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Showing Some Love for the Underdog

My very first real name-brand centerfire autoloading pistol...well, it really wasn't very cool. It was a Ruger KP91DAO.If you're not hip to Ruger numerology (and why would you be?) that's a stainless Ruger P-series auto in .40 Smith & Wesson with a double-action-only trigger.In fairly short order I swapped it for a Glock 23 because I believed the standard wisdom that DAOs were some sort of crappy trigger for proles, undertrained cops, and other yahoos who couldn't shoot. That was the gun counter...
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Dual-illuminated Trijicon RMR RM08 I've gone from "moderate curiosity" to "grudging acceptance" to "advocate (with qualifications)" on the topic of red dots on pistols over the last decade or so.I mean, my current carry gun doesn't have a dot on it, but I wouldn't have a problem carrying one at this point. They're definitely easier to get new shooters up to speed with than irons, and are a real aid to accuracy for me out beyond ten yards or so. I can also tell from the way things are goin...
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From Conversation Elsewhere...

I feel like a broken record having to type this again, for probably the fourth or fifth time in the almost fifteen years now this blog's been going, but..."Buy it cheap and stack it deep when times are good. Be the ant, not the grasshopper.If you're just now buying your first gun because of 'Rona and looting, you have an excuse.If you owned a firearm at any time from November 2016 or earlier, and you're not sitting on at least a six month stockpile at your normal rate of consumption, over and a...
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"In Boston, we have our hats..."

I've explained the story before, but for the new people, here it is again: I was in my local gun shop to use the indoor range for the first time since...*checks iPhone photo library*...March 5th, and the first time in the shop since late March or early April.The place was cleaned out. I didn't go look at the handgun showcases, but it looked like it was down to a handful of high-dollar 1911s and collector revolvers. The walls were nearly bare. A guy came in to buy some ammo and was told that, fo...
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Another Vanished Landmark

Apparently the iconic John Jovino Gun Shop in New York City went under last month, with the 'Rona being the straw that broke the camel's already-nearly-broken back."The rent, he said, is the number one reason for closing. And then the coronavirus, shutting down business. There's also the trouble with regulations, the slow-down in shipments of ammunition, and people buying on the Internet instead of from their local shop. Finally, Charlie said, “I’m old, I’m 74 years old, I was born in 1946, I am...
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From Elsewhere...

"Almost no municipal (and damned few state) LE agencies have the resources or wherewithal to actually *test* gear, whether guns or cruisers or whatever. They all either piggyback off testing done by teh feds or one of a handful of large agencies, or else they buy whatever the chief thinks is cool or saw on the cover of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement in the checkout line at the Piggly Wiggly."Once the gun companies have your email in their files as "media", you get inundated with email with i...
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The Sunday Smith is up!

Go check it out at the other blog! . [Author: Tam]
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If you've wanted to try a "Gadget" Striker Control Device on your Glock pistol, Tau Development Group is having their annual Tau Day Sale.Just use the discount code "TAUDAY2020" at checkout for 20% off and free shipping!Hard to believe I've been using them for better than half a decade now. I've grown so accustomed to using the Gadget on Glocks that I get decidedly skittish when holstering a 509, P320, or other striker gun without one. . [Author: Tam]
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Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #183...

FN 509 Compact MRD in Tactical Dirt Color with a Trijicon SRO and a Streamlight TLR-7 that is fixing to get shot a whole lot to see how it does. (I mean, it's done fine so far, but I'm looking for an excuse to do a bunch more shooting, and here it is.) . [Author: Tam]
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Hey, I know that dude!

Prof. David Yamane of Gun Culture 2.0 is interviewed on the topic of "COVID & Guns". . [Author: Tam]
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Hey, look!

The latest issue of RECOIL: CONCEALMENT is on newsstands! I have a digital subscription on Kindle, but I snagged a dead tree copy from Walgreens yesterday because I have two pieces in this issue.The first is the regular "Crap Shoot" column, which is a look at guns in the $200-or-less price bracket for personal defense. I think I picked a winner, but you may want to read for yourself... Ruger P89 shot by available light with a ten-year-old Nikon D700*, using the secret technique of settin...
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Books and boomsticks and memories...

Getting my nose out of social media so much by removing the Facebook app from my phone and iPad has definitely upped my reading. Sitting and reading fifty or a hundred pages at a stretch is a task that requires exactly the sort of extended focus that social media does not. (In fact, constant swimming in the fragmented world of social media, a world of short Tweets, Instagram photos with quickie captions, and two-minute YouTube videos may negatively affect the ability to concentrate like that.)An...
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Two Sundays in a row!

There is a Sunday Smith post up over at the other blog. . [Author: Tam]
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What the hell is wrong with people?

Apparently tired of having a job, a soon-to-be-ex-law firm employee in Texas typed a rant on social media, announcing that his Glock 21 and Hornady hollow points gave him more AUTHORITAH! than any rent-a-cop, especially the one who asked him to don a mask before browsing the arugula in Whole Foods. I'm pretty sure that not even Texas will let you get away with smoke-cheking someone just because they asked you to cover your germhole. . [Author: Tam]
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It's baaack!

After an annoyingly long hiatus, The Arms Room has a fresh Sunday Smith post up.Smith & Wesson collecting, before the late 1990s or so, was pretty much confined to 19th Century revolvers, as well as some of the rarer or more exotic prewar 20th century pieces; Triple Locks, Registered Magnums, Bekearts and the like.That's because for most of the 20th Century, collecting Smith revolvers would have been like collecting Toyota Camrys...or Glocks.Then the abrupt collapse of the service revolver flood...
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Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #182...

