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Dr House in space

Hello evryone, I'm loking for audiobooks recomandations. My journey with audiobooks started 2 months ago, but im crazy about Craig Alansen "Expeditionary Force" seres. Can someone recomend me more titles of Sci-fi & fantasy title's with similar sence of humor pleas ? Ps: soory for spelling Eng is not my first language, and thank you for all recomendations
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For Mary Stewart Fans!

Audible has had three of Mary Stewart's romantic suspense books (Madam, Will You Talk, Wildfire at Midnight, and This Rough Magic) available for a while, but now the rest of them can be preordered, with release dates starting in May. These apparently are new productions--there had been recordings on OOP CDs/cassettes, but the narrators on these are different. I'm thrilled to pieces!
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AI and Audiobooks

Hey guys, as a publisher we are looking to expand our Audiobook offerings, but the barrier for us is the cost of voice actors and we are doing research on whether or not there are any viable AI alternatives at this point. I'd love to hear from Audiobook lovers if they: 1) Have experienced an Audiobook recorded entirely in/with AI. 2) What was the experience like? 3) Would you do it again? 4) Are there any great AI options out there for producing audio books? Thanks all.
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Audiobooks on Spotify?

In my daily search for free audiobooks I stumbled on this article that may interest some of you. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/201...y-spoken-word/ Quote: Spotify is highlighting its Word category, a section that houses everything from audiobooks to poetry and guided meditations. Word is a category bucket for everything spoken on Spotify — with no accompanying music. With Spotify’s renewed focus on podcasts and other spoken word content, the streaming gia...
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Audiobook not syncing with ebook.

I purchased The Regulators Ebook and audiobook companion a long while ago. I went to play this and the audiobook does not sync with the ebook I am rather positive it had in the past. I purchased it at the same time I purchased the ebook. I went to the page I purchased the book and the audible I purchased is Whispersync for Voice enabled. Any ideas? Any noticeable change I see is they updated the cover of the book https://www.amazon.com/The-Regulator...9916636&sr=1-1
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Sync 2019 list

They released the 2019 summer audiobook list. https://www.audiobooksync.com/2019-sync-titles/
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Downpour DRM?

I was just about to buy a book at Downpour and got a popup telling me the title was DRMed and could only be listened to in the Downpour app. I have the vague idea that there was a discussion of Downpour DRM here but I can't find it. How bad is it? Can it be bypassed?
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Amazon Prime as alternative/supplement to Audible

*..ca to be precise. I paid for a subscription to Amazon's express shipping. I think it was CAD 60 per year. Maybe 90. In any case, Amazon keeps sending me frantic announcements that I am not using what I paid for. Apparently, I get 'free' streaming audio as a perk. I presumed this would be only music, but maybe I am wrong and it includes books. Anyone who has used or is using Amazon Prime streaming audio please offer your experiences. I'd like to figure out how to use both paid services in co...
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Comparing Scribd and Audible

Cut to the chase - I have used both but after 5 months cancelled Scribd. Why? Scribd broke my only non-negotiable: they not only as a matter of policy do not do what I needed, they wouldn't comply even when I asked - *sending an email every time my bank card is billed.* also, while Scribd has plenty of a-books the very best scholarly and top creative writers are more likely to be found at Audible (sometimes even exclusively). If you just want quantity Scribd is good. But I am fussy about what I...
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Top narrators in 2018

I posted the following in the thread about favorite books for 2018: Quote: Originally Posted by issybird (Post 3789657) ETA another synchronicity: two of the fiction books were audiobooks and they had the same narrator (Frederick Davidson). I knew I'd also listed to more books read by Davidson than anyone else. I counted up and I'm currently on my 14th book by him. He read the types of book I tend to like. ...
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How do you manage and organize your audiobooks?

I use caliber for my bought eBooks, so when in doubt if I own a certain book I can check it there quickly. I now started buying audiobooks and have yet to find a way to list them and manage them, so I would like to know how you do it, so I can get inspired and address this before they pile up and the task gets more difficult. Do you download your books (the non DRM) or you keep them in the various providers / apps? Do you keep track of your purchases in the various providers?
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Availability of audiobooks in Italian?

