Tennessee on the Move Toward Constitutional Carry (HB0786/SB0765)

Tennessee on the Move Toward Constitutional Carry (HB0786/SB0765), iStock-884202954 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- The Tennessee legislature has introduced two bills, one in the House, the other in the Senate, that have a good chance of passage. The bills change current law enough to qualify as a reasonable version of Constitutional Carry. Majority Leaders in both the House and the Senate are in favor of the bill. Governor Lee is in favor of the bills. From tennessean.com: A controversial bill to ...
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Today Only Disney Bubble or Light Wands just $12 (Reg. $22.99)

Take advantage of this HOT Deal for Disney Lovers! Great if you have a trip to Disney Planned. These are a lot more in the park!  Today Only Disney Bubble Wands just $12 (Reg. $22.99) FREE SHIPPING $75+ with code SHIPMAGIC   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Star Color Pen

I finally made it a (almost) exact replica of the star color change pens from Twinkle Star Pretty Cure. It was sort of tricky but I might have over thought it and that's why it was so tricky But I did it and made it in my favorite color! [Author: Kinhime Dragon]
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Chocolate Flake Cheesecake

It's best to refrigerate the cheesecake overnight. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Stellar Flavours

I jut love this out of this world cake! I love the seasoning in the crust, beside that true love for the blueberries and mango. As for my previous work the blueberries have inspire this galactic face of the cake. And it shines trough yellow color of mango. I like to work with mirror glaze and thinks it gives great fruit caramel filling of bits bites! [Author: Aleksandar Pavlovic]
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Cheesy Chicken Dorito Casserole

Really easy to make. [Author: Super Madcow]
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Farm Survival Tips (Not for the Faint of Heart)

Ed Bruske in 2006 as a DC Master Gardener. Guest Update by Ed Bruske Readers, I once worked with Ed Bruske and others to organize Washington, D.C.’s first-ever Master Gardener group, only to see it forced to dissolve by the city’s frankly corrupt Extension agent.  Ed later moved his family to Upstate New York to start a farm, and guest-posted here about that adventure.  I recently asked for an update, and as I say in the title’s parenthetical, it’s best suited to readers open to the truth abou...
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Librarians are debating how to handle the Dr. Seuss furore - but say the books will stay on the shelves for now

A copy of the children's book "If I Ran The Zoo" by author Dr. Seuss, which the publisher said will no longer be published. Brendan McDermid/Reuters Librarians said they're discussing what to do about six discontinued Dr. Seuss books.  They'll stay on the shelves for now, said the New York Public Library and other US institutions. Sales of Dr. Seuss books soared after figures like Ted Cruz railed against "cancel culture."  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Booksto...
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Variations on a Theme

While preparing last Sunday's delicious dinner, Bobbi was already musing aloud about plans for today. I have to say, it smells and looks delicious. Trying to not enquire about the timer every five minutes is difficult. . [Author: Tam]
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Books: Going Natural

This book is going to be a classic -- at the top of every designer's "want" list for at least the next several years. In New Naturalism: Designing and Planting a Resilient, Ecologically Vibrant Home Garden (Cool Springs Press, 2021), author and plantsman Kelly D. Norris explains how to design... [Author: Jane Berger]
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The Genetic Fallacy in Art and Life (i)

(2016, rev. 2020-21) (Previously: Author's Disclaimer/Preface) (a part ii may or may not be forthcoming, perhaps before, during or after another massive series) It is always tempting to assign blame for unsavory social or scholarly trends to partisans of particularly visible brand name thinkers: to the Damned Freudians, the Fucking Marxists, the Obstinate Foucauldians. If not for Fanon, there would be no political violence on the Left! Blame the white male descent into anarcho-capitalism on Mi...
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Fallen Desire by Alex Stargazer

