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Have You Ever Really LOOKED at Your Tomatoes?

The cherry tomatoes on the deck are Josie's special treat. But the two rows in the garden are for me and John to tend.  I spent several hours yesterday morning, getting up close and personal as I removed the low-hanging leaves to deter the spread of blight.  That down low v iew afforded me an excellent opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the tiny blossoms. And those tiny hairs on the vines--what'up with those? Well. A quick side trip via Mr. Google and now I...
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Kindle Fire 7" stopped installing apps

I hope this is the right place to ask, if not, maybe someone could tell me where I might find help (outside of amazon that is):rolleyes: I've had my Kindle 7 for about 4 years now and I only use it to read either from Overdrive Libraries, or Kindle ebooks. In the last week I've noticed I couldn't download a bible app I use on my PC. After trying a few times, I tried other apps, and they won't download either. It says it's downloading but never does. I download from both Amazon Apps, and Goog...
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Plugin's are not using proxy?

I have tried each of the following: Code: fetch-ebook-metadata -d 10 -p Google -t writing fetch-ebook-metadata -d 10 -p Amazon.com-t writing fetch-ebook-metadata -d 10 -p Goodreads -t writing fetch-ebook-metadata -d 10 -p Kobo Books -t writing Each time the output starts with: Code: Using proxies: {'http': 'proxy:1234'} When looking at logs for the proxy only the Google plugin is using it. With all log debugging enabled. there are 0 entries for all the other plugins in t...
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16th Century Bookwheels, the E-Readers of the Renaissance, Get Brought to Life by 21st Century Designers

Most of us, through our computers or our even our phones, have access to more books than we could ever read in one lifetime. That certainly wouldn't have been the case in, say, the middle ages, when books — assuming you belonged to the elite who could read them in the first place — were rare and precious objects. Both books and literacy became more common during the Renaissance, though acquaintance with both could still be considered the sign of a potentially serious scholar. And for the...
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Drag & Drop a cover image from Google Images Doesn't work

Dragging & Dropping a cover image from Google Images doesn't seem to work. Is this not possible? Google puts up a box to allow searching using the image. Copy and paste obviously works.
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An Animated Introduction to the Pioneering Anthropologist Margaret Mead

Modern Western societies haven't solved the problem of sex, but Samoa has the answer. Or at least it does according to the work of influential anthropologist Margaret Mead, subject of the animated introduction from Alain de Botton's School of Life above. Her mentor Franz Boas, the founder of anthropology in the United States, saw not a world progressing "in a linear fashion from barbarism to savagery to civilization" but "teeming with separate cultures, each with their own unique perspec...
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Forma When I long-tap on some text, I want to immediately get option to "Search in Book"

When I long-tap on the screen on some text, a context menu pops up with three things: Code: Undo Highlight Edit/Create note Search... When I choose Search... I'm given another three options: Code: Search in book Search in Google Search in Wikipedia I don't ever use Search in Google or Search in Wikipedia. Is there a way to change "Search..." to "Search in Book"? That means, when I long-tap on some text, I immediately get: Quote: Undo highlight...
Tags: Google, Books, Wikipedia, Kobo Developer's Corner

First Look: Leadership Books for July 2020

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in July 2020. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Leading with Feeling: Nine Strategies of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership by Cary Cherniss and Cornelia W. Roche This book describes how 25 outstanding leaders used emotional intelligence to deal with critical challenges and opportunities. Featuring commentary from the leaders themselves describing how they handled each situation, it helps managers better unde...
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Oak Ridge Boys To Co-Host TBN’s Independence Day Weekend Celebration w/ Gov. Huckabee

See related AmmoLand News' interview with Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys, on God, Guns & Country! NASHVILLE, Tenn. – -(AmmoLand.com)- GRAMMY® winning, Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry members The Oak Ridge Boys are set to host TBN’s July 4th weekend special performing multiple songs, along with guests two time Grammy-nominated and GMA Dove award winner Nicole C. Mullen, Grammy award winner Lee Greenwood and joined by co-host Gov. Mike Huckabee. TBN’s Independence Day Weekend C...
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Behold Octavia Butler’s Motivational Notes to Self

Handwritten notes on the inside cover of one of Octavia E. Butler’s commonplace books, 1988 I was attracted to science fiction because it was so wide open. I was able to do anything and there were no walls to hem you in and there was no human condition that you were stopped from examining. —Octavia E. Butler Like many authors, the late Octavia E. Butler took up writing at a young age. At 11, she was churning out tales about horses and romance. At 12, she saw Devil Girl from Mars, and figured (c...
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Font embedding and app-reader compatibility

Hello, I've been trying to read an epub I created w/ Calibre that has an embedded font (Noto mono - an open monospaced font from Google) in an iPad device but it won't see the embedded font. It only displays fonts installed originally in the device, e.g. Athelas, Charter, Georgia, Iowan, Palatino, San Francisco, New York, Seravek, Times New Roman Is there sth else I can do with the epub while I create it w/ Calibre so that iBooks (or/and possibly other devices) can read the embedded font? ((...
Tags: Google, Books, Calibre, Noto, Barnes, Noto Mono

