I am indeed a hobbyist.I tried to give Dark Star Gear money for this shirt when I first saw it, but they didn't let me. Next time I'm using a pseudonym. . [Author: Tam]
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Solo: A Star Wars Story – 1/6th scale Patrol Trooper

Solo: A Star Wars Story has opened around the globe and the newest Star Wars film - of course - has toy associated with it. Hot Toys has announced details for the Patrol Trooper 1/6th scale collectible figure . These specialist Stormtroopers are the urban equivalent of scout troopers, wearing partial armor for greater mobility. The enlarged helmet incorporate enhanced-imaging sensors and communications gear, helping patrol troopers navigate crowded city streets and handle real-time data abo...
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Pop!

Funko has announced a new lineup of four figures from their Star Wars: The Clone Wars Pop! series. The Force is strong with this wave, which includes Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, his Padawan Ahsoka Tano, General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Grand Master Yoda. You can currently head to Amazon.com to pre-order this lot.
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These United States T-Shirt

These United States The These United States T-Shirt is the daily shirt at Shirt.Woot. Artist: ApeLad Price: $15.00 Description: Our graphic tees are made for all those days (see every day) that you need to get shirt done! Our professionally printed t-shirts are produced in-house to create an experience you will never forget. Seriously, our t-shirts have been a graphic tee loving enthusiast’s favorite since 2007. Our t-shirt designs are created by the best artists in the industry. We know th...
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Ten Gadgets To Take The Stress Out Of Long Flights

Air travel can be…less than pleasant. Doubly so if you have to deal with the American TSA. Click Here to Continue Reading
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Viridian Grip Laser for Springfield Armory 911 Now Shipping

Viridian Grip Laser for Springfield Armory 911 Now Shipping MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. –-(Ammoland.com)- Viridian Weapon Technologies is pleased to announce that the first-ever Viridian Grip Laser for the new Springfield Armory 911 .380 pistol is now shipping. The laser sight is sold with select models of the Springfield Armory 911 (part numbers PG9109VG and PG9109SVG) and comes pre-installed on the gun. Available in green or red laser options, the Viridian Grip Laser can also be purchased separately ...
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The Photo Collection: IPSC World Shoot Shotgun 2018

The IPSC World Shoot Shotgun 2018 has ended and I hope all competitors are back home safe now. The location was Chateauroux, France, where the French have built an excellent National Shooting Center for all sorts of shooting sports. The Firearm Blog was there of course and below you can see a variety of pictures […] Read More … The post The Photo Collection: IPSC World Shoot Shotgun 2018 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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An Artful Hotel on the Swedish Island of Gotland

It’s been over fifteen years since I walked the cobblestone streets of the medieval town of Visby, located on the Swedish island of Gotland. I’m plotting a return visit to the island–and if I go I’ll be sure to stay at the hotel and restaurant Hotel Magazin 1. Located on the southern part of the island of Gotland, Hotel Magazin 1 is owned and operated by Fannia and Pelle, a couple who recently decided to buy and revive the barn-like building that once served as a grain storage depot for the Swed...
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Cool Stuff: James Wan is the Latest Director to Get His Own Funko POP Vinyl Figure

There are hundreds of Funko POP! vinyl figures available for display on your desk or collectible shelves. Tons of movies, TV shows, bands and sports teams have been given the Funko POP! treatment, but only a handful of filmmakers have been lucky enough to be immortalized as a stylized little figurine. Now, one more has been added to the mix. James Wan is best known for directing or producing horror movies like Saw, The Conjuring, Annabelle, Insidious and this year’s The Nun, not to mention the ...
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Homemade Deodorizer Spray for Sports Equipment

Say goodbye to stinky sports gear! Homemade deodorizer spray for sports equipment to the rescue! As a mom of busy kids, I often find myself in the role of cheerleader, picture taker, and of course taxi driver.  I love watching my kids play sports, sitting on the sidelines cheering them on, and as funny as it may sound–I love driving them around to and from practice and games (well, most days!)  The best conversations can be had post-practice on that long drive home.  I love to hear their though...
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Masterpiece Optimus Prime Version 3 - Scans From Figure King

