How To Use Fake Flowers To Decorate For Spring

Who wants a fun, simple, and creative way to decorate for spring? Let’s create something that will last throughout the season by putting some fake flowers together made of silk and/or paper. Plus, there are some creative ways we can decorate the center of the flower using seed beads, glitter, or rhinestones giving it that creative handmade touch. Last, of all, we’re going to add a magnet to the bottom. That way we can decorate our front doors or mailboxes and make our neighbors happy. [Author: H...
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I’m Project-ed Out! Weariness Projected Through Labor Day!

Cincinnati, Ohio Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021 Dear Marianne, Thanks for your last letter and your continued interest in my life. I apologize that it has again taken me over a month to reply. Fact is, I have no self-discipline. I have no self-discipline and I was mired in a self-isolated hell of trying to launch, sell, produce, and present two simultaneous, five-part, virtual horticultural lecture series without any of the skill sets. On top of that, someone at work is being mean to me! Michele ...
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The ongoing issues with sideloading books onto the nook is making me rethink it.

My wife really likes the nook. She started with the original nook with the color screen on the bottom and has worked her way up through all the various nook models through her current Glowlight 3. All the models have given me no end of hell with side-loading books. When the Glowlight 3 came out, I was thrilled that Barnes and Noble FINALLY dumped mtp and went with simple mass storage. But every time there's a software update, it seems to mess with side-loading. I own a Kindle and will side-load...
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Template: Prioritizing an item in sublists

I have this template: Code: program:                 if field('#taglike') then                         template("{#taglike:'sublist(list_sort($, 0, ','), 0,1,',')'} | {#anothercolumn}")         fi Is there a way to make it so that if a specific value is present in #taglike, it is prioritized and appears instead of the first sorted one? e.g. prioritizing 'bar,' so that if the list is 'abc, bar, foo', have 'bar' appear instead of 'abc'. But if the list is just 'abc, foo,' have 'abc' ap...
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eBooks showing up on device library but NOT on "Content and Devices"

I was unsuccessful in troubleshooting my Kindle issues after spending 4 hours chatting with Amazon's customer service. I also searched all over the net but no dice. Would really appreciate your help. What I'm working with: Calibre Version 5.14 Kindle Paperwhite Firmware Version 5.13.4 Kindle device was previously registered to a different Amazon account, but have since deregistered it and registered it to my new/current Amazon account. Steps I've taken: deregistered and re-registered kindle...
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Troubleshooting Sideloading Issue: eBooks showing up on Kindle Paperwhite device library but NOT on A

I was unsuccessful in troubleshooting my Kindle issues after spending 4 hours chatting with Amazon's customer service. I also searched all over the net but no dice. Would really appreciate your help. What I'm working with: Calibre Version 5.14 Kindle Paperwhite Firmware Version 5.13.4 Kindle device was previously registered to a different Amazon account, but have since deregistered it and registered it to my new/current Amazon account. Steps I've taken: deregistered and re-registered kindle...
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LG V60 used to sync with Calibre but now crashes it

Hi, I have been using a LG V60 with Calibre on a Windows 10 PC. It has worked fine until a recent update. Calibre on the Windows PC now crashes any time I plug the LG V60 into the computer. I have tried: 1) In calibre, go to Preferences->Ignored Devices and check that your device is not being ignored 2) In calibre, go to Preferences->Plugins->Device Interface plugin and make sure the plugin for your device is enabled, the plugin icon next to it should be green when it is enabled. 3) The pho...
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Q: Metadata Bulk Edit and Replace

I have 100+ books with titles similar to "Doctor Who - Target Novelisations - 001 - The Abominable Snowmen" I wanted to use bulk edit / search & replace to split the title into other fields Title = "The Abominable Snowmen" Series = "Doctor Who" Number = 1 The Series part is easy since the Basic Metadata tab has a place Is it possible?
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Prototype Briggs Gun Missing Link Between Henry and Winchester – VIDEO

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- The lever-action repeating rifle that Benjamin Tyler Henry invented was a huge step forward in arms development, but there was still room for improvement, namely in terms of the loading mechanism. Henry’s gun loaded from the muzzle and had an exposed magazine spring and follower. Loading from the muzzle presented challenges when in the prone position or on horseback, and the exposed spring and follower meant that the gun’s internals were open to dirt, sand, and other ...
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Running from source: Abnormal shutdown?

