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Connecting Calibre and Forma

I went ahead and purchased the 32 GB Forma on the 19th and I'm sure it will show up one of these days. Got the confirmation email when I purchased it, but haven't gotten the shipped email yet. I do have an Aura One eReader, so I have no problem with connecting to Calibre and side loading books. What I want to do is avoid the little gotchas that I ran into with the Aura, such as downloading all my ebooks from the Kobo store _before_ I connect to Calibre to avoid duplicates (though there are so...
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Kobo Aura One -vs- Forma ?

So, as you may know, I've been debating Forma vs Libra. However, a local used Kobo Aura One has come up at 1/2 the price of a Forma. Since both seem very similar, besides the hard page buttons and 0.2" screen difference, is there ANY reason(s) to still pay a lot more for a Forma? I mean in features and viewing ability, anything pushing one way or the other? I haven't research Auro One to see if there were known issues (as in why this one might be up for sale). Lastly, does the Libra compete...
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Forma/Libra: Any comparison photos of Same book on BOTH these readers?

Hi again all. As to my trying to decide Forma vs Libra, if the $110 extra is worth it for little more viewing space.... I'm trying to find a photo or vid (so far no luck) showing the SAME book displayed on a Forma beside a Libra I know I can turn a Libra landscape and basically get the same viewing width as the Forma (yes?) but I'm trying to get a sense of comparable difference. I've given up trying to compare a Mass Market book to the display on a forma or libra. --- boiled down, I'm tryin...
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Forma or Libra -- Current State of these units? (I want one)

Hi everyone, thanks for the add. The short.., I've had a few older Kobos, never really used much. My fault, not the Kobo (I actually really like the product & the idea.) I want to really embrace the idea of the ereader environment now. Especially since I saw the Forma and Libra. Where I am, it would cost me around $235 for a Libra and $345 for an 8gb Forma. It's the upper upper end of where I want to be, but willing to make the commitment. I've been back and forth on which one... HOWEVER.....
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Forma How to stop sudden paging

When reading, sometimes the Forma will suddenly skip forward multiple pages (sometimes nearly 20 pages). This despite carefully keeping the fingers away from the screen. Any suggested solutions?
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Forma Almost ready to give up entirely on Forma

Before launching in let me try a question first: Is there any known way to download a just-purchased book from the Kobo book site to one's computer, as an .epub file? Now on to the rest... I'm all but ready to give up on this Kobo Forma. It wasn't cheap, it is often failing, and I'm at my wit's end. Perhaps someone who has experienced the same kinds of problems will know what to do. Despite our having a pretty fast net connection and good wifi connectivity in this house, the Kobo rarely gets m...
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Have I bricked my Forma, perhaps by using KOReader?

Just two days ago, my new Forma arrived. I did the Kobo registration thing and letting it upate itself. After it was properly started I connected it with a usb cable to sync up a few epubs and pdfs with calibre. Spoiler: Code: $ uname -a Linux xxxxxxxxxx 5.10.4-arch2-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri, 01 Jan 2021 05:29:53 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux $ calibre --version calibre (calibre 5.9) So far so good. Next step I took was use NiLuJe's One-Click Install scripts for both KOReader an...
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Can I use Forma patched firmware on H2O?

Can I first say thank you to the people who have developed the patches.:thanks: I have just patched my new Forma and the instructions are as clear and unambiguous as any I've seen, so well done. And it works beautifully. I've seen it mentioned a few times that the firmware on Kobos is exactly the same and device-independent, but that seems too good to be true and I hope you don't mind if I ask someone to confirm that I can apply exactly the same KoboRoot.tgz file to my Aura H2O as I have just ...
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Help with using Tolino Shine 3 in UK?

