Shared-space plantings don’t have to be boring

A guest rant by Kelly Baldry Our towns and cities are made up of thousands of individuals, many of whom will never pay to visit a garden, and perhaps have no garden to call their own.    The reality of everyday life is somewhat different to the designed spaces of historic buildings, legacy plantings around sporting venues, and private (usually well-funded) pay-to-view gardens.  It’s the view that greets the vast majority of us every day that is important, made up of the spaces that surround us,...
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Realistic Looking Faux Plants

You probably didn’t notice when I posted about this master bathroom refresh that one of the plants among the group on the floating shelves was fake. I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to artificial plants, but if I spy a good fake, I’m in. I pay attention to the undersides of the leaves and whether the stems look too plastic. I’ve noticed the artificial versions are getting better and better. Ten years ago you’d have a hard time finding a realistic looking green plant but today we have so many ...
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Cà phê hạt Espresso - Nghệ thuật cà phê pha máy

Cà phê là thức uống phổ biến và được nhiều người yêu thích. Ở Việt Nam, cà phê pha phin từ lâu vẫn luôn được ưa chuộng và trở thành nét đặc trưng trong văn hoá người Việt. Tuy nhiên cà phê hạt pha máy trong nhiều năm gần đây đã và đang du nhập, ngày càng được sử dụng phổ biến. Cà phê hạt pha máy là gì? Cà phê hạt pha máy (Espresso) là loại cà phê thường được uống ở Ý và Tây Ban Nha, là những nơi mà người ta đây là cách pha đơn giản về cà phê. Espresso có nguồn gốc ở Ý từ những năm 1930, theo ...
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Short Fiction Various: Past Masters Twenty-Eight, v1, 4 May 2021

Starting with two pulp novelettes, and then a selection of short stories. John Haslette Vahey wrote many novels under that name, and as by John Loder; Arthur Somers Roche was a prolific pulp short story writer with several series characters, and he also wrote numerous action novels. The Melville Davisson Post story is not a detective or crime tale. "Ben Bowyang" took his pen name from the cords tied above the calfs of working men to hitch the lower legs of their trousers out of the dirt. Again,...
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TFB Review: Meopta Optika6 4.5-27×50 SFP Scope

The Meopta Optika6 series of riflescopes aims to push the limits of you and your rifle at distance.  The Optika6 lineup features eight different reticles in both first and second focal planes. As long-range rifle season is in full swing, I requested the Optika6 4.5-27×50 SFP to test out on my Ruger Precision Rifle in .300 […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Meopta Optika6 4.5-27×50 SFP Scope appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Upgrade from Nova Pro to 3, worth it?

My Nova Pro is working fine, battery is good. It’s not unbearably slow but notice how much snappier my Poke 3 is. I don’t really use it for notes, not for audiobooks either, basically my ultimate ereader at bedtime. Has anyone updated from Pro to 3 and felt it was worth it...or not?
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LF help in troubleshooting Calibre install

Calibre 4.23 on Fedora 34. Trying to connect a Huawei Mediapad T5 (Android 8). I'm using simple-mtpfs package for mtp connectivity. Code: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode' Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/usr/lib64/calibre/calibre/gui2/device.py", line 90, in run     self.result = self.func(*self.args, **self.kwargs)   File "/usr/lib64/calibre/calibre/gui2/device.py", line 513, in _books     mainlist = self.device.books(oncard=None, end_session=False)   File "/usr/lib64/c...
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Author Name Hassles

Hi, I run into repeated trouble with author names, and am looking for solutions. 1. Some publishers flip names around for easier sorting, but, well, not everyone uses the same naming conventions, and not everyone flips names around, so it can lead to harder sorting and I want to undo that. With 2 names, LN, FN > FN LN. I already use Clean Metadata for this, and it usually works well. 2. I also want to strip titles, dates of birth and death, etc. So far I've had to do this by hand. 3. A lot o...
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Who would have guessed?

Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their 27-year marriage
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*QUEENDOMINO* Kingdom Building/Exploration Game

Kingdomino was one of our first favorite Blue Orange games. And of course, we have loved all the other games that have come out with a similar theme including the Age of Giants Expansion and the fantastic QUEENDOMINO!  If you’re fans of Kingdomino, you will love this expanded version with a few extra mechanisms and […]
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The Rimfire Report: Rimfire and the Next Generation of Gun Enthusiasts

Hello and welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! This series is all about the rimfire firearm world and its sports, guns, gear, and ammunition. This week I want to dive into a topic that I have been thinking a lot about over the last couple of months. In the United States and abroad, firearms […] Read More … The post The Rimfire Report: Rimfire and the Next Generation of Gun Enthusiasts appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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POTD: U.S. Marines & Japanese Military Train Together

Subject: Photo Of The Day Location: Okinawa, Japan, April 2021. What’s going on? Above you can see a U.S. Marine with 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group, as he provides security. The 5th ANGLICO conducted air and surface fire support integration training alongside soldiers of the Amphibious Rapid Deployment […] Read More … The post POTD: U.S. Marines & Japanese Military Train Together appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Touch HD3 on switch

It's the only thing I don't like (it's hard to find and push when I have the cover on). It's still on it's first charge! I like the way it displays lists etc so much more than the Kobo and Kindle. It's brilliant! Is there any other buttons I can activate to use as an "On" switch (when I had a Palm, you could map different buttons)? Thanks!
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It is Owl Time

Taking a break from the people faces to make owl faces! It is fun to be playing with my bin of woolly fabrics and all the assorted textures again!
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Tips for decorating an outdoor patio space

It was time for my old patio furniture to go and I wasn't really sad about it. When I bought it, I hadn't really considered how we would use the space or really considered comfort. Now that I was starting with a blank slate, I put a lot more thought into my selections. I'd like to share with you a few things to consider when decorating your outdoor spaces.  But first up, here are some before pictures: I was staring off with a really good foundation. Back in the day, this was actually grass wit...
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Oregon: Recall Republican Sell-Out & Anti-Gun Sympathizer Fred Girod

Oregon: Recall Republican Sell-Out Fred Girod Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- After months of watching Republican “leadership” roll over for the Democrat supermajority in the Oregon Legislature, some folks had enough. As you may have heard, a recall campaign has begun against Senate Republican “leader” Fred Girod. Under Girod, the Senate Republican Caucus has been fractured and two Senators have officially left it in disgust. Dangerous anti-gun legislation has passed the Senate because Girod refus...
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New Luth-AR Modular Trigger Assembly

Triggers for AR15 rifles: a simple yet so complex subject with as many opinions as there are people. Luth-AR now has a new single-stage drop-in trigger which is said to give a crisp, clean trigger break at around 3.5 lb. The drop-in functionality is something I really appreciate when building a rifle, as it saves […] Read More … The post New Luth-AR Modular Trigger Assembly appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Hi, my love to everyone....

I am very happy to relationships with all of the book lovers here. I think reading a book is an interesting hobby. it brings joy and knowledge. Stay home & stay safe, keep continue reading and listening to your favorite books.
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Epub Merge

Hi, I'm getting the following error from both Kobo and D"D when I try to upload my merged boxset file from Calibre 1 instance(s) similar to Error while parsing file: [element "navMap" incomplete; missing required element "navPoint"] Can someone explain to me in words of one syllable or less what I am doing wrong in the conversion process? I select the three books in the Calibre library and click on merge and then I fill out the metadata tab and press OK and I keep getting an error. When I fina...
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Emphatic, Glorious spring

May arrives with armfuls of bouquets in her arms. Tulips, tulips, and more tulips. We love making color combinations for our gardens each year and testing out new varieties in the Idea Gardens for future use. Please enjoy this visual compendium of our tulips in bloom this week! Rose Garden tulips Tulips in the North Garden Tulip ‘Stunning Apricot’ Tulip ‘Lilac Perfection’ Tulip ‘Lilac Love’ Tulip ‘Copper Image’ Herb Garden tulips Tulip ‘Amazing Grace’ in th...
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Bug: Dark Mode (Windows) Book Details Pop-Up Cover Background Not Changing to Dark

Hi, This one I am certain is pretty simple. Dark mode seems to be working fine all around inside Calibre - with one exception. The Book Info window - the Pop-up - not the one on the main GUI - is remaining light (white) for the background of the cover whereas everything else is changing to the dark mode color. While the cover background on the main GUI pane for Book Info is changing to the corresponding dark/light mode.
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SC: Open Carry Recalled from Judiciary; Full Senate Debate to Come

