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Uploading a dual mobi format

Hello, Somewhere on this forum I read that if you upload to KDP a KPF file made with Kindle Create or with Kindle Previewer 3, the customers who have older KF8 devices (which are not enhanced-typesetting enabled) will receive just the old KF7 version and not the better KF8 version. So the workaround would be to instead upload an EPUB, formatted for kf8 and kf7, and tested for enhanced typesetting compatibility. My question is: would that work also if I upload a mobi instead, made with Kindleg...
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Multi-paragraph Footnotes

I posted this question in a thread someone else had started about their footnote issue, but I'm not sure if anyone has seen it (as it was an old thread), so apologies for the duplication... I'm a relative newbie and I'm not a designer, coder or ebook author or anything of that stripe. I won't go into any major details yet, as an answer to an initial question may be sufficient: The question is this: if I have, in an AZW3 format book, a footnote that consists of more than one paragraph, is it ...
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Dual display format Kindle file

I currently get a magazine in my iPad Kindle app that provides two different modes of display. One is a standard Kindle ebook format similar to that which displays on my original Kindle; the other offers a PDF/image-like copy of the actual magazine page. I can switch between these by using an image/text toggle on the top right hand corner of the display. If I unpack the file it gives HDImages and Mobi7 folders. The first is empty; the second contains book.html, content.opf, and toc.ncx files, a...
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Kindle previewer 3.38

I am using windows 10 64 bit PC. I upgraded the latest kindle previewer version 3.40. and now I cant convert any file to kfx.I tried in different ways..still no luck..And I accidently deleted the 3.38 version...So if you any of you have it , can you guys please send me the link..?
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Mobigen Why are css media query examples in Amzn Kindle Publishing Guidelines so terrible?

Why are css media query examples in Amzn Kindle Publishing Guidelines so terrible? A few weeks ago, I was testing an ebook on Kindle Previewer and Paperwhite and Kindle apps, and I see that my media queries don't work on the Paperwhite (and they ought to). It looks okay in Kindle Previewer though. My goal is on the title page and chapter headings to keep the headings bigger for large displays and smaller for small displays. Sounds logical, right? But what I see instead on the Paperwhite devic...
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Kindle Previewer 3.40 - 64bit, SVG text, snap-block

Amazon has released version 3.40 of the Kindle Previewer. The release notes states: Quote: New in Kindle Previewer 3.40.0: 1) Faster book open times. 2) Includes stability improvements and bug fixes. Changes not described in the release notes include: The Kindle Previewer is now a 64-bit application. On the PC platform it requires Windows 8.1 or later. It is no longer compatible with Windows 7. It now supports SVG images that contai...
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Can't open Kindle in Kindle?

I created an epub in Sigil. Then I opened it in Calibre and converted it to a MOBI. I then discovered that I can't open it with my Kindle for Mac. If I right-click on the icon and choose "open with," Kindle is grayed out. If I open Kindle for Mac, then it isn't even clear how I'm support to import a book. I can click File > Add/Remove Book from Collection, but that doesn't accomplish anything. There is a more intuitice choice: File > Import PDF. But I don't see File > Import Epub, or File > Im...
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Please help KDP site preview vs Kindle Comic Creator differences

Hi, a graphic designer/writer new to ebooks with 5 q's. (Seems a lot more involved from the length of this than it is, expertise please!) ***We’ve produced comics via comic creator by plasq. We then export them as epubs. When we open them in Kindle Comic Creator all is as it should be—none of the following such issues when viewing in KCC (used to make the MOBI files).*** 1) When we view our mobi file on the KDP site, we see the cover twice (location 1 and 2). a. Our mobi file does NOT contain...
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How to make listlike hanging indents for KFX (example code in post)

Hi all. I am making a prayer book. Many prayers have portions known as "versicle" and "response" (think call-and-response). Traditionally, they are designated with "V." and "R." to the left of the versicle or response text, like so. I am referring to this as a "hanging indent," which may not be the correct term, because in word it is accomplished by setting a hanging indent, typing "V." or "R.", and pressing tab. I'm calling it "listlike" because we most often see it in numbered lists. For exam...
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[help] upgrade dictionary

