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The robin and the wren

Last week (January 9, 2019), our hero was Robin Hood, and I promised to write something about the bird robin. For some reason, in oral tradition, the robin is often connected with the wren. In Surrey (a county bordering London), and not only there, people used to say: “The robin and the wren are God’s cock and hen” (as though the wren were the female of the robin, but then the wren is indeed Jenny). In Wales, the wren is also considered sacred. This association with God (note also: the wren is O...
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Why Strategy & Tactics Matter in Defending the Second Amendment

Lyndon Baines Johnson signing the Gun Control Act of 1968 into law – but he wanted it to include a licensing and registration scheme. (White House photo) United States of America – -(AmmoLand.com)- Okay, folks, now we get to the next step after we have determined just what our present situation is. Our objective is simple: Securing our Second Amendment rights and a legacy of freedom for future generations. There is just one problem: Michael Bloomberg isn’t going to give up his dreams of disar...
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Short Fiction Oppenheim, E Phillips: Nicholas Goade, Detective (1927); v1

Ten linked short stories featuring Scotland Yard man Nicholas Goade, holidaying in the south-west of England and being drawn into various cases. 1: The Coroner's Dilemma 2: The Two Spinsters 3: The Salving of Mr. Stanley Witt 4: The Temporary Insanity of Nicholas Goade 5: Wild Man's Logic 6: The Dean's Daughter 7: The Honourable Murderer 8: Jezebel of Valley Farm 9: The Beautiful Sisters of Wryde 10: The Passing of John the Hermit Attached File...
Tags: Books, England, ePub Books, John, Scotland Yard, Phillips, Oppenheim, Phillips Oppenheim, Nicholas Goade, Stanley Witt

Weekend Cooking: The Trip to Spain (Movie)

Way back in 2013, , a funny mockumentary about two friends who hit the road to sample food in northern England and muse about all things middle-age, movies, and more. Although I missed comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon's second film, in which they travel to Italy, I'm glad I took the time to see the third in their projected 6-part series. It's true that The Trip to Spain (directed by Michael Winterbottom) doesn't offer too much new, but that didn't matter me. Coogan and Rob and are clearl...
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'It felt as if we had landed on the moon': Malala Yousafzai on life in the UK

In this extract from We Are Displaced, a collection of true stories by girls seeking refuge, Yousafzai recalls settling in Birmingham after being shot by the TalibanAs I walked out of the hospital to start my new life – nearly three months after I was airlifted to England from Pakistan to save my life – the first thing I felt was a cold that cut through the purple parka someone had given me. It was two sizes too big, and I felt like a small doll. The frigid air crept down my neck and up my sleev...
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Jolene in London: 7 Simple, Budget Ideas to Steal from the Year’s Most Beautiful Bakery

The oldest surviving terraced houses in England were built in 1658, and they stand at 52-55 Newington Green, in a neighborhood that borders Hackney and Islington. Across the historic green, at number 22, is Jolene, a bakery, restaurant, and wine bar opened in September by David Gingell and Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim—the pair behind two of north London’s favorite neighborhood restaurants, Primeur and Westerns Laundry. Both of the previous sites are in unexpected locations: Primeur is in a convert...
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On Robin and robin

“Then the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake scuffled down from the bank and said: ‘My young friend, if you do not now, immediately and instantly, pull as hard as ever you can, it is my opinion that your acquaintance in the large-pattern leather ulster’(and by this he meant the Crocodile) ‘will jerk you into yonder limpid stream before you can say Jack Robinson’. This is the way Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snakes always talk.” Alas, my students have never read Kipling’s Just So Stories and don’t know how...
Tags: Books, England, Robin Hood, Cornwall, Blackstone, Dick, Rochdale, Robin, Waltham, Hobson, Makar, William Cunningham, Fuller, Baba Yaga, Manchester City news, Malan

