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Refurb Kindle 4 from Woot can't login to Amazon

I just got my first Kindle and attempted several times to login to my Amazon account without success. I even disabled 2FA which didn't help. I assume that Woot, being owned by Amazon, is not selling stolen Kindles, so that leads me to believe that the software is out of date. The sale page alleged that the Kindles were checked by Amazon techs. I logged in with my Amazon account and just assumed that Amazon would add the Kindle to my account when they shipped. I can't tell what the current sof...
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can i have *both* syncing across android/kindle paperwhite AND bold/font weight?

Hi: So I primarily read on my kindle. I use calibre and the KFX output plugin to get weighted fonts there. But I also like the ability to read on my phone and android tablet. I get most of my books from public domain and not from the Amazon ecosystem. Right now I'm using Moon Reader+ on my phone/tablet and the paperwhite to read. I also like having the option to do font weighting on paperwhite. So it seems like my options are: 1) Send all files to my @kindle email. This would achieve syn...
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Azw3 vs dual mobi: pros and cons?

I've been using old school mobi all these years, but now with an unjailbroken device, I need to use a newer format to have custom font. Azw3 and dual mobi look pretty much the same, but are there pros and cons of using one format vs another? (I'm using Calibre, though I can use another converter if need be.)
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Troubleshooting Kindle Touch slows down gradually until I restart it

My Kindle Touch slows down gradually over time, so I have to reboot it each week or two. The worst effects of the slowdown are lagging page turns and slow translation (navigation to a dictionary and back). I'm using a dictionary often, so this might be a reason for this behavior. I've found a description of the same symptoms here. My Kindle firmware version: 5.1.2. Jailbreak version: 5.0.3 (installed it years ago). I installed a Russian keyboard years ago (keyboard_alff31_v0.1.0). Suspected t...
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Kindle Keyboard - frozen (got it going once, but now stuck on anotyher page)

I have not used my Kindle Keyboard for years, and the battery went dead and it was frozen on "empty battery". I replaced the battery with a new one, but it was still stuck at empty battery screen. Spent weeks of trying all advice from internet, hard soft resets of various types etc. Tried different downlaods of Kubrick but cant get it to run (tried on USB stick, CD and DVD on 2 PCs and 3 laptops) Put paperclip in hole next to charger as a last resort and it wame up with the log on screen! Don...
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PW3 No USB mount. Can't copy jailbreak files

So, I've got what seems to be a bit of a unique problem on this PW3. The unit itself mostly works fine (Though has a strange reboot when waking up occasionally), but it will not mount the USB when plugged in. The storage itself seems to be OK, I can download books through the experimental browser just fine and they will work without a problem. When I plug in the USB though, I just get the normal USB connected screen, but nothing appears on the PC. The unit then appears to lock up, even when you ...
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Kpw2 jailbroken

any good way so far for KPW2 updated to to jailbroken? Thanks Any
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Oasis 2 Battery

The Oasis 2 battery is worse than my 11 inch iPad battery. Sometimes I read on iPad during day to save battery on kindle. Is there anyway to see if something is wrong with my kindle battery or if this is just the downside to oasis 2? I read kindle oasis at night with light set at 1, had it for year and battery has always been this bad, I love the device but poor battery makes we not want to use it.
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Troubleshooting Strange behavier of my Kindle Voyage (page flip)

Hello together, since some months my Kindle Voyage (actual SW) acts a little bit confusing: When I close a book an reopen it again, I see the last page where I have been (that's what I expect). But: When I flip to the next page, my kindle jumps to the second page of the next chapter... This happens nearly every time. I checked this with my self made books (sideloaded) and with books I bought from amazon (direct downloaded from amazon). Always the same. I even made a test book (very simple ...
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Kindle Tips

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Amazon Kindle: Maximum documents in account reached

Hi all, I have a Kindle Voyage, which I have been using mostly for sending articles I want to read later. I am using 'send to Kindle' from my browser. For some time now, I noticed that the articles I send, dissapear in space. I.e. they never reach my kindle. After some research I saw that in my Amazon Kindle Library, I have reached a limit of 1199 documents. I haven't found a way to increase this number. I do not want to delete my articles that I have been gathering for years in my KV. I use...
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¿Alguien sabe como pasar o poner las colecciones en Kindle, por mas que lo intento no logro hacerlo, la columna me sale cuando conecto al libro, pero no me las muestra?
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Enjoying reading again with the PW4

I spent a long time away from the forum because I just simply wasn't reading. Sure, I read 22 books last year, but for me, that simply isn't enough. I've been reading ebooks for almost 7 years now, starting with the Nook Color. After I bought an iPad, I read exclusively on that, with some print books in between. I read profusely on my Nook Color, even though you could have apps on it they were really limited so I wasn't tempted to open another app like Twitter and get lost. But that changed wi...
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Personal Document Library not showing up on Kindle?

Hi there. I just got a Kindle DX graphite for Christmas and I can't see any of the books I've sent from Calibre (via the Send by email feature) to my Kindle address. I also have a Kindle Paperwhite 3 that displays them just fine. The question is, is the Kindle DX too old for showing up the documents from the cloud? Or this has to do with the fact that Kindle DX can't connect to some sites (like Wikipedia) because Amazon stopped offering updates for that model? In that case, jailbreaking it w...
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Does anyone own more than 1 oasis ( for themselves not family)

I thought about getting one in the silver since I have the gold. I feel like a wierdo and don’t want to be the only one. Lol:rofl:
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Troubleshooting New to Kindle...can I invert the text/background colors?

