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A Designer and an Antiquary’s Remodeled Guesthouses in Reims (Soon Available to Rent)

I have never been to Reims, the city in the Champagne region of France where all of the French kings were once crowned. But, through the magic of Instagram, I’ve spent the last few weeks poring over one of the most classically, quietly lovely projects I’ve seen: a pair of guesthouses and the accompanying family house of the family renovating them, steps from the city’s famous cathedral. It was Instagram that first led me to discover Les Penates Reims: While researching Nomibis—a flea market base...
Tags: Books, Instagram, France, Vacation Rentals, Reims, House Tour, Rose, Jean, Brun, Architecture & Interiors, Antiques & Vintage, Brice, Design Travel, Berard, French Style, Salome

French Lessons: A Designer and an Antiquary’s Remodeled Guesthouses in Reims (Soon Available to Rent)

I have never been to Reims, the city in the Champagne region of France where all of the French kings were once crowned. But, through the magic of Instagram, I’ve spent the last few weeks poring over one of the most classically, quietly lovely projects I’ve seen: a pair of guesthouses and the accompanying family house of the family renovating them, steps from the city’s famous cathedral. It was Instagram that first led me to discover Les Penates Reims: While researching Nomibis—a flea market base...
Tags: Books, Instagram, France, Vacation Rentals, Reims, House Tour, Rose, Jean, Brun, Architecture & Interiors, Antiques & Vintage, Brice, Design Travel, Berard, French Style, Salome

Minimalism on the Mayan Coast: The Hacienda-Style Casa Pueblo in Tulum

Consider this our good deed for February. If you haven’t yet planned a spring getaway to replenish your vitamin D stores, you may want to check out Casa Pueblo, a design-focused, hacienda-style hotel that opened last January in Tulum. In addition to it Instagram-worthy architecture, appealing minimalist interiors, and intimate size, the hotel boasts affordable rates; when we checked April dates recently, a room with a king bed was $180 per night, and with a queen bed, $150. Let’s take a tour. Ph...
Tags: Books, Mexico, Mexico City, Tulum, Klein, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, Coqui Coqui, Derek Klein, Casa Pueblo, Casa de los Santos, Casa Pueblo Above, Mike Moser, Justin James Above, Izamal Mexico Hotel San Cristóbal

Japonesque by Way of France: B-Raku Ceramics in Brittany

Not long ago we posted on Otonali, a Breton-style creperie in Brittany, designed by Guillaume Terver of Paris-based studio Le LAD. Today we’re taking a look at the adjoining B-Raku ceramics studio. The Japanese term raku describes a technique for the production of ceramic objects at low temperature, from 800 to 950° C. Each piece is baked a first time, then is coated with a second coat of enamel before being subjected to a second baking. During the second firing, the applied coating melts to cre...
Tags: Books, Japan, France, Paris, New Zealand, Japanese, Ceramics, Malibu, Brittany, Ceramic, Shopper's Diary, Design Travel, Rikyu, Nobu Ryokan Guesthouse, Guillaume Terver, Philippe Josse

Editors’ Picks: Our 10 Favorite Wheeled Carry-On Luggage Picks

This week’s Jetsetter issue has us all packing our bags for a trip to the sun. Here are our favorite carry-on pieces of luggage for speedy, check-in-free travel. Above: Both Christine and Francesca are Rimowa devotees: “An architect friend introduced me to the line (very expensive but worth the investment,” Francesca says. “We were traveling in Italy and all was fine until we got to Venice; there I was, lugging my duffle bag as she glided along with her Rimowa. I’ve been a convert ever since....
Tags: Amazon, Books, Sweden, Bali, Navy, US, Italy, Venice, Annie, Meredith, Sarah, Alexa, Eagle Creek, Christine, Kristina, Filson

The Insta-Famous Airbnb: Villa Arunja in Bali

The allure of a vacation rental over a hotel? The sense that you can try on a new life: for a few days, you can be someone who lives in a tiny walkup in New York, or a rambling Italian villa. Book a stay at Villa Arunja in Bali and you can try on the life of an Instagram-famous couple in one of the country’s trendiest villages. Designer Lena Catterick, who has gained a cult following for Yoli & Otis, her line of plant-dyed baby carriers; her partner Carlo Letica, and their two small children spl...
Tags: Books, New York, Instagram, Bali, Australia, Airbnb, Vacation Rentals, Conde Nast Traveler, Byron Bay, Catterick, Architecture & Interiors, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Beach Houses, Canggu, Geoffrey Bawa

