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Smith’s Folding Limb Saw – Review

While up baiting for bears I took up a Smith's Folding Limb Saw and tested it out. What a great little saw. U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- As a kid, when we’d build a deer blind the last step would be to remove any tree limbs blocking your view or shots. Dad would be up in the blind and us kids would be on the ground with a bow saw. He’d point out limbs that were blocking a shot. Smith's Folding Limb Saw Years later, this is still the last step for when I slap up on of my brush blinds or throw up...
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Troubleshooting Kindle 2 not connecting to 3G

Hey everyone! New to the site here. I'm trying to get my old Kindle 2 working (Serial starting with B003). The problem being it won't connect to 3G. Turning on wireless results in the signal indicator appearing and disappearing after which wireless is turned off again. I've updated it to the latest version 2.5.8 and updated Amazon services. Also read about trying to change provider manually by typing "311" in settings but nothing happens? Typing "611" displays "Sorry - WAN info is not availa...
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Troubleshooting Bug with Page Numbers No Longer Available? (Update 13.1)

After updating to 13.1, my Kindle 10th Gen will reach a certain point in the book (50% through or so) and the option to view by page will no longer be available. Can someone else see if this is reproducible? 1. Open a book that has page numbers 2. Read or Page Skip to about 50% in. 3. The Page Number option is grayed out, and is no longer available. Even if you back track to a spot where pages were available. You can only track this book by LOC or reading speed. I have reset, re-downloaded ...
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Absurd changes between letters (not words)

Here are two photos. Same text with georgia font on same PW4 with exact same size and boldness. The space between letters (not words) are tight as it should be on one and loose on the other. It changes when I choose another font and turn back to georgia. How is that possible and more importantly, how can it be fixed? Or is it a known bug of Kindle about misbehaving typesettings? Attached Thumbnails    
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Umarex Hammer 50 Cal PCP Airgun – Review

I was surprised at how fast the Umarex .50 cal. Hammer air rifle slapped down this boar. I can't wait to hunt more with it. U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- While I’m big-time into airguns, I never have gotten into the large-caliber airguns. Sure, I’ve shot a couple at the Media Day at The Range at the SHOT Show but that was it. Recently the Umarex Director of Marketing, Justin Biddle said I ought to try out their Umarex 50 cal. Hammer. I said something to Bill Olson, the publisher of Texas Outdoor J...
Tags: Usa, Texas, Guns, US, Amazon Kindle, Bill, San Antonio, Hammer, Lightspeed, Robert, Lyman, Weaver Picatinny, Shooting Industry News, Firearm News, Bill Olson, Amazon Picks

Amazon requesting to change password

Hello guys. I hope you can help me. I was trying to download an older version of Kindle for PC, and at some point I was asked to login in. I put my e-mail and password, but then I was told that I had to change my password. I suspected on it, and tried to log in on amazon.com to see if someone had changed my password or anything like that. And as I tried to log in on the website, the same message appeared, and I had to create a new password. Is it common for Amazon to ask it? PS: The messag...
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Random underlining

I have random underlining on my kindle, I think only in this book, but I can’t be sure. It is so faint as to make me wonder if I am imagining it. I’m not though. I don’t have worldly wise, quotes highlight or book title highlight turned on. Have you ever seen this? Look at "absurdly" in the second last paragraph. It just appear randomly, every few pages, sometimes under several words. Attached Thumbnails  
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Multiple connection problems

Hi, I wanted to connect my Kindle Oasis to Calibre, but got an error message that the device couldn't be found. I'm using Mac Catalina 10.15.5 by the way. After several tries I booted up again, which didn't help. Then I noticed my Calibre version might be outdated (though I hadn't received any update messages lately). So I uninstalled Calibre and downloaded version 4.20.0. Then I got this: "the following disk images couldn't be opened" and "resource busy". So now not only does my Kindle not c...
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Account login issue

Hello. I've had Kindle 1.17 and Calibre 2.21 for several years now and never ran into a problem Today I de-registered my account on Kindle because I wanted to sign in with a different account. I tried to register a new account and was unable to do so. I get the following message from the Amazon sign in screen "There was a problem. Enter a valid email or mobile number" I've tried different accounts, resetting the password, and trying to create a new account. I eventually get the same message. ...
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Kindle PW3 with 5.12.4 firmware - problems and solutions

This is a thread for the discussion of the PW3 (aka Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation) and the apparently final firmware version 5.12.4, which is currently no longer being made available for download by Amazon. Feel free to discuss any problems being experienced with this firmware and possible solutions or workarounds. Speculation on why Amazon pulled back that release and what PW3 owners should do about it is also welcome here. I am creating this thread in the hope that having a specific plac...
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Can books be taken away from my Kindle library by Amazon?