Hello dear users, I bought recently a kindle reader and i am impressed of your community . There is a quality free (made by users) english-greek dictionary for older kindle devices. this is the link: https://freeeneldict.wordpress.com/2...-4-3-08112014/ The problem is that its made for older devices and it's not comptatible with newer generations. As the creators have abandoned the project, i am wondering if could anyone help me to upgrade the file to make this compatible to newer generat...
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Look Inside kills SVG and Embedded Fonts

I have formatted books for kdp for more than 10 years. I mostly stick to Sigil and hard code everything as an epub then upload directly. For testing, I will either use KindleGen or KindlePreviewer to ensure quality. The last series of books I uploaded I noticed that though the SVG formatted images and embedded fonts render perfectly in KindlePreviewer and via the KDP previewer, when you access the "Look Inside" feature on the book's product page, the SVG images do not properly render, nor do a...
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Mobi TOC extra entries

I modified my epub TOC, but when I convert to mobi it's adding the extra entries (random bookmarks/links within my book, but strangely not all) back in. I have tried various toggle options in the prefences for TOC and Mobi output, but it keeps happening. I think it is inserting the references for the play order items in between what I manually edited out of the epub. Any suggestions?
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Formatting Troubleshooting

Hi! I would like to know if its possible to adjust the space between the indent and the word so it becomes more uniform. See the red circle in this picture. Some option in calibre, maybe? This book is in .kfx format. If here is not the place to post this, i'm sorry and would be glad if someone could tell me where i should address this "problem". Thank you! Attached Thumbnails  
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Accessible ways to read Kindle ebooks on the Mac?

Sometimes I want to check sources on my computer, maybe search these sources. Amazon has an app. But if I try to search, it fires a blinking cursor. I have neuro issues where blinking cursors blind me, and give me migraines. Are there any accessible apps that can read their locked ebooks?
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Time Left in Chapter (what constitutes a chapter)

I was hoping someone would know the answer to this, but I typically use as my chapter headings and at some points in various books use or as sub-headings. However this messes up the estimated time remaining in chapter. If I have many throughout the chapter, it can even say "chapter complete" on every single page turn. So what constitutes a "chapter"? The paragraphs in between any two headings, no matter the type? Should I then change all my into paragraphs?
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Unable to Open Imported Kindle Books Giving Error

I haven't imported any new Kindle books into Calibre for awhile. Went to pull some in today and noticed something's wrong. For starters, no identifying information is showing in Caliber. Title shows file name. Author shows "unknown" & the cover for the book is missing. File size is 0.9mb & format is AZW. When I tried to open the book using the Calibre reader, I got an error message, the content of which is way above my paygrade. Which is to say, I don't understand it. I copied & pasted it to a ...
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Page numbers

Most or all of the library books I borrow have page numbers, so I am beginning to feel behind the curve. Can anyone point me to a source of information on how KDP publishers can enjoy this privilege, if indeed we can? I'm publishing as epub2, if that makes any difference. Thanks! - NJ
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Cannot get pop-up footnotes to appear on Android Kindles

I've been trying to get pop-up footnotes work on my MOBI file. It's really hit or miss. They DO work on an E Ink Kindle I have (not sure what model -- I think it's just the most basic Kindle). They also work in Calibre. They DO NOT work in two different Android Kindle apps. In both these apps, the footnote reference link sends you back to where the note is located at the end of the chapter (like a normal footnote would). However, on both these Kindle apps, I am reading other books that DO hav...
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Kindle Previewer 3.38 - Improved conversion log

A new version of the Kindle Previewer is available. It will finally show you why a book failed to support Enhanced Typesetting (KFX). Quote: New in Kindle Previewer 3.38.0: 1) You can now see why your book fails Enhanced Typesetting in the conversion log. 2) Large Data Tables Support for ET books in Kindle previewer. (NOTE: Large tables might appear blurry when viewed using Kindle Previewer on low-resolution display screens. You can safely ignore this as cus...
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Neophyte question on KFX format

I'm trying to get my head around KFX, having just discovered its existence for the first time. My interest is in allowing continuous scrolling in the ebook files I create. I've read through this post, and it looks like the KDX plugin for Calibre serves the purpose of creating sideloadable files. But if the book is actually going to be sold on Amazon, it sounds like that's not a route I want to go. Am I correct so far? If so, any suggestions on where to turn next to figure out how to incorporate ...
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Correct Page Numbers in Kindle?

