Hello From India

I am delighted to be a part of MobileReads Forum. I have been a voracious reader of paper back books - never kind of got the hang of eBooks as I did not understand how to handle the various readers, the various ebook formats. I hope being a part of this forum will help me to learn all about eBooks and continue my journey of Happy Reading
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Weekend Reading 4.11.21

Thanks so much for all the love on the recent bathroom refresh, your comments on the blog and Insta were so kind! I took a two days off to rest after that whirlwind remodel and watched a few classic movies with my 17 year old daughter. She’s passionate about film and cinematography so we’re watching award winners like The Godfather and Gone with the Wind and everything in between so she can understand the history of film, and she’s introducing me to quirkier less known movies I’ve never seen. It...
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Glo HD Kobo Glo HD sold with KOReader pre-installed?

Hi, I bought a new Kobo Glo HD and was planing on installing KOReader on it because I had it on my Kobo Touch (now deceased), and I prefer the way KOReader treats my PDFs. Now I have just received the Kobo Glo and found that it already came with Nickel Menu and KOReader installed. I´m glad it did come pre-installed because it saves me the trouble. But it is weird that it came pre-installed, right? Is this normal somewhere? I find it a bit suspicious. I bought it from aliexpress because Kobo ...
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E Ink Kaleido 2.5

Hey guys, I checked for the new Sony panel, the Kaleido 2.5, from the video I saw, it was a 10.3" screen with 4096 colors. Do you think the new Kobo could use that panel? I guess it would be really expensive though!
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POTD: U.S. Marine Goes Rambo in Exercise Aurora

Photo Of The Day: Above we’re looking at a U.S. Marine with the Marine Rotational Force-Europe as he provides cover fire for his squad. This happened during the Exercise Aurora in 2017 in a place called Lärbro, Sweden. Aurora 17 was the largest Swedish national exercise for more than 20 years, and it included supporting […] Read More … The post POTD: U.S. Marine Goes Rambo in Exercise Aurora appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Big Sofa by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni

Big Sofa by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni for Adrenalina. # 5 of the Private 999 Armchairs Book As it is #5 of the series I’ll devote a new catagory to the 999 Armchairs private book. Otherwise there will be 999 pingbacks to the original post. ~~~~~ Chairs! gje The post Big Sofa by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni appeared first on Chairblog.eu.
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Curious Relics #010: Stevens 325-A Part II – Brush Gun Legacy

Welcome to our recurring series of “Curious Relics.” Here, we want to share all of our experiences, knowledge, misadventures, and passion for older firearms that one might categorize as a Curio & Relic  – any firearm that is at least 50 years old according to the ATF. Hopefully along the way you can garner a greater appreciation for older […] Read More … The post Curious Relics #010: Stevens 325-A Part II – Brush Gun Legacy appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Announcing the SHADOW AND BONE/SIX OF CROWS Re-read

You may have heard of Leigh Bardugo–the internationally best-selling author of delightful, action-packed, high-stakes fantasy novels set in an interconnected universe. To date, the prolific Bardugo has published three full-length series (one trilogy and two duologies) as well a collection of short stories and other ephemera from the world of the Grishaverse. And then Netflix comes along, and, partnering with Leigh Bardugo, creates a Grishaverse fantasy television show that looks utterly aw...
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Midwest Industries SIG MPX 6.5in Handguard Review

The author’s MPX SBR with Midwest Industries handguard, Eotech EXPS3 and GG&G back up iron sights. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- I am an enormous fan of the SIG MPX; It’s the gun that brought me over to the dark side of converting a pistol into an SBR and donating $200 to the government. It all started back in June of 2014. I had a chance to visit the SIG academy for a media event where we got a chance to run new MPX select-fire SMGs. At the time, the only three fully-automatic firearms I had ever f...
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Is The Lucid Optics M7 Compact Reflex Sight Any Good?

