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Apparently,*e-books*hold*their*own*specific*place*in*our*routine ,*especially*for*readers.*If*you’re*an*immersive*r eader,*you’ll*be*interested**in*today’s*deal.*That ’s*right,*the*Likebook*Mars*is*now*available*at*Amazon*$239.*Special*offers*and*product*promotions Likebook*Mars*case*cover*needs*to*be*purchased*at* the*same*time.*You*will*get*a*free*case*.*The*prod uct*is*not*only*productive*but*packs**features*whi ch*are*not*found*in*many*e-readers.* Get*The*Likebook*Mars*At*Just*$239...
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AIReader: how do I load a book into library?

I have an azw3 book on my computer. I would like that book on my android phone (Samsung Galaxy 5). I know how to move files from the PC to the phone. But is that how I do it? Just copy the file somewhere? If so, where? Does it matter? Or do somehow load the book from inside the app. I find it extremely frustrating that there seems to be no instructions on how to do this most basic function.
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Best Reddit apps for eink tablet ? (Read text only)

That not too battery consuming .. not into gif and video only into text reading like /r/no sleep
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Icarus E645BK appears offline from within apps

I haven't used my Icarus Reader (model E654BK, Android version 4.2.2) since my last holiday past August. Back then all worked fine but I guess with the company gone a few things might change. Now when I try to access the internet from within an app like 'Google Play Store' or 'Amazon Kindle' the device appears offline showing something similar to: " Server could not be reached" When using the browser I can access the internet. However, the reader is showing me multiple security/ certificate warn...
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Moon+Reader questions

There are a pletora of apps for Android, but Moon+Reader is the one that I choose because has much more features than every other app. I challenge whoever to show is not true(pity for the glorious My questions are 1) which strategy you use to sync it with other devices but also new readers you have bought? Also do know ways to highlight pdf in a way, that if opened on a desktop, the highlights are persistent using whatever PDF desktop app? 2)Do you have also the issue that if you see a PDF...
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New company or brand "Eereader" with "E-PAD" e-reader, but some things are amiss

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...android-tablet I had discovered this by accident while searching for something else on YouTube, and wanted to post about it here. I'm guessing they do advertise on Facebook and Instagram, like with that other device by another company that was also on Kickstarter, that I can't remember the name of, but that device looked as though it was something built by Netronix (who I only really knew for building first-party devices for Good e-Reader), and was much sm...
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Large libraries on Boyue Mimas/Mars/Muses?

I've just got a Mimas and so far am impressed with its potential, especially as an 'e-ink tablet' ... but wrestling with some of its current limitations. One key one is how to deal with a relatively large library without the 'Boyue OS' launcher grinding to a halt. I have just over 3000 books in my Calibre library. Is anyone using their Boyue device (with the standard 'Recently read/Recently Added/Books' UI) successfully with that sort of volume? Initially I loading all the books into Calibre Co...
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Your favorite android apps on a reading device

On an Android device you use frequently for reading (phone, tablet, e-ink Android), what are your favorite apps for content consumption (not limited to ebook readers)? And with each, maybe add a comment on why. Always interested to hear what favorite apps folks are using; that's how I found many of my current faves. Reader apps Kindle (the smoothest all around dedicated ebook reading experience) Google Play Books (a close second to Kindle) FB Reader (the app is 'close to open source', cross...
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Reanimation inc - realistic medical simulator

Are you interested in medicine? Then this game is for you! Faster paramedic - provide venous access, charge the defibrillator and drive! Reanimation inc is a completely realistic simulator - real emergency conditions and diseases, real help protocols used in an emergency, realistic simulation of the body! Do you like realistic games about medicine and simulators, games in which you need to think? You will be satisfied! In the game there is a real ECG monitor that shows ECG, heart rate, pressur...
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[Likebook Mimas and Muses] Notes app BUG that results in a loss of page data