Hello everyone, First post here so excuse my faults. I've been in the process of converting some of my stories onto my new kindle using Calibre and sometimes LibreWriter. I have the formatting down fairly well; text size, fonts, margins, however, the kindle's page numbers at the bottom of the device aren't displaying the correct page numbers on each turn. Instead it goes something like this: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 4 Page 4 Page 4 Page 5 Page 5... As I said, I'm using Calibre's...
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Kindle Previewer 3.37 - Link validation

Kindle Previewer version 3.37 is now available with a new link validation feature. Quote: New in Kindle Previewer 3.37.0: 1) Ability to validate external links, internal links, and footnotes in books (File menu -> Run Quality Checks) (beta). 2) Includes stability improvements and bug fixes. I tried it on a couple of books and results were poor. Running the quality report caused the program to close with no error message on most books ...
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Kindle For Adobe InDesign

I came across a book, The G Ring, published today by Amazon Original Stories that contains some new KFX (Enhanced Typesetting) internal coding that I had never seen before. It uses new capabilities to place images on a page, similar to that available in the Kindle in Motion books. I looked at the internal metadata for the book and it was produced by KindleForAdobeInDesign-0.982, which is interesting since the current version of that plugin available for download from Amazon is v0.973. My best gu...
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Luna format

Has anyone heard of a reflowable Kindle e-book format called Luna? I came across it in a list of reflowable formats in the Kindle firmware, but I have never heard of it before. Quote: "REFLOWABLE": { "YJ": "A", "KF8": "A", "MOBI7": "A", "LUNA": "A", "TOPAZ": "A" (PS: "YJ" is another name for KFX.)
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Images for Kindle devices

What's the best format for images in Kindle devices? My images at present are in transparent PNGs, but that produces black backgrounds within Kindle Previewer, so I'm guessing that Kindle doesn't like transparency. Also, what sizes are recommended. I see in the Amazon Kindle guide very large sizes for modern devices, but what's the best rule of thumb? Is there any difference for epub devices (not Kindle)? I have tried to search for answers to this in the threads, but can't come up with anyth...
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A few questions after being gone a few years - (formats for kindle/calibre library)

I have a 32 gb Kindle Oasis 2017 version and I'm in the process of consolidating my library. I'm a bit of an archivist so I want to have a well organized library and then just leave it alone. (I did that like three years ago but now need to update it) 1. Do I need to keep a epub/mobi copy of every file, if I mainly only read on the Kindle? I use PC and android, but I'm assuming both devices would at least have KFX reader, so there's less reasons to maintain multiple formats for the same b...
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Weird Characters After Conversion

Getting weird characters after sending an ebook via "send to Kindle" app , I changed the extension to .png and .txt but getting the same results. I attach a pic. Attached Thumbnails  
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Kindle iOS Text Cutoff

Hey folks, been a few years. Seems like MobileRead hasn't changed a smidge :) ...I can't seem to avoid posting about K4iOS. For those of you wishing for more diversity in my content, please find forgiveness within you. I have a pretty recent version of Kindle for iOS loaded on an iPad, and I side-loaded (via AZK) a book I'm working on. Looks decent overall, but occasionally (and particularly near the start of chapters) the layout engine will cut a line of text in half (horizontally) at the ...
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kdp / azw3 / calibre / mobi

I've done a bit of searching on this but as yet have not found an answer. Hoping someone here can help me. I'm working on a textbook that I created in LibreOffice, and I want to publish it for Kindle. I originally tried LO's epub output but that created a mess. I attempted to use Kindle Create but it choked when opening the file. I then imported my book into calibre and I was able to manually fix the problems in the generated html. I generated an epub from calibre and uploaded it to KDP. ...
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Sync wordwise for non-Amazon book.

I like to have a nice cover for non-Amazon book so I add ASIN number to books' metadata. Out of the blue I see I got more than book's cover, wordwise also comes along. The problem is the book is converted from epub file so it's not Amazon book and this make the wordwise all messes up. Every thing is misplaced. So I think maybe I just need to find a way to re-arrange the words, to somehow sync it, to make it fit with where wordwise appears. Is it possible?
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