Meet Julie K Brown, the woman who brought down Jeffrey Epstein

It was by focusing on his silenced victims, says the dogged Miami Herald reporter, that she was able to help bring the billionaire sex offender to justice after police and prosecutors had failedThe town of Palm Beach in Florida, the crime writer Carl Hiaasen has observed, “is one of the few places left in America where you can still drive around in a Rolls-Royce convertible and not get laughed at.” It’s an unironic island, filled with the super-rich and famous, plastic surgeons and, of course, t...
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Solving the google drive issue

Since google drive is one of the 3 major cloud providers, it would be nice if calibre supported it without having the possible threat of renaming that google drive appears to do. All that has to be changed is to change the directory convention. It can either be number-first or number-last, without the parentheses -- parsing should be able to deal with it either way.
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Touch HD3 — best battery ever made?

I've been reading on my HD3 for the last week and I realized the battery is still at 51% — and then it occurred to me that I still haven't charged it for the third time yet (and it didn't come fully charged). It was delivered in late January, so six months now... and still at 51% charge? (I think the last time I charged it was in April or May... maybe March?) Curious to know if others are getting this kind of battery life from their HD3s? It's just weird.
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Opening multiple files at the same time

Is it possible to have two books opened at the same time so that I can switch between them more quickly than always reopening one of them? Alternatively, is it possible to run two instances of KoReader at the same time?
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Leïla Slimani: ‘I think I’m always writing about women, domination, violence’

The French-Moroccan author on why she writes, the complexity of identity, and the first book of a trilogy based on her family historyAuthor Leïla Slimani, 39, grew up in Rabat, Morocco, and moved to Paris when she was 17. Her first novel, Adèle, a melancholy story about a nymphomaniac mother in her 30s, was published in France in 2014. In 2016, she was the first Moroccan woman to win France’s most prestigious literary award, the Prix Goncourt, for her second novel, Lullaby, about a nanny who kil...
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Hello from a Frenchie

Hi, I'm a writer and I'm french. I'm so glad I found this forum. Thanks ! I'm want to self-publish an enhanced novel and I have loads of questions to ask about Sigil. Lise
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