Mouseguns, Then and Now

A frequently-encountered fixture at the gun store is the crusty old dude leaning on the counter...it doesn't matter if he's leaning on the employee side or the customer side, he's there somewhere...and intoning that all these new-fangled nine millimeter pistols are silly and calibers don't count for self defense unless they start with "four". Given the persistence of this hoary myth, where did all those .38, .32, and even .25 handguns come from back in the good ol' days? For starters, dispe...
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Forma/Libra: Any comparison photos of Same book on BOTH these readers?

Hi again all. As to my trying to decide Forma vs Libra, if the $110 extra is worth it for little more viewing space.... I'm trying to find a photo or vid (so far no luck) showing the SAME book displayed on a Forma beside a Libra I know I can turn a Libra landscape and basically get the same viewing width as the Forma (yes?) but I'm trying to get a sense of comparable difference. I've given up trying to compare a Mass Market book to the display on a forma or libra. --- boiled down, I'm tryin...
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Forma or Libra -- Current State of these units? (I want one)

Hi everyone, thanks for the add. The short.., I've had a few older Kobos, never really used much. My fault, not the Kobo (I actually really like the product & the idea.) I want to really embrace the idea of the ereader environment now. Especially since I saw the Forma and Libra. Where I am, it would cost me around $235 for a Libra and $345 for an 8gb Forma. It's the upper upper end of where I want to be, but willing to make the commitment. I've been back and forth on which one... HOWEVER.....
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Mystery and Crime Footner, Hulbert: The Dark Ships (1937); v1, 22 Feb 2020

Not a series novel. Racket-busting lawyer returns home in triumph after a big case to find his girl friend associating with a man he instinctively distrusts. She ignores his warning (where would the plot go without that?) and soon the lawyer is receiving a desperate call for help.... Attached Thumbnails   Attached Files The Dark Ships - Hulbert Footner.epub (343.4 KB)
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Second Amendment Resolutions Add Emphasis to Adage That ‘All Politics is Local’

Establishing formal rights enforcement partnerships between citizens and peace officers is crucial. (Newton County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- Last September, AmmoLand hosted one of my articles about a resolution being considered by the Halifax County Board of Supervisors to support a local militia. The move was in response to unprecedented gun grabs being enacted in Virginia and was one of a number of responses that include establishing what are being called “Second ...
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POTD: So You Wanna Be A Sniper?

So you wanna be a sniper? There are a few things to consider apart from the cool pictures you see of snipers at work, just browse this page and join us in our Photo Of The Day. This is the U.S. Army Sniper School Ghillie Wash, at Fort Benning, Georgia, into week three of the […] Read More … The post POTD: So You Wanna Be A Sniper? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Defense, Training, Sniper, Photo of the Day, Fort Benning Georgia, Fort Benning, Ghillie Wash, U S Army Sniper School Ghillie Wash

Failed to launch Calibre

For the past few upgrades I have been getting an error a lot of times when I go to start Calibre. calibre, version 5.9.0 ERROR: Contacting calibre failed: Failed to contact running instance of calibre, try restarting calibre Failed to connect to Listener at: \\.\pipe\CalibreGUI-Robinx with error: QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Invalid name b'launched:["calibre.exe"]' I launch Calibre, and it appears to launch, but it won't show up in my task bar and it won't actually launch. When I go to c...
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The Trayvon Hoax, Unmasking the Witness Fraud 2019 – VIDEO

Opinon U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Joel Gilbert has produced a superb work of investigative journalism. If the old media were not complicit in the hoax, this would be front-page news across the nation. A travesty of justice was perpetrated against George Zimmerman. The two-hour documentary shows how and why it was done. Full disclosure: This correspondent has written extensively on the Trayvon Martin – George Zimmerman case. I was one of the first to defend George Zimmerman, to declare the case ...
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Montana Gov. Gianforte Signs Bill Expanding Big Sky Gun Rights

Montana Gov. Gianforte Signs Bill Expanding Big Sky Gun Rights. iStock-884194872 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- In a clear victory for the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA), Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed legislation doing away with so-called “gun-free zones” and expanding places where firearms may be carried, including college and university campuses, and the Capitol in Helena. MSSA President Gary Marbut, in an exclusive telephone conversation with Ammoland News, said Gianforte’s ...
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Upgrade 4.23 to 5.11 on Mint 18.3: Error

I did this on Mint 20.1 and it was fine Code: Run "calibre" to start calibre [email protected] ~ $ calibre qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found. This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, vnc, wayland-egl, wayland, wayland-xcomposite-egl, wayland-xcomposite-glx, xcb...
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Database structure question

What exactly is the annotations_dirtied and metadata_dirtied for?
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Single Calibre library for two computers - how to?

