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Can't Remember What You Read? Blame the Font

Can't Remember What You Read? Blame the Font, Not Forgetfulness Quote: REMEMBER ALL THOSE classics you devoured in comp-lit class? Neither do we. Research shows that we retain an embarrassingly small sliver of what we read. In an effort to help college students boost that percentage, a team made up of a designer, a psychologist, and a behavioral economist at Australia’s RMIT University recently introduced a new typeface, Sans Forgetica, that uses clever tricks ...
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Kindle 4th Gen won't connect to wifi network - won't list wifi networks?

I'm having problems with my wifes 4th gen kindle in that it won't connect to the wifi network. The kindle says it isn't connected and zero networks available and when we click on the option to list networks, the box around the option goes black (i assume to highlight) and then does nothing. I've tried restarting and reseting to factory defaults, neither worked and the factory reset didn't even wipe the device - all her books were still on the device. Apart from throwing the kindle out of the up...
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Recommendation for an easy to use Android ereader app...

Howdy, I'm looking for an easy to use, nice looking, ereader app to put on my kids' tablets. I don't need any fancy features but would like to be able to view things by series. For example, if I want to put a number of trilogies on their tablet, I want them option of being able to put them in a folder called ABC Trilogy, and XYZ Trilogy, and have the ability to view the Trilogy names without seeing the actual books. Then I can tap the Trilogy name to see the actual books. Basically we are tak...
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interesting blog post by Ilona Andrews about the economics of KU

I found this blog post interesting: http://www.ilona-andrews.com/ku-availability/ It's by Ilona Andrews (husband and wife team, best known for their conventionally-published Kate Daniels distopia/romance series, but also with some other series) and is about the economics, for them at least, of KU for their non-traditionally published titles. They also talk about the assumed economics for other authors who write differently (faster) than they do. If you don't want to read the post, the short ...
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hi guys, i have a question please help me!

Would you mind editing your posts and putting the list of errors inside "spoiler" tags, please? It'll make this thread an awful lot more readable (and much, much shorter!) Thanks.
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Need help?

This thread is being started so when you find errors in an eBook you have read, you can post the errors so others can fix them before reading. Please hold off from posting until you have finished the book so you can post all the errors in one message unless you find something serious that should be pointed out before you finish.
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Sony DPT-S1, first edition, what’s the value?

Hello, I’m just looking for some information on a subject I’m totally ignorant on, the ereader used marketplace. I have a first edition Sony DPT-S1 and I’m thinking of selling it. Just a ballpark number, what do you think I could expect to sell it for? It’s in excellent condition. I actually built a metal case for it. What’s a good way to sell it? I can’t imagine Craigslist! I thinking of a backlit upgrade, like the Mimas or something. Is a upgrade even worth it with the current technol...
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PDF reading and independent note taking?

I am looking for an eInk device which is good for reading PDF and has a notepad app. I guess a separate folding bluetooth keyboard would be ideal, one with a built in stand. I know the Dasung notEreader will probably be excellent for this but what about right now?
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I tried to convert it with the K2ODFOpt software

Hi I have downloaded a PDF format book to read on my tablet with either Prestigio e-Reader or EzPdf. The book reads fine with Acrobat on my PC, but it doesn'i open in the tablet ( Samsung galaxy 4), as it does with all the other PDF books. I tried to convert it with the K2ODFOpt software, as I have done many times, but it still doesn't open in the e-reader. I ran a sample of the converted book in Acrobat Reader and it works perfectly. It is an old book belonging to the C.G. Jung Collected W...
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Why no Remarkable Subforum??

Or---does anyone know of a forum dedicated to the Remarkable tablet? I have had one for a month or so and it is equivalent to a larger version of my Kindle Paperwhite that I can write upon with a stylus. By the way, unlike many others, it is very responsive to stylus strokes. It does have a few shortcomings that I feel will be ironed out, but overall it was a good purchase!
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eText World PDF download to Kindle - Keep table of contents?

