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Tools Reasons/Benefits to Jailbreak a Kindle in 2019

Hi, I own a Kindle Voyage I decided to jailbreak years ago, and at the end I realize that I barely used any advantages of this jailbreak. I'm about to receive a new PW4, and I'm debating the idea of jailbreaking it, just in case. But at the same time, why would I bother, when at the end I find that the Kindles firmwares are getting better / including functionalities that would probably require a jailbreak before (I'm thinking of customs fonts). So I'm curious to know the reasons people have...
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Kindle PW2 turns off while installing ScreenSavers Hack

Hi at all. Hope i'm right here. In the last few days I tried a lot and read a lot here. Only wanted the book covers as screensaver. Now nearly each bin file will turn off the reader. The Reader works for reading as before but i can't install or uninstall hacks. Tried following in this order: For the sake of completeness: two tools installed a few days ago. They did some unknown changes to firmware. Because they don't worked as i want, i uninstalled them. KindleCollectionManager_v0.5.3 KDea...
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PW4 Script to remove annoying message?

I am wondering if there is or can be created a script or something to remove the annoying message when I load books to my PW4. Here is the message in full: Quote: Folder is almost full One of the subfolders under Documents folder has exceeded 2000 items. To continue adding more items to your device, we recommend creating a new subfolder under Downloads. CLOSE There is a "downloads" folder in documents, to which, as an experiment, I have ...
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File for debrick PW2

Hi everyone i noticed that the xtab link is dead so I need the four files if anyone can send me I really appreciate: Diags kernel Main kernel Mmcblk01 Mmcblk02
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K4 Kindle 4 +++ Auto Changing Screensaver's PNG Quotes

:hatsoff: Hi, My name's Dmitry. Dmitry from Russia. A couple of days ago I thought if I could use my old :rolleyes: Kindle 4 as a screen on my table, while I’m doing my daily work at the :bam: computer, so it could :bulb2: show me a new quote which I :blink: don’t know, and doing it with an interval say 5 minutes for a little pause to :chinscratch: think about every read quote. Actually it’s pretty old :dizzy: e-reader and reading on it is much difficult than on modern e-readers. The only qu...
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K4 K4NT - Help with Picture Frame

K4NT 4.1.1 (1813030025) Firstly sincere apologies for my complete lack of knowledge (i.e zero) regarding writing scripts! I have searched the forum and open source for some help and i have seem similar threads and have tried to cobble something together for several weeks already! PROJECT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking to use a K4NT to display a random black &...
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PW2 Downgrade Kindle Paperwhite 2 v5.10.2.1

Good afternoon, I want to know how to downgrade my Kindle Paperwhite 2 with the firmware version The Update button is not able. Thank you so much.
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PW3 Kindle Paperwhite 3 jailbreak/KUAL/extensions difficulties

Hello to you all, I bougt a Kindle Paperwhite 3 in 2016 and did jailbreak at the time. S/N G090 G105... I had for long an old firmware 5.6.5 but I wanted to update. As I read in the forum it could be dangerous to update directly, i updated to 5.9.7 and then to 5.10.2, which I have at the moment, the most recent one. I tried to run KUAL then, and it gave an error. So after extensive reading, i found the hotfix, put the bin of the JailBreak-1.15.N-FW-5.x-hotfix.zip in the root and updated the...
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Making an Ottoman Turkish book for Kindle

Hello. I'm trying to decode characters from a file whose extension is "and" in a zip file attached to my thread so as to produce an Ottoman Turkish book for Kindle from that file whose extension is "and". However, I can't accomplish it. Therefore, could you help me produce it, please? Best regards. [ attachment deleted ]
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PW2 disable Demo mode with installed jailbreak

Hi, comrades. Please tell me how to disable Demo mode with installed jailbreak without losing it? jailbreak was successfully installed on the Kindle PW2 in demo mode via serial port. After installing jailbreak, the tx copper pad from the board came off .... I can not reinstall the jailbreak second time. Sorry for my English (Google translate)
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KT3 KT3 Jailbreak

