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is this really DRM?

Hi! AFAIK DRM locks your purchased e-book to your device (described for example here: https://mybookcave.com/what-is-ebook...it-affect-you/) and anything else is called DRM-free. But I am currently corresponding with a publisher who claims their e-books are DRM-protected and explains it like this: "the user id is integrated into the book, the user can copy the e-book from device to device". I am puzzled. To me this sounds more like DRM-free. Any opinions, pls? Thx in advance! :) PH
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Calibre and book survey

Hello! I have created a survey to get an insight into the usage of Calibre and the needs when reading (e)books. I would be really grateful if you could take the time to answer it. I estimate the time to complete at 5-10 minutes. Thank you for the help. https://forms.gle/qrbMDi7wT7CDkdsk8 :thanks:
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Top Free eBook Websites

So where I'm located the book stores remain closed due to the pandemic. I'm hoping we can all put together a comprehensive list of free or greatly discounted eBook Websites. Here are a few I have found so far. Gutenberg - http://www.gutenberg.org/ Ardbark - https://ardbark.com/ Internet Archive - https://archive.org/details/texts Open Library - https://openlibrary.org/
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ways to buy/read ebooks from non-Amazon stores

I am looking for software tools and methods to ease buying and reading ebooks from non-Amazon companies. I would like to continue reading them on my Kindle Paperwhite although I am open to buying another ebook reader with similar performance. I do not want to get into de-DRMing for now so I am thinking of buying books from companies like Baen who do not use DRM. The way I would have to do it now is to buy the ebook, download it to my desktop computer, connect my Paperwhite to the USB port, a...
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UX student looking for interviewees

Hi! My name is Stefan and I'm studying UX design. Starting February 22nd I will begin working on my master thesis which is about the e-book management program Calibre. I am looking for people who would be kind enough to answer some questions about your usage of e-books. Knowledge about Calibre is not required, but it would be useful if you do have. If you have time to spare between the 22nd and 26th I would be delighted to hear from you. The interview would in that case take place online vi...
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Automated Solutions

QM system is one of the leading brands in innovation in engineering and automated solutions across the industry of all around the world. we have a keen eye for every step of inspection and processes. We give all the automated solutions regarding handling system, management system, robotic system and industrial test system.
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On how various bookstores and apps handle series

I noticed on the most recent update that Amazon added series to the Kindle app (iOS version). This is something that Apple added about a year and a half ago. They do it the same way that Apple does, which is show what books are in the series and which ones you don't have. It's pretty nice, IMPO. However, since they don't want to pay the Apple fee, they don't give you the option of buying. You have to go to your browser for that. It's one of those extra steps issues that is the difference betwee...
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Are book readers a bubble?

Research Article Personal experiences bridge moral and political divides better than facts https://www.pnas.org/content/118/6/e2008389118 My conclusion: Book readers are a... bubble. Reading books gives you either more facts, or second hand experience. A well-read person mostly impresses book readers. It's like preaching to the choir. You could say you just read books for your own pleasure. Fine. Just don't expect to bring up something you read in a conversation and convince anyone. It's like br...
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Article on Readers Versus "Book People"

Thoughts on these two opposing articles? I saw Book Riot's objection response first to alert me to the original article. Back-Talking The Tone Police: Book People Are Not Your Enemy . The writer objects to what she/he sees as a condescending tone toward "book people". I went to read the original article, We Have to Save Books from the Book People, and the main theme of it is initially defending the integrity of the all-mighty classic from those readers who embrace social media to the point ...
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Why would only the audiobook be available?

Someone was talking to me about a book, so I went to Kobo to find it and maybe add it to my wishlist. It was for sale, but only as an audiobook. Weirdly enough its part of a series and some of the later books in the series are available as eBooks. Also it's available on Amazon as an eBook. Any idea why the publisher would do this? :blink:
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My basic ebook library list - Calibre- is on my laptop. Because of my poor eyesight I have found reading is best on an iPad. On the iPad is Calibre Companion and I use wireless device to connect. No problems there. As a subscriber to the Sunday Times, I have accumulated a number of free ebooks from the newspaper, and these are downloaded directly on to my iPad. Can I transfer these into my laptop calibre for storage? If so, how? Thank you. H
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How do I email book in pdf only? Not others

After converting and or creating the appropriate book in the calibre folder, I click on Share and Email to my reader, but it sends the mobi by default. Can I change that so it sends only the PDF. It's a fixed format book.
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Name of the Book

I am looking for a book where the main character is a royalty he is in a ship suddenly the captain abandons the ship and he to survive pretend that he is brave and becomes captain of the ship henceforth he goes from planet to planet conquering and increasing the fleet to fight the same captain who left him to die on the ship. Obs: The father he thought was dead is a pirate he ends up killing His future wife ends up having 9 children Robot I think the book was called general who or something...
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I normally preorder books by my favorite authors as soon as they are announced. Over the past several years, it was normal for my preorder list to be at least two pages long on the Amazon site, yet looking today, I'm down to 3. I'm not sure what's up. It's not like my favorite authors have stopped writing. In previous years, I've gotten notices that authors that I follow were coming out with new books as soon as the book was scheduled, frequently a year in advance. Apparently that is no l...
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Kindle 1.7

anyone having a problem running kindle 1.7 on pc?
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Hotmail Forwarding - How to Auto Forward Hotmail Email To and From Other Email Addr

Hotmail sending is a term used to portray programmed sending of Business Email List starting with one email account then onto the next. For instance, do you keep many Business Email List addresses with suppliers, for example, Hotmail, Yahoo Gmail and other POP3 account however thinking that its hard to monitor all the approaching and active messages? Do you think that its irksome getting to each Business Email List supplier sites Business Email List and over and over composing your Username...
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One advantage of eBooks...

