Oreo Egg Brownie Pudding

Sweet & tasty bake. Great as an Easter treat. [Author: Super Madcow]
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How can I show document paths for each book?

The Book Details shows path, but it's the path to the whole folder. I think formats_paths() is supposed to help, but adding a column for formats_paths did nothing.
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Hank Strange on Compromise & Surrender Within the “Pro” 2A Community ~ VIDEO

Editor Note: Second Amendment rights activist and Podcaster, Hank Strange, pulls no punches in his response to a recent OP-ED titled “Ending the Culture War & Starting a Productive Conversation” that recently appeared on AmmoLand News that called for gun owners to settle for compromise and work with the anti-gun side. U.S.A. –  My first reaction to this Op-Ed on Facebook earlier today, Monday, March 29th, 2021. After talking it over with my peers and going over the text from the article y...
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Garlic Chicken & Potatoes

Easy to make. [Author: Super Madcow]
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A Video Tutorial of Advanced Features

I love Calibre but know that I am not using many of the advanced features. I don't know how to write code or any programming. Many of the features of Calibre are just over my head, but I'd love to use them. It would be awesome if there were some videos explaining some features and how to implement them. Such as the many add-on features and tweaks.:bulb2:
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Pressing "Restore Defaults" under "Book Details" wipes all "Look & Feel" settings.

I was trying to match the order of items in the Book Details pane to the order of columns. I guessed the default order might be to switch to the column order... figured it wouldn't hurt to try... Still using Calibre 4.23, don't know if all the plug-ins are working for Calibre 5 yet.
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TFB Review: FK Brno PSD – The Most Accessible Hand Cannon?

FK Brno PSD Review: The Best BIg Pistol Yet? Truth be told, I am a bit of a hand cannon junkie.  I love going out to shoot my .44 Magnum wheelguns, and always appreciate a range session with a friend’s .454, .460, .480, .500 and so on.  While all these pistols are a hoot to […] Read More … The post TFB Review: FK Brno PSD – The Most Accessible Hand Cannon? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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SCOTUS Denies Review To NJ AG In SAF-Defense Distributed Case

Defense Distributed Liberator Pistol BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The U.S. Supreme Court has denied a petition for certiorari from New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in his effort to escape the jurisdiction of the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in the ongoing First Amendment case brought by Defense Distributed and the Second Amendment Foundation. The Fifth Circuit had ruled unanimously that Grewal, because of his efforts to prevent the distribution of materials related to the ...
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POTD: Arctic Warfare Training with Korps Mariniers

Photo Of The Day and we have some of the coolest pictures in a while available. We’re looking at Dutch snipers of the 1st Marine Combat Group as they conduct arctic warfare training in the beautiful mountains of Norway. Auto-translated from Dutch: Arctic Warfare Training – Norway The Recce Sniper Troop and the Anti Armor […] Read More … The post POTD: Arctic Warfare Training with Korps Mariniers appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Calibre: connected to content server but cannot download books

I started using Calibre about 6 months ago. Just updated to 5.14.0 today (29 March) Using it on a Macbook Pro 2016 running on Catalina 10.15.7 My e-reader is a Kobo Clara HD which runs software ver. 4.26.16704 I use the "content server" method to download books into my Kobo, on a mobile version of the address (ie: myIPaddress:8080/mobile) as my Kobo's web browser is a beta feature and doesn't have support. Before I updated, I have not used Calibre for about a month (so I'm unsure if the issue is...
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Can you import the "identifiers" column?

I have some catalogs without separate identifiers. I have custom columns for each one I use for the most part, but some of the catalogs don't have the individual columns for identifiers like "goodreads" or "amazon", and I need them separate so I can import the list easily. So, can I create a column "identifiers" and import that column in the catalog?
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‘Thundercats’ Movie to Be Directed By ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Helmer Adam Wingard