**When angels fall, demons take their place…** The Devil is many things: beautiful, cruel, and sometimes mischievous. But above all he is cunning. Thrust into Hell against his will, Mark must learn to navigate this fantastical world – a world where demons rule over mortals, and curious little imps can be found spying in hidden nooks and crannies. Mark needs allies, but when betrayal lurks in every corner, who can you trust? One thing is for sure: there will be a reckoning, and it will decide ...
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Help with a search&replace

I wanted to make some search & replaces for an Action Chain to populate one column based on values from another, like these (note the latter should also be 'prepend to field,' I forgot to set it before screenshotting it): Attachment 185808 Attachment 185809 As the results show, it also copies all values from Genre (tag-like composite). What should I do? :thanks: Attached Thumbnails    
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POTD: The Evolution of Finnish Snipers

Ever since photography was invented in the early 1800s, it has been a medium of almost limitless possibilities. Today most people have at least a smartphone to capture what’s going on around them, and the professionals use even more advanced cameras and optics. At TFB we’ve been running our Photo Of The Day for years […] Read More … The post POTD: The Evolution of Finnish Snipers appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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WAF Any way to debug a javascript/mesquite/waf app?

Howdy all! Thanks to the community for your great resources, recently got a second-hand KT to jailbreak and use as an experimentation platform. (Turns out it's actually a pretty nice e-reader too, especially since there are so many software-related ebooks out there for free, plus KOReader's feed downloads... :D) So I'm working on a TODO-list/work time tracking tool, going thru HTML and Javascript as my platform. I've got an installable KUAL extension package, it's all being fired up by mesquite...
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Which tablet ereader

Im still in tablet mode but will drift into a eink reader (probably KOBO - is there any other choice) Ive used Kindle and it provides an acceptable experience AT A PRICE - loss of $$$ and freedom So I dont want to be imprisoned by the "ecomould" anymore Kobo does similar control freak stuff but at least your can dl your own Epubs and sideload into Kobo. Anyway you guys know all this shouty stuff already So I had a Sony PRS350 some 10 years ago (it was the dogs plums back then) and amazingly...
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'The Knight's Falconess' - Medieval Romance

'The Knight's Falconess,' a sensual Medieval Romance, is only 99c on Kindle until Tuesday 9th March in US (and 99p in UK) on Kindle Countdown. Also available on Kindle Unlimited: http://www.amazon.com/Knights-Falcon.../dp/B08LZDZ36H If you read and enjoy the book, reviews, ratings and recommendations would be appreciated on Amazon and elsewhere.
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"Rangefinder Style"

So, in my attempts to get better at street photography, I've been messing with what are called "rangefinder style" mirrorless cameras. Basically, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras have sorted themselves out into two major types: "SLR style", which have an electronic viewfinder mounted in a hump at the top, where the prism housing of a single-lens reflex camera would be, and "rangefinder style", which either put the electronic viewfinder in the upper corner of the flat-topped camera body, l...
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Robintes hi

silver surfer but fully PC literate I much admire the work done by calibre to make pc book reading available away from the monsters (Kindle and Kobo) I just hate the way these $$$$$.coms want to take over your life and harvest all your private stuff. they also try their best to poison any attempt by a humble reader to the written word without paying megabucks to them - EOR (end of rant):smack: Im sure other rebels will be out there to give me tips
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Zip support question

Every time I try to open a zipped file on Android Koreader says it has no rendering engine for that file. I would expect koreader to show me preview of the archive first, but It looks like Koreader is treating it, as a single ebook file. Ok, so then I decided to test, if it opens with a single epub file inside. To no avail. Am i doing somethin wrong? Does it depend on the compression method used? Koreader wiki says it supports Zip format., but does not say anything beyond that.
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Swalwell Suit Latest Antic Against Second Amendment Supporters

Swalwell Suit Latest Antic Against Second Amendment Supporters United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Eric Swalwell has long been one of the more extreme anti-Second Amendment extremists currently in the United States Congress. He’s also been prone to making a lot of outlandish claims and for supporting a number of crazy items of legislation. He’s now in the news for suing President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) and other Trump allies over the January 6 protests that turned ...
Tags: Guns, Congress, Australia, White House, Russia, Reagan, United States, Trump, Nra, House Senate, Harold, National Rifle Association, Mo Brooks R AL, Institute for Legislative Action, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eric Swalwell

