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Beyond polemics: debating God in early modern India

The early modern period in India (roughly from 1550 to 1750) has been increasingly understood as a time of heightened religious self-awareness—the fertile soil from which Hinduism emerged as a unified world religion. Yet it was also a tumultuous period of intense rivalry across scholarly and religious communities. Scholars debated one another on matters of doctrine and religious practice, turning as well a critical gaze toward the founding figures of their respective schools of thought. Traditio...
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Darwin’s queer plots in The Descent of Man

This year, LGBT+ History Month coincides with the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s momentous sexological work The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex, originally published on 24 February 1871. The occasion prompts reflection on Darwin’s highly equivocal handling of sex variations in the natural world, including intersexualities (“hermaphroditism”), transformations of sex, and non-reproductive sexual behaviours.Descent has long been considered a landmark text in the history of s...
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Speaking to the gods & feelings in your belly.

I'm engaged in a project to dramatically reduce the number of books and magazines in the attic. I had been dragging stuff to Half Price Books in fits and starts before the Time of the 'Rona, and since then I've just been dropping off boxes at the Goodwill store on Keystone Avenue. Gun magazines are mostly goners except for ones I'm in, or older ones I use for reference. In fact, most magazines are going away except a few old collectibles and my fairly complete library of Car and Driver. Nonfic...
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Ten empowering books to read in celebration of Black History Month

Anna J. Cooper once said: “the cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class—it is the cause of human kind, the very birthright of humanity.”In observance of Black History Month, we are celebrating our prize-winning authors and empowering scholarship spanning a variety of topics across African American history, the civil rights movement, Black Lives Matter, the Harlem Renaissance, jazz, and more. Explore our reading list and update your bookshelf with the most recent ...
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Isaac Newton’s London life: a quiz

Isaac Newton is known as the scientist who discovered gravity, but less well-known are the many years he spent in metropolitan London, and what precisely he got up to in that time…How well do you know the latter part of Newton’s life? Test yourself with this quiz from Patricia Fara, author of Life after Gravity: Isaac Newton’s London Career: Featured image by Luke StackpooleThe post Isaac Newton’s London life: a quiz appeared first on OUPblog.
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Mouseguns, Then and Now

A frequently-encountered fixture at the gun store is the crusty old dude leaning on the counter...it doesn't matter if he's leaning on the employee side or the customer side, he's there somewhere...and intoning that all these new-fangled nine millimeter pistols are silly and calibers don't count for self defense unless they start with "four". Given the persistence of this hoary myth, where did all those .38, .32, and even .25 handguns come from back in the good ol' days? For starters, dispe...
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4,000 Priceless Scrolls, Texts & Papers From the University of Tokyo Have Been Digitized & Put Online

The phrase “opening of Japan” is a euphemism that has outlived its purpose, serving to cloud rather than explain how a country closed to outsiders suddenly, in the mid-19th century, became a major influence in art and design worldwide. Negotiations were carried out at gunpoint. In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry presented the Japanese with two white flags to raise when they were ready to surrender. (The Japanese called Perry’s fleet the “black ships of evil men.”) In one of innumerable historical...
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*CASTLE PANIC* Cooperative Tower Defense Game

CALLING ALL MONSTER SLAYERS, ORC WARRIORS, AND GOBLIN GETTERS!!! These ruffian creatures are hiding in the shadows of the forest surrounding the castle and it is YOUR JOB to gather your army and put up a defense. You will defeat the monsters together or be defeated together in a cooperative Panic to save the castle!  […]
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The evolution of women’s love lives: a timeline

Reaching from the middle of the twentieth century, when little girls dreamed of Prince Charming and Disney’s Cinderella graced movie screens, Carol Dyhouse charts the transformation of women’s love lives against radical social changes such as the passage of the Equal Pay Act, the acceleration of technological advancement, and improved access to contraception, bringing us up to the 2013 release of Frozen. How did the narrative change from a reliance upon being saved by Mr Right to an empowered me...
Tags: Books, Featured, Disney, America, History, Feminism, Cinderella, British, Gender Equality, Multimedia, Twentieth Century, Prince Charming, Timelines, Carol Dyhouse

Getting Domesday done: a new interpretation of William the Conqueror’s survey

A new interpretation of the Domesday survey, the famous survey of England taken on the orders of William the Conqueror in 1086, has emerged from a major study of the survey’s earliest surviving manuscript. It is now clear that the survey was more even more efficient, complex, and sophisticated than previously supposed. The first draft of the survey was made with astonishing speed—in about 100 days—and the information it contained was then checked and reorganised in three further stages, each res...
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The ruins of the post-Covid city—and the essential task of rebuilding

