German epub files using » and « instead of " " for quotations

I have no idea where to begin for fixing this. Example: »Du willst also deinen Plan ausführen?« »Allerdings. Ich habe mich vor Monaten dazu entschlossen und meine Meinung nicht geändert.« It looks like this both on Calibre ebook viewer and Onyx Boox Note 2. I appreciate the help :thanks:
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As the ship continues to spring new leaks...

...the new leaks keep getting funnier. You know, if I'm counting on you to protect me from assassins, not only can you use my loo, you can come hang out with me while I'm on the throne, too. Don't worry, there's a magazine rack if the conversation gets dull. https://t.co/nKbfscMWWH— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) January 15, 2021 [Author: Tam]
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Buy Hisense A6

Hi, need this phone, but not so much to pay it as new, so if anyone having it want to sell it I would be glad to talk about a price. I have an A6L, I would like to get my hands on an A6 to try it out.
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K4 K4S / K4NT Silver - Plugged but discharging when running scripts?!

Dear Community, I have been using the works from here quite extensively and thanks to everyone invovled. Unfortunately, I come accross a problem for which I couldn't find answers: I use a Kindle 4 Silver (FW 4.1.4, with the jailbreak 1.8N) that is running a loop script launched via kite to fetch a png image every minute and display it. (the script comes from this project https://github.com/sibbl/hass-lovelace-kindle-4) What puzzles me is that even though my Kindle is plugged (and the LED is ...
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7 must-read real estate and sales books from 2020

Every year, team leader and Inman contributor Brandon Doyle delves through newly published real estate and sales books so that you don’t have to. Here are his top picks for 2020.
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KV How to diagnose brick?

I got my hands on a "broken" KV that does not boot but only displays a battery with an "!". Connected to a PC it shows up as "SE Blank MEGREZ" and no drive. I want to fix it. To find out what is broken I want to boot into diagnostic mode. I tried MfgTool from KindleSelectBoot.zip but it does not detect the KV. According to some post here the MfgTool in KindleSelectBoot is too old for the KV. So I searched for a newer version but only found uuu. uuu detects the KV: Code: Connected Kn...
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Series Order?

Hi all! I'm an old user for Calibre! Sorry my poon english, first at all :/ Sometimes, when i assign a number to a book that is part of a series or saga, the program doesn't show it in order. I try to upload a screenshot so you can make an idea of what im talking about. https://ibb.co/m8TSRPp As you can see in the pic, the number 5 book, its at top, and i cant find a way to get those books in order (from 1 to 5). I first select "title" order, then "series" and then "author". Never had a problem ...
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Reading Talia Lavin’s “Culture Warlords”

On ... more ... [Author: [email protected]]
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On my radar: Jason Williamson's cultural highlights

The Sleaford Mods frontman on a favourite singer-songwriter, a hellish horror film and why he spends seven hours a day on TwitterJason Williamson, lead vocalist of English electronic punk music duo Sleaford Mods, was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1970. He moved to Nottingham in 1995, where he began working with rock band Spiritualized and electronic duo Bent. In 2009, he met Andrew Fearn and they released the first Sleaford Mods album, Divide and Exit, in 2014. They have since been called “t...
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How do I make inline footnotes?

I have a book where the narrative framing involves extensive use of footnotes. Since this is a fanfic downloaded with FanFicFare, it's not an actual footnote (not even anchor links), just a section at the end with numbers. I would like to turn these proper inline footnotes, preferably one that my Kobo can handle. But I'm not sure how to actually go about this. Does anyone have a tutorial or something to help? While I posted this in the Calibre editor, I'm not opposed to use other tools. :thanks:
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CONVERSION - Request for function

I often change the covers on books when I am editing the metadata. Changes to covers don't change the book until you exit from editing and run the CONVERT BOOKS function. Would it be possible to put a CONVERT or UPDATE button on the EDIT page so it could be a choice during editing? Thank you, jp91306
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Double language spellcheck not working

As per the title, the spellcheck list does not work with two dictionaries at a time. The words in the book are not highlighted, but when I launch the word list they are listed as not recognized. Version 1.4.3 Here's a checklist that I was asked to provide. 1. Epub document language specified in content.opf: Italian 2. Sigil default document metadata language: English 3. Primary and Secondary dictionaries: Italian and German; same issues with Italian and English (but not with German and Engl...
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Hi, folk!