The Chiefs Special 9, or "CS9", was produced from 1998 to 2006, with the stainless version entering the catalog in '99.DAO hammer-fired pistols were briefly popular in LE during the Nineties, before striker-fired autos came to dominate. This is because the biggest problem with traditional double-action pistols as duty guns isn't two different trigger pulls, all "crunchenticker" conventional wisdom aside, but rather the fact that undertrained people will not decock the pistol by habit after shoo...
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Kydex or Leather?

Noticing the Milt Sparks holster in the photo with the SP2022, someone asked on Facebook "Back to leather for any particular reason?"The short answer would be holster availability. Most of the kydex manufacturers I work with on the regular, like PHLster, Dark Star Gear, and Henry Holsters, only catalog for the most common of guns for practical reasons. And sadly neither JM Custom Kydex nor Custom Carry Concepts, who support a comparatively large range of models since they're still bending the ol...
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DA/SA Solution

View this post on Instagram Carry gun for 2020: A @grayguns modified @sigsauerinc #sp2022 #9mm in a @miltsparksholsters #summerspecial IWB holster. A post shared by Tamara Keel (@tamarakeel) on Apr 26, 2020 at 6:36pm PDT The eventual plan is to move to a Keepers Concealment AIWB holster, but first I need to diet off the "Covid nineteen".All things considered, I probably liked the P30L better than the SP2022, but after both were slick...
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Tab Clearing...

A friend of mine put a ton of skull sweat into this fantastically detailed, deeply researched piece containing everything you need to know about masks.How to correctly don and doff gloves, with demonstration video.Handguns for n00bs in the time of the Rona.Normalcy Bias: Be on the lookout for it. [Author: Tam]
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...and people in hell want ice water.

Gun stores being deemed "essential" has got the usual suspects all assmad about it.The head of Everytown for Gun Grabbing was given an op-ed at CNN.com to have his hissy fit:"Much is still unknown about Covid-19, but one thing is certain: Owning a gun does not make you any safer from it. But that didn't stop the Trump administration from caving to the firearm industry by treating gun store workers just like the real frontline responders-- police, doctors, nurses-- in new advisory guidelines issu...
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First World Problems

When I last attended a class in Alliance, I brought my "work" carbine along and was mortified to discover it started doubling midway through day one. I set the gun aside and one of the other students was kind enough to lend me his spare stick to finish out the class. All blinged out and nowhere to go... Fortunately, Dave Laubert was nearby and actually performed a house call at the range to check on the ailing blaster. Unfortunately the problem was that it just had enough miles on the ...
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L.A. County Blinks

After the California Gun Rights Foundation, Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association, and Firearms Policy Coalition turned the sky over California legal pad yellow late last week, it seems that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has revised their opinion of the vitality of firearms businesses... [Author: Tam]
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Meanwhile, in California...

Frickin' everybody...(CGF, NRA, SAF, FPC, and a partridge in a pear tree)...have filed suit against California for essentially cutting residents off from their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms by closing gun stores as nonessential. . [Author: Tam]
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Here we are again...

I know we talked about this on the blog back in 2013, but I have to remind folks that the ammunition supply chain is not set up for this sort of situation.The vast majority of gun owners...as distinct from shooters...get to the range two or three times a year, tops. They buy a box or two of ammo, shoot it up, and go home. If you've ever bought an entire case of ammo at once, you are in a small minority. If you've ever bought multiple cases at once, you are a tiny sliver of that.When all of a sud...
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Panic! at the Ammo Counter

Well, gun owners stayed pretty phlegmatic for the last several years and we really haven't had a good ammo panic since early '13, but it looks like one is upon us again.I'm fairly well set, but if it drags out more than a couple months, I'll be happy for my Ammo Panic Blaster..."Versatility is a good thing and, besides, if the Zombie Apocalypse happens and down at the gun store all the shelves have been stripped bare except for one dusty box of .357 SIG frangibles and you don’t have anything tha...
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Hey, look!

I wrote a thing over at the Ammoman School of Guns, about what to look for in used semiauto pistols in general and LE trade-ins in particular..."For one thing, we are in the middle of a law enforcement pistol trade-in boom the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the early Nineties. Back then, the market was glutted with used .38 Special and .357 Magnum duty revolvers as the U.S. law enforcement community moved en masse to semiauto pistols. Many a Smith & Wesson collection began with those $100...
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Does Not Work That Way

Another kid who is an expert on firearms policy by virtue of attending a school that was in the same state as one where a school shooting took place has had an op-ed published at CNN.com. He wants to know which of the two remaining serious contenders for the Democratic nomination is willing to screw Second Amendment rights harder. He has some specific concerns:"While a few laws have been passed, gun enthusiasts have found more creative ways to obtain their guns: getting them from older friends/f...
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Second thoughts on some blasters...

Very positive experiences with, first the Gen5 Glock 26 and then the FN 509C have caused me to reevaluate my previous mild disdain for widebody subcompacts in the era of the slim nine... . [Author: Tam]
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It ain't all churched-up Glocks and Langdon Berettas

View this post on Instagram Back to work with the @taurususa G3 and @federalpremium #9mm ammunition for an upcoming @shooting_illustrated piece. #pewpewlife #indyarmsco #igmilitia A post shared by Tamara Keel (@tamarakeel) on Mar 5, 2020 at 9:19am PST I guess the guys at Car and Driver have to test Corollas and Civics in between the Quattroportes and Quadrifoglios, too. So far, this one's running more like a Corolla than a Quadrifogl...
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Safety First, Accidents Last...

My local gun store/indoor range has started offering a 1-hour, low-cost firearms safety class that doesn't involve any live fire or actual gun-handling.I think that's a great idea for the "gun curious" as well as people genuinely interested in safety. Looks like they have special arrangements for Sunday school classes or neighborhood associations or whatever.This is a great idea. . [Author: Tam]
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