It seems that on Boyue Likebook e-readers with note-taking features, there is a serious bug in the Notes application, which is technically part of the home shell. I'm posting it here as I don't think there are any official support channels besides contacting them through their AliExpress page. I can prove this bug exists on the 1.0.2 firmware, which is the current version on the Mimas as of posting this. Basically, just open a note (and I recommend duplicating the page), then tap the "undo" bu...
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Samsung shipping a new 8 inch Tab A with S Pen

Samsung is releasing a new Galaxy Tab A 8 inch tablet, the SM-P205. Reportedly will have 1920x1200 resolution (est 283 PPI), 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and an SD card. Also will reportedly use the previous gen S Pen, which does not required charging. My guess is this is to stay competitive with the Ipad Mini. It'll almost certainly come in at a lower price point. References: https://www.androidpolice.com/2019/0...s-pen-support/ https://www.sammobile.com/2019/03/28...-a-with-s-pen/ Note: * This h...
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Likebook mars problem

Today i received my new Likebook mars. Installed all updates (including today update 19/3/19) and find that device does not work properly. First, i cant make any new account (i push +new accountbut nothing happens). Second, nitification bar wont stay opened. Every time i expand it, it closes instantly. Gave it a reset but nothing changed. Any help?
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Likebook Plus file system issue

I started having problems with file managers either the stock one or any alternative. All of them are being closed immediately after starting. And if I try to open any book with an app like Cool Reader, it crashes as well. Any idea how to fix this? Tried to factory reset the device to no avail.
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Boyue Likebook Mimas (T103D) 10.3': Two Problems

Hello! Received my Likebook yesterday. Two issues. First, the thing is reading the time settings 12 hours off. As such, it being now 09:23, it's reading 21:23. In 12 hours, it will show 21:23, when it will be actually 09:23. Wifi is connected. I see no settings dealing with the clock. Second, dealing with the Apps. When I select Apps at the Home position, all that comes up is a list of the wifi scans. Yesterday I was able to find a list of the 11 apps available, but the process of arri...
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Lifebook Mars Covers

I recieved the cover / case that came with the Mars. Any other options out there. The case is ok just dont care for the hard plastic back. Hard rubberized would of been better.
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Help importing covers automatically

I was wondering is there an option to auto import covers to books. I used to have the app and there was a simple option where it would scan for covers instead of having to do it one by one. I love the app and really wish there was a guide the f&q qre of no help. Also if i have to change the cover on my own how do i do that? I am using the pro version on a s9 galaxy. Thanks for any help
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Moon+ Pro on Kindle?

Hi there! I'm currently reading my books using Moon+ on my smart phone and on an older Icarus eReader device. The Icarus' screen has gotten some weird artifacts, so I'm considering buying something new. I recently discovered Calibre, and migrated all my books from Google Play and Amazon to epubs, which I read using Moon+ (since that was the first app I found that advertised that they had reading statistics). As I love statistics, I've made a system for aggregating reading data from the Moon+ ...
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Dictionaries in Kindle on Android device

I am reading Spanish books in Kindle app. version on an Android tablet running version 7.0. I have bought a Collins Spanish-English dictionary which works fine on my Kindle device, but when I downloaded it from my library onto the tablet it was classified as a book and not a dictionary. I have looked for instructions to set it as the Spanish dictionary, but they refer to the Languages and Dictionaries option in Settings. I don't have the option - only Language Learning then Word wise...
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Cool Reader - Still Broken

Posted an issue last month whereby I keep getting this error with Cool Reader: "“Font "Roboto" isn’t compatible with language “en-US”. Instead will be used fallback font.” As mentioned, this issue occurs with all fonts. Was advised the issue was fixed. Nope. It's not, at least for me. Uninstalled/reinstalled via Googe Play. Nope. So I tried forcing close, clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling. Twice. Same problem. My version is shown as the latest (3.2.29-1), but still the problem pe...
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Anyone use huawei mediapad m5 lite for reading

I hope to get huawei mediapad m5 10.8 but it is not avalible on my country Mediapad M5 lite is available one so go for it or wait samsung s5e E-ink or ipad not in my plans Pdf reading is the mostly
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How to display book cover images on android e-reader device?

