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Amazon - 9 Free International Books for World Book Day

Amazon is giving away 9 free international books in honor of world book day (1 day, 9 hours remaining as of now). The books are (I put all the synopsis as spoilers so the post won't be ungainly to sort through): Literary Fiction - Mexico The Murmur of Bees by Sofía Segovia Spoiler: From the day that old Nana Reja found a baby abandoned under a bridge, the life of a small Mexican town forever changed. Disfigured and covered in a blanket of bees, little Simonopio is for some locals the ...
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Srećko Horvat: ‘The current system is more violent than any revolution’

The philosopher and activist counts Yanis Varoufakis, Slavoj Žižek and Julian Assange as friends, and his new book calls for a global liberation movement to bring down capitalismUp until the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991, foreigners were not allowed to visit the beautiful Dalmatian island of Vis, then home to a major naval base. Two years ago it was the location for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, doubling as the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi.One way of looking at the transformation from mil...
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Notre-Dame, a work in progress

At dusk on Monday, April 15th, just in time for the evening news, the world was treated to the horrendous spectacle of uncontrollable flames licking the roof of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. The fire spread from a scaffold that had been installed six months earlier for restorations, completely consuming the timber roof with its lead covering and turning the majestic steeple into a tinder box that came crashing down at the church’s crossing. Some observers were quick to compare this dramatic dis...
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8 April Books That Should Be on Your Radar

Today’s round-up comes in two parts: general fiction and books in translation. All the April books featured here deserve some extra buzz in the blogging world, some because of the issues they address and others because they offer insight into worlds that may be very different from our own. The descriptions of the plots are primarily based on the publishers’ summaries, and I’ve included the first sentence of each book as well. I hope at least one of the featured titles catches your attent...
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Barcelona school removes 200 sexist children's books

Other schools look to follow after Tàber school takes out one-third of its collection, deeming the books ‘highly stereotypical and sexist’Several schools across Barcelona are considering purging their libraries of stereotypical and sexist children’s books, after one removed around 200 titles, including Little Red Riding Hood and the story of the legend of Saint George, from its library.The Tàber school’s infant library of around 600 children’s books was reviewed by the Associació Espai i Lleure ...
Tags: Europe, Books, Publishing, Gender, Education, Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, World news, Culture, Libraries, Children and teenagers, Fairytales, George, Associació Espai, Lleure

Who invented modern democracy?

Did modern democracy start its long career in the North Atlantic? Was it invented by the Americans, the French and the British? The French Revolution certainly helped to inject modern meaning into a term previously chiefly associated with the ancient world, with ancient Greece and republican Rome. In the 1830s the French commentator Alexis de Tocqueville concluded from his trip to the United States that it was possible for a modern state to function as a democracy (in both a political and a soci...
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We Need to Talk About Putin and Putin v the People review – a gut-level patriot

Putin has convinced many Russians that he has raised their country from its knees. But for how much longer, ask these two books, by Mark Galeotti and by Samuel A Greene and Graeme B RobertsonOne of the silver linings running through the dark clouds of their history is that Russians have developed a strong line in subversive political humour. In one joke that has recently been doing the rounds, Putin asks Stalin: “Why is everything here so bad? What should I do?” “Execute the entire government an...
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Hunchback of Notre-Dame goes to top of bestseller list after fire

Different editions of the Victor Hugo classic occupy five slots in Amazon France’s top 10Victor Hugo’s 19th-century literary classic The Hunchback of Notre-Dame has soared to the top of France’s online bestseller list after the fire that ravaged the 850-year-old Paris cathedral on Monday night.By Wednesday morning, different editions of the 1831 novel occupied the first, third, fifth, seventh and eighth slots in Amazon France’s bestseller list, with a history of the gothic architectural masterpi...
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Dr. Khursheed Wadia Wins the W J M Mackenzie Book Prize

