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Sigil-0.9.11 Released

For the impatient, the installer files (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the Github Release page. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Sigil release is a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3 users. Some of the highlights for this release include: Starting with Sigil-0.9.11, Sigil's ini preference files will be utf-8 encoded to more easily allow users to manually edit them. NOTE: before upgrading to Sigil-0....
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How to Save Money on iCloud Storage

The situation with iCloud storage would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous, and we’ve already made our feelings clear on whether Apple should offer more storage for free. But if you really must pay, why not save some money? Even though Apple’s pricing of iCloud storage has improved, that doesn’t excuse the fact that it should be offering more of it for free, and there’s a school of thought that it should give away enough to fully back up any iPhone or iPad they sell. That’s problematic in many...
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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S5e Gives Premium Android Tablets Some Life Support

Samsung High-end Android tablets are thin on the ground these days. Though Apple is all-in on the iPad Pro, Google has abandoned its Nexus and Pixel slate designs, and NVIDIA gives the SHIELD no love. Samsung is picking up the slack. That said, even the Galaxy Tab S5e is less bodacious than some of Samsung’s earlier Android-powered tablets. At $400 for the Wi-Fi model it’s not competing with either the iPad Pro or the high-end Surface line, instead making its consumption-focused design much...
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Do You Miss Touch ID? I Certainly Don’t

With the launch of the iPhone XS and XR last year, Apple has gone all-in on Face ID. And while there may be some users who miss the fingerprint sensor, I’m not one of them. The latest batch of new iPhones that came out in September 2018 was the first not to include Touch ID at all. After owning my first Touch ID-less iPhone for several months now, I can’t say that I’m upset by this move from Apple. Face ID Is So Much More Convenient Touch ID is already pretty convenient—way more convenient t...
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Deal Alert: Grab a New Apple Watch Series 3 for $50 Off

If you’re in the market for a great deal on a last-generation Apple Watch, you’re in luck if you don’t mind a silver aluminum model with a white sport band. You can get a Series 3 brand new for just $229. This is a decent $50 discount from the usual price of $279, and even though it’s the previous generation, it still does the job really well for those who really don’t see the need to have the latest and greatest—the Series 4 is definitely an upgrade, but most casual users probably don’t really...
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How to View iCloud Photos Online

The best way to sit and thumb through your iCloud Photo Library is with an iPad. If you want to edit those images, Photos on a Mac is advisable. But when those aren’t around, here’s how to view photos online. Many people don’t realize that they can access every photo and video they have stored in iCloud Photo Library from any desktop computer, so long as it has access to iCloud.com. It’s a feature that Apple hasn’t done a good job of sharing with people, which is a shame because it can be super...
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How to Create an Apple ID for a Child and Add it to Your Family

Hand-me-down hardware is a rite of passage for even the most hardened of technology fans, so there may be times where a child receives an old iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Here’s how to create them their own Apple ID and add it to your family. Apple IDs are vital for helping Apple and apps differentiate between users, and an Apple ID is necessary for making App Store purchases and signing up for iCloud. Both of those things are pretty integral to using an iOS device, so even if you’re handing an...
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Rumor Roundup: Apple’s 2019 Hardware Plans

Rumors come and go, but recently a whole slew of things about what Apple will be doing in 2019 hit the scene. While these may or may not be absolutely spot-on, they’re worth at least considering either way. Now, before we get into the details, it’s worth emphasizing that these are rumors. That means they can change at any point or, to be completely honest, they may be wrong altogether. But they all seem highly probable, so we’re pretty confident sharing them. Rumor #1: 2019 iPhones Will Keep t...
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Deal Alert: Grab the HP Chromebook x360 for Just $450

Have you been fighting the urge to grab a new, modern laptop? Maybe one of those touch screen 2-in-1 devices? Well, now might be the time to go for an HP x360. We’ve spent a lot of time raving about the Chromebook, and why wouldn’t we? Chromebooks are great alternatives to Windows or Apple laptops. They’re powerful, affordable, and reliable. The HP x360 is no exception. It’s a 14″ 2-in-1 touchscreen Chromebook with 8GB of RAM, 64GB of flash storage, and an Intel i3 Processor. That’s more power ...
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Geek Trivia: Apple’s Original Logo Featured Which Famous Inventor?

Apple’s Original Logo Featured Which Famous Inventor? Alexander Graham Bell Sir Isaac Newton Thomas Edison Nikola TeslaThink you know the answer?
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Deal Alert: Get $100 Off the 128GB iPad (6th Gen) Right Now

There’s nothing better than a new iPad. And now might be your only chance to grab a new iPad for $100 off before Valentine’s Day. Right now, Amazon is selling the 128GB iPad 6th Gen for just $330—that’s the same price the 32GB model usually goes for, making this a killer buy. This iPad is part of Apple’s newest iteration of tablets, and it’s one of the best tablets for professionals, mobile game players, musicians, and visual artists. Oh, and it makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. The iPad has ...
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Are Apps Really Recording Your iPhone’s Screen?