Good Morning I would like to know if you have how to do the Jailbreak in KT3, my device updated and I did not even notice it in version 5.10 I searched everywhere there is not even a solution? Sorry if I messed up writing my English is Pessimo (Google Helped)ever meu Inglês é Pessimo (Google ajudou)
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K3 Change O.S

Hi all. I have a Kindle 3 (not touch, this is the old that came with the keyboard). Well i use it a lot, and in the past i do a dual boot with Duokan. So i have the option of boot with Duokan or with the o.s. of amazon. But, i see that there is a "new" (for me) os. that is called KOreader. So i want to know if there is possible to install this os in this kindle. (knowing that i already "change things") Thanks to all. ps i dont speak english.
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Kindle 90C6 no KUAL and should I update?

Hello! I got a Kindle 90C6 (KT2/Basic) from a thrift shop today running firmware I followed this guide https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=267541 But KUAL does not show up when placed in the documents folder. Should I try again with this guide after a factory reset? https://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/5_x_Jailbreak And after I get all this done, should I let it update with the newest FW? EDIT: running ;log mrpi in the search bar shows the "Hush little baby..." message, so my JB ...
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Kindle DX screen. Can you connect to other models of Kindle motherboard?

I was wondering if it was possible to successfully connect the larger Kindle DX screen to the motherboard of any another Kindle model (e.g. K4NT) so that i could use the larger screen in a display project. I would like a jailbroken Kindle to be able to use any (possibly third party) bigger than 6" e-ink display. I am aware that some of the Kindle models have the chip that drives the screen mounted on the ribbon cable but i am not sure whether any of the cables would be a physical fit and i a...
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Recommend an electronics book for a noob

I'm interested in expanding my limited Electronics knowledge, I have a technical background in "IT" but am very new to micro electronics, soldering etc. I've been trying to learn through youtube, reading this forum, reading blogs etc. however I think I would benefit from a proper foundational understanding of electronics. I also have 2 broken kindles to play with. Could someone recommend a good book for a beginner to start with that would help with understanding components on a Kindle and how ...
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Does This Hack Work With Mac TextEdit?

Hey Folks, I came across a post that gives instructions on how to change the Kindle's default font sizes -- link here: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...2&postcount=19 -- when I tried it using my Mac's built in text editor, TextEdit, it did not work. Is there some other software that might make it work? I did all of the steps in the post: I opened TextEdit, typed in 14 numbers with a space in between each number(7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 ... etc), saved the file and named it "FONT_RAMP", and then co...
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Kt3 bootloop continues... Help

Not sure if it's a good idea to start a new thread because old one was closed so had to start a new one. It seems that I'm having problem getting into recovery mode in KT3, tried fastboot too but that too seems to be not working and file "uImage" sent through xy modem doesn't seem to be working since after execution of command "mmc write 0x80800000 0x208 0x2600" it responds with a failed message like this MMC write: dev # 0, block # 520, count 9728... Card did not respond to voltage select! 0 ...
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DX(G) Wireless drivers for DX.

I gave installing 3.2.1 a go on a DX taking the ill advised rout of installing a binary I got from the net. There were a couple of issues so I decided to recover and discovered I'd forgotten to copy the recovery files and lost them. I also have a DXG so I made a recovery image from that and have restored my DX. I've since installed the top 6 or so hacks plus duokan on it and all seems to be well except for the fact that wireless doesn't work. I don't use the kindle site so it's not much of an...
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Responding to touch events

I've got a Kindle Touch displaying weather and calendar information. Its just cronjob/curl png from server/eips sort of thing. I was wondering if it is possible to respond to touch events? I'd quite like to be able to turn wifi on and off without returning to the normal screen for example. Thanks.
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How NOT to install custom fonts on your kindle paperwhite

Recently I found a cool font that I wanted to use in my kindle but soon I discovered that installing font on kindle was more difficult than I thought it would be. There was a script on this website for installing custom fonts but I really wanted to take the matter into my own hands and install my font manually. I ended up bricking my device twice before I could finally do it. I wanted to share my experience with others who might want to understand more about how amazon fonts work without risk...
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Best way to own a jailbroken kindle? Are jailbreakable ones still for sale?

