March Madness….Mastering the Gardener

It is the middle of March. I stand looking at the back garden, which turns 24 years old this August. The Hellebores are blooming up a storm of color. Fragrant Edgeworthia is wafting its sweet scent to call me into the garden. But I just stand and look. I don’t move. There is a time as spring approaches that I am filled with pit-of-the-stomach angst anticipating that I will not be able to take care of this garden. It is too much. Pollarding, cutting back, removing, digging, dividing, and hauling...
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Happenings April 2021

SELECTED EVENTS AROUND THE COUNTRY: ORCHID SHOWS: Thru April 4, Spotlight on Orchids, NY Botanical Garden Thru April 11, Orchid Daze, Atlanta Botanical Garden Thru April 11, Orchids Forever, Cleveland Botanical Garden EVENTS: April 1, "Under Western Skies," Garden Conservancy ONLINE 2pm Eastern, Lecture, author Jennifer Jewell April 1, "Tokachi... [Author: Jane Berger]
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Easter Crochet Patterns {Quick, Easy & Free}

These free Easter crochet patterns are a festive way to celebrate. I love to crochet for the holidays and these quick and easy Easter patterns are fun and make cute little gifts! If you love to crochet as much as I do be sure to check out all my free crochet patterns. Crocheting is a ... Read More about Easter Crochet Patterns {Quick, Easy & Free} The post Easter Crochet Patterns {Quick, Easy & Free} appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Template: Syntax error (again!)

I made this template for Action Chains' single-field edit to set #fanficstatus to "Abandoned" if it's more than two years old: Code: program: d1 = raw_field('#fanficupdated') d2 = format_date(today()) if         and(                 field('#fanficstatus')=='In-Progress'),                 days_between(d1, d2)># 730,                 ) then         "Abandoned" else         field('#fanficstatus') fi it returns EXCEPTION: Formatter: Syntax error - program ends before EOF near ')' . I got...
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Problems with Beautifulsoup with custom tags

Hi!, i'm having troubles to add a custom tag with my plugin using Beautifulsoup: The code: Code:     html = '[3] Note 1.
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POTD: Engravings By Damir

Photo Of The Day and we’re going to take a look at Engravings By Damir in a series of photos. Damir started working with wood carving in 1996 and worked as a maker of gunstocks and an engraver of wood until about 2003 when he started engraving metal instead. Damir then met Stanley Stoltz, a world-renowned […] Read More … The post POTD: Engravings By Damir appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Template: Indenting

I made a template. It works but I think I indented it wrong. Where should I put the indents? Code: program:  if                 and(check_yes_no('#read', '', '1', ''),                 raw_field('#percentread') ==# 100,                 field('rating'),)                 then        'Yes'                 else field('#read')         fi Context: In FanFicFare, I have it set #read to 'no' when updating a fanfic. But this also runs when I am using 'update metadata' on previously-read fanf...
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Wizard not responding

Several conversion attempts of any PDF into MOBI/AZW3 has resulted in illegible page text. Discovered how to run Search Replace to remove unwanted formats with regular expressions. A online help document says to first press the Wizard button to see the coding of the PDF causing problems. Every time I do this, Calibre goes into "Not Responding" and Windows 10 popup asks to close it (Calibre). Have fresh install of Calibre v.5.14 on Windows 10 fully updated. Restarted several times and even ran th...
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How to prevent metadata download from replacing data with empty fields?

Hello I am trying to update the metadata via the "download metadata and covers" option, which technically does what it is supposed to. However i am in the situation that i would like to keep the data in specific fields (if the returned data is empty) As can be seen in the image below, the publisher (Sasquatch Books) would be replaced with nothing. Is there a way to tell Calibre to NOT delete data in that way?
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Total Newbie

Excited to use Calibre and to learn more about documents formats. I can see there are many experts here to learn from. Retired computer engineer (systems operations) but no experience with this type of documents.
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Visible in Calibre not in Apple books

Does anyone know why a EPUB may be visible in Calibre but not in Apple Books or Marvin for that matter. I got the file as a AZW 3 Converted to ePub Works great in ePub viewer but not in Apple Books
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Any point to holding on to MOBI files?

I am a Kindle user, but I have my Calibre library backed up as EPUBs. I have a bunch of old MOBI files kicking around as well as the EPUBs and other formats (AZW3 and KFX). Is there any point in keeping the MOBI versions or are they just taking up space on my hard drive at this point?
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Weekend Reading 3.27.21

I attended a funeral yesterday. They are always a reminder of the impact people have on each others lives, how quickly life moves and how fleeting it is. The takeaway for me each time I go to a funeral or memorial is to appreciate the moments we have while we still have them, and to do something everyday that makes you come alive. I doing some of my favorite things this weekend. I’m starting on a bathroom remodel by demoing an existing backsplash and priming cabinets for fresh paint. My new fron...
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Kindle DX - how to fix screen

i have an old Kindle DX home with a broken screen. is it possible to fix it? one of the challanges is that i live in europe ... any help apriciated, i would like to get it working as it is quite unique device.
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Kobo Forma will not connect to calibre

Hello I get this error message when I plug my Forma in. calibre, version 3.44.0 ERROR: Error: Error communicating with device CorruptError: database disk image is malformed Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages/calibre/gui2/device.py", line 89, in run File "site-packages/calibre/gui2/device.py", line 512, in _books File "site-packages/calibre/devices/kobo/driver.py", line 1943, in books File "site-packages/calibre/devices/kobo/driver.py", line 1822, in get_books...
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Toy stories: 100 years of American toy adverts – in pictures

