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I stumbled across an interesting article this morning while looking for pictures of the tailgunner's station in a B-52...The first American to shoot down five enemy aircraft was Frederick Libby, an ex-cowboy from Colorado who joined the British Royal Flying Corps in 1916 and served as an observer-gunner in FE-2B two-seat pusher aircraft. FE gunners used two machine guns, including a rear-facing Lewis gun, mounted on a steel pole, which required them to stand up on their seats when firing. “Only ...
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Worth keeping an eye on...

Supposedly Senator Cornyn of Texas is negotiating a bill that would tweak who is required to perform a NICS check when disposing of their own personal property.  This is almost certainly yet another attempt to close that non-existent loophole, and will be framed as one of those "compromises" where one party gives up something and gets nothing in return. Normally that's considered strongarm robbery, not a "compromise". . [Author: Tam]
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Things I knew that ain't so...

Working in a gun store, I got to hear a lot of truisms that got blindly repeated, from both sides of the counter. I repeated them myself, often, blindly assuming these things to be true because everybody just knew they were. It was common knowledge! A lot of it didn't hold up to practical observation, though. Shotguns and pistol caliber carbines do shoot through residential walls, oftentimes a lot of them. Revolvers can malfunction. Et cetera. One was the utility of a little pocket gun, oft...
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Range day yesterday...

I took the .38/32 Terrier to Indy Arms Co yesterday. It was my first time shooting indoors there since probably April of last year. Bobbi had spotted me a couple boxes of .38 S&W out of her stash of Enfield fodder (one Magtech and one PPU) and Chris at Lucky Gunner found a box of Fiocchi that had, I don't know, fallen down in the sofa cushions or been used to prop up a wobbly table leg. I also had eight rounds of Winchester LRN left in a box in the attic. I'd already done some chrono testing,...
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Negative Outcomes

Claude Werner, the Tactical Professor, has a couple more unfortunate lessons for his collection of serious mistakes gun owners make:Deadly Conduct and Attempted MurderThose are the charges in two incidents where Negative Outcomes resulted from gunfire. Both situations occurred when people thought they were making good decisions about employing a firearm for Personal Protection but the legal system doesn’t agree.In one case, we have a person whose sole and only plan for trouble seems to have been...
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Gun Fight

Back in the early Nineties, the legal slapfight between Glock and Smith & Wesson got so acrimonious that you couldn't buy their products from the same wholesalers, and Glock changed the rollmark on their model 22 and 23 pistols from ".40S&W" to just plain ".40". Now it looks like Sig Sauer is going after Springfield Armory, claiming that the magazines for the latter's Hellcat infringe on two patents that the former filed for the P365's sticks. No telling if this will get as involved as Glock v...
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"Would You Like To Know More?"

Tested some off-brand, light-for-caliber JHP .45 ammo yesterday and at the Patreon blog.  . [Author: Tam]
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Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #200...

Almost twenty years I've had this thing now. Carried it for a bunch of them. It was a lot shinier back then. It came with the "idiot mark" and a flattened spot in the checkering where the original owner had shot it while wearing a ring, but it was to see a lot more wear than that. The bottom pic was shot with an old Sony Mavica on a floppy disc, on the range top of the first apartment I lived in in Knoxville. It doesn't feel that long ago.  The camera I shot the top pic with, an EOS 5...
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"But it's factory ammo!"

"Factory" ammo may not mean the same thing, depending on which factory we're talking about. Some of the most disappointing ammo I'd tried thus far was from a factory. The 124gr Sumbro FMJ ammunition I ran through my M&P9 back in 2015 or so had an extreme spread of 89.2 feet per second. In other words, out of ten rounds that were, not just from the same lot number, but the same box, the slowest round was doing 1,069fps while the fastest was almost a hundred feet per second faster, at 1,158. The...
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"Honey, we have Smith & Wesson at home." No.1

The barrel of the Regulation Police has the typical Smith rollmark of the period. Traditional sans serif font and "lazy" ampersand. The markings on the barrel of the paltik don't resemble any alphabet I can find, and may be "greeking". There's a fascinating...and fairly recent...piece on the underground gun industry in Cebu here at the NYT. (It may be paywalled. I trust you're savvy enough to find your way around that via an archive if necessary.) If dudes in the jungle in the 1920s or 1930...
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Project underway...

One of these is a regular S&W .38 Regulation Police. One was cobbled together with hand tools in a Filipino village. Real macro photos forthcoming... . [Author: Tam]
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Much Learning Occurred.

This was such a well-rounded two-day class. It can be a bit of a drink from the firehose, but there's a lot of material that's not covered by yet another five-round drill from the seven yard line. Identifying and interacting with suspicious-looking (or -acting) strangers. Deselection, avoiding getting entangled in unwanted conversations. How to carry...and when and how to use...pepper spray. There's basic trauma self-care stuff, things like telling the difference between arterial and venous...
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Weekend stuff...

I'm taking pictures again... [Author: Tam]
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Ugh, the internet.

"Why didn't he fire a warning shot?" Okay, first, because even warning shots land someplace. Whose living room would you like it to land in? Second, because she was in the middle of stabbing someone, so there wasn't a lot of time for warning people. "Why didn't he shoot her in the leg?" Oh, man, when are we going to rid people of the damfool notion that it's possible to shoot someone a little bit? A bullet in the knee can leave someone crippled for life, possibly resulting in amputation....
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Bonus points if you had a folding grip on it.