Reorganizing the Viewer Menu

I've been reading a lot of books using the Calibre Viewer lately, and while there's a lot I love about the viewer, I often find myself wishing the UI were a little more streamlined. In the spirit of open source, I'm prepared to try updating the UI myself. However, before I attempt such a thing I'd like to get some feedback from the community here to make sure such changes would actually be welcome. I'm hoping that in posting this here I can get a sense of whether I should go ahead and try to im...
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The SEO Garden: A Letter to the Midwest

June 26, 2020 Lovettsville, VA Dear Scott, Well, as your letter writing skills are obviously taking second place to your Facebook overshares, I thought I would pick up the baton (as most women must do in this life), and nudge you with its slightly nubby end. The bananas are beginning to cook. I enjoyed your latest Rant about things in the gardening world that you love and loathe, but erased my pithy comment about 600 characters in, feeling it was better to start a new, more focused, discussi...
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CC Amazon License Issues

Hi All My Kindle updated the Amazon purchased version of CC yesterday, the first update in about a year that I have seen. Unfortunately it appears to have broke the license model. When I try and click Wireless Device Sync I get a message saying: "Application not Licensed. This application does not appear to be licensed correctly through Google Play. Please make sire your Internet Connection is working, and that you have purchased the app through Google Play. You are now being disconnected f...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Books, Samsung, Calibre Companion, Amazon App Store, CC Amazon License Issues

My Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading – Part 2

Continued from My Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading – Part 1 I know that others have written about the methodology of reading the leaves, so I will share some of the things that particularly stood out to me: Vintage china works very well for reading the leaves. It’s easier, however, to stick with teacups that are unadorned on the inside – at least while learning. On the other hand — considering the clums...
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Free Audiobooks over Google home (and other devices supporting Google assistant)

Hey all, I've built a google home app which plays all librivox books (>15k) directly on google home and all devices that run google assistant, which includes most phones, tablets, google next devices and speakers like sonos. The app is called 'Book Reader'. You can try it via this link directly: https://assistant.google.com/service...00009e67666043 The details of the app are at https://blog.speakhub.io/free-audio-books A recommendation list to get started is here: https://blog.speakhub.io/...
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Experimentation and paid search

The next time you do a web search take an extra moment to see how the paid results compare to the top organic results. Sometimes the top link is the same for both. This article, from the authors of The Power of Experiments, drives it home with this excerpt: “Evidently, users who Googled ‘eBay’ (or another eBay-related search term), who had been clicking on the ad because they saw no reason to scroll down to the organic link just below it, were now instead clicking on the first organic search re...
Tags: Google, Books, Business, Ebay, Advertising, Data, Search, Search Advertising, Luca, Joe Wikert, Paid Search Results, Organic Search Results, The Power of Experiments, Bazerman

Armslist Defeats the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s

Armslist Defeats the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence's U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- Armslist has won yet another case against the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The Brady Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence teamed up with Boston police officer Kurt Stokinger, who was shot in the line of duty, to sue the online gun marketplace. The websites let dealers and individuals sell their firearms and firearm accessories online. It is a “Craigslist” for guns. In 2016, Stokinger executed a t...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Guns, Boston, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, John, Johnson, Nra, Federal Court, Brady, Northern Virginia, Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Kurt Stokinger, CDA

A Collection of 500 Free Textbooks from Springer

FYI. To help support everyone during the COVID-19 lockdown, Springer has released a ton of free textbooks. Since the Springer website isn't super user-friendly, someone created a webpage that makes it easier to find and even download these texts. The books will remain free at least through the end of July. So start rummaging now. Would you like to support the mission of Open Culture? Please consider making a donation to our site. It's hard to rely 100% on ads, and your contributions will help ...
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An Introduction to Thought Forms, the Pioneering 1905 Theosophist Book That Inspired Abstract Art: It Returns to Print on November 6th

“It is sometimes difficult to appreciate the impact that the late-nineteenth century (and ongoing) occult movement called Theosophy had on global culture,” Mitch Horowitz writes in his introduction to the newly republished 1905 Theosophical book, Thought Forms. That impact manifested “spiritually, politically, and artistically” in the work of literary figures like James Joyce and William Butler Yeats and religious figures like Jiddu Krishnamurti, handpicked as a teenager by Theosophist leader C...
Tags: Google, Art, Books, College, India, New York City, Religion, Wassily Kandinsky, James Joyce, Rishikesh, Western Europe, East, Facebook Twitter, William Butler Yeats, Leadbeater, Josh Jones

Adobe Launches Photoshop Camera App

Adobe has launched its new Photoshop Camera app for Android users. Version 1.0 is available on the Google Play store Read more on howtoweb.com
Tags: Google, Crafts, Adobe, Photo

