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How to play chess on All-new Kindle 2019?

Hello I have an all new Kindle 2019 version. (KT4 - G090WH) I want to play chess on it. I saw that if I jailbreak my kindle, I can do that. But I saw that it's not possible yet to jailbreak this version of kindle, unless I want to do an hardware jailbreak (Serial Port). There is any way to play chess without jailbreaking? And if not, is it dangerous to jailbreak my kindle using hardware jailbreak? Thank's!
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Is it possible to prevent OTA update by creating abnormal folder?

I have read an article which said you could use the CMD command "md abc..\" to creat an folder which cannot be delete in normal ways.(https://www.jb51.net/softjc/38426.html) I wonder is it possible to prevent OTA update in firmware>=5.12.2 by creating an "update.bin.tmp.partial" folder firstly and then creating a folder like "abc.." inside it. I tried to delete the "abc.." folder in debian by "rm -rf ./*" and failed, so is it means the folder cannot be deieted by Amazon OTA program?
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PW3 Is firmware downgrade possible to prevent OTA updates?

I have a PW3 that was jailbroken via serial jailbreak, latest hotfix was installed. KUAL is working. The settings menu shows firmware 5.12.2 It's currently on airplane mode, however I will need to bring it online to get removal of special offers. I would like to avoid forced OTA updates when I bring the kindle online. I've been trying to understand if it's possible to downgrade the firmware to a version where the folder in the root directory trick prevented updates. Is a firmware downgrade p...
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Does Go GUI packages for Kindle exist?

Hi! I want to write Mega client on Golang with GUI, but go-sciter, gotk3, qt, webview doesn't work or can not to be buildable for ARM. I want to use package, which has simple models like buttons, comboboxes and etc. Does it exist?
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KT2 KT2 with 5.12.2 serial jailbreaking and adding wifi networking

Hi, First of all thank you all of those who have posted here, it helped me do some wicked stuff with my kindle touch :) Right now I have opened kindle (it was more trouble than I thought) connected the wires (with a helping hand, soldering with my flat as hammer tip almost ruined the connections) and have been able to minicom into my kindle :) My serial number is 90C6 0706 5425 03SK I had some trouble along the way, first of all, going into diags mode was a bit different than in the "for dummies...
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how can i jailbreak my kindle PW4

Hello, can anyone give me the links that may help me jailbreak my PW4 with a version 5.12.5. thanks
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PW4 How to manage collections from Calibre

Can anyone help me use Calibre labels as collections on my Kindle PW 9°? :help:
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Kindle Basic 10 Edition Jailbreak

Hey guys, I'm a noob, so bear with me :). I just got a kindle basic 10 with serial number G090VB, and I'm wondering if I'm able to jailbreak with it. Thanks!
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KV Kindle Voyage bricked

Hello the community ! (As I am new here I hope I post on the good part of the website... If not I apologize) I was the happy owner of a Kindle voyage Using Calibre for a huge collection of SF books that don't exist anywhere else than on a defunct website of ePub... (that I saved hehe) A year ago I was using Calibre to transfer books and then my kindle was bricked. It is always in the start screen with the three etc. If I do the recommended reset of 40sec it is just going to the same place ...
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PW2 Downgrading JB PW2 SN: B0D4 FW:5.6.5 to 5.4.0

I have a jailbroken PW2 (2GB model) with FW: 5.6.5 . I would like to revert it to 5.4.0 (factory, I think) to get rid of the goodreads integration. How can I go about doing this? Would I need ixtab's 5.4.0 image from http://ixtab.tk/kindle-touch-images/PW2/ (link no longer works)?
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USBNetwork: Kindle seems to be behind a firewall (?)

Hi guys, So I have this new kindle and I have been trying to set up USBNetworking, many years after my last (successful) attempt. Something is quite not right here... I am using the default configuration, the only thing I changed is the Kindle Ip address. I have verified the config file is in Unix LF mode. I also have kterm installed, and when the sshd is up I can run ifconfig -a and it will show me usb0 interface up with the address I want. FWIW, I have tried both with the default ip addre...
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Remote Page Turner Prototype

I've been looking for a way to remotely turn the pages on my Kindle. I saw KindleLazy, but unfortunately it looks like the newer Kindles have been locked down pretty tight. I've been working on a hardware remote page turner that would work for any touch screen e-reader. This prototype is on a breadboard, but it will be packaged into something nicer for real usage. Right now, I'm controlling it using an iPhone. It could potentially be extended to work with Android and other remotes. Here's a v...
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Alexis Name Meaning

Gender: Unisex Origin: Russian Meaning: Defender Of The People 1. Meaning of the name "Alexis" Derived from the Greek alexein (to defend, to help). The Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis) means "helper" or "guardian", derived from the Greek αλεξω (alexo) meaning "to protect, to help". This is the name of a Greek comic poet in the 3rd century BC, and also of some saints. It is used somewhat interchangeably with the related name ςς or Alexius, born by the five Byzantine emperors. In the English-speaking wo...
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KT2 Stuck in demo mode

Hi! :help: I need some help... I got stuck in demo mode while trying to see what it was like... and something went wrong (something I did of course). It used to have KUAL installed many years ago, but recently the kindle got updated and then I lost KUAL, tried to bring it back and in my desperation I got stuck. It's a Kindle 7th Generation: is touch and it has only one button, the power one. I found many threads with similar situations and I think that the only way to go is the Serial Inter...
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Any way of backporting the new ppw4 "Dark Mode" Quick Access shortcut to previous fw?

