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Epubs and old eink reader

Has anyone else had problems loading epubs on an old eink reader? I have an old Bebook, I love it coz the battery, even after all this time, still stays good for at least a week, but about half of the books I buy (with DRM or without) won't open on it. Is there something funny happening with newer formatting that stops them being compatible with older ereaders? (and I have the last available update for the Bebook) Thanks for any thoughts
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Streamlined Apple Books validator?

Is there any streamlined Apple Books validator? I've been searching around, found this, but was wondering if there was anything less convoluted.
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embed epub3 in a web page

I wanted to embed my epub3 ebook into an html web page, attached is my ideal format in front pic.png, I like the side menu, is this possible? I used iframe and get the result as shown in front pic1.png but it shows hover popup tool bar Attached Thumbnails    
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Apple's Books/iBooks: "in this chapter" "in this book" display

Hi, Guys: Jesus, what a nightmare. I have this client that REFUSES to believe that the footer info in Books, f/k/a iBooks, is created by the reading app, on the fly. Now he's in a swivet because HE sees "'x pages left," and not "X pages left in this chapter," which is what he wants (in all upper-case, mind you). Does anybody, anywhere, have a definitive, up-to-date reference on this? The usual suspects, search engines, are surprisingly quiet about this. I have the latest 2019, I think it ...
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ePUB fonts showing in Kindle but not Apple Books

If I had any hair, I would be tearing it out. So I open up a ePUB with Clibre. Add fonts, the manifest updates, etc., and paste the required css. Save and open in KP3 and everything is fine - the fonts are shown. Drag the ePUB to Apple Books and the custom fonts are lost. Getting close to the point where I just post the book on Amazon and forget about Apple. But I know one of you experts will have the answer for me. In exchange for virtual whiskey vouchers, of course.
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EPUBCheck v4.2.3

EPUBCheck v4.2.3 is now available. Quote: Features update HTML schemas from the HTML Checker (22fa3b1), closes #1111 downgrade PKG-012 (non-ASCII filenames) to USAGE (f368ee5), closes #1097 (thanks @slonopotamus!) downgrade RSC-004 (cannot decrypt resource) to INFO (#1136) (e732068) report empty title elements in XHTML Content Documents (#1135) (f115730), closes #1093 ARIA: allow doc-epigraph on 'section' and doc-cover on 'img' (84a0979) update the XML ou...
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Kindle Conversion Kills Images

I'm trying to get my first ePub published. It's an epub2, and my understanding is that it should work as is with an Apple iBooks reader, Nook and Kobo. But if I want it to work with Kindle, I have to convert it to the .mobi format. So I opened it in Calibre and converted it to the mobi format. It looks horrible, like the CSS isn't working the way it's supposed to. In addition, some images display, but most don't. Is this a common problem? If I can't fix it, then I can just make a PDF version ...
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Formulas alignment

I am creating an epub3 of mathematical argument, using mathml for formulas. How do you write a block of formulas one below the other all aligned on the left and not centered?
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Liz Castro

I went to look up something I remember reading in Liz Castro's Pigs, Gourds and Wikis and the site has been taken over by some Malaysian(?) stuff. What's heppened?
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Removing of Charis Fonts from ePub

Hi All, I have decided to remove the Charis fonts from my ePubs due to space constraints. Could you list out the pitfalls of removing the Charis fonts. It will have an impact in the rendering of foreign language characters? Thanks, Sudhaka
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Server-based ePub "reader"

ePub files are normally downloaded to a user's PC where they are opened by an ePub reader. Is there an open-source package for a server-installed ePub "reader" that will render the ePub file in html on demand and send the html to the client's browser (e.g., IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)? Note: I placed the word "reader" in quotation marks because it's technically not a reader in the usual sense. Please let me know of any other forums where I can post this query.
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Very basic ePub CSS?

I have some ePub files that I've downloaded from a free book site that I'm trying to clean up with a python script. Basically just some global search/replaces using regular expressions, and then replacing the CSS file with my own. These will be loaded onto my Kobo Libra, converted to kepub, if that's relevant. Formatting in these files is extremely basic - chapters have a heading and paragraphs, seldom anything more. I'm looking for some basic guidelines to what works best on an ereader. Some ...
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Is it possible to have a back button

When reading the ebook and linking to an appendix, is it possible to have a back link to return to the pervious page? something like history.back()
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h? font size adjusting

In my html I have Code: One Old Man Arlo’s dogs The text in the span gets moved to its own line with display:block. I also want it larger than the h2 text. In my css I have Code: h2 span {     display: block;     font-size: larger; } I don't specify a font-size in the css for the h2 tag; I'd rather keep things simple and let the ereader use whatever size it uses. I'd like to make the h2 text even smaller but if I put font-size:smaller in the css for the h2 that also make...
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Encrypted XHTML?

