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4.20 Code window and preview not syncing

Windows 10 64-bit Calibre 4.20 When I click in the code window, the preview does not sync. I can click in the preview windows and it does sync with the code window. There is no problem in 4.19. I hope this is an easy fix. Thanks.
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Editor Regex Saved Searches Now very "Greedy"

I just updated to 4.20 and immediately noticed that saved regex searches which I have been using for years now find way too much text, and are unpredictable. (Ubuntu 18.04) For example, a searche for ' id=."*?"'. It has always found just each id string. Now it finds that string, and continues on until some random " way down in the file. Might be one paragraph down, might be at the end of the file. If I use it in the regular manual search box, it still works fine. Another example, searching for...
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Links to files in the same folder

Why would this be accepted: (the link works) But this is not: (the link doesn't work) And must be changed to: Even though both "Prologue.xhtml" and "c01.xhtml" are in the text folder with the "TOC.xhtml" file that includes the
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Regex replace p-class in entire book

Hi, I'm new at this so bear with me. Trying to replace this... Code: [keep everything inside here] with this... Code: [keep everything inside here] throughout all chapters in book. I've tried Diaps Plugin but it's a bit beyond me. Any help sincerely appreciated! Thanks.
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How to rename multiple Manga Titles at once?

I have 312 manga books I am making out of JPG file types inside zipped folders that are now going to become CBZ file types. I plan to keep them on my tablet which is a fire tablet or place them on my cheap RCA tablet I want to use for just reading. Anyways I want to use the covers for the covers but there is a look of text on the covers and such. So I want to get as much details as I can for the Manga. Example the first manga is called "Hanma Baki or Baki - Son Of Ogre." There are different ...
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How to turn multiple jpg images into 1 pdf ebook file

I have been downloading a few manga from the internet lately and I was wondering how to turn jpg files into 1 pdf file. So each manga will have there original number per ebook. Example the first manga I downloaded has (40) images. Which means I need to look at each image one at a time. And I need to use a image viewer app on my tablet. I prefer a free ebook reader. So I wanted to know if there is a way to turn (40) jpgs into (1) pdf ebook. And if so can I do it with this program if not could y...
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Spell-check window

Hi all, I have just bought a new laptop with a FHD screen and find that, when I call up a spell-check, the window fills the height of the screen and the buttons at the bottom are hidden by the task bar. I can slide the window down but can't resize from the top (I get the mouse cursor changing to arrows but it doesn't do anything. The only solution I have found so far is to set the taskbar to auto-hide, which is a bit of a pain as I prefer it to be on screen. Any suggestions gratefully receiv...
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Back cover

I know how to add my own front cover image but don't understand how to add a back cover image ...
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Call ebook-edit from command line throws error in all 4.x versions

Never using GUI, all work with Calibre done from command line. Call to ebook-edit from command line worked OK for me in 3.34. Today upgraded to 4.19 and ran into the error: "Python function terminated unexpectedly [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'C:\\Program Files\\Calibre2\\app\\src\\pyj\\editor.pyi" Checked 4.0, 4.15 - same error. Is there a way to run ebook editor from command line?
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Removal of undefined classes from text

I noticed a strange behaviour in calibre 4.19 for the following situation: In the text: both ... and ... are used In the corresponding style file: Only p.center is defined but a definition of div.center is not present. Therefore, not formatting is applied to the passages. When I use the button in the editor for removing undefined classes (my German translation uses "removing unused classes from the text", but "undefined" seems more appropriate) from the text, it does not report any undefine...
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Does the calibre editor support MathML? If yes, what is the best way to insert a formula in MathML format into an epub with the calibre editor?
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Regex for replacing class

Hi, can anyone help in replacing this class with nested code inside, throughout multiple documents? From Code: [chapter title] To Code: [chapter title] Thanks!
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Formatting one large epub file

I typeset my book in InDesign, and in Indesign I exported to epub (want to publish KDP/Kindle). Unfortunately I did it as one large 158 page file. So as an epub it has no chapter breaks etc but is a huge unformatted mess. I am now trying to edit it in Calibre (which I am new to). I need to be able to insert "markers" so I can later designate areas using "set semantics" but cannot find out how to insert the content markers in Calibre. I also need to know what happens if I try using the sp...
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A warning from epubcheck

I created an epub with calibre. Epubcheck 4.2.2 finds the following warning: Code: WARNING (OPF-085): /tmp/tmpcLvCwX/temp.epub/content.opf(14.106): 'dc:identifier' value 'uNEzNk4WVhyXJvFBinoWjG5' is marked as a UUID, but is an invalid UUID. The warning refers to the following line contained in the "content.opf" file Code: uNEzNk4WVhyXJvFBinoWjG5 Can it be a problem for the epub quality? How do I solve the problem?
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How can I make an ebook from a downloaded website?

Could you pls help me? I have downloaded the contents of a website, using a free download tool. The content is in a folder and I can see the index.html file. What are the steps I should take in Calibre Editor to make it an ebook (epub or other format)? Thank you
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how to edit this book?