Trying to get my hands on a jailbreakable kindle, the most important thing for me is: - SSH / wifi connectivity - Screensaver functionality - Visibility of screen (prefer paperwhite versions) I literally don't care about anything else, those three things are the only things i want out of a jailbroken kindle. What is the fastest simplest way to own one? Do I have to go to best buy and look at serial numbers like iphone or nintendo switch jailbreak? Do they still sell older jailbreakable seri...
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Serial JB of PW3 (G090G1)

I've just received a PW3 (G090G1) today and it's on FW 5.9.7 so I gather that the only way to JB is to gain serial access. I have looked around the site and after seeing this post decided I would attempt the method with pins (partly) detailed here. https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...65#post3739965 I've ordered the FT232RL-FTDI-USB-3-3V-5-5V-to-TTL-Serial-Adapter-Module-for-Arduino-Mini-Port it mentions, various cables, pins, clips and connectors for just over £10 and one of these https://...
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Removing "Duokan Store" and "Duokan Push" from directory view

Have any other Duokan users figured out how to remove them? I even looked through forums with their names in chinese - "多看出品" and "多看推送" using google translate and couldn't find anything.
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KT3 (8th generation) battery charging problem

I bought a broken kindle from the classifieds, the guy I bought it from seemed clueless and genuine. He told me it was showing low battery, I think he said it wouldn't charge and he tried to use it and then got the error message. What is it? The serial number starts with G000K9 which I looked up, its a KT3 (Kindle Basic 2 (Black) 8th Generation). The case identifies it as model SY69JL The version code on the screen is 3330460020 What are the symptoms? - White screen with Error Code 0 and Batt...
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Bump KUAL KUAL+ extention

Attached is a KUAL extension for KUAL booklet users to move the listing for KUAL to the top of the Recent view. This does not take effect until some other document is opened and closed. The technique used is discussed in the thread https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=314510 The order of listing in Recent view is based on the last access time in the cc.db database. This gets updated for most documents when they are closed, including the kindlet versions of KUAL. Kindle firmware greater...
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PW3 Any Kindlet development library?

Now that new firmware drop azw2 support, i really wanted to play KindleChineseChess on my kindle, but its in azw2 format, so grabbed the source and tried to compile. But com.amazon.kindle.kindlet class seems to be missing from the project and a simple google search suggest it's from Amazon Kindle Development Kit, but it requires setup and applying the amazon sdk program. So is there any other kindlet library available?
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Kindle PW3 ssh broken pipe leaves broken ssh

Hi I have jailbroken my kindle pw 3 on and set it up with usb network extension after successful connection, i started exploring and delete some files by "cat"ing them that are left by Calibre and other tools years ago. But after using cat on some really big files, and possibly contains other than ascii characters, my terminal prompt says "broken pipe" then disconnected from my kindle. Ever since then each time I try to connect to my kindle I will see the banner but a blank terminal tha...
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PW2 Trouble not solved after tried 2 different methods

Hi guys, I have read some of threads for unbricking kindle pw2 as mine has been stuck on the screen for the tree for almost a month. I tried 2 methods: one is through SecureCRT, another one is through the following tutorials: https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=267541 Unfortunately, I can't solve the problem and since I totally know very little of programming, I just copy and paste what the tutorials say. The same situation happened in those two cases: Here is what I found from Putt...
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PW4 Kindle Firmware 5.10.2 PW4 Downgrade

Hello everybody. Yesterday I got the new PW4. I turned it on, connected to WiFi and linked it with my Amazon account. From the box I had frimware. And it updated automatically to 5.10.2. Now from what I read, I can't do JB on this frimware version and I would like to know if it possible to downgrade on or previous frimware versions. Thanks in advance.
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K4 K4NT Properly bricked after screen replacement, help please!

Hello, I've just finished replacing the screen on my K4NT (horrible job, wouldn't recommend to anybody!). Since getting it back together I have a "Your kindle needs repair" message. I've written KuBrick to a CDR and it gets through the first screen, but fails at the second, I think it's when trying to get into fastboot (I'll try and get a photo to show what I mean). Is it totally broken? I can replace it but I hate to throw things away when they could be fixed.
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