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Interview: Allen West, 2019 NRA Board of Directors Candidate

Allen West is running for reelection to the 2019 NRA board of Directors. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- AmmoLand News had a chance to catch up with our friend Allen West to talk about his run for reelection to the NRA board of directors in 2019 and about the organization itself as well as the current political outlook for gun owners in the face of a hostile Congress. Fredy Riehl: Hello Allen, thank you for taking the time to talk with AmmoLand News I know you have a busy schedule. Can you start by l...
Tags: Florida, New York, Texas, Guns, Congress, Colorado, California, US, America, Tennessee, New Jersey, Army, States, Vietnam, Andrew Cuomo, US Army

Why We Continue to Have School Murders

Students are brought out of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a shooting at the school U.S.A. (Ammoland.com)- Why have there been any more school murders in the USA since the attack at Columbine High School two decades ago? Violent attacks aren’t a mystery. We know why murderers kill. Narcissistic psychopaths and disgruntled sociopaths kill because the media turns these murderers into celebrities. We know the kind of targets they want. We know they will attack unarmed groups of p...
Tags: Florida, Usa, Media, Guns, Obama, Russia, US, Ukraine, Fbi, United States, Crimea, Socialist, Nra, Ammoland, Columbine High School, Gun Rights News

The Left’s Strategy to Disarm America

Opinion by Allen West My right inner forearm has a simple tattoo with the words “Molon Labe.” My message to the progressive socialist left, “Come, Take,” because I will not surrender to you. USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- If you cherish your individual freedom and liberty, please read this entire missive, and share its warning. This last week was the National Rifle Association (NRA) winter board meeting. As you should know by now, reading these pages, the NRA is the nation’s oldest civil rights orga...
Tags: Florida, New York, Guns, Congress, US, America, Washington Dc, Liberty, House, House Of Representatives, Arizona, Capitol Hill, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Cruz

NRA Needs A Proven Leader, Now More Than Ever

Opinion by Marion Hammer Wayne LaPierre is one of the most humble guys I know. He routinely turns down profile pieces, and he always tells people that it’s the members who are the bedrock of the NRA. Wayne doesn’t just say that. He believes that. More so than anyone else. Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- My name is Marion Hammer. I’ve written in AmmoLand News before. I work as a gun rights lobbyist on gun rights for the NRA and for it’s Florida affiliate – Unified Sportsmen of Florida. I tell you ...
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Mailbox Monday

Welcome back to another Mailbox Monday post! I had a few good books arrive while I was in Florida. Even better, I managed to get quite a few books read while traveling!MY MAGICAL UNICORN came from Abrams KidsTHE WITCHES OF ST. PETERSBURG by Imogen Edwards-Jones came from Harper BooksBLOODLEAF by Crystal Smith came from HMH TeenIT'S NOT HANSEL AND GRETEL by Josh Funk and illustrated by Edwardian Taylor came fromTwo LionsWhat was in your mailbox? [Author: Julie P.]
Tags: Books, Florida, St Petersburg, Gretel, HMH, JOSH FUNK, Julie P, Crystal Smith, Edwardian Taylor, Imogen Edwards Jones

Washington Post not working

It's been slow-loading but otherwise OK 'til today 1/6; ran for 5+ hours Fetch news from The Washington Post Conversion options changed from defaults: verbose: 2 Resolved conversion options calibre version: 3.37.0 {'asciiize': False, 'author_sort': None, 'authors': None, 'base_font_size': 0, 'book_producer': None, 'change_justification': 'original', 'chapter': None, 'chapter_mark': 'pagebreak', 'comments': None, 'cover': None, 'debug_pipeline': None, 'dehyphenate': ...
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Politics Kills Our Kids Again, Safety Report from Parkland Florida

Politics Kills Our Kids Again, Safety Report from Parkland Florida U.S.A. (Ammoland.com)- Florida formed a study committee after 17 students and teachers were killed and an additional 17 were injured at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in early 2018. I read some of the MSDHS safety commission report. It covered the obvious points. Unfortunately, I don’t see much good coming out of it. This was more than a school failure; it was a political failure. More of our children will be at risk...
Tags: Florida, Guns, Nra, Ammoland, Gun Rights News, Rob Morse, Slow Facts, Parkland Florida, Polite Society Podcast Rob, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland School Shooting

Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinics Offered in Florida, January – March 2019

Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinics Offered in Florida, January – March 2019 Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Project Appleseed is a nationwide program of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a non-profit educational organization operated by volunteer instructors dedicated to maintaining the ideals and traditions of the Founding generation of our country. Our volunteer instructors travel across the country teaching those who attend about the difficult choices, the heroic actions, an...
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Democrats Still MIA on Secure Border Fix