Moth: A Trove of Japanese and Scandinavian Design, in Chicago

A recent delivery to our inbox: Moth, a small shop in Chicago that carries simple, well-made essentials from emerging Scandinavian and Japanese artisans (and, occasionally, a French or Irish artisan), all curated by owner Catherine Becker. Becker stocks some all-time Remodelista favorites (think Kinto glassware, Iris Hantverk brushes, and the Sori Yanagi kettle), but many of the wares, she says, are not carried elsewhere in the U.S. Take a look. Above: The Aviron Kitchen Towel by Japanese com...
Tags: Books, Japan, Sweden, Chicago, Denmark, Japanese, Nara, Moth, Lina, Scandinavian, Lino, Shopper's Diary, Design Travel, Scandi, Sori Yanagi, Iris Hantverk

A Famous Filming Location, Available for Let: Glenfeshie Estate and Cottages in Scotland

If the Glenfeshie Estate looks familiar, that’s probably because, realize it or not, you’ve seen it before. Over the past few years, it’s played the part of Balmoral Castle in Netflix’s The Crown, and served as backdrop for the iconic scene in The Queen where a bereaved Queen Elizabeth (Helen Mirren), alone in the Scottish Highlands, spots a stag. Owned by Wildland—the same conservationist owners behind Killiehuntly Estate, another of our favorites, and several others throughout the Scottish cou...
Tags: Books, Scotland, Netflix, Switzerland, Victoria, Ralph Lauren, Highlands, Kitchens, Ruth Kramer, Balmoral Castle, Antiques & Vintage, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, Edwin Landseer, Netflix Star

A Victorian Hunting Lodge Receives a Refined Upgrade—Belgian Style

Queen Victoria made the pilgrimage to Gairnshiel Lodge in the Scottish Highlands. So did King George V, King George VI, the Duke of York, and the future Queen Mother. They came to hunt for grouse, take in the extraordinary hills and dales, and castle hop (Balmoral is just 10 minutes away). These days the attractions remain much the same—but an equal draw is the lodge itself. In 2015, a very private Belgian family of four, who prefer to be known just by their first names—Eric and Hilde, and their...
Tags: Books, UK, Australia, Scotland, Wes Anderson, Victoria, Ballater, Phoenix, Balmoral, Duke Of York, Antwerp, Hilde, Eric, Dee, Maarten, Cairngorms National Park

Shopper’s Diary: Anta in Edinburgh

On a 48-hour side trip to Edinburgh, Francesca discovered Anta, a purveyor of fabrics by the yard, pillows, rugs, throws, and pottery. Founded in the 1980s by designer Annie Lachlan and architect Stewart Lachlan, Anta brings a refreshingly modern approach to Scottish design. The couple now has three shops in Edinburgh and an outlet shop at Fearn, near Ballone Castle, which they bought in 1990 and restored from a ruin. Additionally, they offer Stewart Lachlan–designed furniture pieces and archite...
Tags: Books, New York, London, Scotland, Furniture, Edinburgh, Inverness, Sloane Square, Herron, Fearn, Anta, Shopper's Diary, Design Travel, Blankets & Throws, Isobel Anderson, Edinburgh Francesca

Lodgings Fit for the Royals: A Historic Hunting Lodge in Scotland, Revamped by Hauser & Wirth

The most regal place to stay in Scotland? That would be Fife Arms, a newly opened hotel with 46 guest rooms in the town of Braemar, Aberdeenshire, in the famous Highlands, an area first made popular when Queen Victoria visited the area and purchased Balmoral Castle. The hotel is housed in a former hunting lodge, originally remodeled by architect Alexander Marshall Mackenzie (who also designed the Waldorf Astoria in London), now owned by renowned art dealers Hauser & Wirth. Together with Moxon Ar...
Tags: Elsa, Books, London, Scotland, Prince Charles, Victoria, Chelsea Flower Show, Highlands, Victorian, Waldorf Astoria, Hauser, Wirth, Antiques & Vintage, Hotels & Lodging, Hauser Wirth, Design Travel

Guardswell Farm: Rustic Cottages for Let in the Scottish Countryside

Situated on 150 acres of grassland “between Abernyte and Kinnaird, Perthshire” is Guardswell Farm, a series of rustic and charming cottages run by two families and available for stays. “We feel a bit mean keeping it all to ourselves,” the proprietors say; so, they’ve opened lodgings for the traveler “who fancies themselves running a micro-farm, switching off from their digital dependence, and taking a deep breath of Perthshire air.” The cottages are outfitted with all of the trappings for a stay...
Tags: Books, Winter, Scotland, Dundee, Wood, Perthshire, Rustic, Tay, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, Cottages & Cabins, Gowrie, Sheepskins & Hides, Carse, Wood-Burning Stoves