I am trying to find audiobooks in Italian that I can listen to while reading the ebook version. I thought first of Camilleri's Montalbano series, but it seems there's only one of the series with an audiobook format, the first. Marco Vichi's Bordelli series has 2 or 3 out of 6. Kobo's Italy site doesn't even have an audiobook section, it seems. Does anyone know of an Italian audiobook retailer? I could try audible.com, but I'm assuming that I'll have to jump through all sorts of geolocation hoops...
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Nice Guide

Nice Guide on getting free audiobooks here
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Audio books, Kobo, and Apple Carplay

"Kobo's audiobooks are now accessible through CarPlay" https://www.engadget.com/2018/10/05/...rplay-support/
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I got an email from one of my libraries to say that it's switching away from the audiobook component of Hoopla to RBdigital. I have mixed feelings about this; on the one hand I've still got access to Hoopla through another library (with much fewer borrows), but on the other I like Hoopla's midlist/backlist/classic audiobooks and the email sounds as if RBdigital's offerings are a lot more current/popular. They mention Evanovitch, Koontz and Gabaldon, none of whom interests me. Can anyone who ...
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Question about Audible Romance Package

Are the books in the Audible Romance Package downloadable to a device, or streaming only? I've been looking at the info at Audible, and they don't seem to say; they have instructions for adding titles to one's library on a device, but nary a word that I can find about downloading to a device. If it's streaming only, I don't want to bother; if I can download, I figure I'll try the free first month to listen to a few titles. Thanks.
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Nonresident library cards?

I'm looking for an alternative to an FLP nonresident library card, to use mostly for Overdrive audiobooks, as FLP's additions have been meager for some time now. I already have a Brooklyn card. Houston seems like the best deal ($40/year), but since no one ever seems to mention it, I'm hesitating. Anyone have recommendations?
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The end of DRM audiobooks?

Well, the end might not yet be in sight, but is it coming? According to Good e-Reader, lots of people want that day to come. Quote: In 2018, many retailers and publishers are trying to go DRM-Free, in order to attract a new generation of customer. Barnes and Noble Nook Audiobooks, Kobo Audiobooks, Downpour, Libro.fm, Google Audiobooks are frequently removing the DRM from their audiobooks in order to appeal to customers modern sensibilities. Publishers such a...
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The end of DRM auriobooks?

Well, the end might not yet be in sight, but is it coming? According to Good e-Reader, lots of people want that day to come. Quote: In 2018, many retailers and publishers are trying to go DRM-Free, in order to attract a new generation of customer. Barnes and Noble Nook Audiobooks, Kobo Audiobooks, Downpour, Libro.fm, Google Audiobooks are frequently removing the DRM from their audiobooks in order to appeal to customers modern sensibilities. Publishers such as ...
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Audiobooks now the ‘fastest growing format’

I found a good article over at GeekWire and thought some of you might be interested in it. Quote: The e-audiobook category is so popular that the Association of American Publishers (AAP) cited it as “the fastest growing format” in its 2018 StatShot Annual Report released last month. The trade group’s U.S. book publishing statistics for industry net revenue cover everything from fiction and non-fiction to textbooks and professional books, in all formats. ...
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Audible cancelling podcasting?

I saw this article while dutifully searching for freebies for you good folk. It looks like Audible might be phasing out their "Audible Originals" podcast-style offerings that the offered for Channels (and free free, on occasion). Quote: I can confirm that the Amazon-owned audiobook giant announced internally last Thursday that it was eliminating a considerable number of roles within its original programming unit. Sources within the company tell me that the role...
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The Alexandria Project is Available in Audio

I don't know how many of you are aware of Andrew Updegrove's Tales of Adversego, which he began as an experiment to see what was involved in publishing ebooks. He has a few titles in the series now, and has been enjoying some success. The success is deserved. The stories and the writing are good. He has kept a record of the adventure on his blog, and shown his experience with the various tools available, as well as the pitfalls. Now the first book has been released as an audiobook, through ...
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Google audiobooks DRM-free?

I never realized this! It's possible that it's a recent addition or I just never knew. The Digital Reader educated me, based on a post from Cory Doctorow's Boing Boing. Quote: You can find the download option in the audiobooks tab in the "My Books" section of the Google Play website. Simply click the 3-dot menu icon for a given ebook, and then select the export option. Not all books are DRM-free, however. You'll have to look at each...
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3 Premium Audiobooks Free with Trial

https://frugalfinder.xyz/free-audiobooks/ Took me 2 minutes.
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Do audiobooks elicit stronger emotional response than movies or TV?

I don't see where anyone has posted this yet, but there is an article at USA Today about a new study that claims audiobooks generate stronger emotions among their listeners than do other forms of media. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/...-tv/721717002/ The study was funded by Audible.
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Easy way to get free audiobooks

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Free Audiobooks

I know we all love Audiobooks but don't like paying for them. You can get 3 free Audiobooks here. https://dollarup.xyz/free-audiobooks/
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