POTD: Sawed Off 40mm Hand Cannon

Photo with no context. The guy in the photo is holding a LMT L2BPG grenade launcher however it looks like the barrel has been cut down. Here is a stock photo for comparison.   I do not recognize the optic. At first I thought it might be the Vortex UH-1 or a DI Optical optic […] Read More … The post POTD: Sawed Off 40mm Hand Cannon appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Mix This With That: Parkas + Boots

I’m headed to Norway next week and I knew that it would be COLD and covered in snow so I planned ahead. I asked for these Sorel boots for Christmas and purchased this red parka in a New Year’s sale to wear together on my week long winter adventure. I consider winter wear an investment, so I shop for boots and jackets I know I’ll love for a few seasons to come. Fashion isn’t something I talk about very often but since the parka + snow boot combo is on my mind I rounded up ones that won’t break th...
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Kinh nghiệm tour du lịch Cần Thơ Đà Nẵng

Du lịch Đà Nẵng ngày nay đang dần trở thành điểm hẹn màu hè, điểm đến lý tưởng cho chuyến du lịch của du khách trong và ngoài nước. Đặc biệt hơn cả, lượng khách từ các tỉnh miền tây đang ngày càng tăng cao khi mà đường bay trực tiếp từ du lịch Cần Thơ Đà Nẵng đưa vào hoạt động với tần suất 2 chuyến trên ngày. Và chỉ cần khoảng thời gian từ 3-4 ngày là bạn cũng có thể khám phá mọi ngõ ngách tại thành phố biển xinh đẹp này. Hãy để chúng tôi – D2tour gởi đến bạn một số gợi ý cho chuyến hành trình...
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Transformers: Lost Light #13 Full Preview - CABIN FEVER!

Thanks to Nick for letting us know Newsarama has posted the Transformers: Lost Light #13 Full Preview! CABIN FEVER! Crammed into a dead Decepticon astropod that's ten sizes too small, the displaced crew of the Lost Light face their most serious threat yet: each other. As tensions rise and tempers fray, only one Autobot is arrogant enough to think he can save the day. Enter Rodimus, expert mediator.
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The Evil of Creeping Gun Control & The Slippery Slope

Creeping Gun Control & The Slippery Slope Fayetteville, AR –-(Ammoland.com)- Those of us who support gun rights often get accused of committing the fallacy of the slippery slope, the assertion without evidence that if we take one step in a given direction, we’ll inevitably end up in disaster. Assuming the angle and viscosity of the slope is at best lazy thinking and at worst a denial of the reality that most of the time, we muddle through, arriving neither in heaven or hell.This is not to say ...
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ZØRE Releases X Core Series Handgun Lock

An Israeli company by the name of ZØRE is releasing their innovative quick locking system that they originally started through a crowdfunding campaign in 2016, which we covered in April of that same year. Today the company is going public in the United States offering the lock for individual purchase on their website. One of […] Read More … The post ZØRE Releases X Core Series Handgun Lock appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Make Valentines Easy with these 5 Pipe Cleaner Hearts

With Valentine’s day coming up fast, I know you’ll want something super simple to make with your kids and decorate your home! I know I do, I’m always looking for simple ideas. So here are 5 ways to make pipe cleaner hearts. Really, so easy and the kids will be working on those small motor skills as they twist and bend these pipe cleaners – gotta love educational fun! 5 Pipe Cleaner Hearts to Make Watch our video to see all the fun and how simple these crafts are to create for Valentine’s Day!...
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Do You Want A Folding Glock 43? Because FULL CONCEAL Folded A Glock 43

Before I start in on the announcement of FULL CONCEAL’s Folding Glock 43, let’s rewind a whole year where I met the FC team at SHOT 2017. I still didn’t “get” the folding pistol idea, but I could appreciate the passion they had for their designs. And now, here we are, on the virtual eve of […] Read More … The post Do You Want A Folding Glock 43? Because FULL CONCEAL Folded A Glock 43 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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FBI launches investigation of NRA over pro-Trump Russia money

McClatchy DC reports that the FBI is investigating whether a Kremlin-tied Russian banker illegally funded money to the National Rifle Association to help Trump win the presidency. FBI counterintelligence investigators have focused on the activities of Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of Russia’s central bank who is known for his close relationships with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the NRA, the sources said. It is illegal to use foreign money to influence federal elections. ...
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DS-15 Hunter Special Editions from Dark Storm Industries

Dark Storm Industries recently announced a trio of special edition AR-style rifles targeted for the hunting market. The new DS-15 Hunter special edition rifles are chambered for the 300 BLK cartridge, feature a camouflage finish and are available in three different styles to match your state’s legal requirements. The standard Dark Storm Industries model is a […] Read More … The post DS-15 Hunter Special Editions from Dark Storm Industries appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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No More Good Old Days

They should really call it "The Good Young Days"There are great things about being older, sure. You can drive anywhere you want. You can buy and eat cake for dinner and no one will stop you. You can rent a jet-ski. Heck, you can OWN a jet-ski. But nothing will ever top the feeling of being a little kid without a care in the world, eating cereal in front of the TV with exactly zero plans for an entire weekend... Except maybe owning a jet-ski. 
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Make A Resolution To Drink More Tea!

