Horror Morrow, W. C.: A Night with Death and other Tales of the Macabre. v1. 21 Feb 2021

An extensive collection of stories from a dark imagination… A few are touched with the supernatural, some cross into weird fiction, but even the non-genre tales are imbued with grisly ghastliness to make your flesh creep. =========== William Chambers Morrow (7 July 1854 – 3 April 1923) was an American writer, now noted mainly for his short stories of horror and suspense. He is probably best known for the much-anthologized story “His Unconquerable Enemy” (1889), about the implacable revenge of ...
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Duck Breast With Earl Gray Tea And Pineapple Carpaccio

an excellent recipe perfect for an evening meal [Author: campaspe]
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Working on a blog post.

 In the meantime, have a picture of Holden. [Author: Tam]
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Kobo ebook not showing up in Mac Finder

Hello, everyone. I connected my Kobo Libra H2o to my Mac (Catalina) via USB cable, planning to drag a new ebook (purchased from Kobo) from the Finder into Calibre. The newly purchased book does NOT show up in the Finder. If I click the Device icon in Calibre (5.11) to view my Kobo books I do see the book listed. I have done this with other books without any trouble. Am I missing a step? Could this book be stored on the Kobo somewhere OTHER THAN the main memory? Any help appreciated. Thx. kathy
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How to import numpy?

I'd like to use numpy for my plugin(for nltk to find named entity) by append 'site-packages' folder to sys.path but I get this error: Code: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/Users/x/Library/Preferences/calibre/plugins/WordDumb.zip/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/numpy/core/__init__.py", line 22, in     from . import multiarray   File "zipimport.py", line 259, in load_module   File "/Users/x/Library/Preferences/calibre/plugins/WordDumb.zip/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/nu...
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Caliber 64Bit size limit on EPUB Files?

I've been using Caliber EBook view for a while and until now have had no complaints Yesterday I downloaded file that is larger than I have previously opened in Caliber When I try to open the file, using either Reader or the Main Program, I get the "Preparing for first use" message and the spinning circle But the circle never stops spinning I tried downloading a new copy of the book, and got the same results The file is 1,364 KB The rest of my downloads are in the 300 to 500 KB range ...
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POTD: New York National Guard Soldiers in Sniper Competition

Photo Of The Day – Established in 2014 this is TFB’s way to show carefully selected photographs on a daily basis. As a bonus, you get a short story and hopefully, you’ll learn or see something new. Above you can see Sgt. Andres Diaz (to the left) and Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Melendez. They’re both […] Read More … The post POTD: New York National Guard Soldiers in Sniper Competition appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Modded Kernels Thread

Hi all, So in the last few days I made a big leap forward in my Kobo hacking and connected mines to my Rasberry Pi's serial port. Now I could mod the device as I wanted, installing a new OS if I wanted, and have full control over it. So far I've successfully installed some Linux distros in there, such as Alpine Linux 3.13, Debian 6/7/8. However, to make them run, I had to recompile the kernel because some crucial features weren't there (e.g. cgroups for Debian 8 w/ systemd). I spent some time ...
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Bow Deals: Barnett 78210 RAZR CRT Crossbow Package w/ Quiver $769.49 FREE S&H 56%OFF

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. Barnett 78210 RAZR CRT Crossbow Package Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Bereli.com has a crazy cheap sale on the Barnett 78210 RAZR CRT Crossbow Package with a Quiver for just $769.49 with FREE shipping. That is 56% off!! You save over $990.00. Barnett 78210 RAZR CRT Crossbow Package w/ Quiver Increases speed and centers the bolt for consistent prec...
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Calibre doesn't detect books on device

Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum, so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask these types of questions. I've been using my e-reader on and off for a while, using Calibre to sync my libraries on the device itself and on my PC. Not every e-book I own is stored on my e-reader due to storage space. Just today, I ran into an issue. I sent a bunch of books to my device, which worked fine since I could see the new books on my device. However, when restarting Calibre and/or when plugging my e-re...
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Pocketbook Inkpad Color

Longtime lurker, first time posting. I've learned a lot from the forums in order to modify my PaperWhite. But it's time to upgrade, so I ordered the Pocketbook Inkpad Color from Amazon and it will be here by Wednesday. Woot!
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format exemption during input auto conversion

Hello again, as the title says, I have a lot of info I add to calibre while simply dragging into the monitored input folder. While I am really happy that it is all converted to epub as is, I was wondering if there is a way to have PDF files exempted from this conversion process and be added in their original format and left alone as most of these are instruction guides and plans that have large hi-def images that are best left as pdf and viewed as such since they can be edited from time to time....
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Simple interventions could cut violence against women

Measures such as better street lighting, training the police and enforcing gun control can effect real change The post Simple interventions could cut violence against women appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Spare Parts for Boyue Mimas

Hi, I broke the SD card slot on my Likebook Mimas in a nasty fall, anyone know where to get spare parts?
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my english is not the best, but I´m shure you will understand. If you open a book with the calibre integrated ebook-viewer, I miss any information about the actual page number you are reading. In older versions of calibre, there has been at least an information with % of readed pages. For a short time there are information about the chapters and you can start reading any opional chapter, but there is no more information about the number of pages. Even my about 10 years old ebook-reader tolin...
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Does anyone have the Kobo Clara HD image?