Is Steel-Cased Ammunition Really All That Bad? ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- COVID 19 and Joe Biden suck, they have driven the price of ammo through the roof, even previously-affordable steel-cased stuff. This is a huge problem given the recent surge in new gun-owners who are looking to hone their skills on their new guns, but simply can’t. They either can’t afford the rounds or can’t find the rounds at all – and whenever they can, the majority of the rounds are steel-cased. These rounds are often maligned for performance, reliability, and bein...
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Ladies Night @ SMOLfair

 Oh my gosh you guys! We did it! We hosted our very first zoom reading and it. was. phenomeonal! I mean it, truly, and not just because I curated the event. Our authors knocked it out of the park! It was a dream lineup and their readings were even dreamier.  We were thrilled to get this gorgeous group of women writers together for a reading during SMOLfair! Check out this fabulous line up of ladies... (listed in the order of their reading) Francine Witte (sitting in for Meg Pokrass) Beth Gils...
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Target Toy Coupon | 25% Any 1 Toy – Includes Bikes Too!

Great deal at Target to pick up a toy for Easter Get 25% Off any Toy Includes Toys on Clearance and already on sale. Just clip the Target Circle Coupon Don’t forget to use your REDcard too for 5% off. Check out these deals before 25% Off:   For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Libra Missing Hebrew diacritic symbols (Nikud) from book?

I side-loaded a Hebrew book I borrowed from the library (using libby), and while reading it using the publisher default font(s), I came across a place in the text that some diacritic symbols' glyphs were missing from the publisher font, or so it seems. The end result was rendered owefuly, compared to using a side-loaded font. Interestingly, when using the built-in Kobo Nickel font, it seems to have picked a font with Hebrew glyphs in order to render the text, but that font seems to have those mi...
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Weekend Reading 3.7.21

I’ve been traveling vicariously through Scotland watching the travel show “Men in Kilts” because I’ve never visited (and always wanted to) and I like those two actors from “Outlander”. I would love to see more actors do travel shows featuring their birth countries. How about Oscar Isaac showing off Guatemala, and Pedro Pascal spotlighting the best of Chile. Priyanka Chopra highlighting the culture of India? Who else would you suggest? Renovation on the fixer is underway, I picked up some tile an...
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Food Photography

Yes, you heard it well! It is new cake boss in town! Famous classical cake got new suit Purple and Orange, with an amazing combo of lavender and pumpkin! The queens of autumn gardens become best friends sharing a cake. The contrast is so refreshingly sweet and savory! Go and make this one! [Author: Aleksandar Pavlovic]
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Moon+Reader can't display "small-caps"

Hi, i have an ebook that includes an interview. The names of the interlocutor are formated with CSS: Code: name: text This works when i open the ebook in calibre editor but not with the moon+reader on android. Is someone using the same reader and can test it? abraum
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Fooling Around

What with keeping Josie, getting a haircut, and having friends to lunch, I've not had a free morning (when the light is good) to fiddle with the watercolors till yesterday. And fiddle I did. The tulip was another exercise from my last venture but I decided to outline it--I've always liked the combination of watercolor and ink. More from the exercise book. I realize I'm still putting on color too heavily--this isn't like oils. Once the feather dries, I may give it an...
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Turning geology into archaeology: how two businessmen changed the face of time

On the afternoon of 27 April 1859, two top-hatted businessmen, standing in a gravel pit outside the French city of Amiens, were about to change history. Joseph Prestwich and John Evans had brought with them a photographer, scientific witnesses, and a great deal of zeal and perseverance to answer a longstanding question: how old was humanity? They were not the first to put the question or seek its answer; nearby, in the small town of Abbeville, Jacques Boucher de Perthes, the Somme’s leading anti...
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