(From a friend on the Book of Faces. I LOL'ed and had to share.) . [Author: Tam]
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It doesn't work like that.

So, some dude on the gunternet made the claim that he could draw a .22WMR NAA Mini from his pocket and put all five rounds into a playing card sized target at five feet in less than two seconds, strong hand only. Pardon my bluntness, but that claim is simply bullshit and is the sort of gun forum nonsense spouted by people who wouldn't know what button to push on a timer to make it go "beep" in the first place. A fast pocket draw to a relatively wide-open target like a USPSA A-zone or the ID...
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Oh, Internet, never change.

Today on Quora I learned that it's impossible to fire a BAR accurately from the shoulder. Okay then. [Author: Tam]
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What he said...

I’m just sayin... pic.twitter.com/GARxQGHI5h— Sage Actual (@SageDynamics) April 13, 2021 The LE/professional X26 and X2 Tasers as well as the commercially-marketed Taser Pulse are all gun-shaped, which strikes me as a monumentally bad idea. This is aggressively the opposite of poka-yoke. The original Tasers looked more like Dustbusters than guns... . [Author: Tam]
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The original meaning of "flash gun".

"Bandit's Roost" by Jacob Riis Jacob Riis explored the warrens of the Manhattan's Lower East Side, documenting the tenements filled with recent immigrants in the late 19th Century. He became famous from his photographs, which served as the basis for his book How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York. If you have some notion to use your time machine to return to live in the Gilded Age, a few minutes perusing the photographs will probably cool your ardor; you can pr...
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Tab Clearing...

How to Set and Achieve Goals.Buying enough camera (can actually apply to lots of other things, too.)Sex and Guns: Safer, not safe. . [Author: Tam]
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79% lowers when?

Well, I just sat through Biden's speech in the Rose Garden so you didn't have to.Thoughts in a bit.The Guns of Theseus: Apparently 80% lowers will require serial numbers and background checks now. When do we start buying 70% lowers?How long before you need to fill out a 4473 to buy pipes at Home Depot?— Tamara K. (@TamSlick) April 8, 2021 . [Author: Tam]
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Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #199...

A couple hundred rounds into the Shield Plus test for Shooting Illustrated now. The Dark Star Gear Hitchhiker for the regular Shield works a treat, as should be no surprise. . [Author: Tam]
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Flash Bang

When photographing people shooting auto loading pistols, one always hopes to get some dramatic brass-in-the-air shots. With revolvers, getting a chance dramatic range photo is a lot trickier, but it happens sometimes. That's Chuck Haggard shooting 158gr .38 Special from a Ruger LCR. Lee Weems of First Person Safety was teaching his Revolver Essentials class and saw Chuck walking by and pulled him in to demonstrate the grip he uses on small snubbies for recoil control*. It appears that his re...
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View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tamara Keel (@tamarakeel) For the most part, I've always paid for the majority of my ammunition for testing out of pocket, but I do remember when getting a case or two of ammo to show up on the front porch for purposes of an extended test was as easy as an email, or even just an aside in a social media post. Not right now it ain't... . [Author: Tam]
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Constitutional Carry Update

Indiana's had numerous Constitutional Carry bills die in committee in the Hoosier House of Representatives over the last decade. With Speaker Bosma retired, it looked like the 2021 session was going to be the one where we finally pushed Constitutional Carry through, and H.B.1369 has indeed sailed through the House.  However it's encountered a bit of a slowdown in the Senate Judiciary Committee, so please contact your state senator, Hoosiers, and remind them that we want this thing done this...
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I was wrong. I learned something!

The Gun Control Act of 1968, by introducing the requirement that a firearm "be generally recognized as particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes" in order to be legally imported, effectively stifled the hobby of collecting military surplus firearms. After all, be it semiautomatic, bolt action, or revolver, if it had been designed and issued as a weapon of war, it was not a "sporting arm". Because gun owners love conspiracies, there's a widely-held one in Fuddlore that...
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The Why Behind the How...

My friend John wrote something that I think it would be worth your while to read if you carry...or are thinking about carrying...a firearm. "Reading some comments on various posts around the internet, as well as some private and public conversations I’ve had lately have had me reflecting on what *I* think are some things to consider if you’re interested in the study, instruction, or practice of applied violence..."Please do and go read the whole thing. There's way too much glibness and too many ...
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Poverty Arms

The Nineties and early Aughties were the Second Golden Age of milsurps. Between a footnote inserted in a trade and tariff bill making the importation of military surplus legal again, and the ending of the Cold War throwing the dusty arsenals of the East open to American firearms importers, you could pick up reasonably decent blasters for next to nothing. When you were living in the sort of paycheck-to-paycheck circumstances that had you viewing a twenty dollar bill as an entire weekend's worth...
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Daylight Savings Time...

Set the clocks forward one hourChange the batteries in your smoke detectorsPut fresh batteries in any lights or powered optics on work gunsThat last one is easy to forget or put aside these days when the batteries in a modern optic have service lives measured in years, but it's cheap insurance. . [Author: Tam]
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Hey, look!

"If you look at a picture of a car and it has tail fins, you know it was from the 1950s. If you look at a picture of home interiors and they’re full of shag carpet and avocado-hued appliances, you know they’re from the 1970s. Nowadays, if you look at a photo of a pistol and it looks like the slide lost a fight with a CNC machine, you know it’s from the end of the Twenty-Teens. I’m not exactly sure who actually originated this fad, so I’ll blame Glock. It didn’t actually start with Glock, mind y...
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