Calibre recognizes that Poke 3 is connected but when I try to transfer a book I get an error with the following message: calibre, version 5.9.0 ERROR: Error: Error communicating with device 'str' object has no attribute 'decode' Traceback (most recent call last): File "calibre/gui2/device.py", line 89, in run File "calibre/gui2/device.py", line 592, in _upload_books File "calibre/devices/mtp/driver.py", line 429, in upload_books File "calibre/devices/mtp/driver.py", line 405, ...
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Recovering the Calibre library on a lost partition

Help! I want to recover my Calibre libray which consists of ebooks (mobi / epubs) on an external HDD. A new unassigned partition has been created of 3,7 TB. The partition is almost untouched so far. The "Windows 10 Media Creation Tool" only created a 32 GB partition out of the 4 TB. Probably I've selected the HDD instead of the pendrive for the creation of an installation medium. That's probably the cause of the data loss. Which tool should I use? Can I reconstruct the file-structure of my Cal...
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POTD: Celebrities vs Special Forces – Tactical Challenge 2020

Photo Of The Day: Celebrities with firearms is always interesting and here we see them together with some of the U.S. Special Forces. Above you can see country singer Lee Brice, as he fires a rifle at various targets during the Special Forces Tactical Challenge. The location is the Miller Training Complex at Fort Bragg, […] Read More … The post POTD: Celebrities vs Special Forces – Tactical Challenge 2020 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Fort Bragg, Lee Brice, Green Beret, Special Forces, Photo of the Day, Celebrity Appearances, Tactical Challenge, Miller Training Complex

calibre fails to start

calibre, version 5.9.0 ERROR: Contacting calibre failed: Failed to contact running instance of calibre, try restarting calibre Failed to connect to Listener at: \\.\pipe\CalibreGUI-Johnx with error: QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Invalid name b'launched:["calibre.exe"]' -- Sometimes it will start after about a minute - other times it just never starts. Win 10 build 19042 (64 bit) 32 gb ram, i7-8700K cpu and lots of available space. I checked windows with sfc and dism - no problems ...
Tags: Books, Calibre

The order of custom columns in the "custom metadata" tab in "edit metadata" window

I have about 8 custom columns, and I can order them in the order I prefer, which is great. However, when in the "edit metadata" window -> "custom metadata" tab, they seem to be ordered in a different arbitrary order. I wonder if there's room for improvements on this. :thumbsup:
Tags: Books, Development

Are Conversions Lossless?

Just for discussion's sake; if I converted an epub to azw3 and then back again to epub, do I lose any fidelity of formatting? I originally had my library in epub format but I converted them when I bought a Kindle. Now I'm thinking of switching to a Kobo ereader and will convert my books back to epub.
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FREE Puppy Dog Valentines {Cute & Easy}

These free printable puppy dog valentines make perfect kids Valentines. A free download makes them easy to make! If you love dogs you will want to also whip up a matching puppy dog Valentine box! Grab a shoebox and download the printables to make the cutest card holder. This cute dog makes the perfect puppy ... Read More about FREE Puppy Dog Valentines {Cute & Easy} The post FREE Puppy Dog Valentines {Cute & Easy} appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Weekend Reading 1.17.21

Hello all. We’re having a few beautiful sunny days here in Northern California so I’ve been outdoors as much as possible, taking long walks and yesterday a drive to the beach. It’s amazing how just a little sunshine can change your mood. :) I’m halfway done assembling some new ladder bookshelves for my studio. I bought and read a lot of books in 2020 and they started to stack up, so I needed a place to put them all. They’re also an excuse to display more plants in some really cute planters I bou...
Tags: Crafts, Northern California, Presidential Guest House, USA Why Washington D C

The most effective method to Fix Equalizer APO not Working on Windows 10

Having unlimited oversight over sound emerging from your PC is something a lot of clients ache for yet they don't appear to be happy with alternatives given by Microsoft. All things considered, numerous clients utilize outsider equalizers for the reason. Equalizer APO is a great representation of this however clients have announced that it just won't work. Equalizer APO Not Working on Windows 10 Equalizer APO opens and seems, by all accounts, to be working appropriately however it essentiall...
Tags: Books, Microsoft, Calibre, Equalizer APO

German epub files using » and « instead of " " for quotations

I have no idea where to begin for fixing this. Example: »Du willst also deinen Plan ausführen?« »Allerdings. Ich habe mich vor Monaten dazu entschlossen und meine Meinung nicht geändert.« It looks like this both on Calibre ebook viewer and Onyx Boox Note 2. I appreciate the help :thanks:
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Streamlight TLR-9 Gun Light Review, the YUGE Tactical Light!

