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Suggestion for Install procedure

Each time I update Calibre, the install process creates a new icon on my desktop (Win7-64-bit), duplicating the existing icon, but in the spot Windows decides is the next available spot. Would it be possible for the process to instead locate and delete the old Calibre icon and create the new one in that same spot where the old one was? (Or maybe it would be more of a "update icon" procedure instead?) That's what I'm used to many of the other programs doing when I update them. Thanks, Tim De...
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Does calibre-portable support debug mode?

When I run "calibre-portable calibre-debug -g", calibre starts normally and there no debugging output on the console. Does calibre-portable.exe even support debug mode?
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3.41.2 Error Message

I've started a new thread for 3.41.2 as I've gotten an error in Preferences. https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh....php?p=3833383
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Should I use calibre just to paste epub into the e-reader?

Hi Should I really use calibre just to copy my epubs into the my e-reader? I always transfer by pasting the file into the root of the my reader. What are the advantages of pasting them through calibre?
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Version 3.41.1 Error message

I use Windows 10, 32 bit. I downloaded version 3.41.1, but at launching Calibre, I receive this message: Code: Python function terminated unexpectedly 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xfc in position 13: invalid start byte (Error Code: 1) De- and reinstall at no avail. Install of version 3.40.0 works without issue. Am I the only one with this problem?
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3.40.1 Weird Crash

So I upgraded to 3.40.1 and it works fine as long as my Kobo Forma is not plugged in. When I plug in the Forma it works for about 2 minutes and then Windows 10 restarts. It only does it when the Forma is plugged in. I rolled back to 3.38 on the software and it no longer does it. I tried a clean install and put 3.40.1 back on and it did it again. Rolled it back to 3.38 back to stable. No clue what is going on.
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Version 3.40 won't install on Linux Mint

This is my first post on the forum, so apologies beforehand if I'm not doing something correctly: I've attempted to install calibre 3.40.1 on Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon. LM19.1 OS is up to date (as of a few minutes ago). Also note LM 19.1 is running as a virtual machine on a macOS 10.14.4 host under Virtualbox 6.0.6 (latest as of a few minutes ago) with guest additions 6.0.6. calibre was installed using the command line: sudo -v && wget -nv -O- https://download.calibre-ebook.com/linux-install...
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Feature request?

I'm not sure where else to post this. Please move it elsewhere if it doesn't belong here. @Koval, can you make a generate cover from existing files? There are instances where I update an epub, azw3, mobi, etc (which have new covers) and I want the new metadata to update the cover from the new file. Also, can you add a "View" button in the "Edit Metadata" window. I guess this will be useful for when I add multiple files and want to see how they are before I commit the changes. Or rather, can you ...
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Kobo Aura & Clara HD

Your Kobo is running an updated firmware/database version. As calibre does not know about this updated firmware, database editing is disabled, to prevent corruption. You can still send books to your Kobo with calibre, but deleting books and managing collections is disabled. If you are willing to experiment and know how to reset your Kobo to Factory defaults, you can override this check by right clicking the device icon in calibre and selecting "Configure this device" and then the "Attempt to s...
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PDF Manual link?

I've just upgraded to Calibre 3.40.1. The link to the PDF manual on this page ist kaput. Has the PDF manual been discontinued, or is the link only temporarily broken? Thanks. EDIT: Oops....never mind! The manual did, in fact, download quietly behind the scenes, without the usual pop-up "Save to" window. (I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and am still getting used to its stealthy ways.)
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conversion problem

I'm Sridhar working as a freelancer. 1) I started one of my Kindle book project with InDesign source file and converted into epub. 2) After conversion I formatted the book using Calibre 3.40.1 (64bit) and converted into mobi file. 3) I checked this mobi file in "Kindle previewer" and got the error "Enhanced Typesetting error". 4) I tried multiple times from epub to mobi and vice versa and checked this in "Kindle previewer" but getting same error. 5) I want this mobi file need to publish i...
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sync calibre managed books between kindle readers

I use Calibre to sideload books onto my Kindle Paperwhite Recently my Kindle fell into water and the touch screen no longer works, however the books are still accessible when I plug it into my PC. Is if there is some way for me to use Calibre to copy/sync all of the books from my no longer operational Kindle Paperwhite onto another device, like the Kindle app on my iphone? Ideally, if possible, I would like to transfer them to another device and preserve the data relating to reading position,...
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Importing database to older version? (3.40 to 3.31)

If I want to move from the binary version of Calibre on the site (currently 3.40 installed on my end) to my linux distros version in the repo (Currently 3.31), would there be any issues? If it is supported im assuming I would need to use the Export/Import option as opposed to simply pointing the older version at the existing database? Thanks!
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Greetings, using calibredb list, is it possible to format the timestamp and pubdate. Both are too long for my liking. I only want the date without the time. thanks
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Calibredb search

Greetings, I often used calibredb to search for books. How can I also add the location to the search, as in folder, of each found title?
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Advice on Edit Book function