I bought Olivia Manning's The Balkan Trilogy at Kobo. However, something seems to be wrong with the lay-out of the book. Every now and then a chunk of text is randomly displayed in a bigger font, like in the screenshot. I've found that this occurs after page identifiers, like : see the other screenshot. The weird thing: Manning's Levant Trilogy, from the same publisher, also has these page identifier codes, but doesn't display this problem. Calibre displays the text just fine, but my Kobo Form...
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Editing TOC Text

I converted all Hx's to Upper and then Title Case using the Regex function from the User's manual after being reminded that it was there. There were a few words that were not correct and required manual correction which I noticed when updating the TOC 1. Acronyms - "MRI" became "Mri" after the Title Case. Same for "UFOs" became "Ufos". (expected) 2. Heading text in Quotes - This is "Impossible" became This is "impossible" (lower case i)(unexpected) 3. These sorts of things ae easy to see in t...
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Create table of contents with CSS tags

I found the nicely-documented Auto-create a table of contents function, but that requires the chapter headings be simple tags. I've got a book where the chapter headings look like this: Code:                         Chapter 2                     Is there a way to adapt the example function to work in this instance?
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Can't see multiple authors

Hi guys, I’ve edited some (academic) books metadata with Calibre and within the app I can see all the authors perfectly, but when I transfer them to my Kindle with the Send to Kindle app if a book has multiple authors I can only see one, precisely the first one, about the others nothing to do. I use the ampersand syntax like: Name1 Surname1&Name2 Surname 2 etc. Its correct or I’m getting something wrong? Thank you :thumbsup: device: Kindle Paperwhite 2013 - Firmware 5.12.2 programs: Calibre ...
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Question on naming classes

I've seen some style sheets with classes based on usage in the book and some with classes defining the format Other than possibly personal style, are there any recommendations, advantages, or disadvantages to the two approaches? Code: h1.book-title {   margin-top: 10%;   page-break-after: avoid;   text-align: center;   margin-bottom: 2em; } h2.book-subtitle {   page-break-after: avoid;   text-align: center;   margin-bottom: 1em; } h2.book-author {   page-break-after: avoid;   text-align:...
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How to reformat an epub so I can split it at each chapter?

Hi, I have an epub which I can't split at each chapter. Reading previous posts, I need to add formatting before I can split it. What formatting, and is there any easy way to do this without too much formatting?
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missing html files in a edited epub

hi guys, i've been working on a epub for 2 weeks, editing a lot of errors that came from a bad ocr scan. well, today, when i was ready to export it, i've seen that some of the chapters are missing: on 41 html files, 12 are missing. the book analysis says, for example, " idref="id127" punta a un id sconosciuto****[content.opf] " (translated is something like "point to an unknown id") where are those files gone? i'm pretty sure i've never changed any settings or important parts of the html co...
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TitleCase shortcut and TOC

I had a epub with all the headings in UPPER CASE (drives me nuts) Q1. Is there a way to convert all words in a to Title Case using some kind of Find and Replace? The few LC exceptions ('the', 'a', etc. I can do manually) Q2. I have Title Case on a shortcut key, but if I highlight text that has a tag in it, nothing happens. E.g. TOMDICKHARRY. Q3. In a heading like TOMDICKHARRY, the tags are ignored when making a TOC, so that the TOC entry looks like TOMDICKHARRY As a work-around, if I use T...
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Export the rules to filter/transform

Hello, I am looking for "saving the rules to disk". Where? Function to change or filter tags when opening the editor of a book. Does anybody know how to save the rules which transform the tags given to an ebook byplatforms like amazon? I want to save the setting of ruels to a disk file. But the only way to save is a button without asking for a file name. It may be stored in calibre, but where? Thank you in advance. Kai:help:
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Tag editor, replace x with y?

Is there a way to edit the tags in a single operation in order to replace nonfiction, non-fiction, Non Fiction with Non-Fiction ? Or am I stuck doing a tag search and replacing them in each book one at a time?
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Right to Left Languages

Hello, For languages reading from right to left, is it possible to edit the direction the book reads? It was a PDF I converted to AZW3, so it initially read from up to down, which wasn't as disorienting as it is to now turn from left to right, and read from right to left. I tried adding the following line of css: extra_css="body {direction: rtl;}" But the pages still turn from left to right in both AZW3 and ePub. My experience with css is next to none, so it’s possible I am just making an er...
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Make my own Catalan dictionary

Hi! Short question: would someone be willing to share a template for a dictionary in Catalan that could be used dynamically in a Kindle paperwhite? By template I mean that the content could be minimal (the letter 'a' only, say). There ought to be no copyright issues. The idea is that I would then fill it in with my own content. I would also like to extend this to other languages like Occitan. Open source electronic dictionaries exist, but I can't find Kindle-compatible versions, so I'm lookin...
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Dot Leaders in Kindle

Hi, I'd like to create something like this on my ebook ABC ......... 12,000 KG CDFGH ..... 34,000 KG IJKL ......... 56,000 KG With the two columns of text aligned to the left side and the right side of the page respectively. Filling the middle with dots is good to have but not must-have if technically impossible. What is the best way to implement this in calibre and Kindle ebook? Many thanks! QQK
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Table Expansion / Contraction Button

Hi, In some Kindle ebooks, I noticed that there is an arrow button beneath the tables which the reader could click on it to expand or contract the tabular contents. I tried to create a book from HTML to AZW3 but the tables do not have those buttons. May I know how to make those buttons appear on my book? Is there an option to do so? Many thanks! QQK
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Generate EPUB and PDF from ebook-edit "folder as book"

Hello, I am on macOS 10.14.6, learning Calibre 4.13.0. I have extracted an EPUB for a folder and opened it with `ebook-edit`, on the command line, as follows: `unzip -d source The_book.epub` `ebook-edit path/to/source` I have made changes to the files, saved the book, and I see the changes in the source files. How do I (re)build a new EPUB and PDF file? If I start Calibre itself, the "source" book I opened via `ebook-edit` on the command line is not in the Library, so I cannot use "Conver...
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