Hi, bought some Epub digital book on an app, tried to import it to Calibre and got weird characters instead of text. inspected the Epub and the XHTML files are just filled with this weird characters. the book reads fine on the original app. Attached Thumbnails  
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Using HTML Entities With CSS

I want to use the html entity version of < ( (>) and make anything in-between them blue. If I just did it with p or something it would be fine but that's not possible. There's also the < span > deal but I don't want to span 32k things. I just want it to be like this:
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, or for italics ?

I often see ebooks with all three of the mentioned mode to italicize text in ebooks. Is there no standard way to do this or can we use any of these modes ?
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CSS Line Height RTL Only

I want to affect the line height for the RTL text in the epub3 only. Help is appreciated.
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Different footnote/link behavior resulting from epub formatting -- how?

I originally posted here and regarding Moonreader, since there are epub programs which ignore this distinction entirely, but it certainly seems to be a result of something in the epub formatting, no? https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=330267 In Moonreader sometimes footnote links ‘jump’ to a different part of the text and at other times the footnote link just brings up the note (in a nice yellow "sticky note", as of the last update) without jumping you around -- in what's brought u...
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What is "iBooks format"?

I just used Sigil to finish my first epub. I'm not going to sell this particular book via Amazon, iBooks, etc. I'm only going to sell it on my website. However, I want to make it available to people both Kindle users and people Apple Books. (I think that covers about 99% of the epub readers out there, right?) Anyway, I've found instructions for converting my epub to Kindle. But I'm confused about iBooks. Am I correct in saying that you don't have to convert an epub to an iBooks format? I'm co...
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How widely supported are smallcaps?

What it says on the cover, he. No, really, from what I've investigated (not directly, mind you, but I don't have access to a dozen viewers), the word is small caps aren't widely supported. But how bad is it? I've thought I could just [agonized screeching]fake them[/agonized screeching] with {font-size: 70%;} and all caps (I was half-happy upon seeing the numerical values for font-weight, thinking, oh fool, I could at least beef them up, no such luck in EPUBS and most browsers).
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About transparency

Hey there, until now I would have used PNG for icons with transparent backgrounds (with all those fancy color schemes, a white background looks awful). But now I see a really poor rendering of PNGs on ADE, so I thought to use SVGs (but they aren't allowed by Amazon's lastest format). Ang GIFs really look awful, especially in curves. :book2:Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do about it?
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[email protected] Epub Survey Results

Hey there, just sharing this interesting article by Wendy Reid https://www.w3.org/blog/2020/05/publ...urvey-results/
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Problem with images in ADE

Hey there, I've got this weird problem in which two images, same class, similar dimensions, both inside , both at the end of their HTMLXs, are rendered terribly different by ADE (one is rendered the correct size, the other is minuscule). Attached Thumbnails          
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Is there a way to make letter-spacing work in epub?
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top margin padding in Apple Books

I am new to making ebooks, but I have to do a lot, about 60, which is a backlist for a small press publisher. This must be an old question, but the epub file I've made is formatted with large top margins - it's the style of the book, which is very short stories that begin part way down each page. Its format looks great on a kobo, or on kindle previewer, or calibre ereader, etc. With margin-top set to 180px; in the style sheet. However, when it goes into Apple Books on an ipad the top margins ...
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duplicate error epub3 but not epub2

I'm making ebooks from Indesign cc, fairly simple text ebooks with a couple of logo images - 3 pages in book form: a ToC page, a copyright page and the text page. When I export the book to reflowable epub using epub 2.0.1 the finished book validates fine. When I export it to epub 3 it comes up with this error: ERROR OPF-060 .\Bill Direen\Coma\Final Indesign Files\Coma Final.epub Duplicate entry in the ZIP file: 'OEBPS/toc.xhtml'. I've run the epub in Calibre and it comes up with the KeyError p...
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Indexing all words in an ebook

I have one acquaintance who wants to have a mass of words in his magnum opus to be in an index with the page location of each word and the page location linked back to the word. He also wants this to show in an azw3/kfx Kindle format conversion. You would see a word index (I can't bring myself to call it a concordance) where clicking on the page number e.g. 76 would move to that page in ebook preferably with the cursor on the word aardvark. aardvark pg. 1, pg. 14, pg. 49, pg. 76 syzygy pg. ...
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Indexing all works in an ebook

I have one acquaintance who wants to have a mass of words in his magnum opus to be in an index with the page location of each word and the page location linked back to the word. He also wants this to show in an azw3/kfx Kindle format conversion. You would see a word index (I can't bring myself to call it a concordance) where clicking on the page number e.g. 76 would move to that page in ebook preferably with the cursor on the word aardvark. aardvark pg. 1, pg. 14, pg. 49, pg. 76 syzygy pg. ...
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Drop cap in epub3 for Kindle

I have created a drop cap as follows T with css .first-letter { font-family: 'English'; color:#986335; border-bottom-width: 0; border-left-width: 0; border-right-width: 0; border-top-width: 0; float: left; font-size: 3.91625em; height: 1.1em; line-height: 0.8em; padding: 0%; margin: 0% 0.04em } My issue is that in the Kindle previewer 3, this code works perfectly, however when I use the KDP edit and launch the previewer, the Drop Cap ...
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