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3A – Premium Scale Bumblebee

The folks at 3A have announced that they're currently taking pre-order for the Premium Scale Bumblebee figure. Premium Scale figures are 3A’s top of the line large format collectibles featuring ultra-detailed sculpts, extraordinary amounts of articulation for maximum poseability, LED illuminated details, die-cast metal parts, and expert paint weathering. Standing in at 14inches tall with 90 points of articulation, the Premium Scale Bumblebee features 90 a die-cast metal frame, articulated fi...
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KITTYPILLAR in Bubblegum and Blueberry Flavors

3A Toys has released a pair of new KITTYPILLAR color ways for collectors. Designed by artist Casey Weldon and produced by 3A, the 8-inch tall vinyl KITTYPILLAR features three points of articulation. Both the BUBBLEGUM KITTYPILLAR and BLUEBERRY KITTYPILLAR include glitter (not sure if it's in the vinyl or the paint). These are pre-made and should ship in between 4 and 6 weeks. Both versions are limited editions of 100 pieces. You can order them now for $89.00 (price includes worldwide shi...
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Ashtro Lad 8-inch Wave 2 Continues…

Ashtro Lads Local Guardian and Moon Watch have jumped the dimensional rift are are now available for pre-order in the 3A Shop for a limited time. The 8-inch tall vinyl figures feature 3 points of articulation and an interchangeable left arm. The Local Guardian (white version) and Moon Watch (black version) can be purchased for $100.00 each (orders from 3A include worldwide shipping). Look for them to begin shipping in Q2 of 2019.
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3AGO BOMB V2 Square Set

The 3AGO BOMB V2 Square Set pre-orders are now available for pre-order on WO3A.com and via 3A Retailers Worldwide. The BV2 takes the digital neuroses of the original Bomb Squares to nuclear levels. You’ll never find a brattier bot on the front lines that packs this kind of destructive punch. Designed by artist Ashley Wood, and from his World War Robot series, the 3AGO BOMB V2 Square Set includes three figures:  JDF BV2 Square ;  RANGA BV2 Square ;  ROTHCHILD PROTOTYPE BV2 Square . Each 4.5-i...
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Destiny 2 Titan 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure

Bungie, Threezero, and 3A Toys have announced the pre-order their Destiny 2 Titan 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure from the video game Destiny 2. The Titan is available in three editions, with each one including a Ghost. The figures are outfitted in shaders, armor, vestments, and an array of weaponry curated by 3A in collaboration with the development team at Bungie. Mercury Vex Shader - Bungiestore.com Exclusive Ghost - EDZ Shell 3 Pairs of Interchangeable Hands Sub-class Weapon – Sentin...
Tags: Toys, Shell, Titan, Bungie, 3A Toys, Bungie Threezero

Tenacious Toys – Casey Weldon Kittypillar: Siamese Exclusive

Tenacious Toys has announced their next shop exclusive - the Siamese variant of Casey Weldon's popular Kittypillar vinyl figure. Produced by ThreeA, the Kittypillar vinyl measures 8 inches tall. There are several previous variants (breeds) of Kittypillar out on the market, some open to all retailers, and others as shop exclusives...you'll only get the Siamese Version from Tenacious. The Tenacious exclusive Siamese variant is currently available to pre-order for $90.00. Limited to a run of ...
Tags: Toys, 3A Toys, Casey Weldon, Casey Weldon Kittypillar, Kittypillar

Hasbro x 3A present 1/6th scale DLX Blitzwing

Hasbro and 3A Toys have announced the pre-order availability of the next character in the Transformers DLX Collectible Figure Series - the villainous Deception Blitzwing . From the latest Transformers film, Bumblebee, the DLX Blitzwing stands 10.6 inches tall and features screen accurate detailing, 51 points of articulation, LED illuminated eyes, and die-cast metal parts. Blitzwing comes fully equipped to hunt and seek Bumblebee with his interchangeable Null-ray Blaster and the surgically p...
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Two New Ashtro Lads designed by Ashley Wood

Opening up their World of 3A Shop (bye, bye Bambaland), 3A Toys has announced pre-order availability for a pair of 8-inch tall Ashtro Lad figures. Both the SLEEPY 77 Ashtro Lad and the Ashtro Lad Decade are designed by artist Ashley Wood. They include three points of articulation and an additional (bent) left arm. You can currently pre-order both versions, which are priced at $100.00 each (including worldwide shipping). Look for the figures to begin shipping in Q2 of 2019.
Tags: Toys, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Ashtro Lad

3A – Transformers Bumblebee DLX Collectible

Hasbro and 3A Toys has launched the debut of their Transformers DLX Collectible Figure Series with the release of Bumblebee from the exciting new Transformers' Bumblebee film. Currently available to pre-order, the 8-inch tall DLX scale Bumblebee features 55 points of articulation, LED illuminated eyes, interchangeable Stinger Blaster, interchangeable wings, and die-cast metal parts. It's priced at $145.00, with shipping expected in Q2 of 2019. The DLX Bumblebee figure includes the followin...
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DCON18: 3A Toys Releases

