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Spiritual Alexander J. A. : Acts of the Apostles 13-28

The second volume of J. Addison Alexander's two-volume commentary on the Acts of the Apostles. Alexander was on the faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary in the USA during the 19th century. This is the third edition published in 1860 by Charles Scribner. The ebook has been developed from a plain text file on the Internet Archive, and proof-read against the print edition. Scanning errors have been corrected and Scripture references checked throughout, but the ebook does not contain the Hebrew...
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Monday with Josie

After breakfast (pancakes) Hamsie and I did some finger painting. Meema couldn't find the brushes so I used my fingers and made dots. I used all the colors but one at a time. I had to wipe my fingers with a paper towel before I started a new color because if the colors all get mixed together, they are mostly brown. When I finished painting, I put on my tutu and had some phone calls. I called my friend Alexander.  We have lots to talk about. When I finished talking, ...
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9 memoirs that celebrate Black joy and help paint a fuller picture of the Black experience in America

Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital Arlan Hamilton was one of the authors featured in Goodreads' list of 96 books on Black joy. Rich Fury/Getty The Black Lives Matter movement focuses on several serious topics like police reform and inequality. But activists say that the movement should also highlight Black joy and success.  Book review website compiled a list of 96 books that celebrate Black joy.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Black History Mo...
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Los Angeles native Amanda Gorman will be youngest poet to read at presidential inauguration

When Amanda Gorman reads one of her poems during the installation of Joe Biden as 46th president of the United States, the 22-year-old Los Angeles native will become the youngest poet ever to appear in a presidential inauguration. Gorman, while young, is no stranger to sharing her work on significant stages. Even before she was named the nation’s first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate in 2017, she’d been invited to the White House during the Obama administration. Among those for whom she has re...
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Bill Gates Picks 5 Good Books for a Lousy Year

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxlx8aZJ6mE 2020 has been a terrible year. But that hasn’t stopped Bill Gates (as is his custom) from choosing, he says, “five books that I enjoyed—some because they helped me go deeper on a tough issue, others because they offered a welcome change of pace.” Below, you can read, in his own words, the selections he published here. Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, by David Epstein. I started following Epstein’s work after watching his f...
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Bill Gates reveals his 5 favorite books of 2020

Courtesy of the Gates Foundation Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest people in the world, shared his top five books to read over the holiday season, rounding out what he called "a lousy year."  "In tough times—and there's no doubt that 2020 qualifies as tough times—those of us who love to read turn to all kinds of different books," Gates wrote.  The list includes non-fiction historic accounts and a book on social injustice and race.  Visit Business Insider's home...
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A Curious Herbal: 500 Beautiful Illustrations of Medicinal Plants Drawn by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (to Save Her Family from Financial Ruin)

Sometimes beautiful things come out of terrible circumstances. This does not justify more terrible circumstances. But as evidence of the resilience, resourcefulness, and creativity of human beings—and more specifically of mothers in dire straits—we offer the following: A Curious Herbal, Elizabeth Blackwell’s finely illustrated, engraved, and colored “herbal,” the term for a “book of plants, describing their appearance, their properties and how they may be used for preparing ointments,” the Brit...
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Capturing your “rude” conqueror

Roman civilization is one of the foundation stones of our own western culture, and we are often exposed in newspaper and magazine articles, books, and even TV documentaries to the glories of Roman art, architecture, literature (the chances are you’ve read Virgil’s Aeneid), rhetoric (we’ve all heard of Cicero), even philosophy. Yet in the late first century BC the Roman poet Horace wrote: “Captive Greece captured her rude conqueror and introduced her arts to the crude Latin lands” (Epistle 2.1.15...
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Down but never out

The Athenians were in a panic in 490 (all dates BC). A Persian army had landed at Marathon, on the coastline east of Athens, intent on capturing the city and even conquering all Greece. The Athenians sent for help to other Greek cities, but only Plataea (in Boeotia) responded. Thus, a predominantly Athenian army faced the enemy—and won. The famous battle of Marathon was Athens’ coming of age as a military power; a decade later its navy helped to block another Persian invasion (led by Xerxes), a ...
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Alexis Name Meaning

Gender: Unisex Origin: Russian Meaning: Defender Of The People 1. Meaning of the name "Alexis" Derived from the Greek alexein (to defend, to help). The Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis) means "helper" or "guardian", derived from the Greek αλεξω (alexo) meaning "to protect, to help". This is the name of a Greek comic poet in the 3rd century BC, and also of some saints. It is used somewhat interchangeably with the related name ςς or Alexius, born by the five Byzantine emperors. In the English-speaking wo...
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Riton Optics X1 Primal 4-16×44 Rifle Scope – Review