I'm in the UK. I recently bought a Tolino Shine 3 to give to my mother - I wanted to buy her a Tolino as I understood that I could upload epubs into the Tolino Cloud for her from my computer and they would automatically sync down to the Tolino for her. (This is ridiculously difficult to achieve with any Kobo that isn't the Forma, which is bigger than she wants, and I tried her with an Onyx Boox, but the interface is way too complicated for her liking.) Anyway, it arrived, and I started setting...
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Forma problem with my forma reader

After the problems I had following changing my email (see https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...02&postcount=1), I reinitialized the Forma - on November 17 - and started the painful process of loading my circa 5000 books on the reader. It was even more painful than usual, and I only finished it yesterday, to discover that 78 of them had transferred as epubs instead of kepubs. I really prefer kepubs (many of those books have notes), so eliminated them from the reader, and started loading them ag...
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Forma Connector Problem

I upgraded to the latest firmware on my Forma yesterday, with no issues. Today I wanted to go ahead and install the patches, as I always do. However, when I connected the Forma to the USB port, my PC couldn't see it. The Forma charges OK, but does not recognize the connection, and hence I cannot get into the files on the Forma to complete my patch work. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I wondered if it was related to the new firmware, but my Aura ONE has upgraded without this problem ...
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Kobo Forma .config file needed for Dropbox support

Hi, so I have a Kobo Libra H2O and I'm trying to turn the Dropbox feature on which only the Forma currently has. When I connect te ereader to the PC and go to .kobo, Kobo, Kobo eReader.conf I can see an option called kobo_dropbox_link_account and I can enable it, but to use it I need the website of the 'code generator' that pairs the ereader to the Dropbox account. There is another option called dropbox_link_account_poll which is empty, and I would really appreciate if a Forma owner could write ...
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Forma Uh-oh, here we go again...

Suddenly, overnight, my Forma is not retaining either the 'Reading Now' settings or any books loaded from Calibre since November 2. Hints, tips, suggestions, or am I looking at the dreaded 'Sign out of your account' option again? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Weird line of 'negative' pixels in Forma screen

I'm having an odd issue with my Forma. It developed a line of, for lack of a better word, negative pixels going down the screen. At first I thought it was a line of 'stuck on' pixels, as it's most clearly visible when the background is dark, but it's not as simple as that. When looking at a mix of dark and light backgrounds, it looks like the pixels are reversed: light on a dark background, and dark on a light one. See the attachment. It's best visible on a dark background, when it's a clear...
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Libra Kobo E-reader - couple of questions

So, after asking around I decided the Forma was too much money, so I just ordered a (white, seems easier on the eyes?) Kobo Libra H20. This is my first e reader. 1. Can I use Calibre to transfer books? 2. What is the "best" format? EPUB? 3. Any tips on settings I should change when I get the reader? Thanks in advance
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Forma High frequency noise while turning pages

Suddenly my Forma makes a high frequency sound, when I turn the pages of the book I'm reading. Only in landscape mode. It just happened while I was reading, didn't do anything like an update, or add books... Does anyone recognize this? Does anyone know what to do? I already restarted the Forma.
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Forma Screen cover magnets

Hi all, I'd wanted to make a slip cover for the Forma but couldn't figure out exactly where I need to put magnets on the cover to send it to sleep when I put it in the slip and wake it up when I take it out. With a bit of experimentation I've found that the location of the hall effect 'sleep' switch is 6cm from the top of the device and 7cm in from the left (with the device held so the buttons are on the right and the kobo logo bottom right as you look at it). So, all you need to do is attach ...
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Forma new Forma can't access Internet, old works fine

I just got a second Forma (for my mother). It connects to the wifi, gets an ip address (can be seen on the router) but for some reason can't access Internet from there. I have resetted in all ways possible. Made sure it's fully charged. Set it up via Kobo desktop. Added books via Calibre. All things seem to work fine, except to reach Internet. I have checked and rechecked that the router doesn't do something odd. It is allowed to access Internet. The darnest thing is that when I use my phon...
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Forma clock on forma

Does the calibre Kobo driver keep the clock on the Forma updated? I have wifi turned off on my Forma and yet the clock seems to be very accurate. I'm used to devices' clock drifting if they don't use some time service (ntp, etc.).
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How to deal with Kobo?

