How is reading progress calculated?

I'm guessing I must mess it up by frequently flipping back a page or two to remind myself who said what, or by leaving the book open until it falls asleep on its own when I take a break? Or does it include down time between reading sessions? Because if I check the time remaining it's always way too much. For example, in my current book I am on page 380 of 435 (kepub/screens) and if I open reading progress it says "3.3 hours to go". There's no way it would take me that long.
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Max 3: Tips & Tricks

Hello Everyone, I thought I would make a thread where we can all share tips and tricks we found for our Max 3. As you might have noticed, this device runs more of a psuedo-Android 9 rather than real Android 9. As a result, there are a lot of little quirks where things dont work as they should. But we're smart and we can overcome these things! :) This is a truely incredible device hardware wise with an e-ink display that is nice and easy on the eyes as well as Wacom EMR! The built in PDF funct...
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Little Girl Adventure Day

A lot of the girl dolls I make are all dressed up and ready to party. Sometimes It’s fun to dress for the messy, get-your-feet-dirty times. I gave this sweet girl clothing that will take her out for a day of adventuring. She has a day pack with some fun-day essentials. Here is what she looks like under her shirt- a white onesie.
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Students burn Latina author's book after she discusses white privilege

Jennine Capó Crucet was discussing My Time Among the WhitesGeorgia Southern University ‘not planning any actions’When a Latina author discussed white privilege at a public university in Georgia, a group of white students burned copies of her book.A video of the book-burning went viral, prompting condemnation by PEN America, an advocacy group that promotes free expression. Continue reading...
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Kobo Clara HD stuck on loading screen

I attempted to sync my Kobo Clara HD to load some new library books on when I noticed the whole thing had frozen. I attempted to power it off and on but when the screen came back it was a black screen with a white loading symbol (two arrows in a circle) and three white dots underneath. It has been stuck like this for about 5 hours. I tried without success: - holding power for different lengths of time based on forum suggestions - plugging it in for a few hours - connecting it to the computer The...
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Logical TOC problem in Kindle on iOS

Logical TOC is shown correctly on all platform except iOS when convert epub into Kindle file. Only iOS app does not show logical TOC. How to make logical TOC compatible with iOS also? I couldn't find a epub sample that can be converted correctly.
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single author view

I would like to click on an author in the left column and only get to see his/her books in the middle screen the way I used ti see it. Now I get a list of authors in the middle screen and the books of the author I clicked on are highlighted in green wihtin the list of different authors on the screen. I must have clicked on something to change this view, but I don't know how to restore the original view. Many thanks in advance for all tips.
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Help with Epub formatting - Smashwords Epub Checklist

Hi Guys, I hope you could be of assistance. I have recently published two e-books on Smashwords. It's two comic books that has been converted from PDF to Epub. Unfortunately it failed the Smashwords Epub checklist , and am not sure what needs to be fixed. I have communicated with several formatting authors on the site but was not able to identify the issue. I'd be grateful if anyone could assist me please. TIA :)
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Oasis 3 vs. Kobo Forma?

I have an Oasis 3 and there are things I love and a few I do not. The ones that I do not like, which I think the Forma would solve for me, are the form factor of the case and the page-turn buttons. On the Oasis I find the "ergonomic" design to be personally very unwieldy for me especially if it is housed within its case. I find that the Oasis' page turn buttons, again for me, are just a little difficult to quickly find unless I keep my fingers on them. But what I absolutely LOVE about the Oasis ...
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K4 Kindle 4 KUAL Issue

Hi everyone My first post! I've been given a Kindle 4, 2011 (silver paddle edition), running firmware 4.1.3. I've factory reset the device, and ran jailbreak kindle-k4-jailbreak-1.8.N-r16252. That went through no issues at all, and I see the book. On the below, I have read the instructions, ensuring files are to my specific device Installed kindle-mkk-20141129-r16572. That seemed to install without any issues - I didn't see any errors. Installed KUAL-v2.7.21-g3928582-20190724. I see the K...
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Fisher-Price Little People Travel Together Airplane Vehicle $9.84(was $14.99)

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy here. Here's another Fisher Price Little People deal. Amazon has the Fisher-Price Little People Travel Together Airplane Vehicle for $9.84(was $14.99.) Little People toys are perfect for toddlers... [Author: Lana]
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Calibre 4.0 Can't open database error

I am running Calibre on my ASUS ROG running Windows 10. The library is on the F: drive. Three days ago I upgraded Calibre to 4.0 and everything was working fine. Yesterday there was a windows update and all drives except the C: drive gave and I/O error. I fixed the issue with the I/O errors, but now Calibre is not working. raceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\main.py", line 304, in initialize_db File "site-packages\calibre\db\legacy.py", line 82, in __init__...
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Black Confederates: exploding America's most persistent myth

Under Trump, old fractures – and falsehoods – are closer to the surface than ever. A new book seeks to bury a particularly pernicious theoryArlington National Cemetery is the hallowed resting place of America’s war dead. It is also home to a Confederate memorial with a frieze depicting a “mammy” – the stereotype of a black woman loyal to a white family – and an African American man wearing Confederate uniform. Related: 'What politics is': Sidney Blumenthal on Lincoln and his own Washington lif...
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So Beyond Confused

Hi i hope im in the right spot with my questions. I have a windows 10 laptop that i have downloaded calibre on. I even got the DRM plugin on made it through the new kindle format input plugin and im feeling pretty proud of myself because i knew not a thing and followed the instructions on an article. ...Now im so beyond confused and ive read so many different things that I'm not sure what my best options are. For anyone responding to my question, i know nothing and just learned how to unzip a fi...
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HELP! PRS-T1 Opening book loop...