I'm new here and will make better looking ebooks for Pocketbook-Reader. Learning about and having fun ...:):)
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Joan Bakewell: ‘The world is full of such interesting people’

Joan Bakewell had been a broadcasting pioneer for more than half a century. And she’s still as forthright as ever. Here, she talks to Sophie Heawood about the empowerment of women, her newly streamlined life and why Boris has got it all wrong about the virusJoan Bakewell writes in her memoir, The Centre of the Bed, about the moment she became an adult. It was 1949 and she was 17, a hard- working grammar schoolgirl from the industrial north, when her frustrated, depressive mother found a photogra...
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macbook pro is removing my calibre - i don't wont that

I installed Calibre on my macbook pro but it is auto remover eatch time i start up my computer. I have now the version 2.12 this one I can use on my mac. Iff i install an update he will get the update but the program will not start up. it open's an d it closes directly in 2 sec. If i shut down my computer al the calibre firures that where on my desktop are gone and i have to reinstall the calibre 2.12 Can some body help me to fix this?
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Kamala’s Way review: Harris as symbol of hope – and hard politics

A new biography suggests Joe Biden has picked a VP who will not shrink from tackling the toxic legacy of TrumpHistory-maker Harris will wield real power as vice-presidentThe president of the United States spent weeks recruiting then inciting a mob to invade Congress and prevent the certification of his opponent’s victory. The intruders killed one police officer and injured more than a dozen, pummeling them with everything from flagstaffs to fire extinguishers. Related: Abraham Lincoln is Ameri...
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How to use reading list plugin

I have the plugin installed, and configured for a device. I have an "add to" list and a "remove from" list. But I don't see how to populate the list. How can I add books to my lists? I have current versions of the plugin and Calibre.
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[TFB GUNFEST] Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Bolt Action Rifle

In this episode of TFBTV‘s #GunFest 2021 Coverage, James Reeves looks at the new Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Chassis model precision rifle. According to Daniel Defense’s press release: DELTA 5 PRO is the ultimate package of performance, accuracy, and custom features that are rarely found on a production bolt gun. This bolt gun bridges […] Read More … The post [TFB GUNFEST] Daniel Defense Delta 5 Pro Bolt Action Rifle appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Essenes in Judaean Society: the sectarians of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The sectarians reflected in the Dead Sea Scrolls, identified with the Essenes, were not the isolated community of popular imagination that spent their days praying, studying scriptures, and waiting for one or two messiahs in the desert. Some of them did do so, especially those who lived at a site near the Dead Sea known as Khirbet (‘ruins of’) Qumran, but most of them did not. Four thousand of them lived in towns, villages, and large groups throughout Judaea. They were in Jerusalem, where a gate...
Tags: Books, Featured, Religion, Jerusalem, Rome, Judaism, Mediterranean, Philo, Herod, Simon, Romans, Roman Senate, Dead Sea, Josephus, Masada, Habakkuk

Glowlight Plus BNRV510 Not Showing Sideloaded Books

I have seen a lot of threads on this with the GL3 and not real solution, but hoping someone has one for the Glowlight Plus. I have 277 epubs that were on my device. I always loaded them through Calibre. I did an update and it only showed 53 books. I checked in Windows and there were 277 files. I tried deleting and reinstalling. I tried deregistering and reregistering. I tried uploading books through Calibre and then deregistered and tried through Windows with dragging and dropping. The weird ...
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DX(G) downgrade to 2.5.8