Dr. Khursheed Wadia, an Associate Professor at the University of Warwick in the U.K. was the winner of the prestigious W. J. M. Mackenzie Book Prize for her book Muslim Women and Power: Political and Civic Engagement in West European Socities. The Mackenzie Prize is awarded annually to the best book published in political science. This book provides an account of Muslim women’s political and civic engagement in Britain and France. It examines their interaction with civil society and state insti...
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All the Hasbro Star Wars Toy Reveals From Celebration!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW All the Hasbro Star Wars toy reveals from Celebration! Hasbro revealed their new Star Wars toy lineup from this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration. We also got to have a quick chat on the con floor with Hasbro’s Sam Smith (Product Design Manager, Star Wars) and Patrick Schneider (Senior Managet Global Brand Development & Marketing, Star Wars). Check out their quotes along with the reveals in our gallery below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone...
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New Syntech Defense Loads Produce Top Terminal Performance

New Syntech Defense Loads Produce Top Terminal Performance ANOKA, Minnesota –-(Ammoland.com)- From the No. 1 Brand in Handgun Ammunition, Federal is proud to introduce new Syntech Defense. These loads produce dynamic terminal performance with a hollow-point bullet that separates into three segments and a deep-penetrating core on impact. Shipments of Syntech Defense ammunition have been delivered to dealers. The original Syntech changed the range forever. Now, the technology is also revolution...
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Where Trump’s and Bibi’s Interests Clash

What Bibi wants, Bibi gets. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- On Monday, President Donald Trump designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, the first time the United States has designated part of another nation's government as such a threat. Iran's Supreme National Security Council responded by declaring U.S. Central Command a terrorist group. With 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and 2,000 in Syria, often in proximity to Iranian units, this inches America closer to war. Why di...
Tags: Europe, Isis, Guns, Senate, China, Iraq, Russia, Israel, Jerusalem, America, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Gop, United States

Militias, chaos and starvation: Britain 10 years after Brexit

The Queen has fled, the Poles have been forced out, and violent factions roam a broken land. Writer Jonathan Meades imagines the country The Great Chaos will create In 2019, older bigots and veteran xenophobes still recalled with pride the successful campaign Boston and the area of Lincolnshire around it waged in the 1960s against the rodent coypus, foreigners from somewhere foreign with tomato-red teeth, who had been introduced to Britain in the 1920s as a fur crop called nutria. Once these shy...
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Nuclear wasteland: inside Chernobyl's exclusion zone – in pictures

The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 forced the evacuation of nearby Pripyat, home to 45,000 people. David McMillan has journeyed there 21 times since to record abandoned homes and buildings as they are reclaimed by nature Continue reading...
Tags: Energy, Art, Europe, Books, Photography, Environment, World news, Ukraine, Cities, Culture, Art and design, Nuclear Power, Chernobyl, Urban Exploration, Pripyat, David McMillan

7 Favorites: British Boutique Paint Companies

Slightly moody and never obvious, the best paint colors in the UK look as if they were created against the soft gray light of the British Isles. In addition to longtime favorite Farrow & Ball, here are five English paint lines we love. 1. 2. Little Greene Above: Little Greene is a paint manufacturer founded in 1773 as the Little Greene Dye Works of Collyhurst Wood, on the outskirts of Manchester. Known for depth of color, Little Greene paints have a complex pigmentation that provides charac...
Tags: Europe, Books, UK, London, Diy, US, Color, Paint, United Kingdom, Louvre, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Voc, Isles, Greene, Colonial Williamsburg, DIY & Remodeling

700 Years of Persian Manuscripts Now Digitized and Available Online

Too often those in power lump thousands of years of Middle Eastern religion and culture into monolithic entities to be feared or persecuted. But at least one government institution is doing exactly the opposite. For Nowruz, the Persian New Year, the Library of Congress has released a digital collection of its rare Persian-language manuscripts, an archive spanning 700 years. This free resource opens windows on diverse religious, national, linguistic, and cultural traditions, most, but not all, I...
Tags: Google, Art, Europe, Books, Congress, College, India, Poetry, Religion, Iran, Literature, North America, Archives, British Library, Tajikistan, Atlas Obscura