Action Barr, Robert: Young Lord Stranleigh (1908), v1

Some very sharp City of London operators think that rich Lord Stranleigh, a Bertie Woosterish West End fashion plate, is an easy mark to make some money. There is a potential gold mine in Africa, for example; a dilapidated but workable cargo steamer The Rajah, to haul the gold ore back to England. What more is needed? An entertaining yarn of dealing, double dealing and even triple dealing, and young Lord Stranleigh is by no means as big a mug as he looks. ...
Tags: Books, England, London, Africa, ePub Books, Barr Robert, Stranleigh, Lord Stranleigh, Stranleigh Robert Barr

New Leaf Vote for February 2019 • Let's Make a Deal: Trade Secrets

Let's select the book we'll read and discuss in February 2019! We love new participants. We're happy for you to vote, but we'd like to request that you not vote unless you plan to join the discussion whatever the selection, in the interest of a vibrant conversation. :) So if you haven't posted in a book club thread yet, do please say a quick hello here or in the Welcome thread. This is a poll. Vote for as many books as you'd like. Questions? FAQs |
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My Favorite Reads of 2018

If you read about my literary journey in 2017, you might not expect that this year could top it, but 2018 was a great year of reads for me. The number of books I read is my second all-time high score with a whopping 95 books. (The highest number of books I read was 101 books and that was well over 25 years ago.) It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it. ― Oscar WildeClick To Tweet This was my 7th year completing the GoodReads Rea...
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Santa’s Immaculate Conception and his Food for Thought

With my next post on Garden Rant officially due December 24, my first thought was a treatise on what Santa Claus might plant in his garden at the North Pole, where it gets about 24 hours of sun in the summer. Would Mrs. Claus be putting The Big Guy on a home-grown diet of celery, carrots and peanut butter to better enable him to complete his world-wide deliveries in a 24-hour period? Would excited children leave a few million carrots for Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and the gang on Christm...
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Gift Guide 2018 Roundup: Gifts for Everyone On Your List

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the cook, the dinner party host, the devoted dog parent, the environmental activist, the self-taught design scholar, the utilitarian, or just to fill the stockings, we’ve got you covered. Take a look: For the Zero-Waster Above: For the eco-conscious person or cook: these organic cotton Couvre-Plat Round bowl covers come in three sizes from Àplat and fit our ethos of zero-plastic and no single-use disposables. More zero-waste (and surprising...
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I Love a Mystery; or Serial Reading in 2018

I have a confession to make. I think I have a problem, but I'd feel worse about it if I didn't know that at least some of you have the same problem. I'm addicted to series! Okay, so that's not so bad, right? Except I'm in the middle of a million of them and caught up with only a handful. Help! I just can't say no to new-to-me series. What about you? When you discover a new series, do you stick with it until you're caught up? Do you keep a record so you can read each year's new releases...
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A European peace plan turns 325

2018 marks the 325th anniversary of the publication of William Penn’s Essay towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe, which proposed, among other things, the establishment of a European Parliament. Best remembered as the founder of Pennsylvania, Penn spent most of his life in England and remained deeply concerned about the fate of religious and political liberty across Europe. He proposed his “European Diet, Parliament, or Estates” as a way of promoting peaceful coexistence and breaking ou...
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Warm Minimalism: 10 of Our Favorite Contemporary Fireplaces from the Remodelista Archives

Call it warm minimalism: these 10 fireplaces from our archives blend seamlessly into their surroundings and don’t call attention to themselves—while crackling merrily and emitting the requisite rosy glow we crave this time of year. Above: A stone ledge creates a display shelf in the Ten Broek cottage by Messana O’Rorke Architects. Above: In stylist Tiina Laakonen’s Amagansett home, a fireplace blends seamlessly into the wall. See more of her home in Rhapsody in Blue: A Finnish Stylist a...
Tags: Books, England, New York, London, Matthew Williams, Brooklyn, Portugal, Minimalist, Modern House, Prospect Heights, Elizabeth Roberts, Dustin Aksland, O'Neill, Michael Moran, Carroll Gardens, Amagansett

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Beyond the Scented Candle—7 House Gifts for the Host/ess