The visible ruins of our cities have often been in neighborhoods distant from the vital central areas where people shop, go to cultural events, and gather in restaurants. In these central areas, a vacant store here and there is considered temporary—a matter of weeks or months perhaps— part of the natural ebb and flow of the city’s culture and economy. The expectation is that a replacement will arrive soon enough and rent-values will remain more or less stable. These assumptions and expectations ...
Tags: Books, Featured, America, History, Cities, Infrastructure, United States, Sociology, Social Sciences, CC BY SA, Arts & Humanities, COVID-19, Urban Ruins

*BLUE LAGOON* Island Settlement Game

If you live in a cold-winter place, Blue Lagoon is the perfect game to bring back memories of sand and sunshine. It’s an area control/set collection game where players try to collect resources and spread their settlements and villages as far and wide as possible.  Game components include settler discs and village huts in four […]
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*ADVENTURE LAND* Battle Explorer Grid Game

If you’re looking for a strategy game, this one has it all! Adventure, mysticism, companionship, herbs, swords, battles…this is s a great beginning strategy game for young board game players. It’s can also be fairly complex with three different Adventure Scenarios to satisfy even the most seasoned board gamer! Each scenario indicates how points are […]
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Sign of the Times

I am once again treated to the spectacle of conservatives who are assmad (and liberals who are gleeful) that plans are moving forward to replace the founder of the modern Democratic party on the twenty-dollar bill with a gun-toting Republican. It is to laugh. . [Author: Tam]
Tags: Guns, History, Times, Tam, Money Makes The World Go 'round

Ten things you didn’t know about Darwin

Charles Darwin’s birthday on the 12th February is widely celebrated in the scientific community and has come to be known as “Darwin day.” In recognition of Darwin’s 212th birthday this year, we have put together a list of ten little-known facts about the father of evolution.1. Darwin didn’t actually invent the phrase “survival of the fittest.”It was invented by Herbert Spencer after reading On the Origin of Species in 1864 and adopted by Darwin in his fifth edition of the book.2. Darwin has over...
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Fears rise that Polish libel trial could threaten future Holocaust research

Case brought in wake of rightwing government criminalising blame of Polish nation for Nazi crimes could have implications for further researchTwo Polish historians are facing a libel trial over a book examining Poles’ behaviour during the second world war, a case whose outcome is expected to determine the future of independent Holocaust research under Poland’s nationalist government.A verdict is expected in Warsaw’s district court on 9 February in the case against Barbara Engelking, a historian ...
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Then and Now

An early postwar (1948) advertisement for short-barreled Smith & Wessons offered for "personal protection, undercover, and combat" use. Interesting that you could buy three Terriers or two M&P snubbies for the price of a single 3.5" .357 Magnum back then. Looking at most inflation calculators, that Magnum went for a little over a grand in 2021 dollars, which put the Terrier and M&P at around tree-fitty and five bills, respectively. As the saying goes, "In 1873, you could buy a shiny new Singl...
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Aces High!

While I was laid up in the hospital after my big motorcycle wreck back in the summer of 2000 a friend brought me a book to read. It was about fighter aces through history and sometime during the move from Georgia to Tennessee, it got submerged in with my other books in a storage box. When I started looking for it again after the move to Indianapolis, it had vanished. Over the past few months I've been desultorily packing up boxes full of books in the attic to take to Half Price Books or Goodwi...
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*MY FIRST CASTLE PANIC* Sequencing Color & Shape Matching Game

We’ve been pulling out all the games that have any sort of connection at all to ROCKS, our science topic for the month. We’re finding there are a lot of games that have rock elements to them, like My First Castle Panic! (We’re also studying England, Ireland, and Scotland, so this is the perfect game […]
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Automotif CC...

I spotted this 1959 or 1960 Rambler American, looking a little down at the heels, parked out in front of a local mechanic's shop. After the merger of Nash and Hudson created the American Motors Corporation, the "Rambler" name went from a model to a brand. (The president of AMC at the time, George Romney, later went on to run for governor of Michigan.) The American was the cheap and cheerful compact of the Rambler line, riding on a 100 inch wheelbase, which was tiny in the era of tail-finne...
Tags: Guns, Amc, America, History, Michigan, Honda, Hudson, Tam, Nash, George Romney, Zoom zoom, Chevy Bel Air, Automotif, Pickcher Takin, American Motors Corporation the Rambler

The Black Death: how did the world’s deadliest pandemic change society?