Hello. I've been wondering if Amazon can remove a book from its catalogue and from my library, however much I've purchased it, by reason of a contract breaking or expiry. If so, has it ever happened to any of you?
Tags: Amazon, Books, Amazon Kindle

K4 Mac or PC Kindle for PC KFX

Can anyone please tell me if this has been resolved in Calibre yet? I'm still running the old version of Kindle for PC (as explained in this forum) but I'm regularly getting reminders to upgrade to the latest version. It seems that this problem of not being able to format KFX files has been around for quite a while now. Calibre is brilliant and usually manages to fix any problems very quickly, what's the problem this time?
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Amazon ebook Readers - Premium Cases (Noreve, Oberon, Amazon, Hand and Hide Leather)

I've ordered 4 cases from Noreve over the years. My latest purchase was for my new Oasis 3. These are elegant leather cases. I enjoy dealing with this company and truly love their products. They're located in France, and they ship worldwide for free. I once had an Oberon leather case, one I purchased for my Kindle 2. I found it rather too bulky, but it was a beautiful case. They have quite a large variety of designs to choose from. I also purchased Amazon's lower-priced leather case for my...
Tags: Amazon, Books, France, Amazon Kindle, Oasis, Noreve

Home Screen, turn of Recommended For You?

So I don't own a kindle. Have just played with others. I've heard on the home page you can turn off the Recommended For You advertising bar. But in screenshots, nobody ever seems to do it. I was just wondering, if you do turn that off, what is displayed in its place?
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Kindle firmware 5.13.1

https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/custo...MQC26VQQMM8XSW No release notes so far.
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle

HELP, Please, any way to recover info and collection from Kindle Oasis?

Hi, by mistake I reset my kindle oasis 9. It erased everything, all my collections, all my files, everything Since I don't have a back up 'cause I can't get the collections into calibre I don't know what to do, I'm really desperate This kindle is kind of my lifeline, my help and support with everything that is going in my life and family, please help me. I know it might seem like I'm over reacting but I'm really starting to feel faint, I'm not prepared for this. please help
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Troubleshooting Kindle App does not work on Catalina (iOS)

I just got a new Mac using the new Catalina Operating System and my Kindle no longer works on it, even though I downloaded it again from both Amazon and the Mac App Store - my books don't open. The Kindle App opens just fine on my Mac, does not freeze, it installs and runs, etc.. The problem is that none of my eBooks show up on it properly.. i.e. I see all my books but none of them open... So at the moment I can only read them on my iPhone or the Kindle Cloud solution, but not on my Mac... whi...
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Troubleshooting Does Remove Books keep a ghost copy of files??

Hi. I use my Kindle to carry around my collection of individual PDF files of song lyrics and chords. I leave the Kindle permanently in Flight Mode as I have no need for it to connect to the internet to get meta data etc. When I amend a songsheet, I need to replace the old version on the Kindle with the new version. I remove the old version from the Kindle by long-pressing the document name and pressing Delete This Document. I then Add Book to upload the new PDF file to Calibre, connect my Kindl...
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Content Are the active contents from Kindle Store gone?

Hi! I noticed that Amazon has recently deleted all its "active contents" from Kindle Store. My Keyboard says: (whatever active content I choose) "Not currently available". The website doesn't find anything if I search for them. Are they gone for ever? Why didn't they make them freely available?
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Oasis differences to Voyage

I understand the brightness and colour differences. My Voyage won hands down, but the extra size of the Oasis, for the most part, made up for it. I have a couple of issue with my Oasis (2019) I want to work out if it is just a normal Oasis thing or I have an Oasis with potential problems. It crashes Calibre a lot and requires a reboot most times when this happens. I would say one in 5 or 6 times it refuses to eject from the USB, most time you just have to plug it back in and eject again. Someti...
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Kindle marker mode on PW4 not as sexy as on PW2