Okay. Let’s talk about soda. Yeah, yeah, you may know it’s not good for you—but at the same time, it can be totally tough to resist. Come on, who doesn’t remember guzzling it down at the movies (those sugary-sweet chick flicks, though…) and the fizz! Ahh… there’s nothing quite like soda bubbles on a hot day, right?! But, listen, a single can often contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. Imagine digging into a sugar bowl a few times and it’s basically the same thing. For the sake of your teeth, your bod...
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Dark Storm Industries Expands DSI Hunter Line with the DS-10 Hunter

Dark Storm’s new DS-10 Hunter in .308 provides smooth shooting and is highly accurate; perfect for hunting or range time. Dark Storm Industries DS-10 Hunter Oakdale, N.Y. (Ammoland.com) – Dark Storm Industries (DSI), a New York-based firearms manufacturer, is adding to its popular Hunter line with the new DS-10 Hunter in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor. With a custom Next G2® camo finish, this DS-10 is as comfortable hunting hogs as it is target shooting or for home defense.The Hunter, an ...
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CSC Leaders Discuss 2018 Priorities for Sportsmen and Women

Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus (CSC) Vice-Chair Rep. Marc Veasey (TX) addresses attendees alongside CSC leaders and Members. WASHINGTON, D.C. -(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday, the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF) hosted the Welcome Back to Congress Reception on Capitol Hill, which gathered Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus (CSC) Members and Congressional staff with representatives from the sportsmen's community to discuss upcoming priorities for hunting, angling, and fish and wildlife con...
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AmmoLand News Endorses Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR, (Ret.) For 2018 NRA BOD

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is Endorsing Robert K Brown for the 2018 NRA Board of Directors. “In a year of many calls to “Drain the Range” on the NRA BOD, longtime board member Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown is an example of the caliber of man we want to see represent the membership.  Known as a “fiscal hawk” on the NRA BOD, “Uncle Bob” has no fear of holding the board to account for its spending and actions and he deserves your vote to remain on the board” ~ Fredy Riehl, Editor in Chief, AmmoLand N...
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Raw Art Journaling Tutorial

I love this process that I call 'raw art journaling'. It's about expressing yourself and creating an art journal spread but without the requirement that it has to be pretty. The focus instead is on being with yourself, your feelings and your art in the present moment. [Author: Iris F.]
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Historical Fiction Turgenev, Ivan: Virgin Soil. v1 18 Jan 2018

Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev (1818-1883) has been described as the first Russian writer known to the Western world, and the only one with a European outlook and sympathies. He lived in the times before and after the emancipation of serfs in Russia, and went into voluntary exile in 1855. Ashton Wentworth Dilke (1850-1883) was a British traveller, journalist, and politician. He lived in Russia for several months, published a translation of Virgin Soil in 1878, and died in Mauritius of tuberculosis. ...
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The fight for Arthur Miller’s archive

The battle over the late playwright’s manuscripts, private journals and other papers pitted two of the nation’s most prestigious archival institutions against each other. And it cracks a window onto the rarefied trade in writers’ papers.
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Long session...

In order to hasten the wrapup of the CZ-75B Omega test yesterday, I brought two hundred rounds of ammo with me to Indy Arms Co.: A hundred of the Aguila 115gr FMJ and a hundred TulAmmo 115gr FMJ. Still using the distal joint but concentrating on getting off the trigger as soon as it breaks so I can be prepping for the next shot. This stuff was all shot at what was nearing "wheels coming off" speed for me. I am okay with this relative to the previous session, considering I was going a lot faste...
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Gun Control: 101 Reasons It’s Good For America

New Book Authored by Paul Glasco Gun Control: 101 Reasons It's Good For America LAKE CHARLES, LA – -(Ammoland.com)-  Paul Glasco, founder of Legally Armed America and Gun District, today announced the availability of a new book he has authored titled Gun Control: 101 Reasons It's Good for America.According to Glasco, “With the incessant push for gun control by the left, I decided to provide my fellow Americans with detailed reasons why they really need more of it. My plan was to feature all o...
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Are We Revising NRA History?

