Superplastic – Lil’ Helpers

Superplastic is currently taking pre-orders for their newest vinyl figures designed by legendary fashion-horror influencer Guggimon. The Lil' Helpers are made up of Janky and Guggi  - both in greyscale. Janky measures 13 inches in height, while Guggi (with those longer ears) are 14 inches tall.You can currently pre-order these for $180.00 for the pair or $90.00 each. Look for them to begin shipping in March 2021.
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"Hipster Shotgun"?

I was today years old when I became a BoomerFudd..."The Kalashnikov group, which produces the AK-47 assault rifle, has unveiled its hipster 'gadget gun' aimed at Gen Z customers who can't bear to be without tech. The semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun, dubbed the 'MP-155 Ultima', has a built-in HD video camera and computer to teach its users how to shoot. The futuristic weapon, with a stylish composite body and an external display, can record your every move and transmit the information to your sma...
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Friday Night Lights: Full Power Laser Showdown – MAWL-DA vs NGAL vs RAIDX vs LA5 UHP

Lasers make aiming easier with night vision however there is more to lasers than a fancy cat toy. Multi-Function Aiming Lasers (MFAL) have an illuminator. Most civilian rated MFALs have anemic illuminators for the sake of them being eye-safe. Only the MAWL-C1+ and DBAL-D2 have a decent enough illuminator to light up the darkness. But […] Read More … The post Friday Night Lights: Full Power Laser Showdown – MAWL-DA vs NGAL vs RAIDX vs LA5 UHP appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Tenacious Toys x Weston Brownlee

Tenacious Toys has announced three new additions to their full month of exclusive drops - all exclusive colorways of resin figures designed and produced by Weston Brownlee of Eternal Sun Studios. While his Baleful Blue GID Ghost dropped earlier this week (still available in limited numbers for $70.00), the following are slated for future releases. On February 16th 2021, the Baleful Blue GID Trilobite resin measures 4 inches long by 2 inches wide. This signed and numbered edition of 10 pie...
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ATF’s Secret Ruling System Revealed: MAF Corp’s Magic ATF Ball

Somehow, the ATF keeps figuring out exactly where to find the line between safe, responsible gun ownership and catastrophic, utter chaos. They know that 16″ barrels are safe for rifles, while 12.5″ means the end of humanity. They know that if you want to use a 12.5″ barrel, you have to call it a pistol […] Read More … The post ATF’s Secret Ruling System Revealed: MAF Corp’s Magic ATF Ball appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Should composite columns appear in Grouped Searches?

I have a tag-like composite column. I expected it to appear in the Values dropdown in Preferences > Searching > Grouped Searches, but it doesn't. Is this intended?
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POTD: Steyr Scout & Steiner Military under the Brush

Do you want inspiration for your next build? In our Photo Of The Day, you’ll find a really good looking camouflage pattern. The rifle is a Steyr Scout with a suppressor made by Stalon. In the mount made by MDT, there is a Steiner Military 4-16×50 scope. To Cerakote the optics you go to 75C […] Read More … The post POTD: Steyr Scout & Steiner Military under the Brush appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Green Lady

I must be dreaming of Spring. I have made lots of Green Men and it got me thinking so here is my trying something new lady. She has crazy leafy hair! An embroidered belt and green slippers.
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ERRORS IN "EPUB Validator"

I finished my EPUB file with Calibre. When I did the test on "Epub Validator" there are always these 7 errors which block the validation of the ebook for its distribution on several platforms. Attached Thumbnails  
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Clutter – Unboxed Festival Drops

This coming Saturday - February 13th 2021 - at 2:30PM ET, Clutter will be a part of the Unboxed Festival . They will be premiering 3 exclusive art toy/sculptures on NTWRK, including the following: The Glass Jaw From the mind of Pop-surrealist master, Ron English, emerges his latest twist on reality. Weighing in at 8 pounds and standing 11 inches tall, the piece is (double) cast from solid high-impact resin. Limited to 10 pieces worldwide, every glow-in-the-dark Glass Jaw comes in a special w...
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No Safe Spaces or Safe Times – Armed Citizen Stories

Self-Defense Gun Stories U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- We start with this news report from the Seattle Times newspaper. You’re walking down the street. It is about 9 on a Sunday morning. A man crosses the street in front of you. As you pass him, he hits you in the head. You stumble, and he punches you again and again. You have your Washington state concealed pistol license. You’re armed. You draw your gun and shoot your attacker. He stops hitting you and runs away. You stop shooting. Neighbors hea...
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Leupold Adds New Model to VX-6HD Riflescope Line