17 Books to Read This Week

Welcome back to my "new releases in June" series. While more complete lists can be found via a Google search and some buzz books won’t be found here, my lists are curated to my own tastes. Here are the books released this week that interested me most. Note that release dates have been changing owing to current events. Please double-check availability before ordering or searching your local library. Contemporary Stories They Say Sarah by Pauline Delabroy-Allard (Other Press). Genre:...
Tags: Google, Books, Texas, London, Washington, France, San Francisco, First, Hawaii, Paris, Italy, Ohio, Trinity, Michelin, John, Kate

Hisense Q5 Tablet hands on video (in Chinese)

Looks like the Hisense Q5 has been released in China. It is amazing to see from the video how fast the screen refresh rate is as it can play videos without hiccups. The background looks as white if not whiter than a standard E-ink display. The screen also seems to have a much better grayscale. I wish this tablet supported pen input. Think about how a tablet with this screen technology would let you use any note-taking app in the Google play store unlike an e-ink device in which you are limited t...
Tags: Google, Books, News, China

Google’s Drone Delivery Service Now Dropping Library Books to Kids

Book-loving kids in Christiansburg, Va., are about to get a special delivery to ease the boredom of summer quarantine (and months of being stuck at home). Google will soon start dropping books to kids via its drone delivery service, Wing, according to the Washington Post. Now they can get their hands on a copy of The…Read more...
Tags: Google, Books, Science, Washington Post, Schools, Drone Delivery, CHRISTIANSBURG Va, Coronavirus, Covid 19

Daniel Radcliffe Writes a Thoughtful Response to J.K. Rowling’s Statements about Trans Women

Image by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons There are many more important things happening in the world than the tweets of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, but the tweets of J.K. Rowling are nonetheless worthy of attention, for the sake of fans of the series, many of whom are young and do not understand why their parents might suddenly be angry with her, or who are very angry with her themselves. As you have probably heard, Rowling has doubled and tripled down on statements others have repea...
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DIY Paneled Wood Headboard: A Finnish Blogger’s Bedroom Upgrade, Tight Quarters Edition

By day, Maiju Saha works as a social media marketing specialist and campaign designer. By night and on weekends, the mother of three dives into home improvement projects and blogs about them. Maiju and her family live in the small town of Vaasa on Finland’s west coast. Two years ago they moved into their 1941 house and since then she’s be puzzling over how to make her and her husband Janne’s compact bedroom feel “less empty without crowding it with furniture.” Taking inspiration from the room’s ...
Tags: Google, Home Depot, Books, Diy, Etsy, Finland, Diy Projects, Bedroom Furniture, Bedrooms, William Morris, Lowe, Vaasa, Scandinavian, Janne, Saha, Finnish

DIY Paneled Wood Headboard: A Finnish Blogger’s Small Bedroom Upgrade

By day, Maiju Saha works as a social media marketing specialist and campaign designer. By night and on weekends, the mother of three dives into home improvement projects and blogs about them. Maiju and her family live in the small town of Vaasa on Finland’s west coast. Two years ago they moved into their 1941 house and since then she’s be puzzling over how to make her and her husband Janne’s compact bedroom feel “less empty without crowding it with furniture.” Taking inspiration from the room’s ...
Tags: Google, Home Depot, Books, Diy, Etsy, Finland, Diy Projects, Bedroom Furniture, Bedrooms, William Morris, Lowe, Vaasa, Scandinavian, Janne, Saha, Finnish

Likebook Ares - Wallpaper Problem?

Hello! Brand-new Ares owner, and generally speaking, I'm loving it, though I'm encountering one particular problem that's vexing me. Has anyone else here encountered this, and if so, is there a known solution or workaround? * Desired result: I'm looking to run a third-party launcher (Nova Launcher preferred, but willing to consider others with similar functionality and customizability) with a white background. * What I've done: Updated to latest available firmware online (2.3.3-2020041717), ac...
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An Anti-Racist Reading List: 20 Books Recommended by Open Culture Readers

You may have received an email from your favorite online retailer, your boss, university president, or the CEO of your bank: “It has come to our attention that racism is real, and it is really, really bad.” Opportunism is real too, but a significant number of individuals seem to have finally drawn the same conclusion and feel morally compelled to do something about an epidemic that has—very discriminately—killed tens of thousands of black, indigenous, and people of color in the U.S. thro...
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Google play on 10th Gen Fire HD 8

Firstly apologies if discussed elsewhere. Can anyone confirm that the new 10th generation HD 8 allows sideload of Google store? Comments on Amazon suggest they have closed this loophole but you guys are better informed than general reviewers :) Looking to replace tablet of elderly parent & would prefer to go with KF as he's familar with it but ideally I'd also like to load some UK TV apps for him (Skygo and BT Sport etc) as he appears to be reading less/watching TV more in lockdown. Thank-you
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