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The Tendency to make it through...

  W e are on the path to June. A cold May but it's OK. I'm gardening small this year. So many little things that I started here along the path, not sure they would make it through winter, they did! And I'll start a pot of indigo today. Small and portable seems good to me lately.  Maybe carry it with me.  Like thoughts. Miss Aloe. I put her outside a little too early this year. It looks like she will make it. I cobbled a few scraps together.  They came together so nicely.  I name...
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A s the season turns , the stray is like a thin cloth... and time moves through...
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An evolution of the Easter Bunny thing. ...

An evolution of the Easter Bunny thing. Yet, how it actually is...becoming. Something to think/ talk about. Eventually.
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Just Going is not always a straight line...

C ontinuing on this piece ... added a few more loose patches. I renamed it Haven ... aka Open House. Now feeling it is Safe and Open at the same time. I remind myself, on this chilly April morning, I am not running a race, I am simply trying to catch up with myself. Before I disappear.  What if ? this place, Spirit Cloth is changing Perhaps a place for quiet reflection. Thought Catching. Comments off. At least for now. Attention turned to Patchwork in Perspective . Part one in process, P...
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It's happening again... I'm surrounded by a full spectrum of questions... just catching the thought... (And a new Feel Free Newsletter has been published
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I t's April It's been raining. Feels just about right.Today I open my studio for Patchwork in Perspective ( Part 1). I've placed an icon in the sidebar here as a gateway to the home page. And here in this post as a test, it is the gateway. Thought Catching is my initial focus. Because it is how I we begin, keep going, and look back.
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This Old Heart

I must be getting old...   But then, NAH.... My heart is at a crossroads. Spring comes so slowly. I erased and replaced as I was dreaming. I am still having trouble reaching many of you who have already donated and signed up for the "free enough" Part 1, Patchwork in Perspective . So, if you indeed have filled out the sign up form and expect to be part of this "class" (not loving that word) and you have not received your password information and the link to the test page, please email me a...
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I can't go any faster...

...at the speed of thought then... (I am about to send out another email correspondence for those of you who have joined part 1-Patchwork in Perspective.  If you do not receive the mail today, check your spam folder first and then let me know if you still don't find it.)
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S o here comes the sun. And the sense of warming that spring sun brings. I like this picture above because of it's simple composition that includes the corner sun we draw as kids. Did someone teach us that? I spent some time stitching on the Bird Robe yesterday. Just continuing with the quilting which never seems to finish. I've worn it for like 15 years now and  it is still basted in many places. It's form as useful need not be finished in traditional standards and that thoug...
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She is OK

  I n other wor(l)ds , I am ok... Or she stands for that. She rests on another cloth for now. I'm ready to explain a lot of the unexplained. video link if you see no player   ...of course I'll be talking too, one thin(k)g at a time. Too much computer these last days... a few days off.
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One Day runs into another...

I sent a test email for class...and got 5 back as undeliverables...I'll check the email addresses. And a newsletter was published, link in blog sidebar.  If you signed up most recently you will probably receive the next test which I will announce here.   And I'm still testing. Video. Sound, Lighting. Upload.  Just using the tests here, not to let anything, especially thoughts,  go to waste.     direct link if you see no player  
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How it's going...

P robably just pics this coming week. And comments off. Big Stuff sucking Time. But I'm working on this one. I've posted about liquid applique before. Here, again, silk shibori by Glennis. I've many cloth stories to share about silk. But a new thought caught this morning. The process could be considered a form of kindness, not cutting a cloth to fit and leaving too tiny a scrap to be used. Keeping the cloth together and useful. I'm creating a mailing list for Patchwork i...
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She becomes a Bridge

T his works right now. I need one. A path from one thing to another. To fill in a Widening Gap. Now I can imagine being one. My self as a bridge between selves. I worked from that digital drawing from yesterday. Without looking back at it.  Her lower half, drawn in. Above her, stitched. I almost said "only sky". To myself.  How one thing becomes another always seems quite simple but it's not. Not if you know the story. Here I am, with a fine list of Piecemaker/Ragmates, already enough to ...
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Just Thinking

P ay Attention to Recurring Dreams... That's the last note to myself about this one. Today I jotted down... Keep the story together. Above... a d joodle. So here I go. That's what I want to do. My goal this year is to make the story clearer. My sharing series has that personal goal behind it. I am writing a book. For myself. And to do that I am looking back, while being right here, and at the same time imagining not being here. It's my way of packing up and moving from one plac...
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How it Really Is

  C h a n g i n g my point of view has softened the online time. I look at this, this morning, and remember the thought about the illusion of just one thing moving through, feeling much better about the blur. A Newsletter to myself. How it really is.  It's in motion. I am all-ways in motion. Sharing that is difficult and often time unexpected because the Thing is what we all seem to be after.  And how to get that, get there. Some of us would like to buy that if we could.  And as ...
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What is She doing?