I have purchased a Likebook Mars ebook reader. I have about 2000 ebooks on my PC arranged with Calibre, mostly in MOBI format. In the Calibre Library folder on PC, all the ebooks are arranged in different folders with book cover images downloaded by me. In some cases, however, the downloaded book cover images do not match the cover images of the MOBI format ebooks. I want to know how to transfer these ebooks from my PC to Likebook Mars device so that the cover images downloaded by me are displa...
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Likebook Mars - changing default dictionary

Hi: I use the Kindle app for reading my mobi format books since I find it suits my needs more than some of the other reading apps I have tried, including the Mars default reader. However, one thing that I find very frustrating is that I can't change the default dictionary. Whenever I long press a word to get the meaning it always goes to the default dictionary for that language (eg el Diccionario de la lengua española). When I select the Change Dictionary option I can change to the dictionar...
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Likebook Muses

Hello, Its my first post here. I have just received my first eInk device Likebook Muses There is no section for it probably we need one? Or it is very similar to Mimas? Anyways I have spent 2,3 hours with my device and my feelings are positive. I am using only stock apps for now. -Good reading (I have managed to install dictionary file for my language which integrates well with the original reader app) -Good hand writing. -Reading and annotating scientific PDFs is my main goal for this d...
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Which better on reading and else samsung tab s4 or huawei m5 10.8

I want tablet for reading pdf ,browsing and watching I will use it at home most time and i did not want to go for ipad or e-reader So which better in reading pdf mostly samsung tab s4 may be s5e when come or huawei mediapad m5 10.8 or pro version
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Spreadsheet For All Ereaders

I'm putting together a massive google spreadsheet to make it easy to compare and find info on current e-readers. What spec categories are missing that should be added?
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Likebook Mars Screen Size Question

Hello: I'm having trouble to find an on-line vendor that delivers screen protectors for Likebook Mars to Chile. So, I'm looking for 7.8" alternatives, such as this Pocketbook Inkpad 3 screen protector from Aliexpress. As the film is made to fit exactly the Inkpad 3's screen, I'm trying to find out if (beyond the 7.8" specification) this product could also do for the Likebook Mars screen. Awaiting your kind reply, [INCANUS]
Tags: Books, Chile, Android Devices, InkPad, Pocketbook Inkpad, Likebook Mars

Updated my old Nexus 7 to Android 8.1

Thought I would just share my experience in case it's of interest to anyone. Today, after a few trials and tribulations, I managed to take my old Google Nexus 7 2013 (wifi) and flash a custom ROM to update to Android 8.1 Oreo. After getting it done, it was like having a brand new tablet except that now, I could skip all the Google apps and just install the readers, browser, and apps that I want. Installing the custom ROM also yields better battery life, and more control over the UI. Basic sp...
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Has anybody else tried eBoox?

So far I'm loving eBoox new app. So clean and fresh. Things transfer over quickly and you can have the option of scrolling instead of the usual option. Nice change from the Kobo app which I found clunky and awkward.
Tags: Books, Android Devices, Nice

Likebook Mars

Hi, I have bought Likebook Mars. Directly after I connected it to WiFi the device recognized, there is new version of system and asked me, Do I like to download it?. Who does NOT like to have new system version so I answered with YES. It was more than 1 hour ago, and device ist traing to download it snanding in the same point on the progress bar. Does anybody know, how can It than repair that? (I think it is simply "hanging"). What should I do in such situation? Regards and thank Everyone for ...
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Samsung J5 prime Help Please

I am trying to get kindle to work on Samsung J5 prime I have downloaded kindle and it shows up on Samsung ok my problem is when i want to put a book from my computer that has been converted by calibre i am using mint 19.1 linux when i plug in my Samsung it shows the menu but Kindle is no showing up, none of the downloaded apps are showing up When i put my old nokia 6.1 it shows kindle , is there a setting in Samsung i am missing any help will be great:help:
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