Am I the only one who thinks scented candles are not ideal as host/hostess gifts? Scent is such a personal thing, and how to predict the olfactory preferences of your host? Here are some alternative ideas that lean toward the practical (but with a touch of luxe): (N.B.: My friend Howard has the most elegant strategy; he contacts a local liquor store and has them deliver a lovely bottle of wine or a fancy fifth of scotch a few hours before the fete, so the host/ess doesn’t have to scramble.) Fra...
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Bob Chilcott shares his memories of Sir David Willcocks

I joined King’s College Choir as a boy treble in 1964. This was a time of real energy in the media, recording and concert world, and this possibly brought a different kind of perspective to David’s work with the choir. There were a number of firsts for the choir around this time. In 1965 we made our first stereo recording for EMI Records. The album, Sing Praises, included carols from a new publication entitled The Cambridge Hymnal. David turned up with brown Xeroxed copies of a new arrangement o...
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A Lover’s Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism

A Lover's Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism %18.70 (Kindle) from Amazon Although there are many books about S&M, most of them focus on the erotic or instructional. This isn’t the case with A Lover’s Pinch: A Cultural History of Sadomasochism, a book by kinkster Peter Tupper. This means that A Lover’s Pinch fills a void, and it dives to depths I couldn’t have imagined before I started reading. A Lover’s Pinch is a deep dive that goes far beyond Leopold von Sacher-Masoch the Marquis...
Tags: Reviews, Books, England, Leather, College, America, History, Dc, Bdsm, Pinch, Kink, Orient, Tupper, Peter Tupper, Leopold von Sacher Masoch the Marquis de Sade, Buzz Tupper

What Lies Behind the Malaise of the West?

What Lies Behind the Malaise of the West? U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Is it coincidence or contagion, this malady that seems to have suddenly induced paralysis in the leading nations of the West?With lawyer-fixer Michael Cohen's confession that he colluded with Donald Trump in making hush money payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, America's stage is set for a play that will run two years.As Democrats test the waters for a presidential run by savaging Trump, the establishment Trump detest...
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Improvising with light: Nova Express psychedelic light show

Paul Brown is best known for his work as an artist creating visual art that uses self-generating computational processes. Yet before Paul started creating art with computers, he worked with Nova Express, one of the main psychedelic light shows performing in Manchester and the North of England during the 1960s and early 1970s. Nova Express had been founded by artist Jim MacRitchie and they were later joined by Les Parker. They played with groups such as Pink Floyd, The Who, The Nice, Canned Heat,...
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Sowing one’s etymological oats

For many years I have been studying not only the derivation and history of words but also the origin of idioms. No Indo-European forms there, no incompatible vowels, not consonant shifts, but the problems are equally tough. Sometimes it suffices to discover the source of an enigmatic word, in order to understand the phrase. Thus, once we find out what kibosh means, we can decipher the phrase to put the kibosh on. As we have seen, a whole book was needed to approach the truth. Or what is dander i...
Tags: Books, UK, England, Scotland, Samuel Johnson, Linda, CC BY SA, Avena, Haver, Jack Robinson, Wikimedia Commons Now, Jack Robinson Who, Nilfanion CC BY SA, Roger Flavell, Matt Lavin

Short Fiction Le Queux, William: The Count's Chauffeur (1909), v1

In 1909, if you wanted a high-performance high quality luxury car, the go-to make was Napier, which produced limousines of the highest quality, and also went racing in stripped, lightened versions, with vast success. This collection of short stories tells of a young Englishman who, after a short successful career racing in England and on the Continent, is taken on by an Italian count as his chauffeur— or, more accurately, his getaway driver, for the Count is a high-class crook! And the car is ...
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Holiday Decorating for the Irreligious and Talentless

I recently searched on YouTube for “Christmas decorations with natural materials” and found a bunch of crafty people in the U.S. and England. This confirmed my assessment that I’m not one of them. This is as “Christmasy” as my front door will get this season. My goal is really decorating for the winter, so I use colors that don’t look like they need to go away on New Year’s Day, like red always does. I like blue, with a bit of silver. In mid-winter I’ll replace the Juniper bits, and leave it a...
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Historical Fiction Eliot, George: Romola. v1 7 December 2018

