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Is there any way to add a checkmark in Calibre or is there a plugin for this? Thanks.
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Add fields like Author to the mask?

Hi! I'm organizing my sheet music with calibre. It works fine and supports my dataformats from notatioprograms... I'd like to add fields in the main area from author on the main metadatafield. For Composer I use the authorfield. Now I need a second field for Arrangement or Transcription. This is important, when I have a Title, original, but arranged or transcribet by several musicians. So I can identify the Title, without loosing the original composer. I work with several userdefined columns,...
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Calibre ebook viewer not opening

I recently updated to Calibre 4.19 on my Windows 8 laptop, after using an old version for over a year. Now the problem is whenever I try to open the ebook viewer inside Calibre, it appears for a second and then closes automatically. Not just while opening books, even if I simply launch the ebook viewer directly from start menu, the same thing happens. I tried running Calibre in debug mode but it seems to have entries about Calibre management app only, not the viewer. I updated to 4.20 as well j...
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IMporting books problem

I am getting this message each time I try to import books into Calibre. Can anyone advise me what's wrong. Recently updated to 4.20.0 but that too is not installing. I have restarted several times deleted and reinstalled update so I am stuck on what else to do.Running Windows 10. calibre, version 4.19.0 ERROR: Cannot add books: Failed to add any books, click "Show details" for more information. Failed to start worker process Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\...
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Duplicate Pages?

Hello. I'm very new to Calibre and couldn't find a solution for this. Basically, a chunk of what I've already read appears anew after going to a new page. I prefer to have 2 pages in each screen, but in doing so, half of the page is repeated on going to a next one. I'm sure there must be some way to change this. :help:
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Drag & Drop a cover image from Google Images Doesn't work

Dragging & Dropping a cover image from Google Images doesn't seem to work. Is this not possible? Google puts up a box to allow searching using the image. Copy and paste obviously works.
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Dragging a book into an expanded Hierarchy level collapse other expanded levels

When sorting books into a Subject hierarchy it is useful to have several different levels expanded. However, if a book is dragged into any one of these expanded levels the others immediately collapse. This means that you have to keep opening up previously opened levels. Maybe this is intentional to prevent the list from 'growing', but personally I would rather collapse them myself when I am done with them. Perhaps if it is normally desirable then an option could be provided to prevent automatic ...
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Lost series info on Kobo Libra

I have several Michael Connelly books from the Harry Bosch detective series. In Calibre they appear to have the series correctly labeled. And when I originally loaded them onto my Kobo Libra, in the device's interface they showed the series names/numbers correctly. But somewhere along the line, all of that series data disappeared from the Libra. I can't say for certain, but it appears to be the only series data that was lost on the device. Trying to fix it, I went into Calibre, deleted the book...
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Problems - reinstall?

I've been having weird problems with the calibre reader and editor. I still get that fatal "OpenGL context error" from time to time in the editor. When the reader does that "preparing book for first opening" (or whatever it says) it seems to take forever. I know people say, "But it's only the first time!", but it isn't. I use the editor to repair typos and such, and every time I do that I have to go through the startup preparation again. Right now it's taking about a minute. What's worse, ...
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Error in sending books to Kindle

It's been working just fine until today. I'm using a hotmail account and keep getting an authentication error. I haven't made any changes to passwords, etc. I'm using Calibre version 4.5. Guidance would be appreciated!
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Multiple 'Not' searches fail to remove items

I have a Genre column called Subject which allows me to create a hierarchy of my technical books, articles and theses.It also allows me the flexibility of referencing the same book under multiple subjects if it's not clear where to put it. However, I find that when I try to eliminate certain items from the display using CTRL and selecting the red minus for each category it doesn't work properly. For example, if I wish to remove 'Articles' and 'Thesis' I get: not#subject:"=Article" or not#subjec...
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New Pc now have 2 calibre folders

Just got a new computer Transfered Calibre folder full of my books from old pc to Documents, and have been backing it up and adding more books to it for a couple of weeks. It says I have 1042 folders in that folder. Just found out I also have a calibre folder in c drive! That has 900 book folders in it. The only reason I noticed was because some of my recent downloads were not in the Documents Calibre. :help:
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What exactly are "Sort Levels"

Going through the tweaks trying to see if I can speed up Calibre, and I have always seen that reset the number of sort levels option, but have no clue what it is. If I set if from 5 to 2 what would happen?
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Individual library updating

I am wondering what I can do to make library updates run quicker. I am running a pretty quick computer (HP Envy, Windows 10, Intel i7, 16RAM) but even if I segregate a library to another user profile and keep it as the only libary attached to Calibre, and cut down on columns icons, rules, etc. I still have to watch the metadata journal cycle through what looks like every book that is being updated when I import a list. Does having tag/author rules cause this? It used to only happen when I wa...
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beating the dead horse

Code:   circ, circle {   /*can circle text or any number of digits; see circle:after/before*/   background-color: pink;   border: 0.1em solid red;   border-radius: 50%;   line-height: 0;   padding: 0.2em;   white-space: nowrap;} circ, circle:after {  content: " ";} circ, circle:before {  content: " ";} circle puts circle around any text. You can put the dummy command 'circ,' in front of all 3 commands to keep them next to each other if you alphabetize the stylesheet. ...
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Status read stopped updating

I set Calibre up so long ago that I don't remember if or what if anything I did to have the books read percentage automatically update whenever I connected my Kobo Aura One to it. Today I noticed that it is not doing it anymore. How do I correct this?
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Toolbar button goes off-screen when a plugin needs to be updated?

