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Hello Forum

Hello everyone I'm here to find the solution to a problem I have with using CALIBER, I hope to be able to find it. The title of the post I will send is "accidental deletion of files" and I will post it in the section "Library Management", I hope it's the right section. Good job everyone! Boski
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Douban 3.2.0 expired

metadata plugin Douban 3.2.0 The douban api has expired. I find another api can be use. https://frodo.douban.com/api/v2/book...c068c0c0a2102a who can repare the problem? :help::help::help:
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Hello Forum

Hi forum, found you after my kobo bricked itself. Dave
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Hello From France. i'm a new member. I've found this interesting forum because I was looking for a way to unblock my kobo Glo HD. Flo
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Cannot upload file, already has a folder named: driveinfo.calibre

When I try to load my kindle fire with a book, I get this error: Cannot upload file, ('Internal storage',) already has a folder named: driveinfo.calibre Traceback (most recent call last): File "calibre\gui2\device.py", line 89, in run File "calibre\gui2\device.py", line 512, in _books File "calibre\devices\mtp\driver.py", line 220, in books File "calibre\devices\mtp\driver.py", line 192, in get_driveinfo File "calibre\devices\mtp\driver.py", line 182, in _update_drive_info Fi...
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Unable to open MTP device "002, 005"

Hi, This is my first post, please bear with me. The message in the title is what I received on screen when connecting my Kindle Fire HD to Calibre, and the following is what was suggested I paste - thanks! calibre 4.99.4 embedded-python: False is64bit: True Linux-5.8.0-44-generic-x86_64-with-glibc2.29 Linux ('64bit', 'ELF') ('Linux', '5.8.0-44-generic', '#50~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Feb 10 21:07:30 UTC 2021') Python 3.8.5 Interface language: en_GB USB devices on system: [['0x1949', '0xb',...
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Greetings to all!

Hello everyone!, Hope you all doing well! I have been several times as a guest on the forum, carefully reading many recommendations and interesting posts about your books, e-readers and general topics associated with good reading. I'm looking forward to digging deeper into so many interesting threads! Godspeed to everyone!
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Hi there! My name is Hazel, and I'm new to the e-reading world. I've got several collection of books and while I enjoyed reading and sniffing through pages of an actual book, having a lot of books has never been this handy before. Have a great day everyone! :)
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Greetings to the entire forum community

Greetings to the entire forum community. I am Notis and I came to you to answer some of my questions, hoping to get help from your knowledge. Thanks.:thanks:
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Pocketbook Inkpad Color

Longtime lurker, first time posting. I've learned a lot from the forums in order to modify my PaperWhite. But it's time to upgrade, so I ordered the Pocketbook Inkpad Color from Amazon and it will be here by Wednesday. Woot!
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Hello from a PW3 holder

Hi there, Just joined after popping in a few times over the last couple of years as a guest. I have a PW3 and I am looking to root it, going to have to go the serial route though as I'm Words of encouragement, discouragement and recommendations are appreciated, as my intent for the device is as a small E-Ink terminal or dashboard. I don't know how powerful these devices are and what software can be run on them, haven't really looked, but using the E-Ink display with remote access wou...
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Greetings from Italy!

Hello, world! I'm Bearclaw95 from Italy, a high school teacher in Humanities who recently unlocked his inner STEM side and started improving his ebooks (and making homemade ones) through Calibre. I'm sure this forum will be a goldmine for technical advice and I hope I will be good enough to give them myself, one day! In the meantime, enjoy your reading.
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Blessings and benedictions

Hello. My name is Luis. I am a 40-something teacher from Portugal. I'm an avid reader, both in paper and eletronic formats. I had been using my tablet as an e-reader but recently acquired a Kobo Clara e-reader. My favourite topics are myriad, but I particularly love history and (good) historical fiction.
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Hi everyone, I studied Classics, currently studying Law. Not sure if I'll get to be a solid contributor, but whenever I come across the site I come out with my metaphorical hands full, so I hope I could give something back. This emoji says "reading a book" :book2:, and this one says "bookworm" :bookworm: I'm learning fast!
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Hi all!

I’m new here and looking forward to finding my way around. I’m primarily interested in finding out how,if it’s possible, I can download my Amazon list of books into Calibre. If you have any suggestions, I’m open to them. Many thanks! :thanks:
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Book rating system by recommendations

Hi all. Can you please tell how I can make a rating system of books on recommendations. For example, I heard that Bill Gates recommended a book and Naval Ravicant recommended the same book. I add a Tag or something and give it, say, 5. Naval recommends the same book, so this book has a total of 10. Someone from the Internet - I give them a rating of 1. And the book begins to weigh 11. Can I do this on Calibre? Something like this
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Camino Winds novel

“In American icon John Grisham’s new novel, Camino Winds, an odd assortment of mystery and crime authors, some of them felons themselves, discover one of their colleagues has been murdered during the fury of a massive hurricane—the perfect crime scene. Since officials are preoccupied with the aftermath of the storm, the authors set out to solve the mystery themselves, in the type of wild but smart caper that Grisham’s readers love.” —Delia Owens, author of Where the Crawdads Sing download it ...
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My name is Julius. I'm a retired Air Force Medical Technician. I have completed several books relating to health in the past year and a half. One of those books is currently listed on Amazon. I hope to find some new acquaintances on this thread and learn from them.
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Cannot send to device

hi everybody, I have recently RE-joined Calibre but this time, I don't have the option to send books to my Kindle. any advice ? thanks, Amy
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Self introduction

Hello room. I'm William Entriken and I'm interested in open source software and have something I want to accomplish with my new Kobo. [ EDIT: See https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=337228 ]
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Hello all

Hello all! My name is Carlo. Thank you for letting me in in this forum. I am an Italian living in Germany. I installed Calibre 5.13 both on a Linux and on a Windows PC and now I try to learn how to best use it. I hope I can get help here, :scholar:, and perhaps with time to become myself a helper for others. Best regards to everybody Carlo
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Initials in Sigil

Hi people, Thank you very much for accepting me. I am quite a newbie in creating ePubs in Sigil. A new big issue came from out of nowhere by controlling the output... I use big initials not only at the beginning of a chapter, but also in the middle of a chapter. Like a sub-chapter or so. I would like to treat them like a picture, so I close them by tags and and I am trying my best with the CSS styles. Everything works good till a page-break comes. The surrounding text is behaving in an u...
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hi everyone ...Glad to meet you

maybe people are posting problems here because it is so hard to find anything in this forum. not everyone want to make new friends sometimes they are just having problems.
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Hello World!

Hello to all, looking to buy an ink E-reader and join this community!
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Hi there. I'm probably not much different than you so I'll keep it ... :book2:
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