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I've done this one before, but it was fourteen years ago and the photo was potato-quality. Basically, twenty years ago, before I'd even really gotten into collecting Smith & Wessons (the only Smif wheelyboi I owned at the time was a 625), my friend Marko and I were hanging out at Montague Gunsmithing in Knoxville, poring over the shop's copy of The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson. We were particularly entranced with the description of the Performance Center's rendition of the Model 13, whic...
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...or maybe it's aliens!

Good, solid info from my friend Caleb, here. Read this and understand...or don't, and keep blaming Illuminati United Nations lizard people, whichever.The Truth Behind The Great Ammo Crisis https://t.co/5AE7LzwX3g— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) February 7, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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SILENCER SATURDAY #163: Innovative Arms 9SX Pistol Suppressor

Good evening everyone and welcome back to another Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM R9 multi-caliber suppressor. Last week we got a look at the Bowers VERS 9S subgun suppressor.  This week we get a quick run through of the Innovative Arms 9SX pistol suppressor. How does it […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #163: Innovative Arms 9SX Pistol Suppressor appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Accessing the Book Details popup

Hi all, Is it possible to access the Book Details popup (i.e. the one that responds to the "i" key) programmatically? I have a QTableWidget in my plug-in that has a list of calibre e-books. I'd like to respond to double-click to display the book details. Failing that, is it possible to convert metadata to html? I tried this: mi = self.gui.current_db.new_api.get_metadata(id) html = render_html(mi, True, None) #DOESN'T WORK but got an error: AttributeError: Metadata object has no...
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POTD: Specialkoffer für Heckler & Koch MP 5K

Photo Of The Day: “Specialkoffer and Specialtasche für Heckler & Koch MP 5K”. This photo of the well-known special suitcase and bag for the Heckler & Koch MP5K was posted by Magpul. It’s the perfect accessory if you own this legendary German PDW. In 2017, TFB’s Nicholas C reviewed the H&K MP5K Briefcase and also […] Read More … The post POTD: Specialkoffer für Heckler & Koch MP 5K appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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New PocketBook 7,8" Color E-Ink Reader

It seems PocketBook is about to release another ebook-reader with a color E-Ink display. The PocketBook 740 Color, is a 7,8" device very similar to the Inkpad 3 but with an E-Ink Kaleido display, like their 6" model from last year. Reportedly it goes on sale in Russia and various eastern european countries for ₽21.999 (about $295) coming March. -> https://www.aroged.com/2021/02/05/a-...h-8599-aroged/ -> https://pocketbook.ru/shop/ustroystv...r-serebristyy/ Attached Thu...
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Initials in Sigil

Hi people, Thank you very much for accepting me. I am quite a newbie in creating ePubs in Sigil. A new big issue came from out of nowhere by controlling the output... I use big initials not only at the beginning of a chapter, but also in the middle of a chapter. Like a sub-chapter or so. I would like to treat them like a picture, so I close them by tags and and I am trying my best with the CSS styles. Everything works good till a page-break comes. The surrounding text is behaving in an u...
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after downloading latest update. This showed up

when ever I try to change library's calibre, version 5.10.1 ERROR: Unhandled exception: NameError:name 'xrange' is not defined calibre 5.10.1 [64bit] embedded-python: True is64bit: True Windows-10-10.0.19041 Windows ('64bit', 'WindowsPE') ('Windows', '10', '10.0.19041') Python 3.8.5 Windows: ('10', '10.0.19041', '', 'Multiprocessor Free') Interface language: None Successfully initialized third party plugins: Find Duplicates (1, 6, 3) Traceback (most recent call last): File "calibre...
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hi everyone ...Glad to meet you

maybe people are posting problems here because it is so hard to find anything in this forum. not everyone want to make new friends sometimes they are just having problems.
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Libra [USA] My new Kobo Libra H2Os from Walmart - questions

Good day everyone, I apologize for being uninformed--I'm very new to the Kobo ecosystem. My prior e-readers were Nook Glowlights and a Sony reader. I've ordered and received 2 Kobo Libra H2Os in white color--one for myself and one a gift for a family member. Setting both up today. I have read about lack of screen uniformity from device to device and expected to see some difference in backlight. There's indeed a difference between the two, but it's difficult to qualify, because there's a ...
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Nadia Owusu: 'I wrote as a way to process trauma'

The New York-based writer talks about her peripatetic childhood, the pain of losing her parents – and finding love at a jazz jam sessionNadia Owusu, 39, was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and raised in Italy, Ethiopia, England, Ghana and Uganda, and lives in New York. She moved there aged 18 to attend Pace University and earned her master’s in creative nonfiction at the Mountview residency programme, where she now teaches. Her first book, a memoir called Aftershocks (Sceptre), explores trauma,...
Tags: Books, New York, US, Rome, Uganda, Culture, Armenia, Autobiography and memoir, Dar es Salaam Tanzania, Owusu, Biography books, Frontline Solutions, Mountview, Nadia Owusu, Italy Ethiopia England Ghana