From electric train sets to Arnold Schwarzenegger action heroes, a new book from brings together American toy adverts of the 20th century. “Whenever you ask someone, ‘What was your favourite toy?’, there’s an immediate response – everybody had one,” says co-author Jim Heimann. Print adverts for toys are rare now, but these images preserve a snapshot of the society that produced them. At the start of the book, which is chronological, boys are advertised guns and adventures, while girls are sold...
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How the shock of an unexpected DNA match sparks family drama of ‘A Million Reasons Why’

By Sharon Seitz Jessica Strawser’s new novel “A Million Reasons Why” may strike a nerve with readers who have used old-fashioned sleuthing, or more recently, direct-to-consumer DNA testing, to uncover family secrets. In fact, I was drawn to Strawser’s book because in recent years I’ve met close relatives I never knew existed: a half-sister who had been surreptitiously given away to adoptive parents reached out to me, and then two first cousins born out of wedlock found me through DNA testing....
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Firmware Update Adding Polish language to kindle

Hello Does anyone know if there is any information about adding new languages, I am interested in the Polish language. I was looking for information on the internet but found nothing about it.
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SILENCER SATURDAY #170: CGS MOD9 – Library Quiet!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to another Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the YHM Turbo K rifle suppressor. Last week we talked about the brand new OSS pistol cans. This week we stay in the same category with a review of the CGS MOD9 that achieves library quiet […] Read More … The post SILENCER SATURDAY #170: CGS MOD9 – Library Quiet! appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Select Books, Toys & More at Amazon! Deal Idea!

  Tons of fun Easter basket ideas included in this deal at Amazon! Over 300 items included! Buy 2 Get 1 Free Select Books, Toys & More at Amazon Awesome deal if you add 3 Slinkys to cart: A few of the many options: For Even More Awesome Online Deals
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Former Indiana Police Chief Indicted in Machine Gun Scheme ~ VIDEO

Video for illustration purposes only and not part of the original press release. Allegedly conspired with two Indiana gun dealers to acquire over 200 fully automatic weapons and re-sell them at a profit. Indianapolis – -(AmmoLand.com)- Acting U.S. Attorney John E. Childress announced today that Dorian LaCourse, 65, of Milford, Ohio, was indicted by a federal grand jury for his role in a scheme to use his position as Chief of Police for the Addyston Police Department in Addyston, Ohio, to hel...
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Trigger Time with PSA’s JAKL – The Poor Man’s SCAR ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Not long ago, piston guns like the new Palmetto State Armory JAKL were the exception, not the rule in the realm of modern sporting rifles. One of the side effects of this, was that these guns were dramatically more expensive than standard direct impingement AR-15 rifles and carbines. Despite the relatively high cost, piston-driven self-loading firearms like the SCAR and the BRN-180 have proven incredibly popular with American shooters. And with price being the biggest ...
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10 ways to market your book if you really don’t like marketing

You know that you need to market your book. But what if you really, really, don’t like marketing? You became a writer to write, after all – not to sell. Reading Time: 8 minutes Do you feel that writing is what you’re good at – and marketing isn’t? It’s true that writing is your primary task. It’s natural to want to play to your strengths and focus on what you love doing – without the inconvenience of having to having to find an audience for it. But it’s also true that you won’t last l...
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Washington Anti-Self-Defense Legislation Vote Imminent

Friday, March 26th, anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 5038, was placed on the House Calendar for Second Reading.  IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Friday, March 26th, anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 5038, was placed on the House Calendar for Second Reading.  The measure can now be brought up for a vote at any time, and your representative needs to hear from you immediately!  Please contact your State Representative and ask them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 5038. CLICK HERE TAKE ACTION! Senate ...
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Weekend Cooking: Come On Over by Jeff Mauro

Have you heard of Jeff Mauro? He made his name as the “Sandwich King” on the Food Network and currently hosts the show The Kitchen on the same network. His new cookbook, Come On Over will be published by William Morrow in April. (Thanks to William Morrow for the review copy of the cookbook.) As you can tell from the title, this cookbook is all about entertaining—but don’t think hoity-toity. The gatherings Mauro likes are those that involve family and close friends. Each chapter focuses on a dif...
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Old CC with Android 11

My Galaxy Tab A wants to update to Android 11. Anyone using the old CC and have updated to 11? I'd like to update so it stops nagging me, but I'm not willing to lose my old, perfect CC (prior to the new CC owner).
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Rep. Boebert Stands Against ANTIFA & Condemns Political Violence ~ VIDEO

Rep. Boebert Stands Against ANTIFA and Condemns Political Violence Washington, D.C. – -(AmmoLand.com)- Friday Mach 26th, 2021, Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-03) introduced a resolution to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization and unequivocally condemn its violent actions. Representative Lauren Boebert stated: “When an organization targets the home of a sitting U.S. Senator, burns down cities across the country, and murders Americans because of their political beliefs, it wo...
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Calibre 3.48 - Overview of Compatible Devices?

Hello, I have Mac OS 10.13 and for various reasons I don't want to update again - and I hope my mac will last long. That is why calibre version 3.48 is the last possible. After my PocketBook Touch HD 3 said goodbye just after the warranty had expired, I took my old Bookeen Muse again. Unfortunately the on / off switch is stuck there in the meantime. Since I had the experience that the pocketbook was no longer recognized by Calibre after updates, I would now like to buy a simple reader with ...
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'I wrote it as a fugitive from what my life had become': Tsitsi Dangarembga on Nervous Conditions

The Booker-nominated writer on how growing up between England and Zimbabwe inspired her first novel - and why she started over after reading Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch Nervous Conditions is a novel about yearning and wanting, about black girls – in this case Zimbabwean girls – desiring better for themselves and their loved ones. I wrote it as a fugitive. A fugitive from my first memories and of what my life had become. Related: Tsitsi Dangarembga: 'I am afraid. There have been abductio...
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