I tricked out a Ruger 10/22 and wanted to put on a higher magnification scope but I didn't want to spend $500.00. I found the Riton Optics U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- As a kid on up until not that many years ago I always bought cheap 3-9x scopes for my .22’s. My figuring was that a .22 can’t shoot that far anyway so why buy a good scope. In the last 15 years I’ve changed that stance though. Here’s why. Granted, we’re not making 200-300 yd. shots but we are hunting small game with a small kill zo...
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Historical Fiction Mann, Klaus: Alexander. Roman der Utopie (German) v1. 27 Feb 2020

Alexander ist Klaus Manns zweiter Roman, 1929 resp. 1930 (im Buch heißt es Copyright 1929, 1.-4. Aufl. 1930) bei S. Fischer veröffentlicht. Der Alexander des Titels ist Alexander der Große, dessen Leben hier als rauschhafter Fiebertraum erzählt wird. Thema ist der Widerspruch zwischen des Helden hehren (wenn auch leicht verschwommenen) Zielen und seiner realen (und sehr konkreten) Brutalität. Faszinierendes Experiment. Es gibt wieder eine Version ohne Seitenzahlen und Korrektur/Anmerkung ("stand...
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Graphic Novel Wins Newbery Medal for the First Time

“New Kid,” by Jerry Craft, won the children’s literature prize, while “The Undefeated,” written by Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Kadir Nelson, won the Caldecott Medal.
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Why do new psychotherapies work, and then stop?

On Slate Star Codex, psychiatrist Scott Alexander offers a "book review of "All Therapy Books", which is a jumping-off point for asking how it is that psychotherapy is periodically rocked by new therapies that seem to perform incredibly well, but whose confirmed efficacy shelves off over time. He proposes four different possibilities to explain this: maybe the first people to practice a new therapy are the most plugged-in, best psychotherapists, and then, as mediocre therapists adopt the pr...
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NJ2AS Delivers Victory for Jackson Township Residents! Is Your Town Next? ~ VIDEO

NJ2AS Delivers Victory for Jackson Township Residents! Is Your Town Next? Alexander speaking to the Jackson Township Council, New Jersey New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last night we achieved our first victory in Operation Establish Compliance X and brought Jackson township into compliance with New Jersey law. This victory would not have happened without the support of NJ2AS members. Will you help us build momentum for our next victory? As we recently shared, Jackson Township Chief of Police Ma...
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Blood on the Hands of Schumer, Pelosi, and Leftists

Opinion by Allen West Carlos Zuniga-Aviles, a 33-year-old illegal alien from Honduras, who has been using the alias “Jose Avila-Agurcia” while in the United States, was charged with murder this week after he allegedly kicked four-month-old Alexander Lizondro-Chacon to death on April 12, 2019. Photo credit: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- First, I want to express my sincere condolences to the congregants and victims of the shooting at the Chabad of Poway, California. Sad...
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Midcentury Meets Zen: A DIY Remodel in LA

The Scenario: Fashion designers Momo Suzuki and Alexander Yamaguchi launched their minimalist-chic clothing line Black Crane in 2008. Not long after that, the two—Japanese transplants who met in LA nearly 20 years ago—decided it was time to go looking for their dream house. They pictured a modernist Schindler classic with views and acres, but happily settled for a tree-shaded 1948 Pasadena bungalow built by the seller and his son. The Challenge: Untouched for decades, the 1,200-square-foot house...
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Mini-reviews: Transcription by Kate Atkinson & Death in the Spotlight by Robin Stevens

I have been catching up with books from 2018 that I never got around to reading then and will be writing mini-reviews for those I highly recommend. The two I have for today happen to be historical novels set in the early 20th century. First up, it’s Kate Atkinson’s Transcription (Little, Brown and Company, September 2018), a historical thriller about spies in London in early 20th century. The book mostly goes back and forth between the 40s and the 50s, following the narrative of Juli...
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Buffalo Gardens and Gardening Budgets: Two Book Reviews

I ‘ve been to Buffalo, NY twice: once with the Garden Bloggers’ Fling in 2010 and once with GardenComm: Garden Communicators International in 2017. Both times I was able to view many of the best gardens on Garden Walk Buffalo–without the crowds. (Garden Walk Buffalo is a weekend in July when thousands of homeowners open their gardens to be viewed by the general public.) These best gardens display creativity, ingenuity, and originality in spades, and they are featured in Buffalo-Style Gardens ...
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On the Town and the long march for civil rights in performance