The Lucid M7 has a very low profile allowing for lower third co-witness. IMG Jim Grant U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Lucid Optics is a relatively small company in the world of weapon sights, and their M7 is equally diminutive. Full disclosure, I have a good amount of experience with their magnified optics, and even used one at Highbar Homestead to shoot out to a mile – so I’m a little biased. That said, reviews of the original M7 online have been mixed for sure. So is the new M7 any good? Lucid Opt...
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My Fake Dali

Abo... more ... [Author: [email protected]]
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Moved libraries, over without formats

Three months ago I moved 8 Calibre libraries from a windows 7 computer to a new windows 10 computer. Now I discovered only one new library had over 600 books with NO format. FACTS: Moved 8 old libraries from a Windows 7 computer (using Calibre 3.48) to a new windows 10 computer using Calibre 5.14 program. I did a library check before the move and it had no problems. Also, all of the old libraries had no blank format books. I did a check on the new computer and it had no errors or problems. T...
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Immigration and family separation policies at the US border inspire comic book ‘Home’

When news of the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border came to light in 2018, the disclosure sent Julio Anta reeling. “I’m not usually surprised by the way that this government treats Latinx people or immigrants of any kind,” says Anta by phone from his home in New York, “but family separation felt different to me. I was shocked by it, like a lot of people were. It made me really angry and it made me really sad and I didn’t know how to deal with that.” The film “Black Panther” had rec...
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Error Communicating with Device

Calibre v. 5.14 OS: Windows 10 Device: Kindle Fire 7 I have been getting the same message for the past few Calibre versions, the message is "Error communicating with device". My OS can detect the Kindle when I plug it in with USB and Calibre can detect the device when plugged it. Calibre can 100% get device information and set library information Calibre gets an error getting list of books off device. The Error code I am getting is: calibre, version 5.14.0 ERROR: Error: Error communicat...
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Browser reader suggestion: Prevent iOS from zooming in on input fields

Using Content Server's reader on an iPhone, when taking notes or typing any inputs in Preferences, Safari will automatically zoom in on the input fields for better visibility. Even when typing is done, the interface will stay zoomed and the book content now becomes cropped. Pinching on the screen does not zoom back the viewpoint, but changes the font size. I will have to activate the Menu and pinch on the menu section to make it zoom back to normal. Here's a screenshot to be clear. I did some r...
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Sort books by their last read time

Is it possible to sort books by the their last read time?
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Coloring Pages For Teenagers {Free Printables}

Does your teen like to color? They will love these coloring pages for teenagers, simply print them out at home or send them to your local copy store. Print as many as you like for free. Coloring is a great activity for all ages. Check out all the free coloring pages for kids and adults ... Read More about Coloring Pages For Teenagers {Free Printables} The post Coloring Pages For Teenagers {Free Printables} appeared first on Skip To My Lou.
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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Select NERF at Target! NERF Super Soaker Piranha Water Blaster 3 for $9.98

  Restock the gift closet with Target! Check out this hot Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal. Get these NERF Super Soaker Piranha Water Blaster 3 for $9.98 Offer valid using in store Order Pickup, Drive Up or Same Day Delivery. Some great choices:   Don’t forget to use your Target Red Card to save 5%... Read More
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (020) - Der Löwe von Flandern. V1.0 [German] 11.04.2021

Der Löwe von Flandern. »Hm« meinte Harst und beutete auf einen kleinen Dampfer. »Er kommt drüben von Hollehne, jener kleinen Stadt an der Westseite des Fjords, deren dicken Kirchturm Du mit bloßem Auge erkennen kannst. Und ich müßte mich sehr irren, wenn wir nicht sofort irgend eine wichtige Nachricht erhalten. Mit uns, einer Privatjacht, hat ein Lotsenfahrzeug hier an der Mündung des Fjords nichts mehr zu tun.« Wir befanden uns auf dem Kajütendeck der kleinen Segeljacht Optimus, die jetzt dur...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (042) - Der Afghan-Teppich. V1.0 [German] 11.04.2021