3A Toys will be at Designer Con 2018, for their first time ever. You'll be able to catch a glimpse of them at Booth #1813. The 3A booth will have a limited selection of figures and books for sale, including an extremely limited allotment of ASHTROLAD 16" Anniversary Edition and TROGLOW 16" ASHTRO LAD vinyl figures.
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3A Toys – Transformers DLX Scale Series

3A Toys has announced the Transformers DLX Scale Collectible Figure Series . The seres will debut in December 2018, alongside the release of the new Transformers Bumblebee film. Each DLX Scale Collectible figure will feature intricately detailed sculpts, a high range of articulation, LED illuminated details, diecast metal parts, and the expert paint weathering that 3A is known for. They'll be a little smaller (Bumblebee is slated for 8 inches tall) and cost less.
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3A at Shanghai Comic Con 2018

3A Toys will be attending Shanghai Comic Con this weekend (October 26th through 28th 2018) and be set up in Booth A10. Artist Ashley Wood will be in attendance and signing on October 26th and 27th, from 2:30PM to 3:00PM. They will have a pair of items at the show, which will only be available at BBICN’s Booth. The BBICN Exclusive DA GANGSTA GANGSTA GANGSTA Set will be available for CN¥ 2145 (about $310). Also, the 3A Convention Exclusive 8-inch DRAGON BONE GUARD ASHTRO will be available at...
Tags: Toys, Shanghai, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, BBICN

Transformers The Last Knight Megatron from 3A Toys

The Transformers The Last Knight Megatron Premium Scale Collectible Figure is now available for pre-order at Bambalandstore.com. The 19-inch tall Megatron figure comes in a Standard and Deluxe Edition, with the Deluxe version including a Brute Shield accessory. Presented by Hasbro and 3A Toys, the figure features 70 points of articulation and LED illuminated eyes. Accessories include an Interchangeable Battle Mask, Detachable Extended Battle Tusks, Fusion Cannon with LED Illuminated Details,...
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Threezero Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth Teaser

Threezero has teased their next 1/6th scale figure from the Game of Thrones license. Based on the award-winning HBO series, the next figure will be Brienne of Tarth . Featuring the likeness of Gwendoline Christie, we're sure there will be pre-order release details forthcoming. And I, for one, can't wait.
Tags: Toys, Hbo, Gwendoline Christie, 3A Toys, Threezero, Tarth Teaser

Tuxedo Kittypillar Pre-Order

3A Toys has announced that their Tuxedo Kittypillar figure will be available for pre-order running from September 19th until September 26th 2018. From artist Casey Weldon, this version will be available at Bambalandstore.com beginning at 9AM Hong Kong Time (9PM ET on September 18th). Look for it to run $89.00, with the price including worldwide shipping.
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3AGO Square 2018 Assortment

On September 13th 2018 at 9PM ET, you'll be able to pre-order the 3AGO Square 2018 Assortment via Bambaland. The  3AGO V-TOL Square Set , designed by Ashley Wood, will include the following versions: Night Patrol Division, British Patrol Desert, and British Patrol Sky. You'll be able to pick the set up for $140.00, which includes global worldwide shipping.
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On August 22nd 2018 at 9PM ET, 3A Toys will be releasing a limited edition pre-made figure. Timezone. Only available at Bambaland, the  FANG GAL R6 1:1 STIRLING MAIDEN FANG is designed by artist Ashley Wood. Limited to a run of only 50 pieces, this 2-inch tall vinyl is probably not for the kids. No word on how much it will run...
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Neapolitan Harlequin Set from 3A Toys

3A Toys (via Bambaland) has released the Neapolitan Harlequin Set for pre-order. Designed by artist Ashley Wood, each set include a Fang Gal R5 (13 inches tall) and a Bambaboss (10.5 inches tall) with three interchangeable faces. Shipping in September 2018, you can pre-order one now for $180.00 (price includes worldwide shipping).
Tags: Toys, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Bambaland, Bambaboss

16-inch Ashtro Lad – King Coal and Tro Glow

In addition to the regular edition Ashtro Lad , 3A Toys has released a pair of alternate colorways available via their Bambaland store. KING The King Coal Ashtro Lad will be available to pre-order until July 9th at Bambaland. The 16-inch tall black version is priced at $250.00 (shipping included). Also, there's the 3AA Exclusive Tro Glow Ashtro Lad . It can only be purchased by 3AA members and will also be available until July 9th 2018, running $250.00.
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3A Toys has announced the pre-order details for their ASHTRO LAD vinyl figure. Standing in at 16 inches tall and designed by artist Ashley Wood, this (Astro Boy looking) Anniversary Edition vinyl will be available from July 2nd until July 9th 2018 over at the Bambaland shop. It's priced at $250.00, which  includes Worldwide Shipping.
Tags: Toys, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Bambaland