...it's harder to, ahem, "accidentally" skip ahead in the book and spoil yourself. :o
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eBook stores that offer PDF or Djvu or any fixed layout file format?

Are there any eBook stores with new releases in formats besides ePub and mobi? Or do I have to buy the hard copy and get it scanned myself?
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Strategies for reviewing earlier books in a series

Does anyone have any strategies for refreshing your mind on earlier books in a series? Something you read a few years ago and have forgotten characters, plots points, etc.? I don't particularly want to go back and reread all the older books. Does Amazon's X-Ray give you a summary of characters and how they fit into a story? I am in the habit of putting all my Amazon purchases into Calibre and then side-loading them to my Kindle, which nukes X-Ray. So I don't know what it's capabilities are....
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Help with ebook format

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I'm trying to upload an ebook of mine to Smashwords but get this weird error. Seems like something's wrong with the date, or something. Date value '10/27/2020' is not valid as per http://www.w3.org/TR/NOTE-datetime:[For input string: "10/27/2020"] is not an integer. I will note that I published this book on that date on kdp/amazon/createspace, but I couldn't find the date marked anywhere in the document. So I don't understand what could be causing it. Any ideas on ...
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Looking for annotation exports?

Hello all! I'm developing a program library that'll parse annotation exports from eReaders. I've got it working on the exports from my Likebook Mars, but I need the rest. If you're willing to give me a hand or if you have any questions, reply to this thread and I'll send you a message. Thanks
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Is anybody else spoiled for eInk displays?

I've been using my Kobo for years now, and at this point it's almost unpleasant going back to trying to read eBooks on my monitor or even on my phone. I think I've been spoiled too much by eInk display. Is anyone else the same way?
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Becoming E-Book developer ??

Hello Since I have discovered E-Books and E-Readers, I am fully in love with the technology that is changing my life and obviously yours. Is E-Book developer an actual job ? If yes, I sign immediately. Or working in the field means : 1 - Working as a software developer for an E-Reader company. 2 - Working for a platform selling E-Books.
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Reader for comics?

Hi there! I have been using a very basic Amazon Kindle for reading books and it suffices. I don't need any special. But recently I got into reading graphical novels, manga especially and I know there is a ton of them online, together with fanfics, etc. That made me wonder, is there a reader setup for comfortable reading comics? I would be interested in that but I am not sure how to look and where to look for it.
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Overdrive 504 error

Is anyone else having a problem signing in to Overdrive at their library? I'm getting a 504 Gateway Time-out error. I've tried two different libraries. Also, one of them I was browsing eBooks when the error happened.
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I've Gone Blind

I can't believe it happened. I'm typing this in braille. It all started when discussing how tablets shine light directly into your eyes. DIRECTLY...INTO....YOUR...EYES. And yet, I read quite comfortably on my tablets. So that must mean, I erroneously concluded, that I could stare into the sun as it too shines light directly into your eyes. DIRECTLY...INTO...YOUR...EYES Reading on tablets and looking at the sun are the same as they both shine light directly into your eyes. DIRECTLY......
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Mobile app for readers

Hi, I’m a big lover of non-fiction books, and need your advice here. I’m currently writing a mobile app, which helps to organize / store valuable information which we read. I was doing it for myself initially, but now want to share with others and collect their opinions in order to make it better. Would it be permitted to share such information within this group? Thanks!
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Reading on different devices....

I have a kindle oasis which I do most of my reading on, but I also have iPad and a Samsung note 10+ phone. If I have been sent a epub or mobi file on my phone is there a way to read this via the kindle app on my phone and for it to appear in my kindle library so I can pick this up from where I left it on my kindle when I go to bed to read? I have a MacBook which I don't use that often these days. Am trying to make my life easier and streamline. Or I wondered if not follow on my kindle, share...
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Tablets - not just for PDFs

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but it seemed to fit. I discovered yesterday that my local library has a new app, and installed it on my 10.1 inch tablet. This turned out to be a great idea for helping me with my goal of reading more poetry. Some here have commented that for them, poetry is best read from paper books because physical formats can preserve the visual structure intended by the poet. Paper books are not an option for me, so I was delighted to discover that the anthology ...
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Best Practices: Libraries Or Folders to best organize books...

Greetings all, I have been using Calibre for a year and I LOVE IT! However, I have a few questions about 'Your Best Practices'. I have used Calibre with several different ideas in mind. 1. "One library to rule/hold them all" * I stored ~1k books/articles in ONE Library. I found this tedious. Bc Calibre would to a huge number to wade through. My solution was to place tags (proper and correct, a challenge) on every item. Pain... 2. Segregate all books/articles into n or (n+1) libraries. ...
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