I just recently bought a Kindle PW4 and love reading on it, even better than my new 2018 iPad Pro 12.9”. But one thing I miss from ereader apps like Marvin (RIP) and MapleRead is the ability to have a black background with white text. I can’t seem to find a way to do this. It seems possible because when I wake it from sleep, it refreshes with a white text on black screen. Anyone know how this works? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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New to Forum but not to Kindle

:rolleyes: My First Post - Tried searching for the subject but result was confusing. Not sure whether others have encountered the same problem I encountered. On New Years day I upgraded my old series 4 Kindle to a new Touch unit. I understand that the system is similar in most respects to the Paper White version. I backed-up all my old 'Documents' folder from my old Kindle to my PC and connected my new Kindle. Hello there was no Documents folder showing in Windows Explorer. Okay, assuming...
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Did I damage my kindle or just being paranoid?

So I got a new paperwhite last month and a regular case for it, one of the non leathers. It seems pretty sturdy but I’m not sure how much of a protective case it is but one night I went to sleep with it at the foot of my bed, unknowingly, and in the morning I found it on my carpet. Doesn’t seem like a bad call but it seems likely that it would have knocked on the wooden outer frame of the bed before hitting the carpet. I couldn’t help but stare at the screen to check for damage and I noticed th...
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Spyderco Advocate Flipper-Style Folding Knife Review

Tom reviews the Spyderco Advocate Flipper-Style Folding Knife. After testing the Spyderco Advocate I'd recommend it for an EDC or self-protection folder. Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- Spyderco Knives has a legendary following of knife connoisseurs and for good reason. Everyone that I have ever tested has come from the factory with a wicked sharp edge. I’ve known the Spyderco head of Public & Media Relations, Joyce Laituri for years. She is great and the perfect Media representative, in fact the ...
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Turkish Hyphenation Dictionary for Kindle?

Hi, Anybody knows that how I can find a Turkish hyphenation dictionary for kindle with a .dic or .oxt extension (to use it in Calibre)? Or is there any? Thanks
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Best sideloaded dictionary?

I have a blacklisted PW2 that cannot use the default Kindle dictionary. But I am able to use a .mobi dictionary (WordNet 3 Easy) by sideloading it. I have tried some other e-reader dictionaries but the WordNet 3 Easy is the only one that seems to integrate with the Kindle UI, the rest are not available to select as the default dictionary when long-pressing words. The only issue is that the WordNet 3 Easy dictionary isn't very good, and lacks a lot of definitions that I need. Are there any other ...
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Kindle Android app now has continuous scrolling

My phone's Kindle app updated this morning and up popped a notice that it now has scrolling and it asked if I want to turn it on. I said yes and wallah! It scrolls! I love it. I use the Kindle app as well as Moon+ on my phone and scrolling is the main reason I like Moon+. I don't let it scroll automatically. I just use my finger to go down the page as needed. Now my Kindle app does the same thing and I suspect I'll be using it more than Moon+. In the past I mostly used Moon+. It's very ...
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Teardown of Kindle Paperwhite Display Whitepaper

An interesting whitepaper about the composition of the Paperwhite screen. It goes into details about the various layers of the display. Optical teardown of a Kindle Paperwhite display by OCT https://arxiv.org/pdf/1605.05174.pdf
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Possible to search for books which credits will apply to?

I have $2.61 in credits which expire in a couple of days --- they will apply to the book _A Perfect Horse_, (which is currently on sale) but I already own it --- is there a way to search for books which the credits will apply to? (this is not a gift card --- that's a separate balance)
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Why I Cancelled My Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Why I Cancelled My Kindle Unlimited Subscription
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Amazon Kindle DX graphite - 2.5.8 restoration

Hi, people. I'm sorry for bringing this up, but I recently got a kindle DX graphite with free 3G and the last owner installed version 3.2.1. I figured this may well be the reason why the internet of the device doesn't work. I can't even browse the kindle store, so the thing 'works' only with very basic functions. I have been able to find an update file for 2.5.8, but I can't simply "update" to an older version, it seems... Please help, if possible.
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Content How to download full resolution images?

For books with interior illustrations, I've noticed that the downloaded file size from Amazon's site is significantly smaller than their claimed file size on the website. Comparing two books in the same series from the same publisher, one purchased from Amazon and one from B&N, Amazon appears to be downscaling the images before delivery. (I know this isn't a "true" 1:1 comparison but it's the best I can get without buying a second copy of a book!) Comparing the same volumes between sites, both ...
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Spyderco Jerry Brouwer C232Gtip G10 Hunting Knife Review

Spyderco Jerry Brouwer C232Gtip G10 Hunting Knife Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- I recently tested out the Spyderco Jerry Brouwer C232Gtip G10 Hunting Knife and was interested in how the knife got the name “Brouwer”? It turns up that the Spyderco Brouwer Folder C232GTI is named after a Dutchman named Jerry Brouwer. As a kid he was infatuated with knives and regularly visited a local knife shop where he passionately examined every design feature of their knives. Spyderco Jerry Brouwer C232Gtip G10 ...
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Troubleshooting Kindle Driver Error Whenever Connected to PC

I had posted this before here regarding my kindle showing driver error whenever connected to Calibre on PC. Since the five months I have ran and fixed this issue, somewhat, I have been running into driver error more and more frequently. The fix that was advised and I used to fix the thing now serves more of a stopgap than actual permanent fix. Now it doesn't matter if I uninstalled and reinstalled calibre, eventually it would work fine for a while until I reconnect and the message will show a...
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