Sometimes after running from source to test the new features and switching back to the stable version, Job Spy complains that Calibre was not shut down properly and turns off all my custom tag browser icons. Any idea why this would happen?
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POTD: The New Uzi Pro

It’s time for some more UZI in TFB’s Photo Of The Day article series with some very clean Uzi Pro product photos taken by Jeremy Tremp of Offensive Marketing Group (used with permission). Or would you like one with a brace instead? From IWI USA’s Homepage: Evolution of the iconic UZI SMG More ease-of-use, reliability and […] Read More … The post POTD: The New Uzi Pro appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (106) - Der unheimliche Mieter. V1.0 [German] 04.04.2021

Der unheimliche Mieter. Fräulein von Perwart, die Braut Dr. Gußfelders, hatte uns zum Abendessen eingeladen. Daß die Stimmung in unserem kleinen Kreise nach den Ereignissen der verflossenen Nacht sehr ernst und auch etwas gedrückt war, konnte nicht weiter Wunder nehmen. Gußfelders Zwillingsbruder, Diamantendieb und Hochstapler, war durch Kriminalkommissar Vogler erschossen worden. Heute nun sollten wir aus dem Munde Benn Gußfelders, des ehemaligen australischen Diggers (Goldgräbers), die Geschi...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (107) - Känguruh d Miß Dolling. V1.0 [German] 04.04.2021

Das Känguruh der Miß Dolling. Es war Ende Januar 1923. Wir, Harald Harst und ich, kamen aus dem westlichsten Winkel von Neu-Süd-Wales, Australien. Was wir in der australischen Wildnis erlebt hatten, weiß der Leser: Suche nach zwei Säcken Gold und zwei Verschollenen, — Sandsturm, Insel im Bullobaki-See — und so weiter. Nach vierzehn Tagen Unkultur nun wieder im Eisenbahnzuge nach Sydney, erster Klasse, — Speisewagen, schneeweiß gekleidete Kellner, eisgekühlte Getränke, eine Speisekarte, auf der...
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Calibre No Longer Converting AZW File

I teach a religious class and download a Kindle AZW ebook file, doing this four times a year, one each quarter, and I use the RTF output to only make a copy of each lesson for easier handling for myself only, no copies. The last file I converted was 12/27/20. I just downloaded the AZW file today, 4/3/21, and Calibre 4 now says DRM is preventing opening the file at all. I usually convert to RTF format. My Kindle for PC version is 1.17. Has anything changed in the Kindle file to prevent Calibre f...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (108) - Motorjacht ohne Namen. V1.0 [German] 04.04.2021

Die Motorjacht ohne Namen. Harald Harst und ich hatten es uns damals auf der Farm New-London in Australien wahrhaftig nicht träumen lassen, daß auf unser Abenteuer mit Helens Känguruh sehr bald ein anderes folgen würde, das uns Gelegenheit gab, uns wieder einmal als Seeleute zu bewähren. Ich nehme an, daß der Leser sich noch auf die Vorgänge in New-London besinnt. Die Gemeinde der Harst-Freunde und ständigen Leser könnte sich nun immerhin noch erweitert haben. Daher will ich hier doch kurz erw...
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"Send to Kindle" docs - incorrect author (surname only)

Hello folks, last year I started using the "Send to Kindle" app for Windows. I used to email mobi files to my Kindle, but Amazon regularly asked me to verify my email address. The App was fine for a while, but after a hiccup before Christmas 2020 (inserting an email address, instead of the book's author) my mobi files now arrive with just the author's surname. It's not the end of the world but it's not right. I've tried leaving the author name blank (to pick up the author from the metadata), ma...
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Speaking with Noah Davis of Sanctuarycounties.com

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement started in Effingham County, Illinois, but it really took off after the 2019 Virginia elections. Democrats took over the legislature and introduced a slew of gun control measures like “assault weapons” and magazine size restrictions. Virginians were outraged. The state went from very friendly to gun owners to downright hostile. In response, the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement exploded across the state. Over 95% of the state ...
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What files are necessary?

I've been slowly consolidating my ebooks, magazines, & comics to my media server and thought I'd start the process of getting calibre set up to give me remote access. Since I've been moving this stuff already, it's already organized in its own folder structure. Obviously, when importing it all into calibre, it's recreated in calibre's library folders. I've setup calibre's library folders on my home server. My home server gets backed up. I already had my books at: server/Books server/Comic ...
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Kindle fire 7

hi am hoping someone can help when i had my old kindle keyboard i just connected it to my laptop when on calibre and could transfer books across no problem but since then i have got a fire 7 last year and have just updated my laptop to a new one and updated calibre but although my laptop recognises myf ire calibre doesnt i have tried the obvious de=bugging and making sure that the fire isnt on the ignored list how do i make calibre recognise it please
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Save/Export Books Unchanged