Hadrian/Shutterstock.com TechCrunch claims many iPhone apps “secretly record your screen.” Is that true? Well, yes, kind of—but their recording abilities are limited. Apple is now cracking down on these apps and requiring more transparency, too. An App Can Only Record Your Activity In the App First, let’s make this clear: iPhone and iPad apps can’t record everything you do on your phone’s screen. An app can only record what happens within the app itself. In other words, even if an app is...
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How to Check the Status of AppleCare on your Apple Devices

No matter whether your Apple device is in its initial AppleCare warranty period or covered by AppleCare+, checking its current coverage can be the first step in getting a repair. Here’s how to check what’s covered, and what isn’t. As many people have learned over the years, having Apple devices repaired outside of AppleCare can be a costly endeavor, especially given the current state of notebook repairability. Nothing is cheap when it’s all bonded or soldered to a logic board, so you’ll probabl...
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Update Now to Fix Group FaceTime on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Radu Bercan/Shutterstock.com Apple just released iOS 12.1.4 and a macOS 10.14.3 patch. These updates fix the huge group FaceTime flaw that could let anyone call your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and hear audio or see video—even if you don’t accept the call. The good news is you don’t have to worry about this flaw right now. Apple says it’s permanently disabled group FaceTime on iOS 12.1.3 and macOS 10.14.2, as well as older versions of the software. The bad news was you couldn’t use group FaceTime...
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RIP “Do Not Track,” the Privacy Standard Everyone Ignored

Dragana Gordic/Shutterstock.com “Do Not Track” had a lofty goal: A simple checkbox in every web browser that would tell websites not to track you. It achieved that goal, but here’s the problem: Websites didn’t care. As we pointed out back in 2012, the “Do Not Track” option doesn’t stop you from being tracked. It just sends a special piece of information whenever you connect to a website, asking that website not to track you. The vast, vast majority of websites ignored this. That never reall...
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Anker’s USB-C to Lighting Cable is Available for Pre-Order

Anker is one of the biggest, most reliable names in portable batteries and charging technology. Now, Anker has made the first MFI certified USB-C to Lightning cable. It’s cheaper than Apple’s, and it’s available for pre-order. Apple is slowly transitioning over to USB-C, but it’s too late for most of its products. Lightning cables are everywhere, and they’re going to make our USB-C future even more complicated. Thankfully, Apple has started selling some USB-C to Lightning cable to make things e...
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How to Fix Apple Watch Not Vibrating for Alarms and Notifications

Watches are things that people like to put on their wrist and forget about. The Apple Watch is no different, except for the added functionality it offers. That’s great when it works, but if your watch isn’t vibrating when it’s supposed to, here’s how to fix it. The Apple Watch is without a doubt the most popular smart watch on the market, and with the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has upped the ante considerably. The problem is, as watches become ever smarter, they invariably start to suffer from...
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Did Apple Really Ban Facebook and Google’s Apps? Why?

Johnny Wen Facebook and Google have been violating Apple’s policies, distributing apps that tracked user behavior outside Apple’s App Store, as TechCrunch reported. Apple temporarily banned Facebook and Google from running internal software, sending a strong message. Facebook Monitored Users (With Consent) Facebook likes to know as much as possible about its users and what they spend your time doing, both on and off Facebook. Remember, despite what it says, Facebook’s customers aren’t yo...
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How To Reduce Desktop Animations on a Mac with Reduce Motion

The Mac, just like iOS, has more than its fair share of fancy animations that accompany most user interactions. They can look pretty great, but they can also make people prone to motion sickness feel unwell. That’s no good, so here’s how to disable them. Unfortunately, no matter what you do it’s impossible to stop macOS from getting a little carried away with itself, flinging interface elements around the screen with nary a thought for your health. You can, however, limit the amount of on-scree...
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The FaceTime Bug Fix Has Been Delayed Till Next Week

MichaelJayBerlin/Shutterstock.com. Apple officially acknowledged and apologized for a Facetime bug that could allow bad actors to spy on you with just a few simple steps. While it promised a fix this week, that fix is delayed till next week. Group Facetime is a great way to talk to your family and friends all at once, but unfortunately, as we found out earlier this week, it was also an easy way to spy on people. All you had to do was start a Facetime call, then swipe up from the bottom of ...
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How to Get an iPhone-Like AirPods Experience on a Mac