Persian Manuscripts Spanning 700 Years, Now Digitized and Available Online

Too often those in power lump thousands of years of Middle Eastern religion and culture into monolithic entities to be feared or persecuted. But at least one government institution is doing exactly the opposite. For Nowruz, the Persian New Year, the Library of Congress has released a digital collection of its rare Persian-language manuscripts, an archive spanning 700 years. This free resource opens windows on diverse religious, national, linguistic, and cultural traditions, most, but not all, I...
Tags: Google, Art, Europe, Books, Congress, College, India, Poetry, Religion, Iran, Literature, North America, Archives, British Library, Tajikistan, Atlas Obscura

'Italians go for the strongman': Montalbano author on fascism and the future

Andrea Camilleri, the novelist behind the much-loved Inspector Montalbano, has become a vocal critic of the Italian governmentInspector Montalbano’s fate is already sealed, his end written 13 years ago by Sicilian novelist Andrea Camilleri, who created the character in the early 1990s. Since then he has become the most beloved Italian policeman in the world and the subject of a popular television series in the UK.In 2006 the inspector’s “grand finale” was put in a drawer in the Palermo offices o...
Tags: Europe, Books, UK, World news, Culture, Italy, The far right, Palermo, Andrea Camilleri, Montalbano, Camilleri

The Gentle Art of Tramping ~ Stephen Graham

'The adventure is not the getting there, it is the on-the-way. It is not the expected; it is the surprise; not the fulfilment of prophecy but the providence of something better than prophesied.' Sometimes a book arrives and I can barely contain the excitement, and even though I had read The Gentle Art of Tramping by Stephen Graham in a proof copy I was still delighted when this arrived... A brown paper package tied up with string á la Sound of Music, to reveal... The book and some Ken...
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Should You Still Buy a Guidebook for Europe? Yes.

I’ll be the first to point out this irony: I started EuroCheapo, a budget travel website, back in 2001, and yet I still love traveling around Europe with a guidebook. Furthermore, I’m conveying this information to you — on a website. Ironies aside, I believe that when it comes to trip guidance, there’s room for everything. Websites, like the one you’re reading right now, are a fabulous platform for trip planning. You can “get educated” about the logistics, find the best deals (especially for hot...
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In Praise of Ikea: 20 Ikea Kitchens from the Remodelista Archives

For remodelers looking to design a kitchen on a budget, Sektion—Ikea’s latest kitchen cabinet system (before Sektion, or Metod as it’s called in the EU, there was Akurum and Värde)—is a savior. It’s frameless, meaning the cabinet doors cover the entire front face of the cabinet, which makes it easy to swap out the fronts for a custom-on-the-outside, Ikea-on-the-inside project. Architects, designers, and contractors like them for their modularity, standard sizing, and affordability (the most expe...
Tags: Europe, Books, London, Hardware, Budget, California, Berlin, US, San Francisco, Eu, Brooklyn, House, Ikea, Copenhagen, White, Provence

800+ Treasured Medieval Manuscripts to Be Digitized by Cambridge & Heidelberg Universities

Western civilization may fast be going digital, but it still retains its roots in Ancient Greece. And so it makes a certain circle-closing sense to digitize the legacy left us by our Ancient Greek forebears and the medieval scholars who preserved it. Cambridge and Heidelberg, two of Europe's oldest universities, this month announced their joint intention to embark upon just such a project. It will take two years and cost £1.6 million, reports the BBC, but it will digitize "more than 800 volumes...
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‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ Has Been Turned Into a World-Expanding Novel by Guillermo del Toro and Cornelia Funke

It’s been 13 years since we ventured into Guillermo del Toro‘s dark fantasy world of Pan’s Labyrinth. In the film, a twisted fairy tale clashes with Spanish fascism as an 11-year old girl becomes embroiled in a war she wants no part of. She finds an escape in a twisted labyrinth that allows her to fulfill the prophecy of a lost princess returning to her rightful place at her father’s side. But it all comes at a tragic cost. Now the Oscar-winning film is being turned into “an epic and dark fanta...
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Harry Potter among books burned by priests in Poland