So my PRS-T1 sat unused for quite awhile and I recently dug it out. Battery was flat dead, and when I recharged it, things were fine. Like an idiot, i decided to check if any updates were available and installed. About a week later, I'm stuck in this opening book loop, where the status bar doesn't move, and then the screen flashes white, just to land on the same page, and repeats over and over. I thought that maybe the battery was borked, so I've installed and charged a fresh one, and still the ...
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Download link for PDF User Manual

Does the Calibre site keep a repository of older PDF User Manuals? Would like to download the manual for Calibre 3.47. Kind thanks! B.
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Plugin development: search in dictionary

Does the lua API expose dictionary lookups? I would like to create a plugin that automates some text translations.
Tags: Books, Koreader

Content Send Multiple Web Pages to Kindle

Is there a way to send multiple webpages to kindle? Send to Kindle appears to allow only one webpage to be sent at a time however I would like to send multiple webpages as one single document.
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Fetch news from Nikkei news failed

Conversion Error messaging "Failed: Fetch news from Nikkei news" was popped up as below in my PC running by the Windows10 Pro version 1903. Could you assist to fix this in order to download the Nikkei newspaper? calibre, version 4.0.0 (win32, embedded-python: True) Conversion error: Failed: Fetch news from 日本経済新聞(朝刊・夕刊) Fetch news from 日本経済新聞(朝刊・夕刊) Conversion options changed from defaults: verbose: 2 Resolved conversion options calibre version: 4.0.0 {'asciiize'...
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Sigil - FlightCrew Errors & Solutions

Some common errors I have encounter and the solutions I've found. ERROR:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This resource is reachable but not present in the OPF . ... SOLUTION: Check path name is correct, e.g. ../Styles/Style.css and caps or lower case in name, etc. or For Stylesheet error Select one or more HTML files in the Book Browser. Right-click on the selection. Choose Link Stylesheets from the context menu: Click on the stylesheet(s) you want to be used for the files...
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Blinking white dot above/left of cursor?

I've just upgraded to Calibre 4, and suddenly in the editor I see a blinking white dot at the top of the line containing the cursor. When the cursor is positioned in front of the first character pf the line, the dot is at the top left of the leftmost character in the (gray) line number column. As I move the cursor right, the dot moves right. It maintains the same distance from the cursor (so in a file with 1000 lines it is 4 chars left of the cursor). It blinks at about 2Hz (faster than the curs...
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A bluffer’s guide to the Booker Prize

‘Reading Rushdie’s latest novel, with its characteristic tidal wave of pathological pun-making, paragraph-long lists and how-do-you-do-fellow-kids cultural memery, made me think of the question Frasier Crane once asked Niles: “When was the last time you had an unexpressed thought?”‘ Click here to read my summary in the Irish Times of the runners and riders in […]
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Queueing Reading Positions

Each time I connect my Kobo to Calibre, Calibre sits and then proceeds to queue all the books (over 1000) to, I think, get their reading position. This can take quite a while and the dialog box obscures the screen (for example if I decide to go and look on the net while I wait). Anyway to stop Calibre from doing this automatically?
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Android Kindle reader alternative.

I have been using the Kindle reader on my android device for a few yeard now. Some features I must have are... 1) A way of sending a book from my Calibre to my reader (not using a wired conniction) ( preferably using an email address so I can do it while I'm on the road.) 2) A better way of keeping track of the books I've read. 3) A way of syncing books between devices to keep track of my place in a specific book. The Kindle reader on the Android, while fairly sophisticated, has several sh...
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Calibre 3.48 for Windows 7 users

You might have to create a "why can't I use the viewer in Calibre 4.x in Windows 7" sticky. :D Is there any chance (and I suspect I know the answer) that the 3.48 version could at least be updated to include the latest Kobo firmware? I finally bought a Kobo, thinking I'd be able to get back to using the collections I lost since I gave up on Sony and switched to a Kindle. But - at least for now - the Libra isn't recognized by Calibre. I'm hanging onto my Windows 7 laptop for a bit longer bef...
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[Kobo] Queueing Reading Positions

Each time I connect my Kobo to Calibre, Calibre sits and then proceeds to queue all the books (over 1000) to, I think, get their reading position. This can take quite a while and the dialog box obscures the screen (for example if I decide to go and look on the net while I wait). Anyway to stop Calibre from doing this automatically?
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What a great community

Hello, I must say... mobileread is such a cool place! You guys really rock! Beside standard ereader use, I'm mostly interested in the Kindle development corner. I have electronics and programming background, and I'm interested in various EP display applications. Have some questions about my devices, jailbreaking... chance to send a second post in the developement section :)
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Nextcloud autoupload Onyx Boox, not working.

Hi all, I am trying to get Nextcloud (android app) auto upload working on my Nova Pro. The manual upload works well but the auto upload (filesync) is not working. I suspect it is because of some background process killers so have tried the following.Put the device battery normal mode. (no battery saver) Accounts-> Nextcloud->sync on Application->Manage apps-> Nextcloud-> Enabled (not disabled) Power->Battery-> Battery optimizer->Nextcloud (not optimized) Apps -> Auto Freeze -> Nextcloud (disabl...
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Long time member - Newly active

I joined MobileRead several years ago but have not participated and am looking forward to reading all the new posts. I am using Calibre 4.1.0 and, for the first time have a problem with Calibre I can't solve or find a current thread about. Will post a thread looking for help. Thanks to all in advance.
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Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle $6.79

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy here. Pick up this Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle for just $6.79 right now at Amazon. This puzzle was originally $18. Lead-Free & BPA- Free & Phthalates Free.... [Author: Lana]
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