Der Afghan-Teppich. Wir befanden uns jetzt wieder auf der Rückreise nach Berlin. Nur drei Tage hatten wir in der berühmten Kanalstadt Suez die Gastfreundschaft Hauptmann Mac Leans vom Kamelreiterkorps und seiner reizenden Gattin in Anspruch genommen. Dann entdeckte Harald in einer bereits vier Wochen alten deutschen Zeitung, und zwar im Berliner Anzeiger, einen längeren Artikel über einen Teppichdiebstahl, der ihn sofort veranlaßte, bis Genua Plätze auf einem Dampfer zu belegen. Hauptmann Mac...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (048) - Das goldene Gongong. V1.0 [German] 11.04.2021

Das goldene Gongong. Harst studierte ein englisches Buch, das über die Ruinen der uralten Stadt Amber handelte, die im Jahre 1728 auf Befehl des Fürsten Dschai Singh verlassen worden war. Die Ruinen von Amber liegen sieben Kilometer nordöstlich von Dschaipur in den Bergen. – Ich nickte in meinem Sessel zuweilen ein. In diesem Zustande trägster Ruhe und halben Schlafes hörte ich, wie Harst irgend ein Wort mit ganz besonderer Betonung ausrief. Ich öffnete schwerfällig die Augen. »Sagtest Du et...
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Troubleshooting Kindle (10th Generation) won’t update and Amazon have been useless...

I don’t know whether anyone here can offer any insight into the problem I’m having here, but I’m at my wits end. My basic Kindle (2019, 10th gen) is stuck on 5.12.4 and is refusing to update. I just keep getting an “Update was unsuccessful. UPDATE ERROR 4” page, before it restarts back on 5.12.4. I’ve unregistered it; didn’t work. I’ve factory reset it; didn’t work. So I went to Amazon’s customer service, who were useless. They insisted on guiding me through the manual update process a furthe...
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Ewriters anyone?

I'm very happy with my Kindle paperwhite but I'm continually surrounded by sheets of A4 that are filled with lists or technical designs for computer applications etc. I'm mildly interested in the new large format ewriters like the Boox Note Air as it could organise my life a bit better plus I could read the occasional PDF in it's natural format. The main thing that put me off is the price. I'm also not sure about Android on such a device. These ewriters are fairly new so the price is going to b...
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Hi notetakers!

Hi, I’m Quill from Italy, I deal with the design and construction of electronic tracking devices and before my Onyx Boox I used to consume an average of 1/2 moleskine per month when I also had to take care of the drafting of the firmware. The Onyx literally changed my life. Thanks for your evaluable advices!
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About display question

I'd like to use the Calibre viewer to check how my book would - ideally - be displayed on my PW3. It would be a persistent preference. Which preference should I tick and with which values?
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Does humor have a temperature? Movie comedy in Norway and Brazil

Can humor have a temperature? Do some like their comedy hot or cold? A quick survey of movies from Norway and Brazil invites us to consider how climate and geography can affect a people’s sense of humor. Let’s start with a joke from the Nordic countries:A Swede and a Norwegian decide to drink. They sit across the table with more than a few bottles of aquavit between them, knocking off shot after shot without a word. After three hours, the Norwegian lifts a glass and says, “Skol!” to which the Sw...
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Making sense of conspiracy theorists as the world gets more bizarre

It is 20 years since Jon Ronson wrote Them, his eye-popping investigation into conspiracy theorists. Now, in a world awash with tales of paedophile elites and puppet masters, is he any closer to understanding it all?In 1999 I sat in a Vancouver café with a group of anti-capitalist activists. They’d just returned from protesting the WTO in Seattle to find a new, far stranger foe in town – David Icke. He was there to lecture about how the ruling elite are actually child-sacrificing, blood-drinking...
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Leather Dog Bed

I have surrendered my couch to the Royal Couple-Prince Ricky and Princess Laona As you should, Jenny! LOL Sheltie Nation - Largest Community of Sheltie Lovers on the Net!
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Template: Matching an entire list

I want one of the clauses of a gpm template to return true iif the only available format is epub. I tested with this: Code: program:         f = $formats;         if                 list_contains(f, ',', '^epub$', '1', '')         then 'foobar'         fi However, it returns 'foobar' for every book that has epub, even if there's other formats. What should I do? EDIT: Also, there are other times I might want to match the entire list contents. I am not sure how to do that though.
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