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Capacitive Ereaders + Active Capacitive Stylus?

Hi: I can't seem to find if anyone has tried to use one of these new Active Capacitive Styluses (Reflective Electro Static) such as the "Bamboo Tip" or any of the various chinese variants on a capacitive ereader. I understand that these are made for android devices with either ips/etc touchscreens rather than e-ink but does it matter when there is a capacitive layer above it? Besides the tradeoff of potentially more lag, no thickness pressure and no palm rejection it would be nice to chose t...
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Likebook Mars - Writing on PDF's

I want to add hand written notes to a PDF so I'm trying to find a solution using my Likebook Mars. I've tried the Likebook PDF reader, Moon+ Reader Pro and Xodo Docs. I've worked out how to use the pencil mode in Xodo Docs but the Likebook screen will only respond to my finger which is much too crude an input device. I also own a Boox Max 2 which works well when writing on PDF's using the pen/stylus but it feels too big to carry around. I tried using the Max 2 stylus/pen with the Likebook but i...
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Android device

Hello everybody, I'm new here on the forum and I've tried to find an answer on my question unsuccessfully, so I'm asking you guys. I want to buy a tablet, and it's probably going to be an android device. Is it possible to instal Calibre on an android tablet? Thnx in advance.
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Likebook Mars starting problem

Suddenly my Likebook Mars not start. Everytime that I try to start I get a message from Android "Android is starting... optimizing application 1 of 2" and never ending. Any help! I'm checking and there are a reset hole on the bottom, near power micro-SD. But this button looks like not work.
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android pdf app with continuous highlighting

Hello I’m looking forward to buy me a new e-ink reader with android. Long times ago, I’ve used an Onyx Boox M96, which unfortunately broke after half a year (screen cracked). Since then I’m using Windows tablets with an active stylus to annotate PDFs (I’m using more or less only the text highlight function). On windows 10, there is an app called Drawboard PDF. A distinct feature of this app, which I don’t want to miss anymore, is continuous highlighting, you can choose something like a highl...
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Likebook Mars - Large number of books = crash

I've transferred all the books I own to this device on internal storage in the "Books" folder. Roughly 800 books and files total...pdf/epub/etc. The "Books" tab on the home screen is no longer functional..causes a timeout/crash when pressed. Is this a common issue? I've switched to the Nova Launcher and am now using 3rd party reading apps and experience no issues with loading. I would like to be able to fully utilize the launcher that came on the device. Thoughts?
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Firmeware E654BK - alternativ download

Hello, icarusreader.com isn't reachable anymore. Do anyone have an alternative download for the recent update/firmware e654BK? Tanks a lot Jan
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Google Play Books

Does the “google play books” app work on any of the android ereaders?
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Apps for Boyue Likebook Mars T80D (Android 6)

Message moved to thread on similar topic: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=242470
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fbReader Premium left side slide out

A while back I did something that added a left side slide out that allows edits to some book items like title, tags, etc. I broke the glass in that tab and replaced it with the same model and copied everything over. While it's the same version (fbReader premium) it doesn't have that feature. I know I simply forgot how to add it and hoping for someone to tell me. Thanks, Lot's older oldlincoln
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Change refresh mode in Energy Pro HD

Hello. In the Energy Pro HD, there's no toggle for screen refresh mode (A2). This makes web browsing very hard, with scrolling repeatedly flashing. Is there any way to get the "A2" refresh option for the Energy Pro HD? Please help! Thank you!
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Likebook Mars - Power Off Image Location?

Has anyone been able to find the location for the Power Off screen? I'm glad there is an option to change the lock screen wallpaper, but I'd also like to have my own image set for the power screen when the device is off. So far, pretty satisfied with the device.
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Help needed for Energy Pro HD

Hello all! I just got a new Energy Pro HD (rebranded Boyue T64D, or T62D, I am not sure) about a few months ago, and wanted to experiment/improve it. First question, is there any superior firmware I could flash on it? Currently my device doesn't support "A2", while those devices which do are based on a different device (T62) so I am stuck with the Energy ROM. Next, can I make a normal app the "home" app? I found a simple EINK launcher for the Yotaphone, but I cannot make it the home app. I am ...
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Possible to replace glossy ereader screen on Hisense A2Pro with a matte one?

Just bought a Hisense A2 pro for the eink screen on the back, but not a fan of the glossy screen- is there a feasible way to replace it with a matte one? Would this wreck the eink display?
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Installing SD card in Android: should I choose internal or external storage

Hi. I'm going to buy an SD card for my Android (LG D-415) phone. I've been reading about how to install it and it seems I'll be offered a choice between internal (where the card becomes a part of the phone's storage) or external (where the card basically functions like a usb flash drive to a PC). I've read where the internal route is really good because you don't have to be keeping things separate between the internal and external (SD card) storage. But what happens if the SD card is corrupte...
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It Just Quit

After several years of good service, my Sansung Android tablet can no longer access books stored in the same folder they've always been in. I'v uninstalled and reinstalled Moonreader Pro several times and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help? Thanks
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What SD card should I get for my LG D-415 phone?

