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Hi all!

I am new to Calibre but old to ereaders. I started with the first Nook ereader and switched to the Kindle Paperwhite somewhere along the way. I'm now eager to learn the ins and outs of Calibre!
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Changing the page progression direction from rtl to ltr for multiple epubs

Hello dears, I have over 700 ePubs version 2 in Arabic, and the books open from right to left. I want them to open from left to right, because the reader I use (SkyEpub) creates a white page after every each chapter on iOS if it is rtl, and I do not want this issue to occur, so I change it on caliber editor to be ltr from package.opf file by changing: to: and the problem is solved. But my question: is there a way to do this automatically for all the 700 eBooks through bulk conversion? I ...
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Greetings to all

I am a very old man in a small French hamlet. Wife and I have been using Calibre from its beginning... and will use it to our death. What a marvelous app!! Hellix45to
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Hello from Vancouver, BC

Greetings all. Just a short note to say hello to the calibre community. I've been using calibre for a few years now, and am a big fan. - Stewart
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Just joined and thought I'd say hello before seeking support with my Sigil issue. :o
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Hi Everyone

I am vmware nsx engineer at Fieldengineer.com which is an On-Demand Marketplace which connects businesses and freelance field engineers in telecom industry. The Fastest Growing Start-up with a Global Workforce in 175 Countries. We have currently 40,000 engineers signed up worldwide.
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Hello :bigwave:, I'm Ioangogo, a Nickname I use across platforms(Twitter, Discord, IRC and others including multiple games). Im from The United Kingdom. I had a nook Simple touch for while but have gotten a Kindle Paper white. I don't have a large book collection in any format. Mainly like making all my devices run different firmware than what the manufacture intended, had my nook rooted for a bit until i lost the SD card with the root on. I like all things Open Source, discovered this forum t...
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Hello, Hello!

Hi everyone, :bigwave: I live in Huntsville, Alabama. I love to read and listen to audiobooks. I will pretty much read anything as long as it looks good or sounds good, with the exception of like biographies, self-help, cooking and some romance. I also have a weakness for stories with unique settings. I have a massive physical and e-library that I'm finally taking the time to organize in Calibre. I'm also a cat lover and have two black, domestic short hair kittens, brother and sister, that ar...
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Hello Everyone

I'm from the Netherlands and love to read history books. No ereader beats a 'real' book, but nothing reads easier than an ereader. I'm still using my first eraeder, the Kobo Glo and hoping to find help to keep it up and running. Arjan
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Hi From Idaho

Hello from Idaho. I listen to audiobooks on my commute to my dayjob & at night I record them. Favorite Dead Author: Charles Dickens Favorite Living Author: Timothy Zahn Favorite author I've worked with: Dan Kimmel
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Hello! Dawn Lawson here.

Sometimes known as Pain in the Ass. I'm thinking you guys might be a miracle. I wrote a book. My editor and I have been reworking it for over a year. I want to release by May 1st. This entire time, I have been dutifully studying how to publish on Amazon. Everything I have ever seen about e publishing talks about Amazon. Kindle is my Life Partner. I just found out that, not only are they not the only game in town, if I use their tools exclusively, I won't be able to sell my book on my own website...
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I have never been much of a non-academic reader, but looking to change that! Reading can be fun too :)
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Another Newbie

Well hello all I've not been a major user of forums up till now I'm afraid, in fact it just took me 5 minutes to work out how to add a new thread lol Anyway I've been reading pretty much exclusively on ereaders since I got my first Palm Pilot (who remembers the old original ereader.com website?) Anyway nice to be here I'll do a bit of exploring on here now Cheers Ro
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Greetings from Versailles, France !

Hi everyone, I am an avid ebook reader and collector with a wide variety of tastes. I really subscribe to the "So many books, not enough time" philosophy. Thank you for the opportunity to join the community. Regards, Steve
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Hello from New Hampshire

Hi! I'm a writer who uses a Kindle Fire constantly, for a somewhat-large-and-in-charge collection of dictionaries. I found this forum through Calibre, and I'm glad to be here.
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Good mood to you all! I am here to find like-minded people and have a good time :)
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Hi all!

I'm Pedro from Portugal and I'm willing to understant how to make stuff with SIGIL. Tanx
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Hello everyone

Hi. I'm new to this group but not to using Calibre. I don't use forums very often so it might take me a while to become comfortable posting.
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How to download?

Hi to all. I am a complete newby to e Readers and have been told by friends to use Calibre. I have now got that program and tried to purchase my first book. Calibre directed me to Walmart as the only supplier of the book that I wanted so I made the purchase. I received an email back with a receipt but I am unable to work out how to download the thing to Calibre. I have a Kindle Paperwhite but want to put my books into Calibre. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Regards
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I'm new here... and a little shy, but I'll eventually get over it.

I first heard about this site through past YouTube videos that linked to tutorials here, and now that I've started what I call my third phase in e-books, I decided to actually join. First phase: Apple Books and (tried) Kobo on iPad (gen 1) - some time in 2010/2011 Second phase: Kindle on Kindle Paperwhite (2012 model) - late 2013 to some time in 2015/2016 Third phase: Built-in reader (primarily PDFs via Calibre) and Kindle (plus many other services, but those are the primary ones I use) on Li...
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E-Book failing e-pub check

I am trying to get an e-book published through Smashwords and it keep failing. I am getting closer to publishing an e-book on there. I have made it an epub file and used EPUB Validator. Here are the results I got below: Results Detected version: EPUB 2.0.1 Results: The following problems were found in The Liberation of Britain Part - Daniel Bullen.epub: Type File Line Position Message ERROR The Liberation of Britain Part 2-nuked_split_001.htm 14 53 Error while parsing file: attribute "clea...
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Hello guys

I'm an inspiring writer and would like to do a movie someday. I hope to learn more about screenplay writing. :)
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Trying to tweak calibre

Hi, I'm a retired doc living in New England. I have coding background in BASIC, FORTRAN, Z80 assembler, QBASIC, VBA, SQL, perl, java, javascript, RPG2, HTML, CSS. I'm a radio amateur, seeking to increase my privileges by passing the Amateur Extra Class exam. The questions on the examination are in public domain. (See http://www.arrl.org/extra-question-pool ). :help: I'm trying to see if I can get the questions to display one question at a time on my FIRE. I'll try posting questions in a cal...
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Hi all.

Hello to all caliber users and electronic readers, I have a basic kindle and use caliber for a long time. I like to read all kinds of things, from novels to science books and historical novels, mystery, fiction and romantic novels, I love reading and I love my kindle I want to thank the caliber creator for allowing us to squeeze our electronic readers to the bottom. I must say that I am using google translate, so any error is not mine. Thank you.
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Hello to all Calibrers (32 and 64)!!!

Hi folks! Greetings from northern Italy (lake of Como). I'm here to learn how using better this great software (sorry for my english..) Bye Tino
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Hello everyone

I'm harry and i'm from America. But now i live in Viet Nam. I just say "hello" to you. Nice to meet you!
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Hello, I'm French. I'm Twenty three. I live in Montpellier I'm a student in History. I currently frequently use my cybook Muse Light from booken. I also used to have a Kobo, don't remember the model.
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Hello from France

Good morning everybody and have a good week :thumbsup:
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