Holy Snarf, a Thundercats movie is finally happening – and the project has found its director. Adam Wingard, the director of You’re Next, The Guest, and this week’s gigantic MonsterVerse movie Godzilla vs. Kong, has been tapped to direct a Thundercats film for Warner Bros. based on the popular 1980s animated television series. And it sounds like Wingard is a massive fan, because in a new interview, he makes this bold claim: “Nobody on this planet knows or has thought as much about Thundercats a...
Tags: Television, Movies, Michael Bay, Sci-fi, Adaptation, Warner Bros, Godzilla, Thundercats, Warner Brothers, Toy, Kong, WB, Wingard, Action/Adventure, Roy Lee, Adam Wingard

The Rimfire Report: Alaskan Small Game Hunting with Rimfire Rifles – My Top Picks

Hello and welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! This ongoing series is all about the rimfire firearm world. I’ve recently started watching a series put on by National Geographic called Life Below Zero which details the lives of several individuals and families living close to or sometimes far north of the arctic circle in Alaska. […] Read More … The post The Rimfire Report: Alaskan Small Game Hunting with Rimfire Rifles – My Top Picks appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Huh? Gun Activist Calls For Expanded Background Checks, Then Says He Didn’t

The longtime instructor, author, and entrepreneur co-wrote a lengthy column with a former president of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which calls for more gun control. Comments by Lee Williams Rob Pincus Is A Divisive Figure In The Gun Community Sarasota, Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Rob Pincus is a divisive figure in the gun community — that’s about the only thing everyone can agree on when his name is mentioned. It started with the shooting method he developed — the “Combat Focu...
Tags: Guns, America, House, Army, Rob, Biden, Nra, Lee, Jim, Mark Walter, Ammoland, Sarasota Florida, Dan Gross, Rob Pincus, White House Senate, Lee Williams

Poll: Majority of Likely Voters Say Tougher Laws Won’t Stop Mass Killers

Joe Biden pivoted on gun control during his first press conference, and a new Rasmussen survey says the majority of likely U.S. voters says gun control laws won’t prevent mass shootings. (Screen snip, YouTube, WION) U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- While Joe Biden continues to threaten new gun control action, perhaps via executive order, and Capitol Hill Democrats are pushing extremist gun laws, a new Rasmussen Survey may have just provided a needle to pop their bubble as a majority of “likely U.S. v...
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Book Review | The TATAS — How a family built a business and a nation

Girish Kuber’s book has many interesting anecdotes of stories, struggles, trials and tribulations, and many jubilations behind the family’s journey. A lot is already known about the Tatas; one of India’s foremost business groups and family. Despite this, Girish Kuber’s account of the Tatas spanning 200 years is worth a mention because it condenses- and yet maintains enough drama and riveting details of- the story of how the Tatas built an empire. Girish Kuber, Editor of Loksatta (the Marathi dai...
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En Banc Ninth Circuit Court Rules Gun Owner Have No Right To Carry

En Banc Ninth Circuit Court Rules Gun Owner Have No Right To Carry. IMG NRA-ILA SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF –-(Ammoland.com)- The Ninth Circuit ruled in Young v. The State of Hawaii that ruled that an individual does not have a right to bear arms outside the home. In 2011, George Young applied for a firearm-carry license, but Hawaii denied his application. The state requires gun owners to show “the urgency or the need” to carry a firearm openly. The applicant must also be of good moral character and...
Tags: Guns, Supreme Court, America, Anglo American, Hawaii, John, District Of Columbia, Young, Nelson, Miller, Claus, George Young, Nra, Hawai'i, Duncan, McDonald

Jetty:Mod by Allsteel is right for the Evolving Workplace

Jetty:Mod by Allsteel is a modular seating system that’s perfect for this moment of flux in the workplace. Comprised of arms, legs, cushions, tables, and screens, Jetty:Mod uses linear and rectilinear shapes for customized solutions across a variety of spaces—private offices, public areas, atriums, and cafés. The system’s flexibility supports multiple working styles. Different heights and seat depths enable both focused work and team collaboration, and a variety of finishes (up...
Tags: Books, Furniture, Sofa, Modular Seating, Allsteel, Modular Tables, Modular Workplace, Modular Sofa, Modular Workspace, Jetty:Mod