Leupold have announced that they are adding a 4-24X52mm CDS-ZL2 Illuminated TMOA model with a low-profile elevation dial to their VX-6HD riflescope line. It has a 6:1 zoom, a fast focus eye piece, is available in a number of reticles and weights 23.7oz. KEY FEATURES Professional-Grade Optical System 6:1 zoom ratio 3.7/3.8in low/high eye relief 30mm […] Read More … The post Leupold Adds New Model to VX-6HD Riflescope Line appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Gear Deals: Streamlight TLR RM2 Rail Mounted Gun Lights $139.98

Gear Deals: Streamlight TLR RM2 Rail Mounted Gun Lights $139.98 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Botach has a great deal on the new Streamlight TLR RM2 Rail Mounted Gun Lights with Remote Pressure Switch for only $139.98! This is a great option for a rifle or large format pistol that needs a light. This deal includes the remote pressure switch that can be placed on the rail of a firearm and allows easy activation of the light.  Check out our recent review of this light here. Gear Deals: Streamlight ...
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Duplicate books in another folder

I have set my default folder as Storage/Books. But when I read a book, the same book is copied also under Storage/Downloads. How can I solve it? I have Onyx Boox Air. Thanks
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Flattening the Learning Curve: How Laser Cutter Accessories Will Help You Nail the Job

Crafters and small businesses are celebrating owning a laser cutter. But this piece of machinery is not a plug and play. There is a learning curve for effectively using the laser cutter as well as a variety of accessories that can crutch against inexperience to help the new user turn out expert projects. The LS-1420 review has a full list of all the available accessories, recommendations and cost. Hardware There are gizmos and attachments, upgrades and add-ons that can be purchased se...
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These two books are guiding my vegetable garden

I am growing a 100% containerized garden! I moved to a new home last year. My old one sucked for growing things beyond tomatoes and weed. I grew an amazing bounty of tomatoes and strawberries, last spring. Weed, while still legal, seems to be an invitation to thievery here. — Read the rest
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My New Fave Winter Bloomer

T he purpose of houseplants (in winter) is to ameliorate the effects of cabin fever. The best houseplants for this purpose grow fast enough that you can see changes from day to day, and they also bloom–strengthening the illusion that actual gardening is taking place. Flowering bulbs are well-suited to the task–the tender ones that tolerate our artificially heated homes and the hardy ones that can be tricked into blooming early. This winter I grew Madeiran Squill (Scilla madeirensis) for the...
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The Space Stone – Tenacious Toys Exclusive

Earlier today, Tenacious Toys dropped The Space Stone  - the second store exclusive Stone designed by The Bots and produced by UVD Toys. The Space Stone is a 2-inch "round" vinyl figure. It's limited to a run of 100 pieces and run $20.00 each. While Strangecat's previously released Power Stone imbues the holder with unimaginable power, the Tenacious Space Stone gives the holder control over space itself! Don't be surprised if this figure rearranges the order of your collection on your toy shel...
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Book consisting of multiple pdf

I have a collection of pdfs which altogether form a single book. Is it possible to create a book entry in Calibre which would contain all the pdfs?
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Literary Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

'Recipient of the Grand Prix of the Académie Française, Wind, Sand and Stars captures the grandeur, danger, and isolation of flight. Its exciting account of air adventure, combined with lyrical prose and the spirit of a philosopher, makes it one of the most popular works ever written about flying.' There are two phases of discussion. The first begins immediately and may contain conversations about anything pre-completion of the selection including reading progress, section thoughts, outside inf...
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Missouri Removes Prohibition of Weapons on Public Transport for Permit Holders

Missouri Removes Prohibition of Weapons on Public Transport for Permit Holders, iStock-884171048 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- HB 52 in Missouri is written to remove some prohibitions existing in one of the gun free zones in Missouri. It allows people with concealed carry permits to carry their defensive firearms on public transportation. First, the current law.  From House Bill NO. 52, mo.gov: Paragraph 3(11) of Section 70.441: (11) Except as otherwise provided under section 571.107, no weapon or...
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Different epub books are showing different font sizes

Not sure if this is the correct forum but thought it may be because of how an epub was designed and could perhaps be corrected via editing. I use Moonreader which has a global font size which can be set to a particular value. If I am reading a book and the fontsize is just right and then load another book more often than not I have to readjust the fontsize to get it where I want again. I use the same font for all books that I read. I am assuming that what is causing the change in font size is ...
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Torres Lighting Collection for Landscape Forms

