502 Bad Gateway errors on nginx server

I now have Calibre Content Server running with nginx as a virtual host, which has received a SSL certificate from Certbot for security's sake. They all run on Ubuntu 20.04 on a VPS. And I also set up a startup service that runs Calibre: Code: /opt/calibre/calibre-server /home/ubuntu/Calibre --enable-local-write --enable-auth --auth-mode "basic" --ban-after 5 --ban-for 5 --log /home/ubuntu/log/calibre.log Most of the time Calibre runs great, but I get 502 Bad Gateway error about twice ...
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Small Organized Spaces ~ Bathroom Organizer for Hair & Makeup Products

Hi everyone! There’s something you may not know about me. When it comes to my ensuite bathroom, I’m not a very tidy girl. I like to see all my things and access them quickly. Is that too much to ask? Recently I took my bathroom organization up a notch though and I am loving it. This bathroom organizer system is working pretty well for me so I thought I’d share it here with you. How do I know it’s working? Well I’m actually tidying up after myself. That says a lot, ha! And that’s because when the...
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TFB Review: Trijicon MRO Reflex Sight and Spuhr QD Mount

Over the years I have used several different brands and models of red dots. They all have their place and uses and so far I have not found the perfect red dot sight. The Trijicon MRO is my first reflex sight from them and the first Trijicon product I have ever owned. The reason why […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Trijicon MRO Reflex Sight and Spuhr QD Mount appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Fever Dream Fashion Horror SuperGuggi

Superplastic has released their latest creation by artist Guggimon. The Fever Dream Fashion Horror SuperGuggi measures in at 8 inches in height. Limited to a run of 1,111 pieces, this is the final collectible from the Dream Series. It comes along with a "Love Glove" accessory and a removable "Looks that Kill" mask. You can grab one for your own collection now for $90.00.
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What makes life worth living?

I’m concerned about something I’m hearing a lot more from my peers, my friends, and my coaching clients. In an almost habitual way, some people around me are bypassing “reality” and leaping forward, toward a future I’m afraid will surprise... [Author: Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA]
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Must Read: More Than a Body

If you are a female, read this book.If you are a male, read this book to know what the females in your life are dealing with. If you are neither, read this book anyway. If you have a book club, make this your pick.If you want to read a book on your own, get this […]
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Peanuts Big Vinyl – Franklin

Super7 has announced their Peanuts Big Vinyl - Franklin collectible figure. "Franklin is the level-headed voice of reason amongst the other Peanuts characters' frequent phobias and neuroses. A close friend of schoolmates Peppermint Patty and Marcie, Franklin is also known for his philosophical chats with Linus and his deep skepticism of The Great Pumpkin." The 16-inch tall Supersize figure features real cloth apparel. It's currently available to purchase for $195.00.
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Friday Night Lights: NIVISYS TACS – Thermal Acquisition Clip-On System

Lately, I have been playing with the newer enhanced clip-on thermal imagers like the Optics 1 ECOTI and Jerry-C. Before that, I used the Optics 1 AN/PAS-29 COTI. While there are not that many clip-on thermal imagers for head-mounted night vision devices, there are at least a couple more out there. NIVISYS has a version of […] Read More … The post Friday Night Lights: NIVISYS TACS – Thermal Acquisition Clip-On System appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Some ‘Gun Rights Leaders’ are Endorsing the Absolute Wrong Idea on Fighting Crime

What if your possession of a gun is “illegal” because you have been convicted of defying unconstitutional edicts, or because Democrats say you can’t have it anymore? (ProjectExile.org) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “PA Dem Has Right Idea to Fight Crime,” a Wednesday email alert from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership proclaims. They’re passing on a link to a Bearing Arms article by Cam Edwards, former NRATV personality and host of Cam & Co., and a widely followed commentator on the r...
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The Vanquest Markhor-45 Pack A Hard Use, Real World Review

Vanquest Markhor-45 Pack USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- I’ve been especially loyal to one specific large pack for everything I use a pack for in the woods & backcountry. I’ve loyally used this pack as my day pack, multi-day pack, camp pack, and meat hauler for well over a decade. It is a surplus USMC military pack with an internal frame (why didn’t they have these when I was jumping out of Airplanes? …Airborne!). I do have to say, this year opened my eyes to a few new options in multiple areas and t...
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5 Reasons Why Democrats’ Extremist Gun Control Will Always Fail