The Streamlight TLR-9 makes a great addition to the ATI-imported GSG 1911. IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- When it comes to tactical lights, more is always better. Sure, some companies will tell you that you only need a few hundred lumens for indoor work, but I need to wield the power of the Egyptian- Sun-God, Ra whenever I hit my light's “on” switch. Problem is, the majority of the guns I carry or use for home defense are designed around fitting mid-sized or compact firearms. And as a ...
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Buy Hisense A6

Hi, need this phone, but not so much to pay it as new, so if anyone having it want to sell it I would be glad to talk about a price. I have an A6L, I would like to get my hands on an A6 to try it out.
Tags: Books, Flea Market

New option in Preferences

I download a lot of stuff from Gutenberg and various PDF files to a folder. I was wondering if an option could be added to the Preferences > Adding Books to delete a book from the Source folder after it has been added to the Calibre Library. Not essential, but if adding a quantity of books and have to put the job aside to do something else, it would be helpful. Thanks for any consideration. Thanks for a remarkably useful piece of software!
Tags: Books, Library Management, Gutenberg

Likebook Mars, Borrowbox and other questions

Anyone using the Borrowbox Android app to read ebooks from their local library on a Likebook Mars? I have plenty of ereaders and probably I'll continue mostly using the Kobo Libra, but I selfishly and extravagantly bought a Mars and sleep cover. I happen to have a spare unused 128 G micro SD card. That should work. Currently I read PDF manuals, scans of ancient textbooks and old magazines on my 10" Lenovo tablet using Xodo, but some might work with the margin crop on the Mars? Will it be like...
Tags: Books, Mars, Lenovo, Boyue, Likebook Mars

Book Review | Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

I love a good romance story as much as the next hopeless romantic. Add in a setting on Capri and I’ll be first in line to buy the book. That is exactly what happened with Sex and Vanity, the latest novel by the worldwide bestselling author Kevin Kwan. Of course, Kwan hardly needs an introduction. You’ll know him as the author of Crazy Rich Asians, a number one New York Times bestselling book and fabulous film, as well as two more bestselling books in the series China Rich Girlfriend and Ric...
Tags: Travel, Facebook, Books, Instagram, New York City, Book Reviews, Book Review, New York Times, Italy, Helena Bonham Carter, Capri, Charlotte, Don, George, Holly, Forster

Calibre 64 bit error message when deleting book

I am trying to delete a book from calibre but I get an error message calibre sqlerror frs5. I’ve removed the book from the kindle app and gone into the file and removed from the calibre folder but it’s still in my book list on calibre. Any suggestions?
Tags: Books, Calibre

Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (100) - Unser 100tes Abenteuer. V1.0 [German] 17.01.2021

Unser 100. Abenteuer Es war am 28. Juni 1922 nach jener Nacht, in der die Verbrecherin Jane Brack als Postbeamter verkleidet der polizeilichen Einkreisung entkam, in der wir ihren Vater, der jahrelang als harmlose Witwe uns gegenüber in der Mansarde des Hauses Blücherstraße 68 gewohnt hatte, der Polizei übergeben konnten. Antonie Lenk hatte er sich genannt. Anton Lenk hieß er in Wirklichkeit. Noch mehr war ja in dieser Nacht geschehen. Für den von Jane Bracks Bande gefangen gehaltenen Deutscha...
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Zimmer, Harald, Dann, Herz, Juni, Nummer, Kabel Walther, Stelle, Schimmer, Harald Harst, Der Zettel, Verbrecherin Jane Brack, Antonie Lenk, Anton Lenk

Meena Harris, niece of Vice President-elect Kamala, wants her new children's book to inspire ambitious women (and girls) everywhere

Meena Harris. Meena Harris Meena Harris, niece of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, has written her second children's book, entitled "Ambitious Women." Illustrations were done by artist Marissa Valdez.  In the book, a young girl watches a woman on television be called "too ambitious" and "too assertive." In response, she vows to become a persistent, assertive, confident, and proud individual.  Harris has been working to get this book — in addition to her last one — into schools and has p...
Tags: Books, Trends, Strategy, Wealth, Joe Biden, Author, New York Times, Alicia Keys, American Express, Ambition, Stanford University, Kamala Harris, HARRIS, Meena, Harvard Law, Kamala

Sic Transit Discourse

Oh boy, I made the mistake of using Twitter for something other than telling dumb jokes and got a glimpse into the minds of normies and it was scary. People are absolutely *obsessed* with the idea of a Living Wage. Putting aside the point that the real minimum wage is zero, I was interested to take the pulse of the Living Wage crowd, so I replied to a discussion... "Even grocery baggers?"  "Do you know what grocery baggers do?!?!?"  "Uh, yeah. It was my first W2 job. But the steady rise ...
Tags: Guns, Walmart, Living Wage, Tam, Life In The Monkey House, Teh Intarw3bz, Spitting In The Wind, Money Makes The World Go 'round

Series Order?

Hi all! I'm an old user for Calibre! Sorry my poon english, first at all :/ Sometimes, when i assign a number to a book that is part of a series or saga, the program doesn't show it in order. I try to upload a screenshot so you can make an idea of what im talking about. https://ibb.co/m8TSRPp As you can see in the pic, the number 5 book, its at top, and i cant find a way to get those books in order (from 1 to 5). I first select "title" order, then "series" and then "author". Never had a problem ...
Tags: Books, Calibre

Gun Deals: FREE Magazine Extension When You Buy 3 Beretta 92/96 Gun Mags, FREE S&H

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Note: *Must add Mag Extension to the shipping cart and THEN enter code EXTN to receive the discount. FREE Magazine Extension Buy 3 Beretta 92 96 Gun Mags Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- More exclusive insider-deal for readers of AmmoLand News from Beretta USA. You can get a FREE Beretta Magazine Extension (a $24.00+ value) with any purchase of three (3) or more Beretta 92/96 gun magazines at berettausa.com. Use coupon code “EXTN” at check out...
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