The website etext world offers a few of my textbooks for super cheap, but they come in PDF format. I have been able to send to my kindle(paperwhite) in both PDF format and EPUB format. The problem with PDF format is the text appears very small on the screen and difficult to read. EPUB is much easier to read (like a normal kindle book) but it loses the table of contents. Often times our assignment will be "Read Chapter 8" or something like that, and I can't jump to the start of CH8 when the PDF...
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Is this a Mystery Trope?

So I've just read "Star Trap" by Simon Brett which is the 3rd Charles Paris mystery. I think it qualifies as a "cosy" mystery because it's light on gruesome details and strong on character, setting and the puzzle element of the plot. Anyway, I don't read a lot of these but it's a nice change of pace occasionally. What I noticed, and I think I've noticed this before, is that the main character, Paris, who is an actor not a detective, but who is investigating the crimes, asks a lot of question...
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Download and convert web page

Wondering if Calibre is able to download and convert web page into an epub? Suppose we provide the url. Download and convert. Nice epub. Can it be?? Thanks, Nicholas Kormanik
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Moving from Zinio to another reader on Android

A few years ago I started using Zinio on my android tablet to read magazines I electronically subscribe to. The problem I'm having now is that once you download each month's copy it stores the magazine in the tablets internal storage and now I'm low on resources on my tablet. Unfortunately, Zinio does not allow you to store your magazines on an SD Card and I'm trying to determine if there's a manual way to move my magazines from internal storage to my SD card but be able to restore the magazin...
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Why Hollywood didn't fight for copyright extension in 2019

I wondered why Hollyweird wasn't at the barricades to protect things from going into the public domain in 2019. I just found out the answer. . . Here's the Sonny Bono (AKA The Mickey Mouse Protection Act) Act: https://www.copyright.gov/legislation/s505.pdf "SEC. 102. DURATION OF COPYRIGHT PROVISIONS. (a) PREEMPTION WITH RESPECT TO OTHER LAWS .—Section 301(c) of title 17, United States Code, is amended by striking ‘‘February 15, 2047’’ each place it appears and inserting ‘‘Febr...
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B&N phishing

I just opened an email claiming to be from B&N indicating a change of password has occurred, etc. The typical false negative (or is it positive) setup, since I obviously didn't reset my password. I can't even remember it! So beware this type scam. I called B&N about it but they didn't seem to care. Go figure. *************************** We sent this message because you contacted Barnes & Noble about your password. To reset your password, please click [here]. To ensure the security of your acco...
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Amazon KDP

Schoen good day e-reader community, Wanted to know what an "imprint" is? Or. I bought a German ISBN (German ISBN), and I also entered the number of the ISBN I received on KDP and on my imprint. Unfortunately, I do not know what I should type in the field "Imprint"? * My guess as "Selfpublisher" (without a publisher), or on my imprint is "Publisher: (name, last name)", vllt. should I enter this identity also with the box imprint? ,
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What matters most to you when reading a good book?

Hi all, I'm an avid reader (mostly Russian classical fiction) as well as aspiring entrepreneur. I'm doing some research to understand what avid book readers, like me, care about most and potentially to create a solution for us all. If interested, care to share your thoughts using my short 5 minute survey? https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FSLFVJ3 Appreciate hearing from you! Happy reading!
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Hack attack?

I see that a thread of which I was OP has now had the OP identity changed: Now the OP is "demonss". What with someone new also copying a book posting of mine in the Patricia Clarke Library, but without the book, I wonder of someone outside is snooping around the forum having "fun". See "What books did you have to study at school?" in the Reading Reccomendations forum. and "Golden Windmill and Other Stories" post by "baseball" in Kindle Library.
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It really happened! A Public Domain day in the US.

1923 went PD yesterday in the US. I am amazed. . . .
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Duplicate bookfile deletion Question?

I have used Calibre on my PC as a library for my EPUB reader for many years and over that time due to new PC installations, reinstalling libraries etc etc I have noticed that I have acquired quite a lot of duplicates. I know that while installing to Calibre there is an option to delete but sometimes I have just installed them anyway. I tried the Auslogics Duplicate File Finder but for one I think it discounts books as being too small and the photos etc it did find some of them I want to keep in ...
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How can I buy the typeset/pdf version of an ebook?

