Black Collar Arms’ Pork Sword Chassis Kit For Remington 700

Black Collar Arms has introduced their Pork Sword chassis system for the Remington 700 bolt action.  The chassis is designed to be built as a pistol and has a rear Picatinny attachment point for an SB pistol brace.  The Pork Sword chassis is also built to accept AICS pattern magazines.  Black Collar Arms had this […] Read More … The post Black Collar Arms’ Pork Sword Chassis Kit For Remington 700 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Daily Gun Deals: AR500 Armor Testudo Plate Carrier Gen 2 Olive Drab $119.00 25% OFF

AR500 Armor Testudo Plate Carrier Gen 2 Olive Drab Deal USA – -(Ammoland.com)- AR500 Armor has a promotion on their popular AR500 Armor Testudo Plate Carrier Gen 2 model in Olive Drab that you can pick up for $119.00. This is a great buy as it is normally $160.00 retail. The AR500 Armor Testudo Plate Carrier nails the balance of fit and form, function, and value – being one of the most feature packed and quality produced plate carriers in its price range. When experience, persistence, and th...
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Bigelow Tea Suggestions: The Best Pandora Stations Based On Your Favorite Tea

For all the #TeaProudly music and tea lovers out there, here are some awesome Pandora stations suggestions to listen to while drinking tea. Whatever your favorite Bigelow Tea flavor is, we’ve matched up Pandora stations that might pair perfectly with your next steaming mug. So go ahead and brew a cup of tea, plug in your headphones and check out these stations. Make sure to let us know which is your favorite in the comments below. If you love Bigelow Green Teas… then you probably w...
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Easter Egg Bars

Easy to make. This is quite festive with the addition of mini eggs. [Author: Super Madcow]
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How It’s Made: Behind SilencerCo’s Doors ~ VIDEO

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- What, exactly, goes into making a silencer? It may be more than you’d expect. From cutting metal to chemical baths, to extensive quality control every step of the way, our streamlined process is more than just a few steps. Watch our newest video, HOW IT’S MADE: Octane 45, by clicking on the video above to catch a glimpse behind SilencerCo’s doors. The Octane is a user maintainable, multi-caliber centerfire pistol silencer featuring a modular mounting system for use ac...
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Vote for which book you’d like to read for Round 2 of Moira’s Book Club discussions

Vote for which book you'd like to read for the next meeting of Moira's Book Club, to be held May 7.
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Other Fiction Kotzebue, August von: Die Geschichte meines Vaters. (german) V1. 23 Mar 2019

August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue (3. Mai 1761 in Weimar — 23. März 1819 in Mannheim) war ein deutscher Dramatiker, Schriftsteller und Librettist. Er war in seinen letzten Lebensjahren als russischer Generalkonsul tätig und fiel 1819 dem Attentat des Burschenschafters Georg Ludwig Sand zum Opfer. Seine Ermordung diente als Rechtfertigung der Karlsbader Beschlüsse. (nach Wikipedia) Die Geschichte meines Vaters. Novelle, erschienen 1788. Verwendete Ausgabe: Ausgewählte prosaische Schrifte...
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How to Change Your Smart Bulb’s Colors From the Google Home Hub Display

Josh Hendrickson Philips Hue, LIFX, and Eufy Lumos color changing bulbs let you set the mood in your home, and Google Assistant empowers you to change them by voice. But you can also choose colors from Google Home Hub’s touchscreen. Here’s how. We think the Google Home Hub is a great device. From one place, you can hear the news, play music, turn on and off your smart devices, and see pictures of friends and family. In a pinch, it makes a great cookbook and YouTube display too. Most of tho...