Hello everybody. I need the Kobo Clara HD image. Could somebody help me? Regards :-)
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A Portrait of Ruttie Jinnah That Doesn’t Hold Up

There is much that is debatable and untenable in the new book on Jinnah’s wife. Who goes into history? Who is worthy of a biography? The shakers who change civilisation and our view of the world – the scientists, writers, painters and philosophers. And perhaps more than them, the movers, the captains and the kings and, if we believe Winston Churchill’s contention that behind every man who achieves anything there stands a woman, their consorts and their queens! Article by Farrukh Dhondy | The W...
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Eliot Higgins: 'People accuse me of working for the CIA'

The founder of the online investigative collective Bellingcat talks about working with Alexei Navalny, open source reporting and the trouble with ‘cyber-miserablism’Eliot Higgins launched Bellingcat in summer 2014, days after the Russian military shot down Malaysian Airlines MH17 over eastern Ukraine. The online outfit has broken a series of international scoops. In 2018 it discovered the identities of the two undercover assassins who poisoned Sergei Skripal in Salisbury. Last year Bellingcat re...
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Gun Deals: Hoppe’s 9 Boresnake just $7.99 with FREE Shipping & CODE

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. Hoppe’s 9 Boresnake Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Beril.com has a killer sale price on the Hoppe’s 9 Boresnake 24002D Den For .357/.380/.38 & 9mm Caliber Pistol Bore Cleaner at just $7.99 each and FREE Shipping with coupon code “FREESHIPPING” at check out. Hoppe’s 9 Boresnake The original fastest bore cleaner on the planet has a new home. Hoppe’s ...
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Daily Gun Deals: SureFire X300 Ultra Series LED WeaponLight $215.00 FREE S&H

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. SureFire X300 Ultra Series LED WeaponLight Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Bereli.com has a sale on the SureFire X300 Ultra High-Output 1000 Lumen LED Handgun WeaponLight, X300U-A, for just $215.00 with FREE shipping. That is 31% off and you save over $95.00. Check prices here and online here. This is a popular weapon light that everyone complains is...
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SILENCER SATURDAY #165: The NFA Registry – 2021

Good morning everyone and welcome back to another Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM R9 suppressor. Last week we discussed the Innovative Arms Slingshot Ti mounted on a Beretta 21A Bobcat Covert . Today we are going to take a look at the state of the NFA registry – […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #165: The NFA Registry – 2021 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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The Knife Lover’s Wish List For 2021

The Knife Lover’s Wish List For 2021, The irrational mind might think that I’m trying to make a statement about what I think about the mask. Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- I wrote for Bass Pro Shop for 3 ½ years. The first year. I thought it’d be fun to write a WishList for the Outdoorsman. They said no, we want one for the hunter, the fisherman, camper, backpacker, and boat owner!? Since I write a lot of Knife Reviews for AmmoLand News I thought it’d be fun to write a Wish-List for the Knife Lover...
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Horror writer Guy N. Smith - death due to complications of Covid-19

Actually, I just now learned this, but he died on December 24, 2020. Here's some additional information, available from the site below: https://downthetubes.net/?p=123907
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Art Deco Mirror

I love the art nouveau style. It is timeless, optimistic and close to nature. This is my art deco interpretation for a wall mirror [Author: campaspe]
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Calibre 3.48 fails to load

Running Calibre 3.48 on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.6 - when I try and start it, it loads the books and bottles out at the initialising user interface stage. I'm having to keep loading it until it 'sticks'. I've tried a reinstall, running direct from the Applications folder instead of the pinned toolbar icon... Any ideas? It takes several tries before it loads.
Tags: Books, Calibre, Sierra

Forma How to stop sudden paging

When reading, sometimes the Forma will suddenly skip forward multiple pages (sometimes nearly 20 pages). This despite carefully keeping the fingers away from the screen. Any suggested solutions?
Tags: Books, Kobo Reader, Forma

Aura ONE View KA1 in sun

I like my screen brightness the way it currently is; HOWEVER, the screen is basically not viewable in a sunny area even if it's held out of the direct sun. Any suggested solutions?
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8th gen kindle stuck on battery icon (!), no reaction to PC

Hi Folks I'm new here - cheers to all of you! :2thumbsup I signed up to ask for help (if at all possible) in bringing my 8th gen kindle back to life. I've read all I could find on the subject, checked some YT guides etc and yet I still could not resolve the issue. Symptoms are: - Battery icon with exclamation mark on the screen - no reaction from the screen - not much response to button pressing (LED goes green for 5 sec and goes off, and that's all) - resetting does not seem to do much (more d...
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Are mushrooms growing under your bed? This book suggests you might want them to

It seems that people are increasingly turning to plants and gardening for consolation, exercise, and exploration during these pandemic times. Worlds of discovery await them. A serious gardener wears many hats: botanist, entomologist, weed scientist, plant pathologist, soil scientist, irrigation specialist. I also believe there is a back-to-the-land desire in all of us, although it may have been diminished by our ever more fervent worship of convenience in the high-tech era. Although its title is...
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Other Fiction Blüthgen, Victor: Ein Friedensstörer. V1 [German] 20.2.2021

"Ein Friedensstörer" von Victor Blüthgen erschien 1881 in der Zeitschrift "Die Gartenlaube", in deren Redaktion der Autor auch eine Weile mitgearbeitet hatte. Adolph Kohut, der 1898 für die Zeitschrift "Nord und Süd" einen Artikel über diesen Schriftsteller verfasst hatte (ich habe ihn anstelle eines Nachworts OCRt dem eBook eingefügt), urteilte, es sei »vielleicht der amüsanteste und originellste Roman, den er geschrieben, eine vorpommersche Familiengeschichte, mit einer Figur, wie sie nur Reut...
Tags: Books, ePub Books, Nord, Zeitschrift, Kohut, der Zeitschrift, Victor Blüthgen, Ein Friedensstörer, Adolph Kohut, Bräsig, Der Froschmäusekrieg, Blüthgen Victor Ein Friedensstörer

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