Hello all, i have purchased a brand new Forma unit from Kobo. They sent me a refurbished unit instead of a new one (there were many fingerprints on the unit, diverse books from the previous user were not removed, usb plug is visibly well worn etc...) When talking to customer service on Saturday they promised to promptly send instructions by email for sending the unit back and then they would send a proper new unit. However since Saturday there is no more communication. Do I file a claim ...
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Libra vs. Forma

I have been for the most part enjoying the software experience on my Libra H2O over the past couple of months. (While I have overwhelmingly used Kindles in the past, I did use the Aura H2O for a short period in 2016). I am now wondering if I should have gone for the Forma instead. Obviously I know it has a larger, and flush, screen and the potential for more storage with a 32gb version. Overall, would people say the Forma has a more premium feel than the Libra? (Although the Libra is said to be...
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Forma Want reading status of books on Kobo copies to Calibre

What's the easiest/recommended way to get/copy the reading status of books on my Kobo Forma? Something likeunread finished reading (or reading at x%) There about 30 books on my Forma that are now Finished. But I have stopped myself from removing them from my Kobo until I get their "Finished" status saved onto Calibre.
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Overdrive on Multiple Kobos

I have both an Aura One and a Forma. I've been reading library books for a couple of years now, most recently on the Forma. I became curious about whether I could read the same library book on either device, and quickly learned that it would only appear in readable form on one. On the Aura One, it appears but with the notation 'expired.' So lately I've read on the Forma. My question: If I'd like to read a specific library book on the Aura One instead of the Forma, is there any way to do this? I...
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Paucity of OverDrive books?

My first MobileRead post! I've an ancient Nook (Simple Touch), which mostly still works (except for the page turning buttons), but am looking to get back into an eReader workflow with more modern equipment. I'm gravitating toward the Kobo ecosystem, and may pull the trigger on a Libra or Forma soon. A draw with the Kobos is the integrated OverDrive support (although I understand I can use OverDrive with Kindles here in the US). However, my enthusiasm has been dampened by looking through the ...
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Does Anyone Have both a Forma and a Libra?

I've read through the Libra review thread, but I'm particularly interested in comparisons folks have between the two readers for those who have both. My Forma recently stopped holding a charge well (I reset and everything else -- none worked -- sadly, I think I "overtested" the waterproofing) and I'm debating between replacing it with the same device or switching to the Libra. I have totally loved my Forma, but I'm tempted by the smaller footprint and the power button placement of the Libra, wh...
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I added a new font and my Forma is letting me use advanced options (!)

Hi I have a KOBO LIBRA. Today I stole the TIMES NEW ROMAN fonts coming from my OPEN OFFICE program (or windows??) and installed them inside my LIBRA using the proper procedure and renaming all of the four the files. I have no idea why, but those Times New Roman fonts ended up becoming the one and only custom font I have on the device that let me use advanced options. Does anybody here have any idea why those fonts behave like that? Is there any of you experts interested into investigating ...
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Kobo Forma Calibre communication issue

My Kobo Forma stopped communicating with Calibre today and gives a message "Error Communicating with Device". It still appears to communicate with the Kobo app on my Mac (Catalina). It has worked like a champ till tonight. It occurred after I sent some new books to the Device. I couldn't find them on the Forma, so I reconnected to the Mac and the error came up. The Forma shows up under Device, but has 0 books in Calibre. The Forma still appears to work fine. Any ideas? I am bummed! calibre, vers...
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windows always complains when connecting Forma

I reinstalled Windows last week and now whenever I connect my Forma it says that there's a problem with the drive and to scan it. I did that but it said that there were no problems, but it still complains every time I connect it. Has anyone else seen this? Have a solution?
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Do all/most e-readers use PWM?

Do all/most e-readers use PWM? I was looking into the Kobo Libra and apparently it doesn't have the PWM flickering issue that the Kobo Forma has. I've tried out the Forma when it was released and from what I understand, the flickering issue was only from adjusting the brightness. Regardless, it doesn't bother me, but I am curious if the Kobo Libra uses PWM and just doesn't have the flickering issue or if it doesn't use PWM outright. I have learned that PWM causes fatigue even if it's unoticeabl...
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Kobo Forma on Clearance Sale (again)

Kobo's Forma is showing a Clearance Sale price of #199.96 from Walmart. (In another thread, one can see that the Clara is also on sale.) Here's the link: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Kobo-Form...ll&athena=true Attached Thumbnails  
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