Anti-sorcery post by evangelical Catholic group widely mocked on FacebookCatholic priests in Poland have burned books that they say promote sorcery, including one of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels, in a ceremony they photographed and posted on Facebook.Three priests in the northern city of Koszalin were pictured carrying the books in a large basket from inside a church to a stone area outside. The books were set alight as prayers were said and a small group of people watched on. A mask, variou...
Tags: Europe, Books, Censorship, Religion, Social Media, World news, Catholicism, Christianity, Poland, Harry Potter, Jk Rowling, Catholic, Koszalin, FacebookCatholic

Stacked-Up Book Thoughts: 6 Books to Read Right Now

Gawk! How can it be April already??? And it's an April without the signs of spring. Here in Pennsylvania, we're just getting crocus and haven't yet seen daffodils or forsythia. Soon, soon--I know. If you're wondering where I've been the last couple weeks, here's my sad (not really) story. March is a really busy editing month, which means I'm less inclined to read for pleasure. What's more, I read a long book and listened to a long book, which cuts down on the number of titles finished (...
Tags: Europe, Books, Australia, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Jesus, Ali Smith, Washington State, Black, Peter, Tom, Corporation, Donovan, Rachel Carson, HANNAH, Hillman

From orientalism to ornamentalism

Recently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted an exhibit called China Through the Looking Glass.  The exhibition’s spectacular and unabashed display of Orientalist commodification and appropriation charmed many and repelled others. The exhibition, extended months beyond its original schedule due to its enormous popularity, reminds us how enduring the so-called Asian fetish still is in western culture and how limited our critical response is to this expansive phenomenon, other than one of mo...
Tags: Asia, Europe, Books, Featured, China, History, West, United States, Race issues, Shell, Oscar Wilde, Alexander Mcqueen, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, East Asia, East, Sarah Burton

Kobo VIP Membership and switching country

I'm thinking about signing up because there are a number of books I want that would be ~80 USD total, so the 10% discount already almost pay for itself. And I will surely buy more books later. The thing is, I have payment methods for both the US and Europe, and I've been going back and forth between the two. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the membership will be canceled if I switch my billing address country? I understand that the membership won't work with Europe, but when I switch back to th...
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Paths from the past: historians make sense of Brexit and our current political turmoil

From the American Revolution to Dunkirk, the Reformation to the Weimar republic – leading historians help us understand the forces at play in our divided world“Fromage not Farage”, “I’ve Seen Better Cabinets at Ikea”: the signs at the Put It to the People march were particularly British in their humour. The present crisis in the United Kingdom is, however, no laughing matter. It reflects very real social and political problems and deep divisions about the future of the country. The argument over...
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Daily News Roundup: Shoddy MacBook Keyboards, FTC Cracks Down On Robocalls, and More

Apple finally acknowledged that there are issues with the MacBook keyboard, Samsung showed off how it tested the Galaxy Fold for durability, and the FTC is cracking down on robocalls. And so much more! Apple News: Sorry ‘Bout that Keyboard! The third-generation MacBook keyboards have been getting heavily criticized for a while now, and Apple finally said something about it. In a comment to The Wall Street Journal, an Apple spokesperson said they’re aware that a “small number of users” are ha...
Tags: Apple, Google, Crafts, Hong Kong, Europe, Microsoft, Samsung, Atlas, Wall Street Journal, Ftc, Engadget, Pixelbook, Shoddy MacBook Keyboards FTC

Time Song - Searching for Doggerland ~ Julia Blackburn

Really first things first, just in case this thing happens before you get to the end of this episode of the scribbles... Should Julia Blackburn knock at your door and suggest that you go for walk together, just stop whatever you are doing.... switch the iron off, plug the Dyson back in to recharge , put your book down, get your boots on and go. That's all I'm saying because I've been for a 'real' walk with Julia and you wouldn't want to miss it. We met in France ten years ago. Julia was there ...
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