Art by Michael Ramirez Democrats Still MIA on Secure Border Fix USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Democrats Still MIA on Secure Border Fix. Instead of going home to Florida for Christmas President Trump spent all week at the Whitehouse waiting for Democrats who are still missing in action when it comes to protecting our borders and stopping the flood of illegal immigrants. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gu...
Tags: Florida, Guns, America, Trump, Illegal Immigration, Nra, Whitehouse, Michael Ramirez, National Rifle Association NRA, Ammoland, Gun Rights News, Gun Cartoons, USA Ammoland, Citizens Committee

The Good News Review of 2018 for Gun Owners

The Good News Review of 2018 for Gun Owners U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- Our memory is uneven. I looked back at 2018 and found plenty of good news for gun owners. This is where we were.. and a glimpse of where we’re going. Happy New Year to you and yours. December The state house and senate improved gun laws and overrode Ohio Governor Kasich’s veto. The new law reinforced state preemption. It also shifted the burden of proof in self-defense cases to the prosecutor. You are innocent until proven ...
Tags: Florida, Usa, Texas, Guns, California, Virginia, US, Bank Of America, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Washington Dc, Citigroup, Ohio, State Department, Louisiana

Start the New Year Right with Rebates at Ammunition Depot

The more rebates the merrier on Federal handgun, rimfire and 223/5.56 ammunition at your one source for ammunition, accessories and firearms needs throughout the year. Ammunition Depot Federal Ammunition Rebates Boca Raton, Fla. (Ammoland.com) – Ammunition Depot, your online ammunition, accessories and firearms source for great pricing and service is starting the new year by loading up on ways to put more money in your pocket with Federal ammunition rebates. First, fuel up with our Federal ...
Tags: Florida, Guns, American Eagle, Ammunition News, Federal Ammunition, Ammunition Depot, Scott Blick, Eastern Standard Time Ammunition, Federal American Eagle Speer Blazer Brass, CCI Rapid Rimfire Rebate

OSG Networks Ring in New Year’s Eve with Slate of Original Programming

Southern Hospitality is Strong on Outdoor Channel with Highly-Anticipated Premiere of “Booger Bottom” on January 7. Booger Bottoms begins airing on Outdoor Channel on January 7 DENVER – -(AmmoLand.com)- Ring in the new year with fellow sportsmen and women by tuning into a slate of highly-anticipated premieres and can’t-wait-for season returns of favorite outdoor and lifestyle programming on Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network. Original premieres and new episodes from...
Tags: Florida, Hollywood, Guns, Group, Terry, Denver, Mongolia, Chris, Saskatchewan, Midwest, Eichler, Keefer, Fred, Larry, Scott Martin, OSG

OSG Publishing Hires Michael Cassidy as Publisher of Game & Fish Magazine

Michael Cassidy, publisher of Game & Fish Magazine DENVER – Outdoor Sportsman Group Publishing (OSG) announced the hiring of Michael Cassidy as the new publisher of Game & Fish magazine. The announcement was made today by Outdoor Sportsman Group Executive Vice President, Group Publisher & Operations, Derek Sevcik.Cassidy will oversee Game & Fish, OSG’s flagship publication that delivers best-in-class hunting and fishing content at the state and regional levels. Previous to joining OSG, Cassidy...
Tags: Florida, Guns, Africa, Michael, Petersen, Cassidy, Michael Cassidy, Sevcik, OSG, Shooting Media News, Outdoor Sportsman Group, WFN, Shooting Sports Jobs, Windermere Florida, Game Fish magazine, About Outdoor Sportsman Group Publishing

26 books Southern California booksellers are recommending to readers in 2018

If you’re a reader, you probably have a stack of books – your to-be-read (or TBR) pile – by your bed or on your desk. But you’re probably also on the prowl for other books you want to pick up. (We know we are.) So with so much to choose from, we went to some of our local experts. We asked local bookstore owners and their employees what their favorite reads were this year (even if some weren’t published this year – or this century). Cellar Door Bookstore in Canyon Crest Towne Centre owner Li...
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Outdoor Channel Host Jim Shockey Honored with Weatherby Foundation Award

Jim Shockey Denver, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Character, integrity and sportsmanship may be words bandied about too freely today, but for Weatherby Foundation Award honorees those words are considered prerequisites. Only 60 hunters have been graced with the “The Weatherby Award” since its inception in 1956. On Wednesday, January 16 at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas during the Dallas Safari Club convention, the 61st will be honored — Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel host Jim Shockey. Shockey j...
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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Painting a Room White