Gun Deals: Springfield Hellcat 3″ 9mm Pistol 3″ 13Rnd – $530.99 FREE S&H CODE

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Sportsman’s Guide has a make-your-own-deal on the Springfield Hellcat 3″ 9mm pistol that with coupon code “GUNSNGEAR” you can pick one up for $530.99 with FREE shipping. Springfield Hellcat 3″ 9mm 3″ 13Rnd Pistol It’s a jungle out there. Protect yourself with the all-new 9mm Hellcat from Springfield Armory. Featuring a paten...
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Article on Readers Versus "Book People"

Thoughts on these two opposing articles? I saw Book Riot's objection response first to alert me to the original article. Back-Talking The Tone Police: Book People Are Not Your Enemy . The writer objects to what she/he sees as a condescending tone toward "book people". I went to read the original article, We Have to Save Books from the Book People, and the main theme of it is initially defending the integrity of the all-mighty classic from those readers who embrace social media to the point ...
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Help! Can't open Kindle Reader for PC

My Kindle reading app for PC on my desktop suddenly won't open for some reason. I click on the Kindle link in my start menu and it starts initializing with a spinning donut for a few seconds, then stops. I tried rebooting my computer a few times (thinking Kindle maybe just wasn't loading up properly) but to no avail. I'm on Windows 7 32-bit Kindle reader version (it says this version is 2018) Appreciate any advice.
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[FOUND] Cheap stylus replacement for Boox Note Pro

Hi, The inevitable happened and I lost my stylus for Boox Note Pro. A quick look around the Internet revealed that these things are not cheap! :eek: I wasn't ready to spend up to £50 for a replacement (even though the top of the range pens look nice, but would it work with my reader?) so I took a chance, went on ebay and bought something advertised as Digitizer Stylus Pen For Fujitsu T730 T732 T900 T901 T726 T5010 Lifebook. It looks like this: It's the bottom one (the middle one is a styl...
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World Witches United Front Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Maids & Chocolate

Smartphone game World Witches United Front has welcomed the holiday of Valentine’s Day with open arms as the brave witches can be seen wearing frilly maid outfits as they busily produce chocolate treats, sure to have gacha fiends in their grasp. The new story event is called “Rival ni Uchikate! Dokidoki Daisakusen” and it has […]
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Leupold Adds New PR2-MIL and PR2-MOA Reticles to Mark 5HD Riflescopes

Leupold Adds New PR2-MIL and PR2-MOA Reticles to Mark 5HD Riflescopes U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Leupold & Stevens, Inc., provider of the world’s most rugged, lightweight, and clear sport optics, is pleased to announce the launch of its new PR2 reticle, designed to take your precision to the next level by reducing reticle clutter, simplifying hold-off, and speeding up your performance when shooting long-range precision rifles. Developed with input from the country’s top competitors and professi...
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Washington: Senate Committee Passes Vague Carry and Magazine Ban

The NRA-ILA reports multiple anti-gun bills have based the Washington Senate Committee. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- As previously reported, Senate Bill 5078 and Senate Bill 5038 were heard in the Senate Law and Public Justice Committee in January.  During that hearing, these anti-gun measures were substituted, passed, and have been sent to the Senate Rules Committee. Senate Bill 5078, bans the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc., of magazines that “are capable of holding” or ...
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Other Non-Fiction Der richtige Vogelkäfig. Ratgeber für Wellensittich-Käfig und Voliere

Dieser Ratgeber gibt FAQs und konkrete Empfehlungen rund um den Käfig- und Zimmervolieren-Kauf für Wellensittiche bis hin zur Ausstattung und Einrichtung. Viele der Tipps gelten dabei auch für andere Heimvögel wie Nymphensittiche, Kanarien, Zebrafinken oder Rosenköpfchen. Es handelt sich bei diesem E-Book um geringfügig angepasste Wiedergabe der Text-Inhalte von der Webseite „Der richtige Vogelkäfig“. Insbesondere der Käfig-Vergleich und auch einige weitere Produktlinks wurden nicht in dieses E...
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Fantasy Musäus, Johann K: Die Bücher der Chronika der drei Schwestern [German] V.1 06.02.2021

Obwohl Frodok die Gesamtausgabe der "Volksmärchen der Deutschen" wunderbar bearbeitet hat (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...light=Mus%E4us), habe ich nochmals ein Stück ausgekoppelt und die in meiner Ausgabe enthaltenen Bilder hinzugefügt. Vielleicht erfreut sich der eine oder die andere gerade daran. Die Rechtschreibung wurde aktualisiert. Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Johann K...
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Rick Springfield celebrates 40th anniversary of ‘Working Class Dog’ with new film and novel

Rick Springfield can’t wait to get on the road again to play live shows when the coronavirus pandemic fades and concerts are safe again. “We’re all anxious to get out and play again,” he says by phone from his home in Malibu recently. “And I think audiences are desperate to get that communal thing going again, too. Everybody’s missing that.” But while the pandemic forced most live shows to cancel, including the co-headlining dates Springfield had booked with the band Chicago last summer, the mus...
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Best-selling author Kristin Hannah reveals the unusual journey of ‘The Four Winds’