This is a very confusing issue. I have "Plugin Updater" as a button on my main toolbar: Attachment 180295 Normally all the toolbar buttons fit on-screen. But when one of my plugins needs updating (the icon turns to an exclamation point when this happens), the Preferences button at the end of the toolbar gets pushed off-screen. (Sadly, I didn't think to take a screenshot.) Why does this happen? :blink: Attached Thumbnails  
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Games Workshop Digital ePub3 files not readable

Hi there, is it possible to read a ePub3 file with Calibre Reader? I get a fixed size like mentioned in this thread https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...games+workshop After three years is there a solution avaiable. As I contaced GW I only got tips for Windows and Mac but not for Linux and I couldn't find a reader which helps.
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Feature Request - Tag Proposal in Metadata Editor

I have a feature request for the metadata editor. I have a predefined tag "Biography & Autobiography". If I start typing "bio..." I get automatically the proposal "Biography & Autobiography", so I can easily select it for the book. BUT: if I start typing "auto..." nothing happens....and this is my feature request....getting also proposal for this. Sorry, I do not know how to describe it better. See attached picture. Attached Thumbnails  
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Calibre can't read booklist from device

Hello everyone, I've been having issues with my Kobo Aura H2O e-reader when connecting with Calibre. First I got an error message that I couldn't remove books from the device ("Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption....") It's a simular message as in the following thread: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=295238 When I first got the error, I didn't write...
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Why does the autoadd folder sometimes stop working?

I haven't been able to isolate any specific situation in which this happens (which is why I'm not filing a bug report), but every so often Calibre stops grabbing books I put in the autoadd folder. I've already checked that a) the folder is set to the correct one, b) I actually put the files in the right folder (yes sometimes I've forgotten), and c) the files are of a format that Calibre accepts. I've also checked for read-only flags or file locks but didn't notice any. It always starts working ...
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Font embedding and app-reader compatibility

Hello, I've been trying to read an epub I created w/ Calibre that has an embedded font (Noto mono - an open monospaced font from Google) in an iPad device but it won't see the embedded font. It only displays fonts installed originally in the device, e.g. Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Iowan, Palatino, San Francisco, New York, Seravek, Times New Roman Is there sth else I can do with the epub while I create it w/ Calibre so that iBooks (or/and possibly other devices) can read the embedded font? ((...
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Add new cover without deleting older cover

I apologize if this has been addressed here before but I haven't been able to find anything about it. There have been a few books that I've downloaded that are missing their covers and the interior title page serves as its cover. I've downloaded the cover that I want to use from the internet but if I try to add that while editing metadata, it will delete the title page, which I don't want to do. I want both the proper cover and the title page. How on earth do I go about doing this? Layman's te...
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Calibre on iOS

Yesterday I finally picked up a lightning to USB adapter so I could run a decent microphone into my phone for podcasting. As an added bonus, I noticed that it could also connect to my Kindle, which led me to wondering if any work has been done towards porting a version of Calibre for iOS that can convert formats and edit metadata. Or is the current userbase for that setup just too small for it to be worth it? Thing is, with iPadOS picking up more and more ‘Mac’ features every year, it’s only a ...
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Where's the option to mark new books?

A while ago, I enabled an option that marks new books in the library. Now I'd like to disable it. But I can't find the option again. :eek: Could someone please tell me where it is? :thanks:
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a question about backwards compatibility

I want to upgrade calibre I have calibre 3.46 on ubuntu calibre 3.48 in osx 10.13 A big library is on a removable hd I want upgrade ubuntu-calibre to 4xx Can I have problems opening the library on removable HD from osx-calibre 3.48 after opening it and maybe adding books from ubuntu-calibre 4.xx?
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Polishing multiple books failing

Polishing individual books bear no problem but when polishing multiple books, about half of the jobs randomly fail with an error similar to this. These same books can be polished without any error if the process is repeated. Code: Polish book 1 of 6 (BookName) Found existing cover page Python function terminated unexpectedly   [Error 5] Access is denied (Error Code: 1)  Traceback (most recent call last):   File "site.py", line 114, in main   File "site.py", line 88, in run_entry_...
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Ok, so I have been adding to the comments in books to have data from the columns, and it has been working pretty good so far. I have been using the copy/replace to use templates that look a bit like this: Most Frequent Words: {#mfw}Original File Name: {#original_file_name} Booksource: {#booksource} Date Added: {#dateadded}GR Average Rating: {#gr1} Pages: {#pages} Word: {#word}Tags: {tags}Genre: {#genre} Comments: While it looks fine in the book details page and when I use them for catalo...
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saving virtual libraries and copy rules

SO I spent a lot of time really organizing my copy/search/replace rules, as well as my virtual library rules, is there a way of saving them and copying them into other libraries? I understand that the search/replace rules are global, but if I import a new/old library and want to keep the rules I just spent hours setting up, is there a way of doing it? Also, the same with virtual libraries (I know they are library specific, but I have a set of "non-denomiational" rules that I would like to add.
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