S he's imagining more space. I erased most of the furniture. A bit of design mending. And I'm going to paint that chair white. And fill all the walls. I've stopped receiving notifications from PayPal when there is activity. How convenient that is at this point in time. Add it to the list. But then, oh hell, erase it. If things can become complicated, they most certainly will. Just a reminder to simplify. I'll work on that today and share it tomorrow.
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UnEarthing old seeds

A s I unroll and hang old work for looking, Old touches New. I guess since I did the rolling, this unrolling(ceremony) is that. What I love about this picture is the new square that has appeared as a refection on the glass over the old drawing. It's like a portal. A square one. Like a new puzzle piece, I will consider it as a new kind of window in the box I put myself in. I'm very busy getting my thoughts in order. so please be patient with emails and such.
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Today, Looking

A fter warmer days ... Maybe a bit of early Spring Cleaning. Birds have been singing. I took all the little bits and patches off the wall. I had been looking at them for a while. The loose patches. Now I am hanging some more formal works. In a row. So I can get some perspective. I'd love to put together a little virtual wall tour for Part 1 of the sharing series. Thinking about how much work I have let go.  And then what I have chosen to keep.  Did I choose or was it just how it happened? ...
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I t's cold. This is an old drawing. From what I now call the library of selves. Not that old but it isn't dated (still not sure that is important, not sure about time). I have a sense it was just yesterday. It surfaced yesterday anyway. I wanted to make a series about this question. In a way I think I'm doing that with the next sharing thing. Expect a Feel Free newsletter soon. But it's so cold. And this morning I am thinking about weather. How the cold is moving through me. B...
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the writing on the wall

B rrrrr......... There's no doubt there is some serious cold coming. Don't think we will see much snow. Maybe rain, then a few flakes then ice for days.  Prepping a bed by the fire. And lots of soup.  I heated the studio this morning, just to get organized before the hibernation.
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The Circle of Selves

T he beasts , I use them, to catch and understand my innermost thoughts, I guess. I've been concentrating on knowing the stray cat. The stray cat in me. But the lion came first. That first Spirit Cloth. And the lion is back today.  The sky was on fire this morning. A sunrise like Dad use to paint with his watercolors. On wet paper. I always sensed his joy about another day. Can't believe I see this in the morning. Regarding the new sharing series... audio link if you see no p...
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Think Simple...

W ithout the clutter of greed, agenda and expectation, little things can be surprisingly useful. I try not to overlook that. Think. Consider. Keep Going. Many times, I get the question..."what do you do with all these little pieces?". I consider each one, and each step, a thought caught. And I try to put them in perspective. Thought Catching now aka Patchwork in Perspective   is officially the first segment of a sharing series I will host in 2019 starting on my birthday, February 19th. Ok ...
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T he moon was visible. It was dark inside. Low lamplight. And as I waited I looked around. I thought eclipse might be considered as a compositional element . How new form might evolve from disappearing. The pictures were blurry but that's how thoughts begin. And then I fell asleep. I woke up early but it was too late. This morning... When you catch a thought you might hold it long enough to make it useful. Sometimes it takes a long time. What if I start with that? Thought Catching. Pa...
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So Where is the Snow?

S now is like an eraser . I thought that. I could use one right now right now. I thought that too. The man bought me a digital pencil. I'm doodling. or undo odling... Grace , who doesn't like the word doodle, had me consider that. Do I? Is it too "cute"? No, I do. I like the word doodle. It's like Just Going and Thought Catching. Without too much ado. (adoodle?) Also, my nickname was Doody when I was very small. And then later, before Jude, in my private journals, I spelled my n...
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  that'll have to be enough...
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  that'll have to be enough...
Tags: Crafts, Handwriting, The Real Journal Project- Loose Pages, Dream/thought Catching

Not an Identity Crisis

J ust Being OneSelves. The thought came, I caught it. Shared it.
Tags: Crafts, Identity, Self Discovery, Becoming more or less, Stray Cat Series, Dream/thought Catching

A s I get older . Spaces open up in the expected. Long enough and frequently enough to consider them more. And more. Maybe I just cannot hold on to the illusions as easily any more. You know, those things we build and expect to last forever. They seem these days to be walls with no doors. Yes as I get older the gaps have become more like the real building blocks. I like this arrangement. The Mountain, the emptiness, the way the moon highlights only part of the pattern, that I might call natura...
Tags: Crafts, Space, Through, In Between, Natural Order, Design Mending, Becoming more or less, Considering/reconsidering, Components Aka Loose Patches, Dream/thought Catching

What Time is it?

T ime... it's a point of view. This one, I'm not linking back (Summer Solstice I think) because here it is.  The Tendency to Shift. A basket self. A frame of mind. And I just looked out the window and it's snowing! Shift and Form are what I'm focused on. And Thought. Not Art. Thought. Although I see them as the same. How Thought mends what isn't into what is. How we all do that. Thought appreciation then. More inclusive. And so I guess I am back. Tho I was always here. I&...
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It Stopped Raining

K nowing , from experience, that I mostly never finish, according to the standards of others, I am putting the pennant in the mail this afternoon. It holds, keeps, a few dreams together. And we might imagine the rest.
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