TFW2005 Forums member Type-R has posted the first scans of this month's Figure King magazine! The big item: Masterpiece Optimus Prime 3.0. It's the most animation-accurate Optimus Prime Masterpiece yet - though we're hoping the look of the seams needed for transformation are a little less obvious once the figure is in color. Keep reading to see!
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American Rifleman Tests The CMMG Guard Carbine In .45 ACP

American Rifleman: The review was positive all around, just like mine of the CMMG PSB .45 ACP. What I find particularly interesting is that they found that the 16″ barrel supplied a non-trivial additional muzzle velocity compared to pistols. What I would like to do is get a chronograph and meter velocity with the full length carbine barrel, my CMMG PSB and my 1911s, with standard ball ammunition, PD ammunition, and the faster .450 SMC round. Alas, that all takes money.
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Aero Precision’s New .224 Valkyrie Complete Uppers Available Now!

Aero Precision's New .224 Valkyrie Complete Uppers Available Now! U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Aero Precision is excited to introduce our line of .224 Valkyrie Complete Upper Receivers! These Upper Receivers are the perfect choice for the long range target shooter that is looking for a lightweight build that won't break the bank. The .224 Valkyrie provides less wind drift and drop than all other loads in its class and stays supersonic past 1,300 yards. M4E1 Threaded Complete Upper, 18″ .224 Valkyr...
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Can this be done, or am I blind? See Pic Attached Thumbnails  
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At NeoCon 2018: Herman Miller’s Cosm Task Chair

It’s no surprise that industry heavy Herman Miller had a successful NeoCon, taking home Silver in the category of Healthcare Guest and Lounge Seating for the Palisade Collection, and Gold for Ergonomic Desk/Task Chairs with the cosmically inclined Cosm. I say cosmic because Cosm is the very definition of space age, offering several innovations that will likely define the direction of task chair technology. Innovation #1 is Auto-Harmonic Tilt, the hidden mechanism beneath the seat that automati...
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PSUPERSUMMER - $15 Off Ebay Transformers and More

Ebay is BACK with their shopping coupon for summer! They are offering $15 off all Transformers and everything else they are listing when you buy $75 USD more - Today Only. You can get the discount at check by using the coupon code PSUPERSUMMER. According to the official site, you can use this until 7:00 PM PST. This could be a good time to pick up that figure you been hunting for so long, or just load up on those missing wave pieces.
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At NeoCon 2018: Get Tattooed by KI

Kudos to KI for endeavors in the area of personalized workspace furniture; congrats for the NeoCon Gold award in Furniture Systems and Enhancements; and fanfare for the fun factor embodied in their giveaways of temporary tattoos. The latter was an amusing token and useful emblem of the spirit of Tattoo: “a collection of products as well as a design philosophy that invites you to rethink and rearrange your space.” Comprised of moveable space division screens, lounge seating scaled for smaller s...
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PaRappa The Rapper Vinyl Figure

ESC-Toy has announced their new PaRappa the Rapper vinyl figures. The 5-inch tall PaRappa the Rapper and 3.25-inch PJ Berri vinyl figures are now available for purchase individually or together in a special bundle that includes the collectible PaRappa the Rapper and PJ Berri pins. Based on the PaRappa the Rapper title developed by SONY and Rodney Greenblat, the individual figures run $22.00 each while the set goes for $50.00.
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Nazi UFO toy model pulled from shelves

Toy model manufacturer Revell agreed to discontinue its model of the Haunebu II Flying Saucer, described as "the first object in the world capable of flying in space." According to the product description, the Nazi aircraft never made it past its 1943 test stage due to World War II. Thing is, none of that is true. From The Local: The fact that Revell's product’s description fails to mention the aircraft never existed is risky in that people who buy it might actually believe the Nazis possesse...
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Vynl: Star Wars – Darth Vader & Stormtrooper

Funko has announced a new Vynl two-pack (well...actually, all of their Vynl figures are group in pairs). The Vynl: Star Wars - Darth Vader & Stormtrooper set features the most recognizable figures from the Galactic Empire...in cute, mini form. You can currently pre-order this set over at Amazon.com for $14.99.
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Radioactive KillKat FYE Exclusive Vinyl Figure