I use Calibre Labrary on my home PC and this library is synchronized with MegaSync cloud. In my laptop I use the same library synchronized with the same MegaSync. But there is a problem. I added new books in the library on my home PC, they are synchronized with MegaSync. On the laptop new books appear in Calibre library but Calibre does not show them! The files: metadata.db, metadata_pre_restore.db, metadata_db_prefs_backup.json are synchronized also. I started Calibre Library -> Verify librar...
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How to prevent readers editing an ePub book?

I have an ebook that I've created in the ePub format. I'm fine with people copying, printing, and sharing the ePub. What I'd like to avoid is readers editing the content. Is there a way to accomplish this?
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Deleted content still showing in the specific device tab on the MYCD site

Hi! I've deleted some docs from my Kindle 10, but after some days and various syncing attempts they are still showing in that specific device content tab on the Manage Your Content and Devices site. I know they always remain in the general content tab, but (if I recall correctly) I've done the same procedure before and the deleted docs have disappeared automatically from the device content tab on the site. Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone know what can be done in order to the device con...
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Gun Gear: LA Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Pants just… $29.99 a pair!

Update: We received a tip that coupon code “10savings” seems to get you an additional 10% off. Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. La Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Pants USA – -(Ammoland.com)- LA Police Gear has its best-selling La Police Gear Men’s Urban Ops Tactical Pants on sale for just… $29.99. That is 27% OFF the MSRP. Don’t see the Inseam you like? Then get a...
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Tactical Deal: Olight Warrior X Turbo Tactical Extrm Distance Flashlight $125.96 CODE

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. Olight Warrior X Turbo Tactical Extrm Distance Flashlight Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- ♠ Olight Products has a make-your-own bargain on the Olight Warrior X Turbo Tactical Flash Light for $125.96 with FREE shipping after an exclusive coupon code “OLIGHTSTORE10” at check out. You save $$$ off the $140.00 MSRP on a monster flashlight. Olight Warrior...
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Optics Deals: Sig Sauer Kilo2200BDX Laser Range Finding Monocular $299.00 FREE S&H

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. Sig Sauer Kilo2200BDX Laser Range Finding Monocular Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Bereli.com has the popular Sig Sauer Kilo2200BDX Laser Range Finding 7X25mm Monocular on sale for just $299.00 with FREE Shipping with coupon code “FREESHIPPING” at check out. That is 54% off the $650.00 MSRP. Sig Sauer Kilo2200BDX Laser Range Finding Monocular Featu...
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Combining child genres from different parents

OK, once again I searched through Calibre options, this forum and the Internet and found no solution. Here is the problem: Let's say I have a sci-fi novel and a sci-fi short story in my collection. In my custom #genre column I classify them as Novel.Sci-fi and Short Story.Sci-fi respectively. This creates the following hierarchy in my Tag Browser: NovelSci-fi Short StorySci-fi The problem is Calibre treats both Sci-fi child items as two different genres and as a result shows only one book in ...
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Changing the size of Toolbar icons in v0.7.2

I know this is a real shot in the dark, given how old my version is, but does anyone know how to increase the size of the icons in the toolbar?
Tags: Books, Sigil

Ammo InStock: ARX Inceptor Preferred Defense, 9mm, 65 Grain Ammo 25 Rounds $29.44

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! U.S. & Texas LawShield is America’s original legal defense for self-defense program. ARX Inceptor Preferred Defense, 9mm, 65 Grain Ammo Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Sportsman’s Guide has in-stock and shipping ARX Inceptor Preferred Defense, 9mm, 65 Grain ammunition, 25 Rounds for $29.44. Inceptor Preferred Defense, 9mm, ARX Ammo Introducing the next generation of terminal performance. The non-expanding ARX bullet is injection-mold...
Tags: Guns, America, Sportsman, Ammunition News, 9mm, USA Ammoland, Daily Gun Deals, AmmoLand INC, Sportsman's Guide, U S Texas LawShield, ARX Inceptor Preferred Defense, Inceptor Preferred Defense