Happy Hanukkah from OUP! This year we’re celebrating with a series of eight books celebrating Jewish history and culture over the eight nights of Hanukkah. As your menorah candles burn bright, take this opportunity to honour both the endurance of the Maccabees and the Jewish people.In this blog post, Carol J. Ola, author of Bernstein Meets Broadway: Collaborative Art in a Time of War, discusses how Leonard Bernstein and the creative artists of the musical On the Town used their hiring decisions ...
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What Are the Most Influential Books Written by Scholars in the Last 20 Years?: Leading Academics Pick “The New Canon”

It’s a fraught time to be an academic. Budgets have been slashed, departments decimated, political battles sensationalized by partisan opportunists, social media posts intensified into test cases for speech. Yet as corporatism and culture wars have pushed their way into academia in the past twenty plus years, more scholarship has seemed to make its way out into the mainstream, with books by academic historians like Eric Foner and Ibram X. Kendi, literary scholars like Stephen Greenblatt and bel...
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Mystery and Crime Wells, Carolyn: The Maxwell Mystery (1913): v1

Fleming Stone #4 Guests gather at Maxwell Chimneys, the stately home of Alexander Maxwell, for a weekend of picnics and charades. During a dance party, Alexander’s nephew Philip Maxwell is murdered. The murder weapon is quickly located in the hand of an unconscious woman lying next to the corpse. Attached Files The Maxwell Mystery (1913) - Carolyn Wells.epub (412.9 KB)
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‘American Gods’ Could Eventually Reach Neil Gaiman’s Unpublished Sequel Novel

Although American Gods has been plagued by behind-the-scenes issues, Neil Gaiman has divine hopes for the Starz series. The author teased that American Gods could run long enough to adapt his yet-unpublished sequel novel — if he finishes it by then. Neil Gaiman has been knocking around ideas for an American Gods sequel novel for years, first announcing in 2011 that he was planning to write a direct sequel expanding on the elements introduced in his 2001 magnum opus. And the author told Scree...
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Book review: Degrowth in the Suburbs, by Samuel Alexander and Brendan Gleeson

The suburbs are an easy target for environmental campaigners, often written off as the fountainhead of unsustainable consumerism, sprawling and soul-less. To writers like James Howard Kunstler, they are a tragedy and a waste. Alexander and Gleeson see something else. They see the potential for the ‘new world suburbs’ of their native Australia to be […]
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Alexander the Great in numbers [quiz]

Have you got Alexander’s number? The Treasures of Alexander the Great: How One Man’s Wealth Shaped the World explains the career of the Macedonian king by exploring a set of mind-blowing numbers. Test your knowledge of Alexander’s life with this quiz!   Featured image credit: Alexander the Great mosaic. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. The post Alexander the Great in numbers [quiz] appeared first on OUPblog.
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Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: Reading across the Genres

First, for my friends in Florida and the South -- I'm hoping you are safe and that you have electricity and that you spared the worst of the hurricane. For the rest of you north of the Equator, I hope you are enjoying the fall weather. I'm thrilled I can pull out my sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. I'm so ready for cooler temperatures and afternoon tea. I still have a window or two cracked during the day, but it's definitely cold out there! With October comes a seasonal busy time for ...
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8 Audiobooks to Listen to in September

As you know, September is a huge publishing month, and I have a ton of books on my radar, in all three media (print, e, and audio). I'm going to do my best to read and listen to as many as I can, but I know I'm going to miss some good ones. Here are four fiction and four nonfiction audiobooks, all published in September, that have caught my eye (ear?) and are near the top of my queue. The summaries are from the publishers, but the audiobook and other notes are my own. Fiction Lake S...
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8 Audiobooks to Listen to in September

As you know, September is a huge publishing month, and I have a ton of books on my radar, in all three media (print, e, and audio). I'm going to do my best to read and listen to as many as I can, but I know I'm going to miss some good ones. Here are four fiction and four nonfiction audiobooks, all published in September, that have caught my eye (ear?) and are near the top of my queue. The summaries are from the publishers, but the audiobook and other notes are my own. Fiction Lake S...
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How deaf education and artificial language were linked in the 17th century

Before the 1550s, it was generally believed that people who are born deaf are incapable of learning a natural language such as Spanish or English. This belief was nourished by the observation that hearing children normally acquire their speaking skills without explicit instruction, and that learning to read usually proceeds by first connecting individual letters to individual speech sounds, pronouncing them one by one, before a whole word is read and understood. Accordingly, it seemed obvious to...
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Etymology gleanings: May 2018 [Part 2]

With one exception, I’ll take care of the most recent comments in due time. For today I have two items from the merry month of May. The exception concerns Italian becco “cuckold.” I don’t think the association is with the word for “beak; nose.” Becco “cuckold” is probably from becco “male goat.” If so, the reference must be to the horns, as discussed in the previous post. Engl. lug There are several English words, spelled and pronounced as lug. Most often, an English word ending in g suggests ...
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