Painting a room white can make it feel open, clean, spacious, quiet, or simple, and it’s always the go-to when it comes time for us to paint our interiors. But there’s more to white paint than you think. For example: tiny variations between white paints can give a vastly different effect on your space. Here are 10 things to know before you paint a room white. 1. Only a few white paints are actually pure white. Above: The many shades of white; photograph by Mel Walbridge from Architects’ 10 ...
Tags: Europe, Books, Florida, Matthew Williams, La, White House, Boston, How-to, Paint, Brooklyn, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pasadena, Seattle, Hollister, White

Ammunition Depot Launches New Upgraded Website

www.AmmunitionDepot.com Boca Raton, Fla. (Ammoland.com) – Ammunition Depot is proud to reveal their new website at www.ammunitiondepot.com .  The new, more user-friendly site gives customers access to thousands of products from ammunition, guns, magazines, gear, knives & tools, prepper and survival gear, gun parts, optics & sights, loading equipment and Ammunition Depot branded merchandise. Over 2,000 new sku’s were added, many of them in the new Guns category. Now, customers who prefer b...
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Middle School Rocket Science ~ VIDEO

Opinion Watch the latest video at foxnews.com USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last week, a group of more than 200 middle and high school students got to see what they can achieve when they work hard and dream big in America.Students at The Weiss School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and students from six public high schools in Irvine, California, gathered around their respective computer monitors Monday to watch their hard work blastoff into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Fo...
Tags: Spacex, Elon Musk, Florida, Usa, Guns, California, Washington, America, Nasa, Earth, Rockets, Republican Party, The Washington Post, Newt Gingrich, Falcon Heavy, Falcon

Is This Good News Mere Coincidence or a Cultural Change?

Colorado teachers at the range. U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- Lots of us are disappointed after the recent midterm elections. Some of us turned off the news for a few weeks as we recovered. I’ve noticed a series of unexpected pleasant surprises during that time. The seeds of serendipity were planted long before the midterm campaigns began.Laura Carno had social and political contacts long before she knew about the FASTER program. FASTER teaches school staff to be first responders. The FASTER program...
Tags: Florida, Guns, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Faster, Nra, Laura, Aaron, Carl, Pittsburg, Boyd, Bob Gualtieri, Oakland University, Chinn, Ammoland

Why Don’t Gun Owners Just Move From Where They Lose Their Rights?

Opinion Why Don’t Gun Owners Just Move From Where They Lose Their Rights? New York, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- With the start of the new year less than a month away, many things will change as new members of state and the federal government are sworn in, and in some places, power changes hands.In Washington the Democrats succeeded in taking back the House, meaning that we will now likely see a move towards never ending impeachment proceedings and investigations. In various states though, governor...
Tags: Florida, New York, Texas, Guns, Congress, California, Washington, Oregon, New York City, Georgia, David, Brooklyn, Gop, George Orwell, New Hampshire, House

Words always matter

The run-up to the recent mid-term elections saw commentators across the political spectrum claiming that “words matter.” Much of this was in response to violent acts – in particular the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre and the pipe bombs sent to Democrats – that some argued was a consequence of Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Words always matter of course. But due to the timing and the stakes – in this instance, an upcoming mid-term election of considerable consequence – it turned into a literal war of wo...
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Alienating your customers hurts business? Who knew?

Apparently, Dick’s didn’t: Sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods dropped in the past three months amid backlash against tighter gun-sale restrictions following a mass killing early this year at a Florida high school. Revenue dipped 4.5 percent to $1.86 billion amid challenges in the company’s hunting business during the quarter through Nov. 3. Sales at stores open at least 12 months a key metric for the retail industry fell 6.1 percent compared to the prior year.
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Parkland, FL School Garden as Place for Learning and Healing

That’s astronomy teacher and garden-maker Kyle Jeter on the right. You’ve seen my photos of Cornell and environs; now for a report from the American Horticultural Society’s Children and Youth Garden Symposium I was there to attend. The highlight for me was the Community Forum on Gardens as Haven, with three great speakers and Q&A. One of the speakers, all the way from Parkland, Florida, was Kyle Jeter, who teaches astrology astronomy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, now tragically fam...
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Should We Leave Our Schools & Churches Unprotected? ~ VIDEO

Let’s get past that. Let’s open our ears and work past our rationalizations. U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)-  No one ignores the mass murder of children. We all have an opinion about how to protect our kids. Let’s also face facts; we would have solved the problem of dead children in our schools and in our churche, if the solution were easy.Unfortunately, lots of the opinions we see in social media are little more than shallow reasons to stop thinking about a hard and unpleasant problem. Let’s get past...
Tags: Florida, Guns, Fbi, School Shootings, Nra, Ammoland, Gun Rights News, Ammoland TV, Rob Morse, Slow Facts, Public Violence, Polite Society Podcast Rob, School Security, Rob MorseThe

Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat’s Gun Control

Opinion Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat's Gun Control Washington, DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- So, you think the GOP Senate will stop the Democratic House’s gun control…Since the Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives, we know that either California Representative Nancy Pelosi or another anti-gunner will be Speaker of the House. And with the Democrats in power, they have renewed their calls for gun control. In fact, they are planning one of the most a...
Tags: Florida, Texas, Guns, Congress, California, Washington, Senate, Massachusetts, Democrats, Gop, House, House Of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Goa, Donald Trump, Susan Collins

Vedder’s New MagDraw OWB Holster is a Perfect Fit for Gun Owners Carrying Spare Mags

Vedder MagDraw Paddle OWB- Single Magazine Holster Mount Dora, Fla. – -(AmmoLand.com)- Vedder Holsters, the Florida-based manufacturer of handcrafted gun holsters and belts, is expanding the company’s product line with the addition of its new MagDraw OWB Holster, perfect for carrying one or two spare magazines along the belt line. Vedder Holsters are fully customizable to you and your gun model providing superior comfort, style, and function. Check out this AmmoLand Daily Gun Deal for a coupo...
Tags: Florida, Usa, Guns, Gear, Kydex, Vedder, Gun Holsters, MOUNT DORA Fla, Vedder Holsters, Vedder MagDraw Paddle OWB Single Magazine, Holster Mount Dora Fla, Mike Vedder, MagDraw

Wyoming Heads Toward Red Flag Gun Seizures

Opinion Red Flag Gun Seizures Wyoming – -(AmmoLand.com)- The 2019 legislative session will be here before you know it, and you and I have to be ready to FIGHT to stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders’ from becoming law in Wyoming.Lawmakers in state after state have been pre-filing this legislation in their efforts to ram this legislation into law before grassroots gun owners like you and I can fight back. And don’t think for a moment that this can’t happen here in Wyoming.Truth be told, supposedl...
Tags: Florida, Maryland, Guns, California, Senate, Pennsylvania, Gop, Wyoming, Illinois, Michael Bloomberg, State House, Lot, New York Maryland, Gun Rights News, Wyoming Gun Owners, Parkland Florida

New This Wednesday on Shooting USA – IDPA Nationals at Talladega

IDPA Nationals 2018 Nashville, TN -(AmmoLand.com)-  It’s the IDPA Nationals with the best shooters in Defensive Pistol Competition. The CMP Ranges at Talladega host the challenges designed to simulate real world threats. Scoring is speed and accuracy while using cover. And there are now new divisions to better represent the CCW guns being carried on the street.Plus, the Garands are back from overseas, and being prepped for collectors and shooters. We’ll show you the process inside the Civilian...
Tags: Florida, Usa, Guns, New Jersey, Nashville, John, Nra, Cmp, Talladega, Anniston Alabama, Garand, Shooting Media News, Shooting USA, Shooting USA YouTube Channel, Watch Shooting USA, Podbean

Four Principles of Concealed Carry Commitment

By Bob O'Connor Carry Commitment USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The concealed carry COMMITMENT is a pledge to yourself and those around you to be a responsible carrier of your firearm. I believe that commitment for concealed carriers can be broken down into four principles, being MINDSET, EDUCATION, TRAINING, and JUDGEMENT. In the coming weeks I will present my perspective of these principles, but first I wanted to discuss what the concealed carry commitment means to me.Often over the past several ye...
Tags: Florida, Guns, United States, Bob, Orlando, Webster, CCW Safe, Competitive Shooting News, Firearms Training, Kyle Sweet, CCW Safe LLC, Mike Darter, Stan Campbell, Bob O Connor, My Webster, BOB O CONNORBob O Connor

Four EIC Legs Awarded at CMP’s Small Arms Firing School at Camp Blanding, Florida

By Steve Cooper, CMP Training & Education Manager Flanked by U.S. Army Marksmanship instructors are the Excellence-In-Competition four-point winners at the CMP’s Small Arms Firing School at Camp Blanding, FL. From left are Andre Fredy, Jamel Chokr, Gary Sauer and match winner, Robert Working. USAMU instructors are David Bahten, Brandon Green, Vernon Stanton and Scott Stephenson. STARKE, FL – -(AmmoLand.com)- Thanks to some great training assistance from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU...
Tags: Florida, Guns, United States, Jacksonville, EIC, Robert, Thomas, Cmp, U S Coast Guard, U S Army, Charlie, Civilian Marksmanship Program, Palm Coast, Scott Stephenson, Florida National Guard, Competitive Shooting News

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