This is my first smart phone so I know very little about SD cards. 32GB would be plenty space for me. Just as long as it will fit and be reasonably priced. I've had luck with Sandisk usb flash drives, so Sandisk might be good. Any suggestions? Thanks. Oh, and what's the "class" thing about? eg. class 10
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Likebook Mars: termux and A2 mode

In termux, depending on the color theme chosen, colors are having a difficult time in being displayed/visible. And especially so in A2 mode! Did anybody find a color theme that allows all colors to be seen in A2 mode ?
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Likebook Mars: no ALT+TAB/Recent App List

So it seems like the ALT+TAB (on BT keyboards) or Recent App List (on UI) doesn't work on the Mars. Did you find how to re-enable it ? Or a work-around ? One workaround I think if (sort of) is to have an app like Button Savior but which can also show buttons for some predefined apps. This way one can quickly switch between the most used apps. It won't help with actually using ALT+TAB from keyboard, will not be showing the actual most recent apps, but it would make it quick enough to switch be...
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Moon+Reader vs Librera

What are the differences between these two ereading apps for Android? Which do you like better? I already have the pro version of each, and I will post some of the differences between them in subsequent posts to this thread.
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Process for highlights export

I’m interested in a few android ereaders, it hesitant due to how highlights get exported to use on a computer. Can any of you tell me how you do it and if it’s difficult or time consuming?
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Boyue Likebook Mars and INKredible app (handwriting note taking)

Hi everyone! :D The lasts weeks I've been researching about the Likebook Mars and I will buy it sometime the next year. I wanted to know if, any of you that already has this device, can run the app INKredible. The developer of the app says that is compatible with Android 5.0 devices, so technically it would be usable. I love this app and I would like to know if it's compatible with this e-reader. Please, can anyone take a look of it in your Likebook Mars? :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
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Moon+ Reader Pro TTS frequently stopping

I have been using the Moon+ Reader Pro for several years now and I love it, but I have an issue that I can not seem to resolve. Lately (possibly since my Moto G5 Plus updated to Android 8.0) the TTS has not been working properly. It stops and pauses frequently, making it basically unusable. I am using the Google Text-to-speech Engine and the "Stop TTS after x minutes" box is left unchecked. I have no idea why this is occurring, nor how to fix the issue. I use the TTS feature while I work and...
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Pen/Stylus SDK for Boyue

Does Boyue have a pen/stylus SDK similar to Onyx's, where one can inject a library into a writing app and make it compatible with the eink screen (faster refresh, etc.)?
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Bluetooth page turner for Android tablets?

Is there a bluetooth remote that can trigger page turning in Android ebook apps, such as Kindle, Google Play Books, and others? Perhaps a regular bluetooth remote that is used for photo-taking can somehow be re-purposed to turn pages?
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Moon Reader Pro and Importing

So this is my problem. I had a LG G Pad 3 that had Adoptive storage. Basically, it allows you to have a SD card act as Internal memory. I used Moon reader pro and had imported 1000+k to it. I recently bought the LG G Pad 4 that doesn't have adoptive storage and an SD Card as portable storage.I imported my books to the new LG Pad but all the books are empty as it says all the books have no files as the 2 drives are different. You can't use adoptive storage with the new LG 4 pad. Is there any way ...
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Boyue T62D black screen

Dear friends, I have the e-book reader Boyue T62D for almost three years. It was running for long the original firmware (I suppose version 150831) almost properly, there were only sometimes problems to wake up from sleep mode, it was necessary to plug the cable to power source. Recently I updated to the official firmware update (version 161119), I copied the file update.zip to internal SD card and rebooted, everything went correct. But after some time my T62D collapsed very strange way. When I ...
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Kindle App on Android up load from Calibre

Hi all, New on here and not sure if I am in the right place. I have several android devices and have been trying to upload to them from Calibre. I get the device to connect not a problem. The library shows books on the android Kindle app that I cannot see in the app and also when I upload the book it shows it as there but I cannot see it. I have successfully managed to do this previously so not sure what the issue is now. Can anyone help please
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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?

"How can I do to get back the deleted photos from my Samsung Galaxy S9 without backup?" - Asked by Jimmy. Can't you wait to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S9 to get rids of your outdate device? There's no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S9 is a wonderful mobile, however, lost some important photos from your Samsung S9? Deleted some pictures on Samsung S9 by accident? Are you looking for an effective and simple yet safe way to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S9? Even if the best cell phone can not avoid d...
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Android ereader app that lets you add synopsis?

Is there an ereading app for Android that allows for you to edit the metadata of the book the app itself displays? I understand this wouldnt be permanent editing to the file itself, unless I use Calibre. I have a ton of books for research, so having a synopsis in the app helps. I know how to add one & then insert it as metadata when I use Calibre, but I don't always have access to Calibre off-grid. I currently use Aldiko (paid version), and it allows me to edit the book description/synopsis (...
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