Hi I received a Kindle DXG which is running on FW3.3 It wont connect to 3G and thus neither to amazon, I suppose due to the altered FW... thats why I was thinking about going back to the official 2.5.8. Is there a easy way to do that?
Tags: Books, Kindle Developer's Corner, FW

note - AI reflow - vocal input

Hello, i'm considering dictating to note standard app in AI reflow. Is there a way to increase the number of accepted vocal input languages?
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why you love your kindle

Hello guys, I'm making a fan video inspired by kindle paperwhite, and would appreciate some feedback from you:) It would help me a great deal if you could answer some of the questions below for me: -when choosing an e-reader, what made you buy kindle? -what is your favourite feature on your kindle? (intuitive interface, how easy it is to use, the size, no glare, its weight and so on) - are you happy with the color of your kindle? would you like one in a color that's not available on amazon? ...
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Plugin updates

I'm still on version 4.23 of Calibre. Can I still update the plugins or are they written for Calibre 5?
Tags: Books, Calibre

Saved Searches: Recursing hierarchical searches

I've been starting to split up my monstrous "Cleanup" saved search. However, I just wanted to make sure this wouldn't cause any issues. Example: If I have this hierarchy: Cleanup Cleanup.Missing Metadata Cleanup.Missing Metadata.Missing Page Count Cleanup.Missing Metadata.Missing Language Cleanup.Fanfiction Cleanup.Fanfiction.Fanfics with Errors Would there be any problem if I nested these? Cleanup would be search:"=Cleanup.Missing Metadata" OR search:"=Cleanup.Fanfiction" While Cleanup.Missi...
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Not to clean off variables in CSS?

I would like to keep the variables in the CSS, which work wonderfully with the Viewer and readers I'm using. But the Editor always sweeps them off when beautifying. Hence my question: Is the a setting somewhere that helps me with this? Or can the beautification be done on selected files only?
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The Hand-Painted Dining Wall is the Hero of this 1,000 Sq.ft. Apartment

If you had notions about how much you can pack in a compact 1,000 sq.ft apartment, this one will defy all that. Designed by Patil Design Studio, the hand painted wall with foliage in this 3 BHK apartment is the star attraction of this house that will rivet you. About the project Location: Four Bungalows [...]
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The most effective method to Fix Equalizer APO not Working on Windows 10

Having unlimited oversight over sound emerging from your PC is something a lot of clients ache for yet they don't appear to be happy with alternatives given by Microsoft. All things considered, numerous clients utilize outsider equalizers for the reason. Equalizer APO is a great representation of this however clients have announced that it just won't work. Equalizer APO Not Working on Windows 10 Equalizer APO opens and seems, by all accounts, to be working appropriately however it essentiall...
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[TFB GUNFEST] New Kel-Tec Guns and Accessories for 2021

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves speaks with Chad Enos of Kel-Tec about new parts, accessories, and models of some favorites, including a new version of the Kel-Tec SUB2000, an upgrade for the KS7 shotgun, and a new version of the RDB Survival. ««« GUN + GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» TFBTV is viewer supported and […] Read More … The post [TFB GUNFEST] New Kel-Tec Guns and Accessories for 2021 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
Tags: Guns, Kel-Tec, TFBTV, Guns & Gear, James Reeves, Sub2000, RDB Survival, KS7, Gun Fest 2021, Chad Enos

calibre fails to start

calibre, version 5.9.0 ERROR: Contacting calibre failed: Failed to contact running instance of calibre, try restarting calibre Failed to connect to Listener at: \\.\pipe\CalibreGUI-Johnx with error: QLocalSocket::connectToServer: Invalid name b'launched:["calibre.exe"]' -- Sometimes it will start after about a minute - other times it just never starts. Win 10 build 19042 (64 bit) 32 gb ram, i7-8700K cpu and lots of available space. I checked windows with sfc and dism - no problems ...
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