FYE has announced another summer 2018 convention exclusive - the Radioactive KillKat FYE Exclusive Vinyl Figure . Andrew Bell’s original sculpture is back in a vinyl figure from Dead Zebra Inc and the O-No Food Company, in this exclusive FYE glow-in-the-dark colorway. While not yet available for pre-order, it's currently listed on the FYE site for $39.99.
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MidwayUSA Is Now Selling Firearms

.huge-it-share-buttons { border:1px solid #0E0D0F; border-radius:2px; background:#CFCF17; text-align:center; } #huge-it-share-buttons-top {margin-bottom:3px;} #huge-it-share-buttons-bottom {margin-top:3px;} .huge-it-share-buttons h3 { font-size:23px ; font-family:Verdana,sans-serif; color:#000000; float:left; line-height:23px ; ...
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Two simple (yet smart!) tips for organizing a linen closet

The following is a guest post sharing two simple (yet smart!) tips for organizing a linen closet from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me . You know what tends to be a magnet for clutter? Closets. It doesn’t matter the shape or size, any closet (especially if it has a door), is like a blinking “open” sign. A sign inviting you in, saying “We’re open, come on in! Stay awhile…” This is a good thing and it can also be a bad thing. Let me explain. Closets, or storage spaces, ...
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Mugshot Madness: Jim Jones Arrested for Drugs & Gun Possession After Leading Police on Chase Down Georgia Highway

Rapper Jim Jones was arrested in Georgia after leading police on a chase that ended with him getting popped for possession of drugs and a firearm, TMZ reports.Cops attempted to pull over a grey Mercedes SUV Jim was riding in with three other people in Cowetta County, GA Thursday night (Jun. 21). According to police,  the grey Mercedes SUV was traveling south on I-85 and reportedly drifted into the left-hand emergency lane several times.Instead of stopping for police, the car accelerated, which s...
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At NeoCon 2018: Linework Glass Collection by Skyline Wins Editors’ Choice

All about “the purity of line and its expressive potential,” Linework by Skyline is a collection of glass for interior and exterior application. Developed in collaboration with architecture firm Gensler, Linework includes five designs: Intersection, Loop, Rays, Strands, and Strokes. Available in Clear, Bronze, or Gray tempered safety glass, as well as Starphire® low-iron tempered safety glass, Linework features vertical and horizontal lines in straight and intersecting patterns. Loop, for exam...
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The Best Windows-Powered Ultrabooks

Windows still rules the roost in terms of PC users and utility. Click Here to Continue Reading
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The Most Durable Lightning Cables For Your Charging Needs

The design of the Lightning cable connector is an improvement over past plug types, but the cables are still prone to wear and tear. Click Here to Continue Reading
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AT&T’s New $15/Month TV Service Will Start As an Add-On For New Unlimited Wireless Plans

AT&T is launching a new online TV service for $15/month, undercutting the cheapest offering from Sling. Click Here to Continue Reading
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Holographic hallucinations, reality hacking, and Jedi battles in London

In 1977, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope captivated audiences with stunning multisensory special effects and science-fiction storytelling. The original Star Wars trilogy sent shockwaves of excitement through popular culture that would resonate for years to come. Beyond the films themselves, the Star Wars universe extended into a wider sphere of cultural artefacts such as toys, books and comics, which allowed audiences to recreate and extend the stories. This imaginative play also spilled out ...
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At NeoCon 2018: Sawhorse Workbench by Knoll Wins Gold

The versatile Sawhorse Workbench, part of the Rockwell Unscripted Collection by Knoll, took home Best of NeoCon Gold in the Benching category. Combining a “warm expression of wood” with “welcoming curved and tapered touchpoints,” the Sawhorse Workbench works equally well in private or collaborative workplaces. Available as round, rectangular, and rectangular work tables, Sawhorse Workbench features widely spaced angled legs reminiscent of a woodworking sawhorse. This has the benefit of providin...
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