Kristin Hannah had spent a year researching and writing an early draft of her new novel when she realized she’d gone astray. “The Four Winds” is set in the Texas panhandle as the Depression and the Dust Bowl environmental disaster. In the margins of Hannah’s story as she initially conceived it, there was the character Elsa, a young woman who’d grown up feeling unloved and unworthy, who found meaning as the mother of two young children. “I wrote it for at least a year, and Elsa was kind of a peri...
Tags: Elsa, Books, Hollywood, Texas, California, Los Angeles, Sport, Austin, Netflix, Things To Do, Soccer, Elton John, Katherine Heigl, Kate, West Coast, Marvel Comics

DRM again

I have Ubuntu 20.10 where I have installed: Calibre 5.10.1 DeDRM Plugin 7.0.3 from GitHub Still it won't work ... This book is locked by DRM How can this be fixed?
Tags: Books, Conversion, Ubuntu

Destined for an arranged marriage, I chose to follow my heart

As a teenager, true love seemed like an impossible dream, but I was determined to marry for love and not obligationThis year, my husband Richard and I will have been married for 10 years. It may not sound all that long, but it feels quietly significant to me, this decade of us, not least because there was a time that I could not fathom a world in which we could ever be together at all.I grew up expecting to marry someone my parents chose for me: a suitable young man who would share my Pakistani ...
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How our early plant experiences inspire our gardens and those of future generations

“I believe all gardeners carry with them an original flora, if even only in memory. An original flora is comprised of the plants that formed our seminal experiences with gardens and landscapes. This horticultural form of nostalgia could come from anywhere . . . For some gardeners, it’s the memory of a plant from childhood. For others, it’s the pass-alongs shared between generations and revered as heirlooms, never left behind in a move or lost in the family, perhaps even bearing a special name to...
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Heart Cake Pop Tutorial Perfect Valentine Party Treat

I can’t wait to share this tutorial for heart cake pops with all you fantastic peeps. These cake pops are so simple to create and make the perfect little bite-sized dessert for your Valentine’s Day celebration. If you are making something special you might like these darling Valentine treat tags. Here’s What You’ll NEED These ... Read More about Heart Cake Pop Tutorial Perfect Valentine Party Treat The post Heart Cake Pop Tutorial Perfect Valentine Party Treat appeared first on Skip To My Lou...
Tags: Crafts, Valentine's Day, Recipes, Sweets, Cake Pops, And Everything Sweet Blog, Heart Cake Pops, Kate Petronis

Other Fiction Schwind Moritz: Die sieben Raben [German] V 1.0 06.02.2021

Moritz Ludwig von Schwind (* 21. Januar 1804 in Wien; † 8. Februar 1871 in Niederpöcking, Königreich Bayern) war ein österreichischer Maler und Zeichner der Spätromantik. Hier von Moritz von Schwind der Bilderzyklus >Die sieben Raben< Attached Files Die sieben Raben.epub (5.81 MB)
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Wien, Raben, Maler, Schwind Moritz, Moritz Ludwig von Schwind

Daily Gun Deals: SIG SAUER ROMEO5 MOA Compact Red Dot Sight $129.99 FREE S&H CODE

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. SIG SAUER ROMEO5 MOA Compact Red Dot Sight 2021 USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Bereli.com has a screaming deal on the SIG SAUER ROME05 Red Dot for just $129.99 and FREE Shipping with coupon code “FREESHIPPING” at check out. SIG SAUER ROMEO5 MOA Compact Red Dot Sight Sig Sauer ROMEO5 compact red dot sights provide civilians and armed professionals a robu...
Tags: Guns, America, Gear, Coupon Codes, Sig Sauer, NV, USA Ammoland, Red Dot Sights, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand INC, Integrated M1913 Picatinny, U S Texas LawShield, Bereli

Knife Rights Vermont Switchblade Ban Repeal Introduced

Knife Rights Vermont Switchblade Ban Repeal Introduced U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Longtime Knife Rights friend Vermont Representative Patrick Brennan has filed H.201 that would repeal the state’s ban on switchblade knives three inches or more in length. Switchblades (automatic knives) with a blade 3 inches or more in length are the only knives outlawed in Vermont. Vermont has Constitutional (Permitless) Carry so, you can carry any legal firearm open or concealed and you can carry any knife open...
Tags: Guns, America, Vermont, Vermont Vermont, Gun Rights News, Patrick Brennan, Knife Rights is America, Vermont Switchblades

Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Der Geistersucher. V1 [German] 6.2.2021

Band 29 der Reihe "Kabel Kriminalbücher" von Walther Kabel. Wie alle KKB ab Heft 26: ein Harald-Harst-Krimi. Text und Cover nach der Kabel-Seite - und wieder vielen herzlichen Dank dorthin! :) Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files Kabel, Walther - KKB 29 Fünf Finger am Fenster.epub (184.7 KB)
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Fenster, Kabel Walther, Kabel Kriminalbücher, Kabel Seite, KKB, Walther Kabel Wie, Harald Harst Krimi

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