Steel Detective Batman from 3A Toys

The final Batman in the DC Steel Age line, Steel Detective is a pre-made, limited edition of 300 pieces that are currently available to purchase at Bambaland. The Steel Detective edition stands approx 14 inches tall and features LED illuminated eyes, 50 points of articulation including fingers and segmented neck armor, with cloth fabric outfit, utility belt, and cape evoking the classic Silver Age look. Designed by Ashley Wood, you can pick one up for $240.00 (worldwide shipping included)....
Tags: Toys, Batman, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Bambaland, DC Steel Age line Steel Detective

Paul Pope’s THB + HR Watson Super Set

Created by Paul Pope and produced by 3A, the Collectible Super Set includes a pair of 1/6th scale figures - HR Watson and the THB Vinyl Collectible Statue . The set also includes the THB remastered comic “Point-Flatter-Cut” by Paul Pope, featuring a new cover, expanded pages, and pin-up gallery - all in a deluxe 35 page softcover format. And there's a chance you'll get an original 8-inch x 8-inch Paul Pope sketch of THB/HR inserted at random (10 possible winners in total). HR Watson mea...
Tags: Toys, Watson, Paul Pope, 3A Toys, Bambaland

Warbot Full Load Pre-Order

Designed by Ashley Wood and available from Bambaland, 3A Toys has announced the pre-order release of the Warbot Full Load . This 1/6th scale figure is Robot Club Number 3 - to complete Desert Stroll Bot Reward (if you picked up the first two). The figure will be available for pre-order until February 28th 2018. You can pick one up for $200.00, with shipping anticipated in Q3 of 2018.
Tags: Toys, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Bambaland 3A Toys

7174 NOM by F3ACTORY

3A Toys has released the 7174 NOM by F3ACTORY . Available only via Bambaland.com, this 1/6th scale collectible figure (designed by Ashley Wood) sells for $180.00. The 1/6th scale 7174 NOM includes the following: Masked Nom Head (with gas tank and tube) 7174 printed T-Shirt Tailored and weathered Pouches set Real Nom boots Gloved sculpted Nom hands Pistol (with holster)
Tags: Toys, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Bambaland, Real Nom

2018 3AA Membership

3A Toys has announced that their 3AA Membership opens up on January 15th 2018. This is the 10th year of the membership, which will include the long awaited FUTURE MORT 13. We'll have more specific details once they're announced.
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3A Toys’ Halloween 2-Pack Set

3A Toys is currently taking pre-orders (ending 9PM ET tonight) for the 1/6th Scale Halloween 2Pack Collectible Figure Series Set , designed by Ashley Wood and SiuYin. The set includes The Last Nabler Guy and The Last LIZ . The set runs $280.00, can be pre-ordered at Bambaland, and is expected to ship in Q1 of 2018. The Last LIZ stands (13 inches tall) features: ISOBELLE Printed Cropped Tee Classic Black Tanga Panty Over Sized Denim Jacket Handcuff x 12 pieces (Pastel colors, Black, Silv...
Tags: Toys, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Bambaland

3A Toys’ Night Mission Captain America

3A Toys is now taking pre-orders for the Night Mission Captain America . This monochromatic version of Cap comes complete with a Stealth Styled Shield that features magnetic detailing which grants the ability to store on Night Mission Cap’s back and arms bracers. The Night Mission Captain America features a newly enhanced, heroically proportioned 1/6th scale body. Officially licensed by Marvel, the figure is currently available to purchase from Bambaland for $240.00 (that price includes wor...
Tags: Toys, Disney, Cap, 3A Toys, Bambaland, Night Mission Captain America

3A Toys’ Zef Shadow Squad

3A has released the Zef Shadow Squad variant of Die Antwoord  for pre-order. These 1/6th scale figures, designed by artist Ashley Wood, are currently available to pre-order over at Bambaland.com. The Shadow Landi and Shadow Ninji features sell for $160.00 each, or you can pick up the Zef Shadow Squad Set for $310.00.
Tags: Toys, Ashley Wood, 3A Toys, Bambaland, Landi, Zef Shadow Squad

Geof Darrow and ThreeA announce The Shaolin Cowboy

Geof Darrow and ThreeA proudly present a new 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure of one of the most endearing, brutally violent, and hysterical comic book characters of all time – The Shaolin Cowboy . The development team at ThreeA have worked closely with Darrow to craft the silent hero down to every last detail – from head sculpt, to fit of the clothing, to the minute etched emblem of the pistol grip, to the iconic Bo staff with detachable chainsaws – all in effort to ensure The Shaolin Cowboy a...
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Steel Age The Joker Teaser

3A Toys has dropped the above photo of the 1/6th scale Steel Age The Joker from artist Ashley Wood. This robotic version of the Clown Prince of Crime is expected to be available for pre-order beginning on October 4th 2017. Of course, there will be details as well as additional photos available before the release date.
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