Mary Ann (or Marian) Evans (1819-1880) was an editor, translator, poet, essayist, short story writer, and novelist who wrote under the name of George Eliot for all but one of her books. Romola was the fourth of her seven novels, and the only one set in in 15th century Italy rather than 19th century England. It was serialised in the Cornhill Magazine from July 1862 to August 1863, and published as a three volume book in 1863. The story is set in Florence, and tells of betrayal and revenge, set a...
Tags: Books, England, Italy, Kindle Books, Florence, George Eliot, University of Adelaide, Mary Ann, Girolamo Savonarola, Marian Evans, Romola, Eliot George, Cornhill Magazine

A surprisingly religious John Stuart Mill

Timothy Larsen is McManis Professor of Christian Thought at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. In this interview session, we ask Larsen a few questions to learn more about John Stuart Mill’s religious identity.Oxford University Press: Your most recent book, John Stuart Mill: A Secular Life, is in OUP’s Spiritual Lives series and is essentially a religious biography of Mill. What is the best one-word description of Mill’s religious identity?Timothy Larsen: “Complicated,” I guess. He has been cal...
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12 Design Lessons from Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge

My favorite places to visit when traveling are biographical museums, the original homes or workplaces of architects, artists, or writers. The spaces are personal, the experience is intimate, and I leave feeling as though the subject is a close friend. Perhaps the most intimate of them all is Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, England. That’s because Kettle’s Yard is remarkably unchanged since owners Jim and Helen Ede left in 1973. “One of [England’s] most intimate and spellbinding museums, the collect...
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The European Holiday: 14 Ways to Decorate the House, from France, Sweden, and More

Each year we find ourselves taken by some new tilt on the holiday decorations: one year it was Scandi style, with clean-lined ornaments and plenty of charm; other years we’ve looked toward no-cost and small-space decor. This year, I’m planning a late-December trip to the snowy storybook city of Stockholm, so I’ve been inspired by the (varied) old traditions of western Europe. From France to Sweden to Ireland, here are a few ways to decorate for the holidays like the Europeans do. England: Trim ...
Tags: Europe, Books, UK, England, Cook, London, Sweden, Instagram, Holidays, France, Germany, How-to, Austria, Ireland, House, Italy

The Law of War

Opinion The Patuxet Tribe had been severely marginalized by the more powerful Wampanoags, and they were thus desperately looking for allies, particularly military allies, most specifically military allies with superior technology. Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “So long as Earth revolves around the sun. So long as cold and heat, storms and sunshine exist. There will be struggle. Struggle between people and nations” ~ Adolf Hitler, 1939“King Philips War,” (1675-78) was the first major “India...
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Travel: There’s a town of bookstores in Wales called Hay-on-Wye, and, yes, there’s ice cream

There’s no shortage of storybook villages in the United Kingdom, but a village devoted to storybooks? There had to be a story there. Located near the Black Mountains in Wales, Hay-on-Wye is a village with an unusual sales pitch: It’s largely made up of bookstores. There are 19 of them according to the local website, and the shops specialize in everything from general fiction and nonfiction to mysteries, the military and poetry. It also hosts a literary festival in the early summer that attracts ...
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A Star LA Hair Stylist’s Year-Round Family Lake Cabin

Listen in when LA hair stylist Leanne Citrone trims Lauren Soloff’s platinum tresses, and you’ll hear upholstery choices and paint colors being parsed. The two became great friends when Leanne, co-owner of West Hollywood’s Andy LeCompte Salon (“LA’s most celeb-heavy beauty spot” according to Vogue) and Lauren, who runs her own interior design studio, worked together on Leanne’s Hancock Park house. They’ve since tackled the Citrone family cabin in Lake Arrowhead and invited us in for a look. A lo...
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