The 5 best sprinklers of 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky A good sprinkler can save money, protect natural resources, and provide optimal gardening results. We looked at durability, water distribution, ease of use, and price while testing. We rounded up sprinklers best for small and large lawns alike, as well as an option for seedlings. Every gardener, including those without a green thumb, needs the right tools and knows that plants need water to survive. That's why it's important to understand the watering...
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Butterfly Garden Pillow Lady

She is the last one for now. All her flowers, butterflies, and her light green dress are cashmere and so, so soft. And her beige slippers- Her flowers go all the way around her neckline.
Tags: Crafts, Doll, Finished Projects, Butterfly Garden, Applique, Lady Pillow Doll

Patterned Outdoor Rugs for Spring

I had a very productive weekend, I primed some cabinets for a bathroom makeover in progress. I prepped a wall for a new backsplash and did some gardening too. I propagated some succulents from the rear yard and placed them in new pots, then gave the front porch a quick refresh. I ordered a playful spotted rug for the porch this year, one that’s in the same blue tones as the door. (The color is Knoxville Gray if you’re curious.). I was torn between the blue and green version but chose blue to pla...
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I'm looking for something to help keep track of sources. Any suggestions?

I would like to be able to check sources on my Mac, and when I find something relevant to an ongoing project, easily create a link from a project page to the appropriate page of the appropriate file. I get awful migraines from flashing and certain other animation. So apps which have a lot of animation ar out, and ones where notes scroll separately from the project page/window, or different columns scroll separately within the same project page/window, aren't going to work. I have tried Pdfoo, ...
Tags: Books, Writers' Corner, ClearView, Blik, Pdfoo, LibreOffice Current

Title of book in e-book viewer window title bar

Is there a way to have the title of the book show in the e-book viewer title bar (and thus the window switcher, etc)? I often have dozens of books open and am unable to distinguish them when switching.
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Help in dictionary conversion

Hello. I have some problems with conversion to dic format. I need some extra dictionaries, because it will help me in studying languages. Mainly ENG-PL, ES-PL, DE-PL. After some research I found that obtaining dictionaries is difficult for pocketbook devices. I found on this forum simple advice how to convert everything. https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...02&postcount=3 I started with preparations. I downloaded PHP and PERL software, KINDLEUNPACK, pocketbook converter ver3 from this forum...
Tags: Books, Php, PocketBook, Mobi, PERL

KOReader aspect in linux desktop

Hi, I've just installed KOReader in my linux pc (archlinux). This is how it appears when browsing for a file: Is it possible to use a smaller font on my 17" laptop screen so that it to be more usable? Is there any specific layout for a PC (this seems the same GUI made for portable devices)?
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Kepub Line-Height

Hi I just noticed that I totally dislike the line-height of the books I read on my Kobo (Libra H20). Most books seem to fill a complete blank line between each and every line ... and therefore waste a lot of space ... so I'm way too often forced to paginate. I have one book where I like the line-height ... there is almost none: Attachment 186210 And lot's of others, where the wasted space is dis comfortable. Attachment 186211 Attachment 186212 Attachment 186213 The way I load books: normally I ...
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Need Help with Sigil Formatting

Hi! I am a newbie, working on my first epub and using Sigil. I need help finding a few things, like how to number pages, how to insert more blank space between paragraphs on a page which has only three short paragraphs, and how to insert "separators" within a chapter when a new chapter is not called for, but there is a change in scene. Is there a user guide? Thanks so much - RatherBWriting
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Need Help with Formatting Sigil

Hi! I am RatherBWriting, soon to be retired, and with a good first novel about to be self-published. I need help with my epub, mostly little details, like page numbering and how to put more blank space between paragraphs when there are only three short paragraphs on one page (copyright page, for instance). My favorite html tags from many years ago don't seem to work (, for instance, will not work for me in Sigil). Have I come to the right place? Thanks so much! RatherBWriting
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Old Simple Touch - Sticky Plastic

I am trying to clean up some of my old devices to see if I can donate them to the Children's hospital here. I have two old Nook Simple Touch readers that are in great condition.... except that the plastic feels sticky. Most solutions to cleaning sticky plastic involve baking soda and I would rather not risk damaging the device. Anyone got any good ideas on how to clean the sticky backs?
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