The Torres Lighting collection for Landscape Forms walks a delicate balance between disappearing into the surrounding landscape and making quite an impression. Rodrigo Torres, who designed in collaboration with Chip Israel of Lighting Design Alliance, explains: “the light shouldn’t fight for the attention of the user, but when the user comes closer to the lamp she should be absolutely captivated by its beauty.” This collection, comprised of area, path, wall-mount, and catenary ...
Tags: Books, Torres, Rodrigo Torres, Torres Lighting Collection for Landscape Forms, Chip Israel of Lighting Design Alliance

Tasmanian Tiger’s TT Load Carrier and Packsack for Awkward Loads

Today’s military operators and shooters aren’t always being deployed with the most consistent equipment. This rings even more true in the civilian world where our nonstandard equipment can sometimes feature anything from gun cases to coolers containing our favorite post-shooting beverages. The TT Load Carrier and Packsack from Tasmanian Tiger make these awkward loads much […] The post Tasmanian Tiger’s TT Load Carrier and Packsack for Awkward Loads appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Gun Deals: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X24mm Rifle Scope w/ Mount $429.99

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. Gun Deals: Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X24mm Rifle Scope w/ Mount $429.99 USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownells has a make your won deal on the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8X24mm Rifle Scope with a matching Cantilever Mount for just $429.99, and add coupon code “MZA” at check out. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders. This is a great price...
Tags: Guns, America, Gear, WB, Vortex Strike Eagle, Brownells.com, Vortex Optics, Strike Eagle, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand INC, USA Ammoland com Brownells, Brownells Vortex Strike Eagle, Fully Multi Coated Lenses Water Fog, U S Texas LawShield

LEGO Boba Fett's helmet with cool stand

This LEGO Boba Fett helmet is pretty awesome. I am not particularly a Boba fan, but I love his armor. The character as portrayed during the Clone Wars is a whinging narcissist. The character as retconned in The Mandalorian is far more compelling. — Read the rest
Tags: Star Wars, News, Review, Lego, Toy, Boba Fett, Beskar but LEGO, Manadlorian, LEGO Boba Fett

Burris 4.5-14x 42mm Droptine Riflescope – Review

The Burris 4.5-14x 42mm Droptine Scope is a nice economical big game scope but it also works fine on an airgun. U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- I recently was testing a Umarex .22 cal. Origin airgun. I haven’t used a Burris since I left Colorado 22 years ago, so I thought I’d try a Burris scope on it. Of course when I’m hunting with a .22 cal. airgun I’m hunting small game that has a small kill zone. Due to this, I like a 4.5-14x scope. After checking out the Burris line-up I noticed that they had a...
Tags: Guns, Colorado, US, Amazon Kindle, Burris, Robert Martin, Shooting Industry News, JSB, Amazon Picks, Tom Claycomb, Hunt Alaska Bass Pro Shops Bowhunter, Umarex, Tom Claycomb Tom Claycomb

AEW Micro Brawlers Wave 1

AEW is currently taking pre-orders for the AEW Micro Brawlers Wave 1 series. The pre-order window ends on February 18th 2021 at 1PM ET. The 3-inch tall Micro Brawlers are slated to begin shipping in Spring 2021. Wave 1 includes seven different wrestlers: Darby Allin ; Dr. Britt Baker DMD ; Orange Cassidy ; Chris Jericho ; Brodie Lee ; Jon Moxley ; Hikaru Shida . Each figure is available to purchase for $17.99.
Tags: Toys, Miscellaneous, Chris Jericho, AEW, Britt Baker, Jon Moxley, Darby Allin, Brodie Lee, Hikaru Shida, AEW Micro Brawlers Wave, Orange Cassidy

New Hampshire Senate Committee to Consider New Handgun Law

On Tuesday, February 16 at 1:00 pm, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a measure that cleans up New Hampshire’s handgun purchase process. IMG iStock ID: 884214472 U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- On Tuesday, February 16 at 1:00 pm, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a measure that cleans up New Hampshire’s handgun purchase process, bringing it in line with the same process used for long guns in the Granite State.  Please contact committee members and politely ask them to SUPPORT Sen...
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Mini 16GB SD card recognized as 4GB

I put a 16GB MicroSD card in my Kobo Mini, which had originally had a 4GB SD card. 4GB have been used and now the eReader refuses to recognize the remaining 12GB, stating that "my eReader is full." Is there something I should have done beforehand?
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