Hy guys I'm wondering why the marker behaviour of on my kindle devices differ. I have two kindles both on the same firmware (5.12.2). A Paperwhite 2 & 4. The PW4 is jailbroken, while PW2 should still be as amazon likes Kindles to be... However, I really want that marker behaviour I know from the PW2. It's way better to read while marking. Anyone knows how to enforce it? On PW2 it looks like this: Attachment 180339 on PW4 it looks like this: Attachment 180338 I definitively prefer the...
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CASE XX Blue G 10 Mini Trapper Knife – Review

New & old. The new Case Mini Trapper and a picture of my furs tacked on the shed at our farm fifty yrs. ago. U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- If you did any trapping 60 years ago, then you know that the Case Trapper knife was a popular knife among trappers back in the day (And still is. Actually it dates back to the 1920’s). As a kid we used to trap a lot. In fact, I think every red-blooded boy in my grade school trapped. Not that any of us caught very much. Then in Jr. High Richard Jaco and I starte...
Tags: Guns, Cowboys, US, Amazon Kindle, Gear, Richard, Spyderco, Tom Claycomb, Hunt Alaska Bass Pro Shops Bowhunter, Tom Claycomb Tom Claycomb, Richard Jaco, Mini Trapper Knife, Mini Trapper Knife Review

azw3 vs kfx?

I have been using azw3 to sideload my books to my kindles. However, I've heard about the kfx format as an option. Is this a better format for sideloading?
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle

Did anyone else notice that Send to Kindle isn't working after upgrading to Mojave?

Would you say that presents a problem for those who read on Kindle apps on the phone?
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle, Mojave

Oasis v Voyage

Hi folks Appart from the screen size is there any difference to the image quality of the text between the Voyage and current version of the Oasis.
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle, Oasis

whose bright idea was it?

To add the "permanently delete book/doc" on the Kindle? I have been deleting docs thinking they were deleted from my library and now I see I can do it with books too? Seriously? It is so easy to accidentally delete a book this way. Go back to needing to delete books and docs by the website, or at least have a setting that allows kindle deleting to be hidden.
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle

Hacks Beginner looking for advice on how to jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite

I have no experience with jailbreaking, so consider me a beginner to this whole process. I would like to be able to track how long I read (as I outlined in this post), and someone said I need to jailbreak and install koreader. I have two kindles. 1) B024 Kindle PaperWhite WiFi - with firmware 2) G090G1 Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015) WiFi - with firmware 5.12.4 I have found a few articles about jailbreaking from HowToGeek and LifeHacker. Both describe slightly different processes. Is ther...
Tags: Books, Amazon Kindle, HowToGeek

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle .25 Caliber – Review

Umarex Gauntlet U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- I’m into airguns. And the more I get into them, the more I only like accurate ones. When you’re hunting with an airgun, you’re hunting small animals or birds with small kill zones so if it’s not accurate then you’re just going to wound it. A couple of things greatly affect your accuracy: Quality of the air rifle. Using quality pellets (I will write on this another day). I don’t own any $2,500 airguns and you don’t have to, to obtain good groups. So...
Tags: Guns, US, Amazon Kindle, Shooting Industry News, Firearm News, Amazon Picks, Umarex Gauntlet, Air Venturi, Tom Claycomb, Hunt Alaska Bass Pro Shops Bowhunter, Umarex, Tom Claycomb Tom Claycomb, Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle, My Umarex Gauntlet PCP, Umarex Gauntlet Air Rifle

Don't know if I should get an Oasis or not

I have previously been happy with my Paperwhites and had no desire to update due to cost and portability. Frankly I've been in the mood for a new e-reader and I don't see Amazon releasing any new ones (besides perhaps Fires or basic Kindles) for awhile. By their history I don't see them releasing a new paperwhite this year, and likely not a new Oasis yet since the Oasis 3 was released last year. My Paperwhite 4 has become increasingly buggy, and it's my main reading device. I keep getting sof...
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Opacity of images lost in mobi preview

So, here's yet another one for you... I have an epub including PNG images with opacity. All looks good in KP3. So I export as .mobi so I can view it on the Kindle macOS app. Where the opacity should be, it is now a mid-grey. Is this a known bug with the macOS app? Seems to me that it is very often the case that KP3 'preview' and Kindle app 'reality' differ somewhat. BTW: The epub displays just fine in Apple Books on macOS. PS: I unpacked the .mobi and the GIFs produced by KP3 actually have t...
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