Conspiracy theories abound that COVID-19 originated in a laboratory, although history provides a number of examples of global pandemics caused by a pathogen crossing over from mammals to humans. The best example is the Black Death of 1346-53, which killed around one half of the population of the known world and caused global economic output to fall by perhaps 40%. The sudden change in the behaviour of this disease was linked directly to a sustained period of extreme weather and major climatic ch...
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Cartridge History

"D.B. Wesson designed a new centerfire cartridge to go with the new gun. Utilizing a .36 caliber (well, .359) bullet that fit snugly enough in the case to minimize the need for crimping by the reloader, the new cartridge was referred to as the .38 S&W, referencing the outside diameter of the case.  Although introduced in 1876 as a black powder round, the .38 S&W is still loaded and sold as a smokeless round in the modern era, although S&W hasn't made a revolver chambered for it since the last ...
Tags: Guns, History, Smith Wesson, Tam, Smith and Wesson, Ammunition, Boomsticks, Standard Catalog of Smith Wesson, Regulation Police

Overheard on the Radio...

I was driving downtown to shoot some photos and drop off some film last week. Terry Gross was interviewing filmmaker Sam Pollard on Fresh Air for MLK Day... Pollard: "But to now know that the minister of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Raphael Warnock, is going to be our - the first Black senator from the South is a phenomenal experience."I nearly swerved up onto the sidewalk on Meridian Street at hearing that. While Warnock is the first Black senator from Georgia, Tim Scott would be surprised to l...
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Safety first? Considering protest reasoning 10 years on from the Arab Spring

Ten years ago, masses marched to Midan Tahrir in Cairo, triggering a protest movement that resulted in the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. “People are fed up of Mubarak and of his dictatorship and of his torture chambers and of his failed economic policies,” an Egyptian blogger told al-Jazeera at the time: “If Mubarak is not overthrown tomorrow then it will be the day after. If it’s not the day after it’s going to be next week.”Ten years later, Mubarak is gone, but the country remains un...
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Drexciya: how Afrofuturism is inspiring a memorial to slavery at sea

The alternative Black history of a deep-sea civilisation has planted the seed for proposals to memorialise the 1.8 million Africans who died in the AtlanticSomewhere in the dark, vast abyss of the Atlantic Ocean, deep beneath the waves, lies a civilisation. For centuries the Drexciyans have lived in peaceful isolation on the seabed, occupying their bubble metropolis, unaware of the land-based realm their ancestors were forced to leave behind.The Drexciyans trace their lineage back to the pregnan...
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“Nero fiddled… Trump golfs”—but did Nero really fiddle while Rome burned?

After almost 2,000 years, Nero’s fiddle is back in the news. Everyone knows the story of how the Roman emperor Nero (54-68), in the midst of a crisis, ignored his duties and instead sang songs. The phrase “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” is now shorthand for a failure of leadership. It has even made its way into our imagined future, as a theme for a “Star Trek” movie (“Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns”).So it comes as no surprise that U S Senator Bernie Sanders updated the line to criticize President ...
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*KARUBA* Tile Placement, Treasure Hunting Expedition Board Game

We love exploration/tile placement games and Karuba has fun illustrations, great mechanisms, and is a really fun family game!  Players set up the game by taking turns placing one explorer and one temple at least 3 spaces apart on the board. Explorers go along the beach (sandy edges) and temples go in the jungle (green […]
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Ambitious Girl by Meena Harris: Because girls need need to own their dreams. And so do women!

I’m typing from behind swollen eyes today, the result of a day of crying tears of joy, tears of relief. Just a whole lot of tears. Lots of friends and readers have told me the same, and shared that one of the most profound moments of yesterday’s historic inauguration was hearing the “Madame Vice President […]
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Ambitious Girl by Meena Harris: Because girls need to own their dreams. And so do women!

I’m typing from behind swollen eyes today, the result of a day of crying tears of joy, tears of relief. Just a whole lot of tears. Lots of friends and readers have told me the same, and shared that one of the most profound moments of yesterday’s historic inauguration was hearing the “Madame Vice President […]
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Overheard in Front of the TV...

RX: "Does the Vice President have their own theme music?" Me: "Yeah, the 'Bucket of Warm Piss Fanfare'." . [Author: Tam]
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