Glo Unable to connect it to the PC

Bonjour, je suis heureux possesseurs d'une Kobo Glo reconditionné sur Aliexpress. Niveau esthétique, rien a direz tous fonctionne, l'écran et tous mais le souci étant que je n'arrive pas à la connecté au PC j'ai vu a priori que je n'étais pas le seul dans ce cas là mais je me comprend vraiment pas pourquoi. En effet lorsque je la connecte au PC, la lisseur m'indique qu'elle est connecté et si je veux la connecté au PC ce que je fais mais je n'ai rien sur le PC même pas un bruit qui montre qu'el...
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United in Condemnation & Tonic: A Letter to the Midwest

21 February 2020 Lovettsville, VA Dear Scott, It is Sunday morning, everyone is fed, and there is still six inches of crusty, icy snow upon the ground. The will to put my boots back on and be upthrusting and productive outside dwindles with each contented sigh of little Mungo here at my feet.  It is a good time to answer your letter. I had thought of answering it last Sunday, regardless of the momentous date, but couldn’t trust you to leave the easy joke alone. It appears we are finally in agre...
Tags: Gardening, Florida, Instagram, Singapore, Everest, Oprah, United, Michael, Midwest, Marianne, Jerry Maguire, Nessa, Mungo, Madeline Kahn, Lovettsville VA, Terrebonne Oregon

Applesauce With Tangerine Juice

You can enjoyed this applesauce plain, with yogurt, on a bed of light white cheese or with vanilla ice cream [Author: campaspe]
Tags: Crafts, Campaspe, Tangerine Juice

Having "title Sort" always matching "title"

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if there is some way to have "title sort" tag always matching the "title" tag, or just remove it completely. If possible I would do the same for the Author. Thanks for anyone that will help me!
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How national parks, cultural artifacts and the wilds of the West inspired a crime romp

“I wanted to try something I hadn’t seen before, but more than anything I just wanted people to read a crime novel they can have fun with,” says Todd Robert Petersen, referring to his new book, “Picnic in the Ruins” out now from Counterpoint Press.  The book is a romp populated with a cast of eccentric characters and marked by extreme moments of dark humor, delicious irony and bizarre scenes. It all takes place in the surreal red-rock backcountry and small towns of Utah and Arizona, and in na...
Tags: Utah, Books, Sport, Things To Do, West, Soccer, Arizona, Shakespeare, Rick Springfield, Zion, Southern California, National Park Service, Petersen, Bryce Canyon, Southern Utah University, San Fernando Valley

Looking for basic, Calibre-compatible, e-ink reader

My old Kindle is getting a little long in the tooth, so I was hoping to get a suggestion for a replacement. I don't want anything fancy, just a simple e-ink reader that works well with Calibre. My needs are pretty simpleE-Ink only Decent Battery life Works well with Calibre - I was hoping for something that would automatically use the calibre categories, if that exists. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Tags: Books, Which one should I buy

Troubleshooting Kindle PW3 Accidental Update

Hello all, Apologies in advance if this has been asked already. I searched for an answer before registering but found no useful threads. I've got a PW3 that I jailbroke a few years back, and I've been using KUAL and KOreader for EPUBs and the occasional PDF. Yesterday I took the Kindle off of airplane mode for the first time in a long time to browse books on the store. I accidentally left airplane mode off as I ran some errands and the device automatically updated to 5.13.4. As such I can no l...
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Reset Pocketbook 2

Hello everyone, My grandmother has a Pocketbook Touch 2. She has unfortunately lost the password, but when I entered her e-mailadresses on the official website, she didn't get an e-mail. Is there a different way to just completely reset the e-reader/account? Thanks!
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Some problems

Hello, I use calibre as a database for my discography and library. This is the best free internet program. From calibre version 4.0.0 onwards, the following problem occurred: In columns that I have added, to pass data (names, etc.), while I write them normally without spaces between 1) and 2), when saving, there are intervals. Why does this happen and how can it be fixed? I attach a photo to make the problem more understandable. (On the side 1 there are the spaces, on the side 2 I have corrected...
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Greetings to the entire forum community

Greetings to the entire forum community. I am Notis and I came to you to answer some of my questions, hoping to get help from your knowledge. Thanks.:thanks:
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