Nomibis: A Vintage Shop in Reims, France, Shoppable on Instagram

A flea market in France you can shop on Instagram? Julie recently spotted Nomibis, run by Fabienne Nominé and companion Pascal Bisson, who first opened a shop in the city of Reims, France (once the site of the coronations of the French kings), but ten years later discovered that they could sell things more artfully and more quickly on Instagram. Now they use their own Reims home to style their found “antiques and eccentricities,” then post them on their Instagram feed (@nomibis) and on their web...
Tags: Books, Instagram, France, Maine, French, Bay Area, Julie, Antiques & Vintage, Shopper's Diary, Design Travel, Reims France, French Style, Marston House, Elsie Green, Vinalhaven, Nomibis

Maison de la Luz: A Luxe New Guesthouse in New Orleans, by Atelier Ace

Now accepting reservations: Maison de la Luz, a soon-to-open guest house in New Orleans by Atelier Ace, the team behind Ace Hotels. It’s the team’s second opening without an Ace name tag (the other is Sister City, soon to open on New York’s Lower East Side). For old-world New Orleans feel (and a quieter, more private stay than trendy, hipster-friendly Ace hotels—no pool, no bar, no DJs), Atelier Ace enlisted a Remodelista favorite, LA-based Studio Shamshiri, to design the interiors. Take a sneak...
Tags: Books, Paris, New Orleans, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Shamshiri, Hotels & Restaurants, Sister City, Ace Hotel New Orleans, Maison de la Luz, New York 's Lower East Side For, Studio Shamshiri, Quixotic Projects of Le Mary Celeste

Jolene in London: 7 Simple, Budget Ideas to Steal from the Year’s Most Beautiful Bakery

The oldest surviving terraced houses in England were built in 1658, and they stand at 52-55 Newington Green, in a neighborhood that borders Hackney and Islington. Across the historic green, at number 22, is Jolene, a bakery, restaurant, and wine bar opened in September by David Gingell and Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim—the pair behind two of north London’s favorite neighborhood restaurants, Primeur and Westerns Laundry. Both of the previous sites are in unexpected locations: Primeur is in a convert...
Tags: Europe, Books, England, New York, London, Ebay, Restaurants, David, Dolly Parton, Tokyo, Hackney, Islington, Gascony, Jolene, Design Travel, Restaurant Visit

Shopper’s Diary: Kitchen Staples, A Design-Forward Zero-Waste Store in Vancouver

Attention, entrepreneurs: The new big thing to hit the retail market are zero-waste stores equipped with refill stations to minimize single-use plastic containers. We’ve already written about Lauren Singer’s Package Free Shop in Brooklyn. And now we have another great buy-in-bulk store to add to our growing list: The Soap Dispensary, the first of its kind in Vancouver, Canada. Husband and wife Linh Truoung and Stewart Lampe opened the Soap Dispensary in 2011, stocking eco-friendly products like ...
Tags: Books, Brooklyn, Vancouver, Quebec, Sustainable Design, Douglas, Linh, Scott, David Scott, Shopper's Diary, Design Travel, Domestic Science, Scott Scott Architects, Fahim Kassam, Scott Scott Architects Above, Easy Eco Swaps

Hotel Peter & Paul: A Former New Orleans Catholic School, Wholly Transformed

Amongst New Orleans’ many design destinations with storied histories (a restaurant in a 186-year-old Creole cottage, a hotel in the former headquarters of a Scandinavian furniture importer), one distinctive newcomer may have the most interesting former life. Hotel Peter & Paul, on an unassuming residential block in the Marigny neighborhood, is housed in four late 19th-century buildings that were once Saints Peter and Paul Catholic church and school. The school closed down in 1992, the church in ...
Tags: Europe, Books, France, India, Middle East, New Orleans, Ash, Historic, Peter, PAUL, Nathalie, Peter Paul, Kraemer, Morocco India, DIY & Remodeling, Remodel & Renovation

The New Southwest: A California Creative Couple’s Desert-Modern Hotel in Santa Fe

New on our radar: a design-forward place to stay in Santa Fe (the first we’ve covered). El Rey Court is located in a circa-1936 adobe motor lodge, formerly the El Rey Inn, situated on five acres of land, where the old Route 66 once passed through. The rehabbed and reopened lodgings are the vision of a husband and wife creative team based in Joshua Tree: man of many hats Jay Carroll (creative director, branding specialist, and artist; you may recognize him from the Tokyo guide he put together for...
Tags: Books, California, Color, Tokyo, New Mexico, Santa Fe, Jay, Alison, Modern, Southwest, Saratoga Springs, Joshua Tree, Modernist, Wonder Valley, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel

East Meets West: Inside Range Life in California

Should you find yourself in the small Northern California wine town of Livermore, stop into newly opened Range Life, a restaurant and cocktail bar in a historic brick carriage house. The project is a collaboration between a couple from New York (Lauren Heanes-Longwell, a commercial set designer, and Waine Longwell, a mixologist from Brooklyn’s craft cocktail scene) and a couple from San Francisco (Bill Niles, the former chef at Tartine Manufactory, and sommelier Sarah Niles). Lauren, a Livermore...
Tags: Utah, Books, New York, Texas, California, Restaurants, Sacramento, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Bill, Sierra, Sarah, Marfa, Northern California, Livermore, Donald Judd

The Siren Hotel: A Detroit Landmark with a Musical Soul, Saved from Abandonment

Motor City’s iconic Wurlitzer Building—originally designed by native Detroit architect Robert Finn in 1926—now houses The Siren Hotel, with interiors reimagined and rebuilt by design development firm ASH NYC. Once the headquarters for the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, importers of woodwind and brass instruments from Europe, the building fell into a period of abandonment (and danger: bricks were falling off of the façade) before its rebirth as the city’s trendiest hotel, with 106 guest rooms, six fo...
Tags: Europe, Books, America, Michigan, Pink, Detroit, Historic, Cooper, Motor City, Northern Michigan, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Remodel & Renovation, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, Robert Finn

Miss Clara: Glamorous Lodgings in a Former Girls’ School in Stockholm

Swedish hotelier Nobis Group (you may recognize their work from Nobis Hotel Copenhagen) have renovated a former girls’ school in an Art Nouveau building, transforming it into Stockholm’s must-visit hotel. At Miss Clara, the guest rooms offer sparse yet warmly detailed Scandi comforts, and the public spaces are resplendent with Art Nouveau décor. Join us for a virtual tour. Photography via Miss Clara. Above: The original 1910 building was designed by Swedish architects Hagström & Ekman; the mo...
Tags: Books, Sweden, Clara, Stockholm, Art Nouveau, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Wood Floors, Wood Paneling, Hotels & Restaurants, Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, Gert Wingårdh, Nobis Group, Hagström Ekman, Stockholm Small Space Solutions, Hobo Hotel Shopper

Live Like a Local (for Less): The Newly Opened Toronto Annex Hotel

The concept behind the newly opened Annex Hotel in Toronto is simple; do away with any unnecessary features and focus on what’s important. The hotel offers bare bones service (online self-check in, no in-room phone, no TV, no cable, no room service, no gym), instead focusing on the design and the vibe, which is decidedly local. Each of the 24 rooms offers abundant natural light and is outfitted with local finds; “It’s our own little way of introducing you to Toronto’s finest makers and doers,” s...
Tags: Books, Toronto, Canada, Soho House, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, La Merceria, Toronto Annex Hotel, Annex Hotel, Toronto Creatives

Les Touilleurs: A Classic Kitchen Emporium in Montreal

Located in Montreal’s fashionable Outremont neighborhood, Les Touilleurs is a high-end kitchen emporium with a working demonstration kitchen and an impeccably designed interior by Louise Savoie. Owners Sylvain Côté and François Longpré aimed to create a “classic store with big open-pantry displays that evoke true kitchen feelings.” Among the wares: All-Clad and Mauviel pots and pans, hand-carved, beeswax-finished maple spoons and paddles by Quebec artisan Tom Littledeer, and crepe pans from deBu...
Tags: Books, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Canada, Montreal, Kitchen Tools, Le Creuset, Bretagne, Shopper's Diary, Kitchen Appliances, Outremont, Sylvain Cote, Design Travel, Kitchen Accessories, Small Appliances

The Paris Review: 5 New Design Destinations for Your Itinerary

This summer I spent six weeks in France. The initial plan was two weeks in Paris, but somehow we kept coming back: Paris, then the Riviera, Paris, then Morocco, then Paris again. We were calling Paris “home” by the third visit. Before this trip, the last time I was in Paris was five ago (longtime readers might recall those posts), and before that, I spent a year at school in the 7th arrondissement. One thing I’ve observed over these incremental visits is even though it’s a city of staunch tradit...
Tags: Books, France, Marseille, Morocco, Paris, French, Francois Truffaut, Montmartre, Seine, Expert Advice, Colette, Merci, Cohen, Gus Van Sant, Le Corbusier, Shopper's Diary