Gun Control Background Checks U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- With the launch of their frontal assault on firearms rights via H.R. 8 and H.R. 127, Capitol Hill Democrats have made it clear they are not interested in facts or the “common sense” their gun control campaign perennially claims to represent, and instead provided all the justification necessary for a hard-hitting pro-rights ad campaign by a grassroots gun rights organization now heading into its second week. Ammoland News did some homewo...
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POTD: People Choice Award – Military Photography Competition

Today’s Photo Of The Day is a bit different. It’s an illustration from the People Choice Award for Military Photography Competition. The picture was taken by Sgt. Matthew Aaron Callahan (USMC). The Defense Information School (DINFOS), located at Fort George G. Meade, Md. (USA) set up the 2015 Visual Information Award Program. 1st place: “The Last Patrol,” by […] Read More … The post POTD: People Choice Award – Military Photography Competition appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Here’s why California celebrates Arbor Day on March 7 and not in April

Arbor Day is observed by most Americans as a day to plant a tree in late April. But in California we celebrate early. California’s Arbor Day is recognized on March 7, which is horticulturalist Luther Burbank’s birthday. Burbank developed more than 800 varieties of fruits, flowers and vegetables over his career in California. After he grew 20,000 little prune trees, or seedlings, in only nine months, Californian farmers began calling him the “Plant Wizard.” Burbank had famous friends in high plac...
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Perpetual RINO Chris Smith, Cosponsors Dems’ Universal Background Checks

Perpetual RINO Chris Smith, Cosponsors Democrats’ Universal Background Checks New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- If you’re a slightly right to center citizen from New Jersey, things are not easy. It’s an understatement that freedom-loving and civil rights-minded persons have an incredible challenge wading through some very bad and dangerous policy. To sit and list the continued onslaught against the people of New Jersey and stripping them of their freedoms would be far too lengthy for any one arti...
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Celebrating remarkable Polish women during women’s history month

Women’s History Month 2021 is officially here. The month-long celebration is a chance to acknowledge women’s contributions to history, culture and society and people do it all over the world. Women’s History Month. Image created by Kasia Scontsas on Canva There are so many remarkable Polish women that left a print on the history. Too many to mention in one post. But I chose 4 that for few different reasons are close to my heart. Remarkable Polish Women. Image created by Kasia Scontsas on Canv...
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Snickerdoodle Cupcakes Recipe Simply Divine

The classic flavors of Snickerdoodle cupcakes are a little bite of heaven! If you love Snickerdoodle cookies these cupcakes are for you! Are you a Snickerdoodle cookie fan? If you need to whip up a batch of your favorite cookies this easy Snickerdoodle cookie recipe will hit the spot. The cinnamon-sugar topping makes these cookies! ... Read More about Snickerdoodle Cupcakes Recipe Simply Divine The post Snickerdoodle Cupcakes Recipe Simply Divine appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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The Diners Club Show – Bob Conge

Artist Bob Conge - of Plaseebo fame - has been invited to have his work included in “The Diners Club Show” at the Main Street Arts Gallery in Clifton Springs, NY. His creation -  “itt” - is a one-of-a-kind custom vinyl figure featuring a Splurrt Cadaver head on a Plaseebo Walker body with hair and a color-changing LED unit. The Diners Club Show exhibition features the work of 11 artists who collectively call themselves The Diner's Club. For years, the group has met weekly at a diner or restaur...
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TOPS Knives Introduces the Brush Wolf and High Impact Blades

TOPS Knives was founded in 1998 with the sole goal of creating some of the highest quality knives available. TOPS Knives draws from the knowledge of both operators in the military and civilian outdoor professionals to create their blades. TOPS has just released two new blades, the Brush Wolf Nessmuk style knife and the High […] Read More … The post TOPS Knives Introduces the Brush Wolf and High Impact Blades appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Almost Half the United States has Constitutional Carry

Image from radical gunnuttery, scaled by Dean Weingarten U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- In 2021, the philosophy of states’ law on the Second Amendment right to bear arms fall into three broad categories. They are: Constitutional (permitless) Carry (green). In this situation, no permit is required to carry a loaded handgun, either openly or concealed, in most public spaces most of the time. It is a close approximation of the state of the law when the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. Shall Iss...
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Cruel World Ugly Baby

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition of the Ugly Baby - a collaboration with Paul Kaiju and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore. The Cruel World Ugly Baby  features a custom fit hand-sewn outfit, five points of articulation, and a gnarly hand-painted paintjob. The micro-run exclusive will be available today - Friday March 5th 2021 - at Noon PT for $200.00.
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X Marks The Story: January 2021