AirPods are pretty impressive; there’s little doubt of that. But even though they connect to iOS devices without any fuss, their integration with macOS can be altogether more fiddly. This utility fixes that, and it looks amazing while it does it. As you’ll know if you own AirPods, connecting them to an iOS device after initial pairing is a simple case of selecting them as an audio output. It’s almost magical, but when it comes to selecting AirPods for use on a Mac, you can be left fumbling arou...
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Off the Shelf; or What's New in My Corner of the World 2

Life in General: This has been one rough week! You may have noticed that I've barely had any social media presence at all. Work has slammed me. While this is a really, really good thing, I wasn't really prepared for it. January has always had a sane workload. This year, however, Yikes! It seems that almost all my focus has been on editing and writing. I'm so grateful for the work and feel very lucky to be among those who managed a successful freelance career, but sometimes it's overwhelming. B...
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How To Enable Dashboard in macOS Mojave

For some inexplicable reason, Apple decided to disable Dashboard by default in macOS Mojave, and it’s nothing short of a travesty. Thankfully, turning it back on is a simple affair. Here’s how to go about restoring Dashboard to its rightful glory. For those unfamiliar with Dashboard, it’s a collection of widgets that has been around ever since Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger shipped many years ago. Dashboard lets you select widgets you can easily access without interfering with other apps, or having to lau...
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These New Chargers from Anker and RAVPower Offer More Power in a Smaller Package

Tiny wall chargers already exist, but they can usually only pump out 5-10W. With a new technology called gallium nitride, however, those tiny wall chargers can now pump out a lot more power. Several months ago, Anker introduced the PowerPort Atom series of USB-C wall chargers, the smallest of which is just a tad larger than Apple’s 5W iPhone charger, but packs in 30W of charging power, which is quite incredible. This will let you charge up larger devices than just your smartphone or tablet—poss...
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American Airlines Teams Up with Apple for Free In-Flight Music

Cameron Summerson Normally, you’d need to save your tunes for offline playback if you plan on jamming out (read: killing time) on a flight. Today, American Airlines is joining forces with Apple to let Apple Music subscribers stream for free. Starting on February 1st, Apple Music users will be able to jump on the in-flight Wi-Fi on American Airlines flights and stream all their music free of charge. That means no coughing up twelve bucks (or whatever it is) to access the Wi-Fi, just connect ...
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How to Set an App Time Limit on iPhone and iPad

With the arrival of iOS 12, Apple made a big song and dance about digital wellbeing. The App Limits feature that came with it lets lock apps after a given amount of time. Here’s how it works. App Limits is precisely what it sounds like; it limits the amount of time you can spend using a particular app. You specify the apps (or whole categories of apps) and iOS will refuse to launch them when you’ve reached the allotted time. It’s great for limiting how much time children spend on apps like YouT...
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iFixit Will Sell Its iPhone Battery Replacement Kits for $30 Through 2019

If you still haven’t gotten the battery replaced in your older iPhone, the price to do so by Apple has gone back up. However, if you’re intrigued about doing it yourself, iFixit is still discounting its battery replacement kits at $30. If you’re out of the loop, it was discovered a little over a year ago that Apple was purposely throttling down iPhones with old, degraded batteries to prevent random shutdowns and other problems. The fix? Replace the battery. But Apple didn’t tell anyone that unt...
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Deal Alert: Grab An Entry-Level Surface Pro For Just $649

Microsoft’s line of Surface tablets have been extremely successful, but they’re a bit expensive. Now’s your chance to grab one for cheap. Tablets have become more and more powerful over the past few years, and the line between tablets and laptops has started to dissolve. The perception that tablets are only useful for playing games and watching Netflix is no longer correct, these are serious devices that can be used for work, video editing, sound design, and graphic design. Apple users have the...
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Delicious Instant Pot Apple Cake

Yes, delicious apple cake made in the Instant Pot. Use your pressure cooker to make this moist cake with a yummy maple glaze. If you love apples this is a great cake for you! Not only does the Instant Pot put dinner on your table in minutes it can cook up moist heavenly desserts. The steam from the pressure lends to a super moist and dense cake. A slice of yum. I don’t know if you can stop at just one slice of this apple cake. Instant Pot Apple Cake with Maple Glaze This recipe from my friend...
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Why Face ID Is Much More Secure Than Android’s Face Unlock

Unlocking your phone using your face is the new hotness, mostly thanks to Apple’s Face ID. Android has had a similar feature since 2015 called Trusted Face, but it’s not even close to the same thing. How Does Face ID Work? Apple put a lot of tech into getting Face ID to work in a way that was not only intuitive and accurate but also incredibly secure. In short, it creates a 3D map of your face by using a combination of infrared light and image capture. Forbes did a great job of explaining thi...
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