Mailbox Monday

Welcome back to another Mailbox Monday post! I had a relatively slow week... mainly because I didn't get any children's books!ANYTHING BUT A DUKE by Christy Carlyle came from Avon BooksTHE PATIENT ONE: THE WALNUT CREEK SERIES by Shelley Shepard Gray came from Gallery Books THOSE PEOPLE by Louise Candlish came from Berkley #IMOMSOHARD by Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley came from HarperOne What was in your mailbox? [Author: Julie P.]
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From Ciara to Sue Bird: Seattle celebrities among 18,000 who welcomed Michelle Obama to Tacoma

The Tacoma Dome was a popular place to be Sunday night, and Seattle celebrities like Russell Wilson, Sue Bird and Eddie Vedder came out to welcome former First Lady Michelle Obama to the state of Washington.
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What font is best to use for viewing CSS in Sigil?

Hello. I am fairly new to Sigil and a complete novice at coding but am teaching myself CSS by trying different things in Sigil in my ebook, "CSS experiment" :) I was working in Sigil with my Stylesheet and in Code View and was wondering if there is a font that would be better/more user friendly to use? (For clarification: Not an embedded font in the ebook but one for viewing CSS in Sigil.) I am using "Courier New" at the moment (it was the default one in Sigil). Any ideas or opinions are ...
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‘Ian Curtis wanted to make extreme music, no half measures’

Forty years after Joy Division’s seminal debut album, Jon Savage’s oral history, extracted below, sheds new light on the band and the city that shaped them• Read a Q&A with Jon SavageBernard Sumner (Joy Division): I felt that even though we were expecting this music to come out of thin air, we never, any of us, were interested in the money it might make us. We just wanted to make something that was beautiful to listen to and stirred our emotions. We weren’t interested in a career or any of that....
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The Song of Spring

As spring approaches, the birds begin to sing, whistle, and chirp so they can attract some friends.” So begins the picture book The Song of Spring, written and illustrated by Hendrik Jonas- with a gentle nod to the increased activity of bird songs in the spring. But for one little bird, things don’t get off on […]
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Hacks Help Me please

Hello everyone I try to jailbreak my Kindle Basic 2 (KT3, G000K9) but it isn't working. Please, give me a new tutorial for jailbreak my Kindle, with all instruction! (My version is: 5.10.3)
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file name (pdf) or title in koreader

Hello, I am a new user of koreader and I wonder if it is possible to have the file name when I am reading a pdf. Thank you
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Sell Onyx Boox Max 2

Selling my Max 2 because I do not use it anymore. The description with pictures can be found here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183746738334 Within UK, I will cover the postage. I can post worldwide but that will require extra postage cost and I cannot guarantee the postage service quality. Can sell it outside of ebay if needed (would prefer it that way to avoid the ebay costs). I am a mobileread user for many years now, happy to answer any questions:thumbsup:
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Has China’s one child policy increased crime?

Crime rates in China have increased more than six-fold over the past three decades. Likely causes include extraordinary economic growth and rising inequality, mass rural-urban migration, and the erosion of traditional values. China’s one child policy may, however, have also played a role. At the same time as crime has increased, the one child policy, coupled with a strong preference of Chinese parents for sons over daughters, has resulted in there being approximately 120 boys for every 100 girls...
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‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ is the local fiction best-seller

“Becoming” is the local nonfiction best-seller.
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How to Organiuse Magazines

Is it possible to organize magazines as well and if so how. Plus is there a way to organize magazine based ebooks. I was wondering on how to organize ebooks and magazines if there is not much or any metadata at all. For example if the ebook is a cookbook from better homes and gardens and you want to organize them separately could you create a area called "Magazine>Ebook" and then ebooks such as "Ebook>Cookbooks", "Ebook>DIY" and so forth. I would need (3) categories (1) Ebook (2) Digital Magazin...
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Here's what I'm going to do "Delete" all of my magazines from "Calibre".