French Vintage Style via the Bay Area: Elsie Green in Sebastapol

Bay Area-based Laurie Furber has been scouring the French countryside for the past few years, sourcing antique and vintage pieces for Elsie Green, her emporium featuring all things Gallic. Her wares, which include charming pieces like vintage grocer’s scales, copper cookware, and wire oyster baskets, are available both online and at her stores in Concord, in the East Bay, and now, in Sebastapol in wine country. N.B.: One of our favorite interiors bloggers, Victoria Smith of SF Girl, curates a co...
Tags: Books, France, Paris, French, East Bay, Bay Area, Bush, Anne, Concord, Sebastopol, Barlow, Shopper's Diary, Gardenista, Design Travel, Ferber, Victoria Smith

Le Barn: Paddock Living at a Rustic-Chic Retreat Outside of Paris

Le Barn for le weekend, anyone? The idea behind the resort is to put urbanites “immediately in touch with the changing seasons, the outdoors, and the local wildlife.” Situated in the Île-de-France forest of Rambouillet, 30 minutes by train from Paris, the hotel is set on a 500-acre estate that’s home to an elite equestrian center. Both are owned by Franco-American businessman and horse-lover William Kriegel who teamed up with hotelier Edouard Daehn and Studio Be-Poles to transform the barns into...
Tags: Books, France, US, Paris, Rustic, Marshall, Barns, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Indoor/Outdoor Living, Nomades, Industrial Cool Hotel, Rambouillet, William Kriegel, Edouard Daehn, Antoine Ricardou

Sculptural Minimalism: A Winery Guesthouse by a French Architect in Portugal’s Douro Valley

Ever since Julie stumbled upon Quinta da Corte, a newly revamped guest house at a winery in Portugal’s Douro Valley, we’ve been admiring its warm minimalism, the way the silhouettes of the furniture balance each other, and how plenty of negative space—textural plaster walls—frames the rooms like art. The 200-year-old winery, renowned for its ports and red wines and owned by French art collector and winemaker Philippe Austruy, had fallen into disrepair before he bought it, and has recently been b...
Tags: Books, Berlin, Portugal, Florence, Minimal, Minimalist, Julie, Douro Valley, Danh Vo, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, Frederik Bille Brahe, Pierre Yovanovitch, New Copenhagen Cafe, Quinta da Corte

Bugandé Cafe: A Moody, Eccentric Restaurant in Milan

Located in Milan’s only waterfront hotel, the Maison Borella on the Naviglio Grande, Bugandé Cafe has an old world vibe, with ceramics as decor throughout. Here’s a look: Above: In the main dining room, even the ceiling is used as a display canvas for a collection of ceramic plates. Above: Simple industrial lights illuminate the space. Above: Tables are set with heavy Italian linens. Above: Animal-themed ceramics anchor each table. Above: A detail of the elegant table ...
Tags: Books, Milan, London, Restaurants, Moody, Design Travel, Restaurant Visit, Hotels & Restaurants, Moody Bedroom, Moody Eccentric Restaurant, Maison Borella, Naviglio Grande Bugandé Cafe

Restaurant Visit: Mãos at Blue Mountain School, London’s Creative Club of the Moment

After opening Hostem and The New Road Residence, what’s a visionary creative couple to do? The answer for James Brown and Christie Fels was to establish the Blue Mountain School in London’s Shoreditch, a clubhouse, in their words, “dedicated to nurturing engagements and interactions between diverse practices.” Translation: The six-story brick structure, overhauled by 6a architects, serves as a place for inventive comrades to show their work and for others to browse, buy, and eat. It’s intended t...
Tags: Books, London, Restaurants, James Brown, Watson, Hackney, States, Lisbon, Shoreditch, Somerset House, Douglas, Brown, Nuno Mendes, Nuno, Christopher Howe, Kitchen Design

Mendocino Grove: A Luxe Glampsite on the California Coast, Autumn Edition

Spotted on Instagram: Mendocino Grove, our latest glamping obsession on the California coast, with well-placed autumn hues and a few luxe amenities. And just in time: the campground recently extended their season, with tents available every day through October and on weekends through November, for late-fall getaways. Join us for a glimpse. Above: White tents pepper the forest at Mendocino Grove. The site has the best of both worlds—forest and ocean—and offers two options for glampers: Classic...
Tags: Books, Camping, California, Ikea, Rustic, Hotels & Lodging, Design Travel, Hotels & Restaurants, Mendocino Grove

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