It's known that newest kindle fw are aggressive and defeat the fw update blocking methods we currently have available. It never bothered me to stay on lower fw because there aren't worthwhile features on newest updates. The latest official update for ppw4, though, added a very useful shortcut for Dark Mode without having to go into accessibility settings. Is there any way to implement that feature or something similar on a jailbroken ppw4 without updating? Thanks.
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PW4 shipping firmware

Hi guys, I know there are no guarantees, you have to wait and see, no one can take responsibilities etc. etc., but I was wondering: which firmware version are PW4 kindles currently being shipped with? I was wondering if there are chances that they are still being shipped with a factory-firmware replaceable version...
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Kindle browser - javascript & HTML issue

I'm in the middle of producing a browser based Sudoku page using javascript. It works fine without any installing etc but not everything is perfect. I have a settings page that is hidden by default until you press the settings button - this doesn't happen on the Kindle so I can't change the levels etc. Also there's a pair of buttons that allow you to alternate between putting in guesses for a square and the actual value - the logic works but the inactive button is supposed to grey out. What I d...
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PW4 Best firmware for PW4

Hey there, just got my PW4 today and noticed it shipped with the 5.11.2 firmware. My question is, should I update to the newer versions or just stay at 5.11.2? I've been reading stuff about the newer firmware versions and seen that some people aren't very pleased with them. Would I be losing anything if I just avoid those updates? Thanks!
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Help with first Kindle Paperwhite errors.

I have the first Paperwhite Serie N° B024 1603 3015 062T, Firmware 5.3.1, JBPatch 3.2.1. I am using the Collections Manager (2.8.0) and Kual (v. 2.2) for years without any problem, but today both give me errors and sometimes the Kindle reboot after the error. What do you thing is the problem? Maybe because I have only 65 MB free.? How could repare Collections Manager and Kual? Thank you very much in advance. (I can't live without Collections Manager)
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Kindle html puzzle

I've been idly looking into producing a simple puzzle game for the kindle. It can be done via html + JS + CSS. Do simplified web based forms and JS work roughly the same on the kindle browser? Can I develop on for a normal browser and then just use that code on the Kindle? Can I produce the relevant files and "compile" them into a mobi file for release? Are there utilities that allow me to see what screens would be like on a kindle? The aim is to have everything working via a single form and no...
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PW Kindle in local WLAN

Hi Kindle Dev Community, I have successfully installed JB and SSH on my Kindle PW1. However I wanted it to operate it in a local WLAN environment for Home Automation Display. Is there any chance to overcome the Internet check when connecting to a WLAN ? Thanks in advance for all hints lupus
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kindleEar deploy to other platform

Hello, I have tried for several hours to upload this app to google app engine, but i have failed. This happems, i suppose, because of i wouldn't like to add billing info to google console or because of there are changes to the google app engine and it isn't compatible with the instructions. Could you please, because i don't know programming, give me instruction how to deploy this app to other hosting server like pythonanywhere or someone else? thanks a lot!
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PW Bricked Paperwhite 1

Hi, sorry for taking your time. I am completely stuck with fixing my bricked PW. I got my device shortly after release and installed Duokan. I can't recall what and how I did it but everything worked fine for years. After uploading new E-Books from my Smartphone over OTG my Kindle crashed and nothing was working. I connected it to a Serial console and noticed the file system got somehow corrupted. (broken file paths, weird characters and stuff like that). In a debrick guide I found with googl...
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Blown DXG USB Port?

Hello. I'm new to mobileread so I hope I'm posting to the correct forum. I have a Kindle DXG which I purchased new when it went on sale. Love it. All of a sudden, I cannot send a book to it over USB. I get a connection error in Calibre, and just get knocked out of the remote connection while copying from desktop folder to Kindle Documents folder. The only thing that happened between the time that I could send a book/document to the time I cannot, is that someone did me a favor and plugged it i...
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Enable Audible for Kindle PW in countries outside USA

Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to make kindle enabled to listen to Audible audio books from those countries (Italy, in my case) that don't have it enabled on their Kindles yet (PW4, to be precise), since it's fully capable to reproduce them and to connect to Bluetooth audio headphones, but it's only made available in some countries. Is there a way to do it?
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PW2 JavaScript problem: mirror my phone's screen in browser

I have posted the same question in Kobo's forum, if it's a problem - I will delete it https://www.mobileread.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=330150 Quote: I am trying to build an app to mirror my phone's screen in the ebook's browser. The problem I am running in with my kobo and kindle that the browsers don't support websockets. I have also tryed to update the image via setInterval, but it's not working. I am running out of ideas how I can do it. Is there a spec of ...
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Does jail breaking or no OTA updates prevent me from syncing new kindle content

On my jail broken paper white 4 I added a bunch of content from Blinkist recently and added them into two collections. When after restarting my kindle and tapping the sync content button they don’t seem to appear. Nor can I see them if I do a search for them with the search bar. They do show up fine on my iPhone on the kindle official app Firmware 5.11.1
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assistance request - build some gst binaries for pw4

Looking over my Sox extension for KUAL the messy and problemic part of the code is in the pw4 support working around the lack of two Gstreamer libraries that they did not bother to provide, specifically libgstaudioconvert.so and libgstwavparse.so are missing. With my limited understanding of Gstreamer I beleive I could simplify my support for the kt4/pw4 to: sox -t wav | gst-launch filesrc /dev/stdin ! wavparse ! audioconvert ! mixersink This would eliminate the need to make use of soxi to d...
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PW2 stuck Diags mode

iam using Windows 7 , after long time not using pw2 and battery is empty ,i charge and when i power on suddenly i cant escape diags mode. i still can enter my hacked pw2 files from USB device mode. Can someone tell me how to exit from diagnostic mode step by step ?? thanks
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kindle hardware hack?? 10th gen

hey guys, im zayd and im new here has anyone tried any mods with storage and possibly ram here? any help is greatly appreciated. on a 10g kindle paperwhite btw :)
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