I have decided to remove all of my digital magazines from calibre and only use it for organizing my ebooks and y magazine based ebooks no actual magazines those can just be stored inside there own folder on the flash drive. It will take up a lot less room and be more organized. I hope this will look better and be easier to setup. If you have any tips or ideas on how to help with organizing the magazines in there own library or folder please let me know thank you.
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iPad Kindle app on iPad delete problem

I use the Kindle app on my iPad Pro. The problem is that there are some kindle ebooks that I cannot “delete from device.” The option does not come up—only delete permanently which means I lose the book forever. Even on the Amazon site under “Content and Devices’ the “delete from device” option doesn’t show up. These are books that show in my “downloaded” page in the kindle app. Help! (App is updated. iPad iOS is updated. iPad has been restarted several times.) —pvannest
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David Weber, Out of the Dark, Disappointing

I’m a David Weber fan. Love the Honor Harrington and Safehold series. David is one of the best world builders, battle writers, and character builders out there. This book is a pale example of all three. It’s good writing, but nowhere near DW's normal quality. On top of that I have two HUGE objections for this book. The basic idea is a multi Alien universe uses one bad type of Alien to take on earth because neither humans nor the bad Aliens are desired. I couldn’t get John Ringo's Poslee...
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tag in the index_split_XXX.html files

Does the tag in the section of each index_split_XXX.html file do/mean anything when converted from ePub/HTML to MOBI or AZW? I've been converting DOCX files to ePub for edit consolidation, then converting to MOBI or AZW for Kindle reading. Some of the converted EPUB files have Unknown , others have Book Title , others have one of the or contents in the . What is generally used to fill this field and/or is there someplace in the Conversion panel I can specify the ? OR does it matter at all?
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For Mary Stewart Fans!

Audible has had three of Mary Stewart's romantic suspense books (Madam, Will You Talk, Wildfire at Midnight, and This Rough Magic) available for a while, but now the rest of them can be preordered, with release dates starting in May. These apparently are new productions--there had been recordings on OOP CDs/cassettes, but the narrators on these are different. I'm thrilled to pieces!
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I need some help chhanging ebook titles with "Calibre".

Here is what I know so far. I know that ""Calibre" is to help edit and organize your ebooks. Here is the problem that I am having. (1) I have a few (GB) of ebooks and magazines stored on my laptop that I transfer to "Calibre" and I have then saved the unchanged ebooks and magazines to a (USB) through "Calibre". Here's the question "Can I delete the original files from the laptop once I store them on a (USB) through "Calibre"" (2)I have a ebook called "Small Business Guide to Facebook Mar...
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The works of William James Sidis, the "smartest man who ever lived"

Hans Henrik Honnens de Lichtenberg writes, "Here is a fine selection of books by the extraordinary man, William James Sidis. A January morning in 1910 hundreds of students and professors gathered in the great lecture hall at Harvard University. On stage steps up William James Sidis to present his research about the mathematics of the fourth dimension. William was just eleven years old. William James Sidis was a genius and he still has the highest IQ ever recorded, somewhere between 250 and 300....
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Book review: The Lies We Were Told, by Simon Wren-Lewis

Simon Wren-Lewis started a blog in 2011, the unassuming but highly respected Mainly Macro. He has been commenting on it ever since as an economist and academic, and The Lies We Were Told gathers together the best of his blog posts into a book. The years since 2011 have been eventful and the book covers […]
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Touch Download problem

Downloaded a couple of free books from a free book site and they have been downloaded into 'authors' and not into My Books. What did I do wrong?
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I’ve been holding back writing this because it’s a highly personal tale about me and my family.  But, since in the end, it DOES deal with interior design…..here goes…. Seven years ago when I Instagramed this photo, I had no idea what this exact photo would mean in the future – to me, to Ben, to Elisabeth, and to our family and friends, in general.  This photo shows Ben on exactly the day [Author: [email protected] (Joni Webb)]

Ruling on footnotes please

I'm now working on Tom Jones by Henry Fielding, using the version from the University of Adelaide ebook library as source and checking against the Wordsworth Classics print version. The Adelaide source has many footnotes, and they are replicated in the Wordsworth Classics version - as well as hundreds of new footnotes which are numbered separately. I'm pretty sure from the sardonic style of many of the footnotes in the Adelaide version that they were written by Henry Fielding himself. But I ca...
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