Finding excellent short SFF can often feel like hunting for buried treasure. Sometimes it takes a guide to help fill in the map, connecting readers with fantastic fiction and showing where X Marks The Story–a monthly column from Charles Payseur. (And yes, this is no longer January–but the stories are still great and worth it!) Hi there! Ready to X-plore the X-citing world of short speculative fiction once again? To go to X-tremes to find great stories with me, your X-pert guide? Re...
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Extra 50% Off Temi Police Car Kids Play Tent & Accessories {Amazon}

  Great indoor or outdoor fun! Get this highly rated Temi Police Car Kids Play Tent & Accessories for an Extra 50% off with Promo Code JE9LKTXT Ships free with Prime or $25+ orders. Description: ▲Rich 7-piece Playtent Set – Not only police car play tent, but also policeman costume for kids, handcuff tool, walkie-talkie (with police... Read More
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Writing Software/Apps for E-Ink Android Tablets ??

So, I've littered up some forums trying to figure out pros/cons of some devices, which I've now gotten down to Boox Note 3 or Likebook Alita, both 10.3" Android. The BIGGER Question has come up if my "hopes" are even doable, because of the software. I want to "replace" my PC desktop writing setup with a 10.3" E-Ink Android Tablet + BT Keyboard. The E-Ink Tablet is to be the ONLY device, from start to formatted finish (no rough writing on Tablet and finish on the PC.) (1) I wanted to be able...
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50 citas en español

    Trata de dejarte llevar por la noche de vez en cuando, observa las estrellas e intenta embriagarte con la sensación de infinito. La noche, con todos sus sortilegios, también es un camino hacia la iluminación. Igual que el pozo oscuro tiene en el fondo el agua que sacia la sed, la noche, cuyo […]
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Ugh, Penguin Random House Reader "Rewards"

The reward program from Penguin excludes a surprisingly high amount of their books, and I think it's gotten worse recently. The last two digital purchases do not seem eligible for their reward program. Now I searched for Later by Stephen King, which is a book released this month and which I purchased a paperback of (still waiting for it to arrive). Even this one is not eligible for rewards according to their page. At first I figured they were excluding some of their older, cheaper backlog, b...
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The Swinger T10 Sling System from Tech Ten Tactical

I’ve only recently become better acquainted with how to properly use a sling. With this new knowledge, products like the Swinger T10 Sling system from Tech Ten Tactical have more easily caught my eye. The system they’ve developed makes use of their T10 sling which features all-metal hardware. The system also gets its name from […] Read More … The post The Swinger T10 Sling System from Tech Ten Tactical appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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How to attract beneficial insects to your garden

Early spring is a time of hope, optimism, and figuring out what to plant in your vegetable garden. As you decide what kind of tomatoes, peppers, and herbs you want to grow, you may want to consider planting some flowers with those vegetables. Flowers add color and visual interest to vegetable gardens. Try planting purple alyssum with Japanese eggplants. Marigolds and nasturtiums look great with bell or chili peppers. Purple basil with tomatoes and white alyssum next to dark cooking greens can re...
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FPC Fires First in Two Appeals Challenging Gun Store COVID-19 Closures

FPC Fires First in Two Appeals Challenging Gun Store COVID-19 Closures U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that opening briefs were filed before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in cases challenging COVID-19 closures of all gun stores and shooting ranges by officials in the counties of Ventura and Los Angeles, respectively. The briefs, authored by attorneys Raymond M. DiGiuseppe and FPC’s Director of Constitutional Studies, Joseph Greenlee, can be viewed at FP...
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Canopy Covered Cedar Sandbox with Foldable Bench Seats Only $69.24 Delivered from Walmart (Reg. $299.99)

  Get ready for the spring! Get this Canopy Covered Cedar Sandbox with Foldable Bench Seats Only $69.24 Delivered from Walmart (Reg. $299.99) Description: Naomi Home Kids cedar sandbox with cover and two convertible bench seats will definitely be a favorite place for your kids to hang out and spend time with their friends. The... Read More
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Kobo Collections sent by Calibre query

I've just got my Kobo Libra H20 and i've sent some books to the Kobo using calibre. I have the Kobo Touch Extended Plugin enabled. Is there a way to stop calibre sending empty collections? I only selected the books I wanted to send, these belong to 13 collections but the device shows 7 pages of empty collections, so 70 collections. in the Plug in Settings I have the 'Delete Empty Bookshelves' ticked. I've synced a few times in case it needed to add them before taking them away but they are sti...
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