SC: Open Carry Recalled from Judiciary; Full Senate Debate to Come, iStock-884217816 U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- On 27 April, 2021, the Senate Judiciary subcommittee failed to vote on Open Carry with Training, HB3094. An activist had written, in 2018, the Judiciary committee is where gun reform bills go to die. He seemed to be prescient, from long experience. Then the unexpected happened. The Senate voted to recall HB3094 from the Judiciary committee. A recall vote for a bill is not common, bu...
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Open Letter to Sen. Grassley on David Chipman’s ATF Director Nomination

I’m not asking you to do anything more than this, for now, Senator. Please pick up the phone and direct a staffer to look into allegations raised on the same source site from which the world first heard of ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking.” (Senator Chuck Grassley/Facebook) U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- Dear Senator Grassley, As the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, you play a key role in making sure the interests of your constituents are represented on all nominat...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (083) - Patent d Dr. Murphison. V1.0 [German] 03.05.2021

Das Patent des Dr. Murphison. Zu den gefährlichsten sogenannten Gentleman-Verbrechern gehörte ohne Zweifel jener indische Arzt Doktor Albert Greebrac, dessen Entlarvung und Verhaftung meinem Freunde Harald Harst in Agra in Indien gelungen war. Wenn ein Mann von den vielseitigen Fähigkeiten eines Greebrac die Bahn des Verbrechens einschlägt, erwächst denen, die sich berufen fühlen, derart moralisch Verirrte im Interesse der Allgemeinheit schleunigst unschädlich zu machen, eine um so schwieriger...
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Bergara Small Batch No. 1 – The Sidekick

Last week we reported about the launch of Bergara Small Batch, a new series of limited-edition firearms built in this Spanish company’s US branch in Georgia with their barreled actions and various aftermarket parts and accessories. Shortly after the introduction of the Small Batch, Bergara North America has released the first firearm in this series […] Read More … The post Bergara Small Batch No. 1 – The Sidekick appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (076) - Lord Plemborns Verbrec. V1.0 [German] 03.05.2021

Lord Plemborns Verbrechen. »Herr Harst, ich habe einen Menschen aus Versehen erschossen!« Mit diesen Worten sank Lord Edward Plemborn, der soeben unser Hotelzimmer betreten hatte, völlig verstört in einen Sessel. Sein gelblich-graues Gesicht, seine leicht zitternden Hände, die tief umschatteten trüben Augen – all das sprach für schlaflose Nächte nach einer furchtbaren Aufregung. – Harald hätte nun den Lord niemals so ohne weiteres unser Zimmer betreten lassen, wenn nicht Kriminalinspektor Dr...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (077) - Leiche im Gletschertun. V1.0 [German] 03.05.2021

Die Leiche im Gletschertunnel Harald Harsts Kampf gegen den seit vielen Jahren von der Polizei aller Länder eifrigst gesuchten Bankräuber und Mörder Ottmar Orstra hatte, wie ich in den vorhergehenden Bänden geschildert habe, bei den berühmten Trollhätta-Wasserfällen in Schweden begonnen und war nun nach aufregenden, wechselvollen Ereignissen in dem Bergdorfe Dahlen in Norwegen scheinbar zu einem vorläufigen Abschluß gelangt. Orstras Schwester Agna und sein Helfershelfer, den wir nur unter dem ...
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Mystery and Crime Kabel, Walther: Harald Harst (075) - Rätsel der Trollhätta. V1.0 [German] 03.05.2021

Das Rätsel der Trollhätta-Insel. Die kleine norwegische Industriestadt Odda am Ende des bekannten Hardanger-Fjords beherbergte seit fünf Tagen eine internationale Berühmtheit: den Liebhaberdetektiv Harald Harst, jenen genialen Mann, dessen Taten und Abenteuer ich, sein Freund und Privatsekretär, hier schildern darf. »Zwei Wochen lang faulenze ich jetzt nach Herzenslust, mein Alter,« hatte Harald erklärt. »Mag kommen, was da will: ich übernehme erst nach Ablauf von zwei Wochen einen neuen Fall!...
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Shop Talk With Michelle Viscusi And Galco ~ VIDEOS

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Michelle’s path to success in the shooting sports has been unique. Joining the Arizona Army National Guard at the age of 19, she quickly learned that shooting came naturally to her. While serving in the Guard, Michelle had the coveted opportunity to appear on The History Channel’s hit reality-TV series Top Shot. Michelle Viscusi And Galco Top Shot’s friendly battle with 17 more experienced shooters made Michelle realize that she would need to take her craft and compet...
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