I always run any added book through the “Edit Book” function to check for problems, with a goal of achieving “No problems found”. A lot of issues involve “CSS Property: Unknown Property” warnings such as “-webkit-text-fill-color” , “-epub-hyphens”, etc. I generally remove all these references. Am I wasting my time? Would leaving these cause potential errors? Inversely, would there be benefit leaving them in for possible future epub implementation, or other reasons? Thanks for any insights.
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Beta testers needed

Hi all, I would appreciate it if some of you could beta test the next calibre release. There is an on-going effort to port calibre to Python 3 and as preparation for that, there have been lots of wide-ranging changes to calibre internals. I have tested things and been running the ported code myself for a while now, but given how large calibre is, there is no way for me to cover everything. So beta testing by a larger group would be appreciated. Please backup your calibre configuration folder an...
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Cannot cannot wireless to Calibre

I cannot get my lap top to connect wirelessly to the Calibre installation on my desktop today. I can connect to Calibre using my iPhone and iPad through CC. The laptop is connected to the internet through Wi-Fi and I can browse the internet I have tried four different browsers on the laptop. Edge says it cannot reach this page. Chrome says this page isn't working. Internet Explorer says there was a problem and subsequent attempts simply returned Bing searches. Firefox says it is connecting ...
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Edit (programmatically) the Date header

The date header contains the date the book was added to the library. I would like to change this to the date the underling ebook was created )or failing that, copy the publishing date to the date) since after re-creating my library every book has the same date. I have command line and scripting skills, and I'm willing to get into the sqlite3 database if that's the only answer, but if there is a better way, I'd rather do that, but while pubdate is editable in Calibre advanced edit, it appears tha...
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When converting epub to mobi, line spacing condenses

Hi, everyone. When I convert from epub to mobi, line spacing decreases so much. The last time I converted was about a couple of years ago and it worked fine at that time. I'm using the latest version of calibre. Tried increasing minimum line height and line height, didn't work at all. Tried on other epub files, same result. If I convert epub to azw3, it works fine. I've attached screenshots of calibre viewer showing the original epub file and the converted mobi file respectively. You can clea...
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delay in adding books

Lately, whenever I add a new book to Calibre, the import dialogue seems to hang interminably. I mean, the book is eventually added, but it really can take minutes. Is there anything that may be causing this? (I don't think it has to do with the nature of the books being added, they ware of various provenance.) Another thing: it says the Kobo database format is too new. I'm assuming Calibre is working on catching up with the latest changes to the Kobo firmware? (Hadn't even noticed it had updat...
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Keep long toolbar expanded (slided out)

Hello, as the subject says, I have too many buttons in toolbar which don't fit the window width, so I must click the little chevron on the right side, to temporarily slide out the whole toolbar (as additional rows). I would like to have visible all rows persistently. Can I do somehow?
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Add new category to MyShelves, how?

I can't make it work. I want to add an additional category to My Shelves (my own category system) so I do this: -Rightclick on My Shelves in left sidebar -Choose User categories editor -Choose Category Filter "My Shelves" -Fill in new category name in top field right -Press + sign to add And then I can't think what else to do. Something bloody obvious, probably. Can somebody help?
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How to setting the content when fetching the news?

Recently I found an epub file on line which is the "The Economist" fetched by Calibre, and I got another copy which contains the same content, it was fetched by myself using Calibre. But the epub file online (file A) is 21MB, and my copy(file B) is 4MB, file A gets bigger cover and all images in it are wider/bigger than those on file B. But I found no configuration for the content when fetching news. maybe I just didn't miss it. So does this configuration exist? If not, how can I control the co...
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Automatically remove font-family on conversion?

Is there a way to automatically remove any font-family on conversion. I basically don't want my chosen font overridden. I now have to use Tweak book command and do a regex search and replace, but if this can be done automatically that'd be great. Thanks
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Calibre won't remove azw3 file

I have the latest calibre and latest alf removal, when I import a azw3 file that I've downloaded it doesn't remove the drm when I look to convert. I'm using Windows 7.
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Speed up conversion

Hello, I have a huge mobi file that I must convert to azw3. Unfortunately the seem to take days (and I don't want to melt my pc). So, is there any setting or method to speed up the conversion? :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
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goodreads and shared on twitter o facebook

Good night, I have a question. when I use the goodreads complement the option to share on twitter is disabled:help:. I would like to know how to fix it, or if the two options are incompatible Thank you:thanks:
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is calibre 64 bits for windows safe to use?

On the download page, https://www.calibre-ebook.com/download_windows the top link downloads the 32 bit version. If you copy the link and paste it into your browser's address box you can change the win32 to win64 and get the 64 bit version. The first link below that, location #1, gives you a list for the different platforms and from there you can select the 32 or 64 bit version. For location #2 you'll need to do more url fiddling to get to the proper github page where the different platforms a...
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Custom Columns edit fields

:help: When in I click/toggle my view from cover to grid https://imgur.com/tuxWiSn I can click on a field to edit (if it is not a "custom column" data field https://imgur.com/VQjYURB If it is any data field from any custom column's ... I can't edit it ! I use to be able to do that !!
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