Opinion Are We Revising NRA History? Buckeye, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- On January 15, 2018, Marion Hammer, NRA past president and a current member of both the NRA Board of Directors and Executive Council, published an editorial on Ammoland Shooting Sports News. The article warned of current and past threats to the NRA, and listing a slate of candidates she supports for the upcoming NRA Board of Directors election.Mrs. Hammer is free to endorse any Board candidate she likes. But in her endorsement...
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Realtree Becomes Official Camo Conservation Partner of Delta Waterfowl

Realtree Becomes Official Camo Conservation Partner of Delta Waterfowl COLUMBUS, Ga. -(Ammoland.com)- Realtree, the world's leading camouflage company, continues its legacy of strong backing for conservation by renewing a corporate partnership with Delta Waterfowl.For the next three years, Realtree will support Delta's conservation programs and efforts to recruit and retain waterfowl hunters throughout North America.With the agreement, Realtree becomes the “Official Camo Conservation Partner” ...
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Wicked Ridge Delivers the Industry’s Top Crossbow Value with Invader X4

Wicked Ridge Invader X4 Crossbow MOGADORE, Ohio -(Ammoland.com)- Wicked Ridge Crossbows, known for producing top value, precision performance crossbows, introduced its new Invader X4 model at the 2018 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN.The next generation of the best-selling Wicked Ridge Invader model is an incredible 1.25” shorter, ½-pound lighter, 4” narrower, and 30 feet-per-second faster than its predecessor.Proudly built in America, it features an all-new stock and bow assembly configurat...
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Lantac Bolt Action AR-15 BCG

Lantac USA posted up a photo of a new AR BCG that has an external handle. This unusual looking BCG turns your AR into a bolt action rifle when built into an upper with no gas system installed. My friend Brian M. turned his .300blk AR into a bolt gun by simply blocking off the […] Read More … The post Lantac Bolt Action AR-15 BCG appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Fantasy Volkmann, Richard von: Träumereien an französischen Kaminen. (german) V1. 19 Jan 2018

Richard von Volkmann(-Leander) (17. August 1830 in Leipzig — 28. November 1889 in Jena) war ein deutscher Chirurg und Hochschullehrer sowie Poet und Märchendichter. (nach Wikipedia) Träumereien an französischen Kaminen. Märchen, 1871 erstmals erschienen. In der Reihenfolge der Erstausgabe zusammengestellt. Spoiler: Inhalt: 1. Die künstliche Orgel 2. Goldtöchterchen 3. Vom unsichtbaren Königreiche 4. Wie der Teufel ins Weihwasser fiel 5. Der verrostete Ritter 6. Von der...
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Inspirational Multi-Colored Workspace Designs Layouts

These black and white office workspace inspirations were look decorative and attractive for our eyes. The combination between office furniture and office interior were looking procedural but still eye-catching. The placement of the office furniture also thought both aesthetic effect and functional planning. The simple application of black and white makes this space look practical and simplicity. We were allowed to try on if we want to have more than just a simple space for work and earning money...
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...aaand that's a wrap.

The various testing protocols for magazine reviews leave me with a lot of partial boxes of ammo, and so I grabbed a box of Winchester 124gr NATO FMJ, Federal HST 147gr +P, and TulAmmo 115gr FMJ left over from...I think the XD-E review? Anyway, each box had only 15 rounds left in it.I needed 91 rounds to finish the test, so those three and a full box of TulAmmo would do the trick. The COM shots are from seven yards, with the full box of TulAmmo. That was just hosing nearly as fast as I could go...
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Shop Bestsellers in 2017

 “What products sell the most?” – you’ve been asking us this intriguing question, and we are going to oblige. Let’s take a look at the best-selling products: T-shirts, hoodies and tank tops for women and men. And what are the most popular colours, you may wonder. Find out after the jump! As already observed in , black and white are the best-selling colours of most products – that’s why they haven’t been included. However, there are quite a number of popular colour choices for you to consider,...
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Kent Cartridge Introduces Additions to Their Extensive Shotshell Line for 2018

Kent Cartridge Introduces Additions to Their Extensive Shotshell Line for 2018 U.S.A. – (AmmoLand.com) Kent Cartridge will introduce a host of new products for 2018 at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 23-26. Visit Booth #15328 for more information.In 2018 Kent Cartridge is adding five shotshell loads to their clay target line including the Elite Target, Elite Pro Target, Elite Steel Target, Elite Bio-Fiber and Elite Low Recoil/Training shotshells. Several new Bismuth Non-Toxic loads...
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Just Updated from 2.78 to 3.15.0, and all seems to be OK

However this surprised me: In 2014 I was trying to motivate the expert people to improve the Calibre with the following addition (https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=245434) saying: …with Calibre database getting bigger it is becoming increasingly difficult quickly reaching the required Author or Title etc. I believe it would be quite helpful to have a permanent horizontal strip of buttons alphabetically organized, just under the main tool bar, something like: A B C D E F G H I J K L ...
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