I’m using a remote desktop app to access a machine running Calibre. I’d like to copy some books from Calibre into a folder. Were I at the machine, I’d select the books and drag a copy of them into the folder. However, it’s hard to do this using the remote desktop app on my phone. I tried the command line ‘calibredb’ program (via ssh) using the export command. However, this was suspiciously slow. Acting on a hunch, I checked to see if the exported EPUBs were the same as the ones in the Calibre d...
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Gun Deals: Rock Island VRPA40 12 Gauge Mag Fed Pump Shotgun 20″ $379.99

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. Rock Island VRPA40 12 Gauge Mag Fed Pump Shotgun Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Primary Arms with a sweet price on the Rock Island VRPA40 12 Gauge Mag Fed 20″ Pump Shotgun just… $379.99. Limit 1 per household. And… YES! You can get 19 round magazines for this monster! Rock Island VRPA40 12 Gauge Mag Fed Pump Shotgun The...
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Let’s All Rewrite The Gun Debate Narrative ~ Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

Opinion by Anthony Garcia, President of Save the Second Let’s All Rewrite The Gun Debate Narrative ~ Letter to the AmmoLand Editor USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- I am sure by now most of you have read Rob Pincu’s article. And if you haven’t read his co-authored article with Dan Gross and only the commentary about it then I would highly suggest you go read it and listen to his videos about it. Nearly all the attention that has been focused on the article has revolved around his discussion of backgrou...
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Guns InStock: Smith & Wesson M&P 15 SPORT II 5.56 Carbine Red Dot Sight $749.99

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 SPORT II 5.56 Carbine Red Dot Sight Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Primary Arms has back-in-stock Smith & Wesson M&P 15 SPORT II 5.56 Carbines with an included CTS-103 Red Dot Sight for $749.99. Limit 1 Per Order. These will sell out again. Also the Magpul rifle version here. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 S...
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Ammo InStock: Igman 9mm 124gr FMJ Ammunition 1000rd Case $649.99 FREE S&H

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. Igman 9mm 124gr FMJ Ammunition 1000rd Case Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Rainier Arms has back in stock 1000 round cases of Igman 9mm 124gr FMJ Ammunition for just $649.99 with FREE ground shipping. That is $0.649 each a round. Igman 9mm 124gr FMJ Ammunition Manufactured by Igman. Igman has been producing the highest qu...
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Kindle Oasis; duplicate blank covers

So I completely reset my Oasis and reimported my Kindle purchases and input additional books via Calibre. Somewhere along the way I found that three books had been transferred twice and I deleted those from the Kindle Oasis and not via Calibre. No matter what I do I can't delete the covers of these books from the device even though there is no book. Along the way I had sent the books again to the device. The covers show correctly when first loaded for a brief period of time, then the c...
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Grow with our Garden Party newsletter and virtual event series

Whether you love big heirloom tomatoes on a BLT or the sweet pop of cherry tomatoes in a pasta salad, Garden Party wants to help you grown them better. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and for eight weeks reporter Alex Groves will guide you to growing great tomatoes and help you avoid the pitfall of pests, diseases and more. We’ll even include some recipes for when those tomato babies are ripe. Visit http://bit.ly/GardenPartyNewsletter for more information on this free newsletter. If you p...
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Adam Zagajewski obituary

Polish poet and leading voice of its Generation of ’68, who wrote ‘to understand the world’The poet Adam Zagajewski, who has died aged 75, was one of the leading voices of Poland’s Nowa Fala (new wave), also known as the Generation of ’68 – a loose group of poets who opposed the corruption of language imposed by communism and promoted the simplicity and honesty of their native tongue. Like many of his generation, informed by the horrors of the second world war, Zagajewski became focused on poetr...
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Please Help Me Clean Up This Code

Hi, For converting to PDF...before I used some code to get custom headers. In the PDF output dialog box there are two fields for custom headers and footers. Please can you help me to clean up this code so I can enter it correctly? I used to have the terms to enter there, but had to reinstall my Windows recently. Only left with what I could find - but it seems mixed with HTML. If I want to clean up the terms so that the unnecessary HTML is excised, what would it look like? HEADER: pdf_he...
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How 1974-era LA transformed music, movies and pop culture in ‘Rock Me On The Water’

Writer Ronald Brownstein had a pop culture epiphany while driving home from a political gathering at producer Norman Lear‘s house. It struck Brownstein that Lear’s groundbreaking shows like “All in the Family” arrived on TV just as movie classics “The Godfather” and “Chinatown” hit theaters and the Los Angeles music scene of Joni Mitchell and the Eagles flourished on the radio and in record stores. It was all here in one place, at one moment. “I remember thinking on the way home, like, wait a mi...
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Import dictionary in Finereader

The default dictionary in Finereader has some weird errors (at least the Italian dictionary), it marks good words as mistakes and vice-versa. Is there a way to replace it with a .dic dictionary file, such as the ones used for Sigil, Calibre, or text editors?
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