I have a question about ebooks, but NOT about the epub, mobi, azw3/Kindle, "flowing text," and other mobile-friendly ebook formats that are widely available at any bookseller online. I'm interested in ebooks with the typography and page layout that correspond to the printed version of the book. These types of ebooks are almost always delivered as pdfs. As far as I know, the only options for purchasing this type of ebook are:Through the website of the publisher, who in my experience rarely mak...
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What are the copyright rules for "works-for-hire" in the EU/UK?

This is something I don't know about, but would like to know. The EU/UK is life + 70. However, what happens to a work that was done as a work-for-hire (like a pulp story written and sold to a magazine, without any royalties). When would it go PD? One of the Doc Savage ghost writers will go PD on Jan 1, 2021. . . .
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How many books have you read on your ereader?

I was reading about the environmental impact of paper vs ebooks lately and it got me thinking about how many books we read on ereaders. If you keep track or want to hazard a guess- how many books have you read on your specific ereader? I have a Kobo Aura One and I just hit the 60 book mark on that reader. I read about half paper and half ebooks. I don't plan to upgrade my ereader soon so I hope to hit at least 100 before I need to buy a new reader.
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Check out these Book Cover images

Maybe this should go in the Lounge, but I was hoping for a wider audience here. (Mods, please move if appropriate) If you are interested in Cover Design, Pulp Fiction, Parodies, or eavesdropping on folks with weird imaginations --- check out this link: http://tony41454.tumblr.com/ Step 1 -- Glance at first cover image. Step 2 -- Meh... it's an old book cover, so what? Step 3 -- Look closely at cover image. Step 4 -- Spit beverage over keyboard. Several dozen images for your enjoyment.
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Check out these cover images

Maybe this should go in the Lounge, but I was hoping for a wider audience here. (Mods, please move if appropriate) If you are interested in Cover Design, Pulp Fiction, Parodies, or eavesdropping on folks with weird imaginations --- check out this link: http://tony41454.tumblr.com/ Step 1 -- Glance at first cover image. Step 2 -- Meh... it's an old book cover, so what? Step 3 -- Look closely at cover image. Step 4 -- Spit beverage over keyboard. Several dozen images for your enjoyment.
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Kindle Firmware 5.10.2 Downgrade Failed

I was forced to update my Kindle software firmware (KPW2) to the latest 5.10.2, but I dislike it as I can't back up my Kindle books as before. Then I downloaded an older version ( from Amazon server. But the truth is that "Update Your Kindle" is grayed out, I failed. After I connect my Kindle to PC again, I found that the newly downloaded bin file has gone. What's wrong? Does Amazon force us to downgrade firmware 5.10.2?
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Question about ADE and authorizations

Is there any way to find a list of what devices are authorized to Adobe's ADE? I want to authorize my Tolino Vision 2 so I can borrow to it from Overdrive but I got the "six devices registered" error. So, I'm guessing, I can de-authorize a device to make room for the Vision, but it would be easier if I had a list of what was authorized. I assume the Windows computer counts as one device. Sorry to ask a dumb question. I just don't much about ADE (I hardly ever use it, except on the Sonys and To...
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Selling Epubs via Flash Drives

If you sell epubs on your own, then you're obviously going to set it up so that people can download a book after they make their payment. But I suspect there may be a few people who are hesitant to make credit card purchases online. In this era of all-out surveillance, some people may also want their reading habits to remain their secret. In that spirit, I wondered if some people might prefer to send an author a check with an extra $5 and have their book delivered via an inexpensive flash driv...
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Kindle US getting tricky with "buy" buttons for free titles ???

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this... For a couple of weeks (???), whenever I try to buy a book that is free at Kindle US, and is also in the KU program (for which I have a membership), the primary button that shows up first on the webpage for the book has only a "Read for Free" button, that would only borrow it from KU, and not actually buy it. And there is no immediately visible "Buy" button. See the first thumbnail below. To actually buy the book, you have to click on the littl...
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